What To Eat To Help Kidney Function

In the past when I was asked what causes kidn 00004000 ey stones I really didn’t care. I just wanted to get rid of it/them. OUCH! Truthfully though, when you’ve had several bouts of kidney stones, you will do almost anything to find out what causes them. Throughout a period of 10 years, I passed about a dozen kidney stones. Not that I’m an authority on every type of kidney stone but I sure know what they feel like, how to deal with them, and how to get rid of them.

So what causes kidney stones? This is what I found. There are several metabolic disorders which in itself can create kidney stones but these metabolic disorders are somewhat rare. Certain drugs can help to create kidney stones by the pure act of dehydration. This includes the drug Lasix as well as other types of diuretics. The dehydration factor can also be supported by those who drink a lot of tea or coffee (my nemesis). Otherwise diet seems to play a big factor. More specifically, many folks like me end up with stones made up of calcium oxalate. As my doctor handed me a brochure on kidney stones, he asked that I stay away from coffee, chocolate, and green leafy vegetables. He did however say that I can eat doughnuts (honest to God truth).

Frequently Asked Questions

    Possible kidney problem/s?
    Well, when I was seven, I had a tumour removed from the right side of my urethra, that was seven years ago (I’m 14 now). Kidney function tests done soon after showed right kidney function was around 40%. Now, I’m prone to UTIs, and when I began getting pain in my right side approx 7-8 weeks ago, that’s what I thought it was. When two different antibiotics failed to help, I went to a Urologist (actually, the one who operated on me before). FOUR different urine tests done over a period of 6 weeks have all shown blood and protein, the latest one, which was done on Tuesday, showed blood +++, and protein +. The pain is in my right flank, and also near my right hip, and also in the lower right part of my back. It seems to become more severe when the area around my kidney and the lower right part of my back is pressed (the doctor pressed down over my right kindey and in my lower back at the same time on Tuesday and ever since then it’s been hurting like hell :/). I also get occasional periods of nausea, and sometimes feel so sick I don’t want to eat anything. Sometimes (but not always) I get pain when bending over, and the severity of the pain differs from day to day, although for the last two days it’s been consistently quite bad. Sometimes I also get twinges of pain in the tops and insides of my legs. An ultrasound, however, came back completely normal.
    I’ve now been referred to a Nephrologist (kidney specialist), but I’m wondering what others make of this.
    Again, an ultrasound showed everything was normal, so it’s not possible that the tumour could of returned.

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    kidney disease diet?
    have early stages of FSGS and am on medication to treat my nephrotic syndrome (now under control} as well as blood pressure and cholesterol medications. my kidney function is still very good, and i’m not anemic or diabetic, so i don’t need to be on any radical or extremely strict diet, but I would like some guidelines on what particular foods I should be trying to eat more of or trying to avoid. Please don’t recommend any supplements, or just tell me “low protein” since protein really only needs to be controlled in relation to the kidneys’ functioning. What types of protein are best? Is it true that I should cut out dairy? Concentrating on fresh fruits? Vegetables? Which ones? Whole grains? Legumes? How much & what proportions? Not trying to lose or gain weight, just want to be eating the best I can to try to help control and slow the progression of my disease.

    • ANSWER:
      I work as a diet clerk in a hospital, and the dietitians told us we can’t serve renal patients dairy, citrus fruits, it must be low potassium for patients on dialysis, low phosphorus, and low sodium. The protein is generally half of what we give patients on regular diets.

    Options for older dog with probable kidney failure?
    Okay, first of all, I am discussing my options with the vet, but I’m waiting for them to look into some tests, so I thought I’d ask about other people’s experiences.

    My dog is a larger breed, and she is going on 9 years old. The only thing that gets her moving is her daily (slow) walk and her treats. For her treats, she will still prance and leap into the air, though since she almost fell down the stairs twice recently, I haven’t been letting her do that as much. She only eats her kibble if we put canned food in it. The current kibble is the only kind we’ve found that agrees with her stomach.

    Last year, she was having incontinence issues, so we took her in and thought it might be a UTI. Well, her incontinence cleared up, but the vet wanted to run some more tests on her kidney function. The results were inconclusive. We tried medication. No effect. The vet pushed for a prescription kidney diet, and said that was about the only option left, but no other snacks or treats. I brought up her food issues, and I was brushed aside. She’ll eat it, they said, most dogs like it fine.

    Most dogs are not my picky old lady. Her main joy in life is her food, and I don’t want to take that away from her. I’ve also done some research on my own and am not convinced these kidney diets really help. We switched vets, and we’re back where we started.

    Bascially: She’s getting old, sweet but not very active, and has lost a lot of weight in the past month. She has started drinking tons of water. She’s not much of a fighter, so I just don’t feel right putting her through tough treatments, but at the same time, I am afraid of not doing what’s best for her.

    Has your dog gone through this? If this is kidney failure, how much longer does she have? Will things get really bad? What treatment did you do, and were you happy with the results?

    • ANSWER:
      I’d say leave her as long as she still seems to be comfortable, happy and enjoying life. If you are paying attention, she will let you know when she’s had enough.

      It’s hard, I know, but I don’t think it’s fair to put them through all kinds of tests when they are already quite old, and they aren’t guaranteed.

      We had a 10 year old Shih Tzu cross we had to put down last summer because of his kidneys. He was still fairly normal up until the last month.

    What kinds of food can my father eat, to stop losing weight?
    My father is 81 years old. He has been losing weight for about a year now, and is now very very skinny and getting weak. He has been to many doctors, and this is what they have found to be the cause…

    He had an aortic aneurism over a decade ago, and his wonderful doctors saved his life by giving him a dacron aorta. Unfortunately though, he now has poor blood flow to his stomach. This makes it difficult for him to digest food. When he eats, he feels full very quickly. And eating anything more than a couple bites causes alot of discomfort. It also makes it difficult to breathe. Ween he takes a fairly deep breath, it puts pressure on his stomach, and worsens the discomfort. So he eats less. Its a vicious cycle, because as he eats less, he loses more weight. And the more weight he loses, the greater the discomfort seems to become.

    With his age, and health conditions, any kind of surgery is out of the question.

    So, I am trying to find a food that is high in nutritional value, and calories, but fairly healthy and tasty (he’s a picky eater on top of it!) at the same time. It also has to be fairly easy to digest. He loves steak for example, but he can’t digest it very well.

    On top of all this, he has no function in one kidney, and very little in the other. Just sufficient enough kidney function to keep him off of dialysis (sp?). I think this means he has to watch things like potassium.

    My father is getting worse and worse. I am hoping there is some wise person out there who may have some ideas on what he could eat that may meet these criteria.

    If so, please please post a reply! I am looking for any help I can get!! My dad has always been there for me when I needed help, now its my turn to be there for him.

    Thanks so much

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    What home-based remedies, foods, or alternative treatments can help a cat get kidney values down?
    I have a 15 y.o. kitty, Vlad, who has a carcinoma which has spread (abdominal, affecting liver and pancreas). He has been in hospital for almost 48 hours getting fluids so that we could bring his kidney values down so that he could get chemo. So far the values are still high and the doctor is not optimistic they are going to get lowered.

    He also has HCM (Hyper Cardio Miapathy) so they can’t give too much fluids. He doesn’t seem to eat or drink too much, but when I was (prior to him being in the hospital) hand-feeding and giving him water, he would eat and drink ok.

    I am really scared right now and I feel that there has got to be something else I could do to help him. Alternative perhaps. Something at home? The doctor said she doesn’t feel he is in pain, but sees him as a candidate for euthanasia because his kidney function is not improving.

    Is there ANYTHING I could do at home. Just take him from the vet and work with him at home with anything to at least help?

    *** I would really appreciate answers to the question I asked as opposed to people commenting, theoretical, online, and having no knowledge of my cat, as to when I should euthanize him. So if anyone wants to offer anything USEFUL, it would be appreciated ***

    • ANSWER:
      aww I am sorry to hear this..

      yes, you should try what helps humans
      1. dr richard schulze’s incurables program….use clark’s rule


      for a cat dose, use the cat’s weight..the dose for an adult is for a 150 pound person. the average herbal tincture (liquid with eye dropper top) dose is 60 drops 5 times a day. so if your cat weighed 10 pounds you would divide 150 by 10 (150 / 10 =15) so it would be 1/15the regular dose (60 / 15 =4 so 4 drops)..if it was 15 pounds, it would be (150 / 15 = 10) so 1/10th the dose so (60 / 10 = 6 drops and so forth)

      http://www.curezone.com/schulze/handbook/CAD.asp here is clark’s rule

      2. also use wheat grass juice…this is sold at health food stores or as a grass called pet grass in health food stores..do not give too much like maybe an ounce would be a human dose as it can detox too fast if you gave a cup or something. If you can’t find it, try barley grass powder from health food store or wheat grass powder but fresh is best…maybe the cat can chew it..you need a wheat grass juicer as it will break a blender but if you have the grass, cut into 1/2 pieces and blend with water and some of it should go into the water (so give more in this case)

      3. Also use the hoxsey formula..cat dose

      4. also use essaic tea.

      all of these things have reversed cancer in people.

      5. also raw fruits and veggies and their juices and green tea contain enzymes that break sown the protein coating that surrounds each cancer cell so the immune system can then kill he cancer. Since cat are not vegetarians, I wonder if the enzymes in raw meat would have the same effect. Use freerange meat as this is safer. blend and add some veggie juice (fresh juiced not canned) like carrots and kale and beets and blend with the raw meat or grind it all up and give it to the cat.

      http://www.curezone.com/schulze/handbook/default.asp here is the incurables program…if you can’t find the hoxsey formula you can use Schultze detox formula..

      6 check this thoroughly as well –this website should be of help to search…it deals with sick pets




      7. urine therapy is said to be extremely helpful for these problems.

      8.cordyceps mushrooms have been said to greatly help kidney disease…open the caps and figure out a cat dose and add to the food

      9.also give the cat blood cleansing herbs ..get a burdock tincture..again use a pet dose ..the human dose is usually 60 drops 5 times a day for tinctures. This is to help with the poisons from nonfunctional kidneys. Parsley root is a good one..it is sold in the produce department of some meijers and looks like a carrot with a parsley looking top like a carrot but white..juice it and add to food or make a tincture and give by drops (kidneys)

      hope this helps…it is unlikely you could do this with the cat at the vets.

    Cat with Kidney Failure and FIV?
    I have a 11 or 12 year old (I found him from what it looked like when he was 1yr old) male cat who is FIV+ and has kidney failure. In January we moved and since then it’s been downhill for his health (I really tired to make the move as comfortable as possible with my cats). In February he was at 30% kidney function, the vet prescribed him Hill’s k/d diet but I already know that food is crap so I tried putting him on a mostly raw/natural diet and gave him subcutaneous fluids (he was prescribed antibiotics, blood pressure medicine, and anti-acid medication too). He seemed to be getting better and actually gained 1 1/2lb in 2 weeks. But then his health went down again, and last week were told his kidney function went down to 5%.

    He isn’t eating much at all, is weak, and unstable when he walks. My family was thinking of putting him down last week but since he’s still eating and seems to have a fighting spirit, I said no. The last cat we had to put down was 19yrs old, had a tumor in her neck and liver, and an abscess in her cheek. I had to convince my family that putting her down was the best choice since she was not eating at all (even when he force feed her, it wouldn’t stay down). But, she was always a fighter and I felt like putting her down was the wrong choice, that maybe I should have just let her go naturally. I’m not sure what to do since I feel that last time I was, perhaps, too logical in thinking with a lack of emotion (not that I didn’t cry when she passed). But, at the same time I don’t want to think too emotionally without logical.

    I feel as if I’m doing something wrong, to make his condition wrong. And the vet doesn’t seem too optimistic either :( Anyone with experience out there to help me? I’ll appreciate it alot!

    • ANSWER:
      I know, this is a horrible situation, i have an FIV+ cat too. minus the kidney. all you can do is love him, and make him very comfortable. my cat was diagnosed last year, & he is 10. ive heard bad stories about them not making it, but GOOD stories, about them living a long life, and my cats is doing fine! he’s on a diet, and sleeping & eating right & thats all i could ask for. <3 he may have a cold, or stuff like that, but atleast he is eating and sleeping right? but with your cat, its probably tougher because of the kidney.

      You might need to check with the vet, to see if there is something they can offer that can help him. I know you said "he doesnt seem to optimistic either" but there has got to be something that can help.
      weather it be surgery, medicene, or something. just keep searching for your cat, hang in there!

      best of luck, and wishes to you & your cat. its very tough & heartbreaking. ):

    Chronic Kidney infection! Doctor won’t help!?
    In past five years that I been having problem with my kidneys. I have decrease urine. I get really sick especially in the morning that I wake up feeling like aches and pain due high level fluid in my body. I went doctor many times. He said nothing wrong with my kidney and my bladder. I went more than 50 trips to different doctors, including kidney doctor and ER in past 5 years. YET, they can’t find NOTHING!!! Only time they found that I had kidney infection that they treat me with Bactuim. It help me a lot and 2 months later that it return. I take small dose antibodies for 3 months. It help a lot and then I finish taking it. Then it returns. I can’t take this antibodies anymore because it trigger Lupus Like symptoms and the doctor DON”T believe me. I am having sharp pain where my kidneys are located. I have two children that I have to look after. I am so frustrating that I don’t get all the help that I need. I cry so hard yesturday because I don’t know what to do now. I did everything I can do. I drunk down all 100 pure cranberry juice in one day and plus cranberry pill. It don’t do anything! I went back to doctor and told them. They said your kidney function is FINE!! Of course I am stress because I don’t get the help that I need! I change more than 4 doctors in past 5 years. I have low blood sugar problem, low iron, stomach ulcers. I have symptoms like Lupus that I get aches, pain in muscle and joints, mild red like rash on my face, seeing spot floater, flashing light. My toe will turn blue when I sit down too long and my brain feel so funny like it froze and stiff that I had hard time to focus and somtime the fog is so bad that I almost can’t see. I have much more symptoms!!! I even get test for lupus twice and it came negative.. I don’t have mental problems and that what doctor said!!! I am tired of it and I want to get well again and get treated properly. I even get on antidepressant, none of them help because I don’t have mental problem that is why! I even went to eyes doctor and said it look fine! I don’t know if doctor in Memphis, Tn are careless because they just want the money or what? They always help me when I used to live in California but I moved here because my reason. The more delay the doctor help me to treat, the more symptoms grows! It started in 5 years ago. My blood sugar was 49 and after I ate bowl of cerals and a orange juice that my blood sugar went up 144 after 2 or 3 hours that last I ate. If case that helps and it from doctor. He said I don’t have dibetic because my blood sugar is normal 144. So please please help me. Im only 22 years old with two kids.
    Im sorry if my grammar isn’t perfect because I am deaf. My grammar are good for as deaf person because most deaf can’t write. No offend.

    • ANSWER:
      Your problem is that you’re trying to diagnose yourself. Are you a doctor? I doubt it. You honestly sound like you’re reading too much wikipedia, and are jumping to conclusions, based on that limited knowledge.

      YOu probably have stomach ulcers from drinking all that acid in the cranberry juice, and your blood sugar is supposed to go up after you eat.

      If they have tested your kidney function and tested you for lupus and it came back negative, then you are negative. You might have a problem, but it’s not a kidney infection or Lupus.

      I suggest you find a doctor that doesn’t know you. Go there and tell them your symptoms. Just tell them symptoms don’t tell them you think you have lupus, or kidney disease or try to diagnose yourself, because they will just test you for that stuff again and it will come back negative again, and they will think you are just a hypochondriac, like your current doctor probably does.

      And take a grammar class, please.

    Need some insight on kidney test results for my dog…?
    I’m prettty technical when it comes to medical issues with dogs, but I would like for someone with this expertise to help me understand some test results.

    One year ago, prior to a sugery, we did a blood panel on my dog for anestesia purposes…it came back with the following:

    BUN 34
    Creatinine 1.8

    The doctor was not concerned – he administered IV fluids for the procedure to be on the safe side, but said it may have been elevated to the stress of being at the vet hospital.

    This week I had a complete blood panel done on her because she seemed depressed and not feeling well at all…everything was great, but the kidney function came back with the following:

    BUN 31
    Creatintine 2.2

    NOW – here is where I just want to kick myself…and believe me I’ve been very upset about this all day…Recently my fridge broke and to salvage all of the fish, pork tenderloin, etc…I fed it to the dogs..Pure protein and tons of it…

    THEN…I changed their food at the same time to a food that is awesome (Orijen), but the protein is almost 37 in the type I got.

    So this is what she was eating for about 2 weeks prior to the blood work (and the freezer stuff).

    1) I’m assuming that can have an impact on the creatinine results…I would like some insight on that…

    2) Let’s remove the higher protein scenario and just focus on the test results – what do they suggest and how bad are they?

    My vets recommendation is to start her on a low protein diet (13% – 16%), do subcutaneous injections once a week (she’ll show me how to do this at home) and start her on Azodyl.

    She is a 7 year old Dalmatian.

    Thanks for helping me out with this.
    Please only serious answers from a credible source/experience…this is a serious situation for us.
    This just happened today and I was only able to have a 10 minute phone conversation with my vet about it. I’m just eager to have some additional advice to help me with this information.
    Obviously this was a mistake to post this on here…Good Lord..It’s Friday on a holiday weekened..I’m anxious about this..just thought there might be someone who is a vet or tech or something who could shed some light.

    As I said on my original post, only reply if you are a credible resource….I don’t care if I don’t get any replies, but you never know….

    • ANSWER:
      The numbers are certainly off. Kidney function does decrease with age but that is a lot of change within a year and she is still fairly young. I would do 2 things. 1 – If at all possible, contact the breeder of the dog. See if there is a history of problems like this in the line and what treatments, if any, have been successful. I am not so sure about BUN/Creatintine but often “normal” numbers for particular breeds/lines can be different than the textbook “normal”.
      2 – get a recommendation for another vet and get a second opinion or perhaps ask your vet to refer you to a specialist for at least a second opinion. You didn’t say what type of injections but the rest of the treatment certainly shouldn’t hurt.
      Best of luck.

    dog food help for kidney issues?
    I know that this is probably asked 20 times a day. However, I brought my10yr old Border Collie to the vet today because of weight lose. Turns out he has some lose of kidney function. The vet said it might be that the protein used in his food is undigestable to him and he needs food with higher quality protein. He said major name companies have to use higher quality the smaller named companies because of public watch. I am going to go shopping and pick some new food out. I was just wondering what I should look for? I do not have a huge budget for dog food (I am inbetween jobs) but I want my dog to be healthy. The vet said to go with a sr dog food. He is on gylcoflex II for artrits. He is also extreamly active and runs and plays most of the day. He is a picky eater and eats slow and small amounts at a time. Pleasedo not be harsh that just discourages people from asking questions and is rude. As thumper said “if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all” Thanks
    The vet said to try another dog food and then come back in a month and if his levels are not better he will go on hills k/d. They were high but not full on failure. He said with a good diet they should go down. He said there is too much undigestible protein in most dog foods and that is what it causing his problem.

    • ANSWER:
      Is your dog in full-blown renal failure or are his levels just elevating? If he is in renal failure, he really should be put on a special rx. food such as Hill’s K/D. If not, try checking out brands such as Canidae, Wellness, Innova Evo, Innova, Timberwolf, Artemis, Eagle Pack, etc… and compare who has the lowest protein values. Supermarket/big box petstore brands such as Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet (yes, I know they are run by Hill’s!), etc..are poorly made and can actually contribute to poor health. Good luck, and I hope your doggy’s values go down!

    Should i have told the MEPS people about this?
    I’m in the DEP for the US marine corps and anyways I’m wondering if I shouldve said something.

    I had an operation on my ureter and well anyways after wards the doctor told me I would have 75% to 100% of normal human kidney function. I don’t have any restrictions on what I can do or eat but should I have told the doctor about it. I really don’t want to be PDQed( so I hesitate) I don’t want to get in trouble by the Military for fradulent enlistment but it seemed unimportant at the time considering I’m in better health than before

    what do u all think

    anyone in the Military can help.

    • ANSWER:
      You will fill out a form that asks questions about your medical history. If you lie on the form, you can get discharged just for that.

      You may be healthier now, but that is not the question. You have to tell the truth, especially if you had surgery to fix it.

    What are good ways to prevent thirst and stop drinking liquid? (DESPERATE)?
    I have been on dialysis for four years and still have a problem with limiting my fluid intake. For those who don’t know what dialysis is, it is when your kidneys stop functioning and you have to limit what you eat and drink. Somebody please give me a good way to help limit my fluid intake or my health will keep going down. I have tried gum and ice chips and none of these seem to curb my thurst for liquid. Any suggestions are welcome, I am very desperate.

    • ANSWER:
      Watching your salt intake is the key to controlling your thirst. This is where you have to be more proactive in your own health care. Have a talk with your nephrologist about how much salt is acceptable in a twenty four hour period. If necessary, ask for a consult with a dietitian who can go over what foods to avoid.

      Other than the above, you need to go to the grocery store and start reading the labels on some of your favorite foods keeping a close watch on the sodium content. You’ll be surprised by what you find out. Keep in mind that processed foods will be the highest in sodium content. Once you control your salt intake, you’ll find your thirst more manageable. Good luck.

    How am I supposed to deal with losing job, my 17 year old cat dying, and breakup with fiance? ?
    I have nothing. and worst then losing myjob i lost my only true love in this world-my cat i had for 16 years and 9 months. I never had anyone love me as much as my cat nor have iloved anyone so much in return. My cat loved me, cared for me unconditionally. He would bust thru my bedroom door everytime I and a BF broke up and comfort me, hig me and lay in my bed everynight for the past 16 years. He always ate with me, watched me get ready in the mornings, and kissed me goodnight. He was there thru all my growing pains in life. He even made sure i graduated college. He would encourage me to read by sitting right next to my book and flip the pages with his paw. he motivated me, he gave me a reason to live. My mom treated me like crap and dont even care about me. Rex my cat was the only one that loved me truly. I blamed my BF and broke up with him because he was feeding my cat turkey meat to my cat behind my back. The last few weeks he was doingthis my cat lost his appetite and wouldnt eat his wellness cat can food. I didnt know why, but he would always follow me to the fridge and wanted to eat my food. I never fed my cat human food cuz i know certain foods canbe toxic, and the last thing i want to do is for my cat to become finciky and not eat his food especially when he had declining kidney function. he lost 75 percent kidney funstion 1 year ago and had hypethyroidism. his I131 was scheduled 2 weeks after he died and it was too late. I just belive it was my BF fault becasue i tild him many times never to give my cat human food, and he did it anyways. And thats when my cat all of suddent stopped eating and became anorexic but was allready 4/5 pounds and horribly skinny anyways. he couldnt afford to lose amymore weight. I finally gave into my cat seeing he wouldnt eat. I gave him wahtever he wanted. turkey meat, boiled chicken and rice, tuna. bu the eventaully crashed and didnt want to eat anyhting. the day before he died he ate a half a can of kiiten food preseribed by the doctor andthat was it. In the past he always ate his cat food vigorously, 2 or 3 cans of adult food a day. WHAT HAPPENED. WAS IT MY bF THAT MADE MY CAT DIE OR JUST A COINCIDENCE. IN MY HEART I DONT BELIVE IT WAS A COINCIDENCE. my BF has done so many abusive things to me I just cant help to belive it was his fault my cat lost his appetite and died propb due to liver failure from storing fat in the liver which a cat cannot do during starvation like humans or dogs can. Although i didnt have an autposy i believe that was the cause. What do you think?
    He may no have caused my cat to die intentionally but his disrespect for me and not listening to my instructions never to feed my cat human food caused him to become finicky and not want to eat his cat food. So basically his disrespect of me caused my cat to die.

    • ANSWER:
      Start looking for a new job and take time to grieve your best friends passing before you adopt a new kitty. Please, for your own sake, take time off from boyfriends and instead enjoy and appreciate the company of your female friends. I went through a period of many years of bad relationships and my oldest cat, Dallas, saw me through each and every one of them, consoling me, comforting me, reminding me how much he loved me and he helped me go cold turkey from men and learn who I am. I avoided relationships with men for 3 whole years and one day, while playing an MMORPG I met my soulmate and we have been together for 2 1/2 years now. He loves Dallas as much as I do and more importantly Dallas loves him too. We also have 2 other kitties now as well and they are our “children”. Give yourself some time to heal and grow as an individual and you will find happiness one day too.

    which is more effective for cancer treatment ?
    A person I love have stage 3 or maybe 4 colon cancer و she made a surgery for cancer in the ovarian and uterian , she has small nodes in the colon and by the way she also removed part of the colon in the surgery 2 .. any way the doc told Us that her sucess rate is 80 percent . The prb she has animia now and she is not eating well , also she had bad kidney prbs since her kidney functions wasn’t good before desicovering her cancer …

    My question Is
    1- how i can encourage her to eat , what food can boost her immunity and benefit her in cancer ?

    2-I heard chemo can kills , does alternative treatment is best ? if so why all people are just taking chemo ?
    i heard
    Cesium High pH Therapy
    can help in her case , is that really true ? is cesium more effective ? shall she stop the chemo & take this …

    can she takes this medecine along with chemo or not ?

    also last question is possible to keep prevent healthy cell from being damaged during chemo ? is there sometips or so ?

    • ANSWER:
      I understand your desperation; but you have to understand that in this context ‘alternative’ is just another word for ‘unproven’.

      If a treatment has been proven in proper clinical trials to be effective, then it is no longer ‘alternative medicine’ – it is just ‘medicine’.

      The ‘alternatives’ you mention have not been proven effective against any cancer, ever.

      Chemotherapy isn’t perfect, far from it. I believe that one day people will look back on it with horror in the same way we look back on blood letting.

      But for now it is the best we have; and we know, because it has been tested and proven in double-blind clinical trials, that it saves many lives and prolongs many, many more.

      You’ve heard chemo kills?

      Chemo isn’t always effective. But in those cases it is the cancer, not the treatment, that kills the patient – they have died in spite of treatment, not because of it. Distressed relatives sometimes look for something or someone to blame, and some conclude that it was the treatment that killed the person.

      With some types of chemotherapy, and in some cancers, there is a very slightly increased chance of developing a second type of cancer later.

      Generally this is more likely to happen when the original cancer was a lymphoma, but it can happen very occasionally with other types of cancer.

      Fortunately this very serious long-term effect is VERY RARE. But yes it happens, and yes very occasionally someone dies as a result.

      People with aggressive and advanced cancers who agree to chemotherapy do so in the full knowledge of these facts because they have a life-threatening disease and this is their best chance.

      The window of opportunity for effective chemotherapy is limited. Your loved one should consider whether she wants to lose that time experimenting with treatments that have not been clinically tested and proven.

      She and you should think very carefully before investing money, hope or (most precious of all for a cancer patient) time on ineffective and sometimes dangerous ‘alternatives’.

      Do a search on this site for information if she is tempted by any particular ‘alternative’: http://www.quackwatch.org/

      In particular check out the particular alternatives you mention:

      Cesium and Ph therapy: http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/DSH/coral.html

      Protocell: http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/cancer.html (scroll down to CanCell, one of the many names its producers have peddled it under in its infamous history).

      She should talk to her oncologist about any alternative treatment she intends to take alongside chemotherapy.

    I know my kidneys are scarred and damaged. Do I have chronic kindey disease?
    Hi I am 29 and I have had kidney damage for over 4 years. My left kidney is the one that’s scarred and damaged. I have kidney infection every 2-3 months if I take care of myself by drinking lots of water. My kidney function test showed that they are still functioning normally at this point. I also have liver disease and hypothyroid.. although my thyroid probably has nothing to do with it. I am getting tested to see if I have bladder reflux. I think thats what it’s called. I always have protein in my urine also.

    What I am wondering is: Is kidney damage the same thing as kidney disease?
    Because I need to know if I need to follow the kidney diease diet or not. My doctor says I don’t but I fell much worse if I eat processed foods or drink pop. I drink about 64oz of water each day and some cranberry juice every week. Any help would be appreciated!!
    Okay thanks for the response. I have permanent kidney dmage due to too many kidney infections. I’ve had this for 4 years. It’s irreversible as I said the left one is damaged I have had blood tests as well as been to radiology for some tests.
    As far as the liver goes I had lost 30% of the finction of my liver when it was diagnossed. I have permanent liver damage also. It’s from an overdose of tylenol (about 300) and about 200 other pills. Yes I was ill but because I was in a coma 4 days before being taken to the hospital my liver couldn’t be saved.

    So both are permanently damaged I know for a fact. What I want to know is: “Is kidney damage the same as kidney disease?”

    • ANSWER:
      There are two blood tests that check for kidney
      damage: creatinine and Bun (blood urea nitrogen)…If these are in normal range…then
      there is a could chance that the kidneys will
      heal. Protein in the urine is not good however.
      Protein checked by a urine test, doesn’t show up
      much unless the kidney has been damaged.

      You said you have liver disease but do not
      mention what caused it. The kidneys are
      second in line to fail after the liver fails. The
      reason for this is because the toxins that
      the liver no longer handles, the kidneys try
      to dispose of and it taxes the kidneys sometimes
      beyond what they are able to handle. This only
      occurs when the liver is damaged to the point
      that the cells have started to die and form
      scar tissue inside the liver…also known as
      cirrhosis. Hypothyroid trouble can also be
      connected to the liver problem.

      There is acute kidney disease and chronic
      kidney disease. Acute means that it may
      comes and then leave, chronic means that
      it is ongoing. Damage to the kidneys, to
      me, means that it is a disease. But, the
      problem with the kidneys may be only a
      result of another problem you already have
      had and that is the liver problem. Once the
      liver problem clears up…the kidneys may
      return to normal also. Infections can occur
      in many people with no damage to the kidneys
      because of using antibiotics to fight it off.

      Most people who are having problems with
      their kidneys are told to limit the amount of
      sodium, potassium, phosphorus in their diets.
      Sodas have alot of phosphorus and
      processed food contain alot of sodium.
      However, a certain amount must be maintained
      in the body since sodium and potassium are
      needed for the heart to beat in rhythm and
      for water retention. It is best to get the
      advice from your doctor about what you stated
      here. He has your blood work and can tell
      you what you should or should not do.
      He can tell you if there are any limits to the
      amount of Sodium, potassium, phosphorus or
      proteins you should be taken in or refer
      you to a nutritionist. He can also inform you
      how much fluid you should drink a day.
      Most people who have had kidney stones are
      told to drink alot…but too much fluid can also
      overwhelm the kidneys if they have liver problems also. In cirrhosis of the liver,
      sodium is retained in the body by this disease
      and fluids have to be adjusted accordingly, to
      keep things in balance.

      Sorry that I cannot be of more help…just
      giving you some things to think about and
      maybe discuss with your doctor.

    What is wrong with me?
    I’ve been visiting my doctor a lot lately but it hasn’t really helped at all. I have some kind of digestive problem on and off (bloating, sometimes constipation, get “stiches” very easily when running – no matter what time of day or when I last ate.), slight headache/pressue around top of head, sensitive to light, lack of energy, less concentration/unable to think clearly, slight memory loss, thirsty, dry lips, slight ringing in ears. I had a blood test recently which tested for stuff like kidney function, liver function, dibeates, etc. and they were all normal – except possibly a condition that causes me to sweat more than usual. I’ve tried getting more daily exercise which I think helped with digestion, but made everything else worse. My diet is not excellent, but I beleive it is fairly good. I eat apples and bananas every day. I had a similar (same?) problem before and the doctor back then thought I was low on potassium, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like a yeast or a heavy metal issue (which could be both). These tend to affect the adrenals and thyrrhoid and produce the kinds of symptoms you’re having, including blood-sugar regulation issues, which is why they probably tested for diabetes.. Worsening of symptoms with excercise is adrenal-related.

      You don’t say how old you are. If you have any metal (“silver” aka mercury) fillings in your mouth, check out the site below. It also has great info regardless.

    Moral Dilemma: To let him die?
    My grandfather is 85 years old, and has end-stage Alzheimer’s. He is being released from the hospital after an IV drip helped to restore his Kidney function, but they said there’s nothing more they can do but make him comfortable at home. They signed all of DNI, DNR, and living will papers, so no life-saving measures can be taken – which the whole family agrees to. However, he’s going to go right back into kidney failure when he gets home and once again refuses to eat and drink. They’ve literally been shoving food and liquids down his throat. He doesn’t want anything. Even before he got sick, he stated he never wanted to live this way. He is completely immobile, incontinent, forgets almost everyone, and cries all the time (even on anti-depressants). He is suffering so bad, and the only thing he has been saying is how bad he wants to die. He is terminally ill. I don’t think anyone should be forcing him to eat or drink anymore, but no one wants him to die at home, even though that’s what he wants. So they force him to (even though it hurts) then call 911 when it gets bad, they give him fluids for his kidneys, and then he’s released. It’s a vicious cycle. Finally the doctor said today to just leave him be at home, and they’ll send a nurse a few days a week to help. My question is: Since he’s terminally ill and has accepted death, should they just let him go?
    They have a nurse from a place like Hospice coming 2 days a week soon… hopefully she can help them understand this isn’t what he wants. They can’t have full Hospice services because medicare only covers 80% and his medical bills are already through the roof. The rest of the family is contrbuting as much as they can. I feel horrible for him. I’m a grad student and 4 hours from home…. I can’t be there to advocate right now. He’s made it perfectly clear his time is up and he just wants to die.

    • ANSWER:
      For God’s sake, yes! They are obviously just tormenting him and for what purpose? He has no life and no hope of getting better. The first thing Hospice will tell you is listen to HIM. If he does not want food or drink, it is his decision and let him alone. PLEASE call in Hospice. Another thing, he no longer knows if he is home or not. They have beds there and can keep him entirely pain free. We just went through this with my uncle and Hospice is made of real life angels. Stop this insanity and give this man some peace. There are things worse than death and what is he suffering through is a prime example.

    Any Ideas Appreciated Re My Cat Please?
    I have a 17 year old cat Sparky. Last Wednesday evening he stopped eating so on Thursday i took him to the vet. My vet thoroughly examined him all over, looked in his mouth, sounded his chest, palpated his abdomen and weighed him. He said his heart sounded fine, his tummy felt ok although it was tender and his weight was the same as it was 9 months previous. Due to the fact he is 17 he decided to run bloods on him to. He said he thought it was a gastric problem and gave him a long acting steroid to boost his appetite and a vitamin injection. His bloods came back on Friday and they were all absolutely fine in fact the vet said he was amazed by them especially his kidney function which needs to be under 10.6 and his was 3.7 which for his age is excellent. But he still wasnt eating. So as he was by now dehydrated he had him on a drip, gave him an anti sickness and anitbiotic jab and prescribed him an antacid. Its now Saturday night and he still isnt eating. I am so worried about him. The odd thing is he isnt “ill” as such he isnt acting like an ill cat does all bunched up and miserable. He is purring, padding his paws and rubbing round me for fuss. tonight at bedtime i said as i normally do come on bed and his routine is he goes to his food bowl and then to bed and this he did but he looked at the food and licked his lips and walked off. He has been doing his during today so is obviously hungry but for some reason wont eat. I have tried tempting him with all his favourite foods, tuna, chicken, sheba cat food the lot and still he wont eat.
    Monday he is straight back to the vet but can anyone shed any light as to what may be going on here please? What is preventing him from eating? I have plugged in a feliway diffuser by his bed tonight as a last resort in case that can help.
    THanks for the answers, he had his teeth removed a few years back so its definately not his teeth. I will try the baby food tommorrow as i can try and spoon it in to him at least its something until the vet. He isnt actually ill though he is bright his eyes are bright he just wont eat
    I will try the tuna and rice blended with water, i have to get some food in to him so thats a great idea we can syringe some in if he wont take it

    • ANSWER:

    Losing protein through urine. What does this mean and what should I do?
    Hey there. So, a few days ago I went to the doctor to have my urine checked for signs of a bladder infection I was pretty convinced I had, based on research I had done online. Suffice to say, then, I was surprised when my doctor called me this afternoon to tell me, simply, that my urine shows that I’m losing more protein than a person of my age should be. The doctor connected this to the fact I had previously mentioned to her that I have low appetite, but implied something could be wrong with my kidneys.

    That said, she’s referring to me at least three different specialists, including one kidney specialist, (a “nephrologist”) but I’m not suppose to hear from them until Monday at the earliest. In the meantime, I’m “dying” to know what’s going on! Does anybody have any idea what this could mean? And if you do, what should I do? The doctor’s advice to me was very vague: she asked me simply to drink water and to eat balanced diets. But I’m rather disturbed by this development, and if there were anything else I could do/know, I would appreciate it immensely.

    For the record, I’m a 5′, 90 lb 23 year old woman. My mother is very petite, and my father is very slim, so while I admit I could do to eat more, I personally don’t think I’m more than 10 lbs underweight. But maybe that’s a lot. I don’t know. It’s always been hard to be objective about these things.

    As a final note, I’m aware this may or may not be diabetes related, but I know diabetes is related to problems with kidney function, and seeing as I have a few aunts with diabetes, I thought I’d start out here. If anyone has any questions they think would help identify whatever it is that is going on with me, by all means ask. Thanks again; I look forward to hearing from you.

    • ANSWER:
      Detection of a protein like albumin in urine mainly indicates kidney problem. Small amounts should be a precaution but not to be alarmed. This condition is known as ‘proteinuria’ or ‘albuminuria’ or ‘urine albumin’. Do you have high blood pressure? Losing large amounts of protein through urine can lead to several health complications diabetes being one of them but you can only affirm this by getting a blood glucose test by your doctor.

      The normal values of protein for a random urine sample: approximately 0 to 8 mg/dL.
      The normal value of protein for a 24-hour urine collection: Less than 150 mg per 24 hours.

      Normally, a routine dipstick test does not show any protein in urine. We all know that our kidneys work as filtration plants. Protein molecules are relatively larger and they cannot pass through filters of the kidneys. Thus kidneys keep protein in blood as it is necessary for the body. Protein in urine with normal or low blood protein levels indicates dysfunction of kidneys. Sometimes, in case of very high blood protein levels, protein may be present in the urine despite normal functioning of the kidneys. So along with protein urine, protein in blood is also measured.

      High protein levels in urine mainly indicate kidney infection or kidney disease which affects glomeruli function.

      Proteinuria does not exhibit any symptoms. Routine urine and blood tests help detect this condition. One should keep in mind that dehydration, excessive emotional stress, intake of certain drugs, strenuous exercise, urinary tract infection or contaminated urine (with vaginal secretions) can affect the urine test results.

      The doctor will determine the course of treatment after knowing the exact cause of protein in urine. If you have hypertension or diabetes, you should take proper precautions to maintain normal blood sugar levels and normal blood pressure levels. Balanced diet and regular exercise play an important role in stabilizing blood sugar and blood pressure levels. To fight kidney or urinary tract infection, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics. You should follow the instructions of the doctor religiously. Prompt medication, fruitful change in the lifestyle (stress-free lifestyle, exercise, engaging yourself in your favorite activities, avoiding alcohol, drugs, smoking, excessive caffeine, etc.) can help improve kidney function. Restricting dietary salt and protein helps lower protein levels in urine.

      Excessive loss of protein through urine indicates kidney disease and if not controlled promptly, may lead to serious complications.

      Hope this helps.

    I feel like a hyperchondriac – one symptom after another !?
    Hi I dont normally talk much about my problems but I feel as though I am going mad – I’ve had an exhaustive list of ailments for a long time – I’ll start from the beginning and maybe someone may say – hey I know what is your problem:

    From the age of 16 have suffered from hypoglycaemia (low) was always told this is healthy – (mother is type 1 sister type 2 brother type 1) – I seem to be the other way – Now my blood sugar levels seem to be rising – had my dinner tonight (no different nothing fancy) and it was 9.1
    Diagnosed with kidney cyst (size 4cm minimally complex) 6 months ago due to symptoms of: thirst, flank pain, skin rashes, itching
    Now for last 3 weeks – have pitted swelling in both legs every day – never goes
    I walk 3-4 times a week (power walk) up hills etc always have found it a bit difficult but now I’m in severe leg pain as though they cramp up and ache so badly it takes my breath away – just below my calf muscles at the back – why?
    I’ve had blood test 2 weeks ago and was told anemic so eat more iron rich foods – been doing that now for 2 weeks
    I work all day in front of a computer and have done for last 7 years – never had a problem sitting there but now I have tingling sensation in both legs and pins and needles so I have to get up more ofter and walk around.
    I can be sitting watching tv and for no reason have a stabbing or stinging sensation in my arm, leg, side as though I am being stabbed
    Today in work I accidentally fell out of my chair when leaning over (done it a million times before) – i feel more and more clumsy as though my balance is all to pot – my daughter has commented when we walk how I am bumping into her – yes I have hearing problems so that may be where my balance comes into it but they have been there since birth.
    With regard to water – I drink a lot during the day to stay hydrated cos If I miss a drink I get severe headaches and my kidney hurts so I drink at least 4 pints of diluted juice and about 5-6 cups of tea or coffee

    Everytime I go to the docs they tell me – yes your cyst is still there your kidney function (creatinine clearance) is still low – was 66 now 71 should be about 100 I think – yes your legs are swollen but your heart sounds fine your anemic yes – but go home – its as though I am making a fuss. I understand that I should be more assertive and say – Look I know there is something wrong please help me – Sorry to go on – is there anyone who can understand what could be wrong with me – also I cannot shift any weight – it just seems to be going up
    I am 40 and ever since this age have found my cyst and things have gone down hill – I know I know things are harder as you get older – thanks for the advice I will print this off and take it – thanks
    one other thing – I used to visit a chiropractor because of severe trapped nerves in neck quite a few years ago and they did a (hammer test – you know where they test your reflexes) and I was told to keep an eye on my left side something about it not being as good or something like that – I have never mentioned that to my doctors because I didnt think it was important – maybe it is ?
    when i fell over today – i only felt like i grazed my leg but it hurt bad and now it has a large bruise on it – I mean for goodness sake I only slipped off my chair onto carpet – and now have a large bruise on top side of thigh ????
    I still have the swelling from a fall downstairs over 7 years ago which developed into a haematoma – its the size of a golf ball on the side of my butt cheek !!!

    • ANSWER:
      You sound anxious and stressed.
      The falling over could be because of this, an inner ear problem, anaemia amiong other things
      As people get older, sacs filled with fluid can form in the kidneys. These sacs are called “cysts.” They are usually small oval or round thin-walled sacs with watery fluid in them.
      Kidney cysts are almost always benign (not cancer). Usually, the cysts don’t cause any problems. In fact, people can go through life without even knowing that they have them.
      You don’t say where the chiropractor did the hammer test, he should have explained to you fully the implications. a weak response can indicate damaged nerves.
      A reflex examination is usually conducted by a physician. Neurologists (doctors with specialized training in neurology) often perform reflex tests. Physician assistants, physical therapists, and nurses may also test reflexes as they examine or evaluate individuals.
      Bruising is not abnormal. In some cases, you may bruise easily for no apparent reason from time to time. The colors of a bruise can sometimes look frightening, but they depend on the severity of the injury. If you experience any bruising that seems unusual, consult a doctor. Bruising can sometimes be a symptom of other illness, such as an irregularity in the liver or the blood clotting mechanism.
      The main worry with a haematoma is that infection might
      occur, as your haematoma developed so long ago and there was no sign of infection your doctor must not consider this a problem.
      The first symptoms will be tiredness and palpitations (awareness of heartbeat).
      Shortness of breath and dizziness (fainting) are also common. If the anaemia is severe, you may experience angina (chest pain), headache or leg pains (intermittent claudication).
      Swelling in the legs.

      As your doctor doesn’t think your anaemia is severe enough to require treatment I would follow the advice re an iron rich diet.
      In short, stress, tension and anaemia could account for many of your symptoms. sitting a lot doesn’t help circulation in the legs either.
      Write all your worries down so that you forget nothing, take someone with you to the doctor’s surgery in case you miss any explanation and talk it over with him/her

    could i have a thyroid problem?
    I’m 40 year old female with symptoms of tiredness, cramps extreme exhaustion (no its not the hot weather as I feel cold most of the time).
    2 years ago i was diagnosed with over active thyroid and was put on carbimazole for 12 months – there was no follow up and I have since moved counties and have a new doctor – i dont think the new doctor has my old notes so they wouldnt know to test me. Is it possible that I’m now under active. I have vitiligo since 16 – have also tested positive for an ANA test (lupus test done – negative) – I have low blood sugar problems. Both my mum and sister are under active.

    I walk 3-4 times a week (power walk) up hills etc always have found it difficult but now I’m in severe leg pain as though they cramp up and ache so badly it takes my breath away – just below my calf muscles at the back – why?
    I’ve had blood test 2 weeks ago and was told anemic so eat more iron rich foods – been doing that now for 2 weeks

    I drink a lot during the day to stay hydrated cos If I miss a drink I get severe headaches and my kidney hurts so I drink at least 4 pints of diluted juice and about 5-6 cups of tea or coffee

    Everytime I go to the docs they tell me – yes your cyst is still there your kidney function (creatinine clearance) is still low – was 66 now 71 should be about 100 I think – yes your legs are swollen but your heart sounds fine your anemic yes – but go home – its as though I am making a fuss. I understand that I should be more assertive and say – Look I know there is something wrong please help me – Sorry to go on – is there anyone who can understand what could be wrong with me – also I cannot shift any weight – it just seems to be going up

    I have since been back to my doctors with all my symptoms (I was assertive) and because I am so breathless when I talk – I was told that all the tests have been done – and – they are concerned about my breathing – the doc thinks I am hyperventilating – she is referring me to a physio – I cannot believe they havent thought about testing my thyroid – I came out of the doctors and broke down crying – I have lost all faith in GP’s now and I am seriously considering going private.!!!!!
    well I’[m not sure why someone would just reply with – go private then …….. – is this meant to help me
    thank you both for your helpful replies – I do believe that everyone shouldn’t ever feel like they are wasting doctors time as I feel like that everytime I visit mine – maybe its me maybe I research my symptoms and explain what it could be – i know it sounds like I am trying to do the doctors job for them but I’m not I know how important their time is so I stay as little as necessary – i just think I am helping by saying what could be the problem – i’m not though am i

    • ANSWER:
      You have such a multitude of symptoms that it is difficult to identify the possible cause of all of them. The possibilities that initially come to mind are: Diabetes, thyroid function, possibly early menopause/hormone imbalance. It is also highly likely that you are worsening your symptoms by drinking so much coffee and tea. Caffeine will act as a diuretic and contribute to dehydration. You roughly need twice the amount of water to coffee in order to balance your hydration levels. I also suggest that you switch to water rather then juice (even if you dilute you juice).

      You need to take charge of your health and insist on getting the help that you need and perhaps look elsewhere if necessary. We are our own health care managers and we absolutely have the right to fire and find a new doc if we don’t feel that they are meeting our needs. Nothing is more important then your health.

    Is there anything I can do to help prevent CRF in senior kitties?
    I have two spayed female cats in their late teens who are healthy now, but I like to be proactive. I saw a friend’s cat die of CHF and it wasn’t pretty. They eat Wysong Uretic kibble (without it Tigger will invariably get a UTI) as well as some raw organic grain-free frozen pre-made food called Paw Naturaw, premium grain free organic canned cat food, and some homecooked wild fish and other raw or cooked organic grass-fed meats (i do a homemade organic grainfree mostly raw diet for my dog and give them anything out of what she’s eating that they want) they also get extra taurine and lcarnitine for their hearts, as well as a gut health mix of prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes (to prevent their touchy tummies acting up) as well as salmon oil with coq10 and 1 ml organic apple cider vinegar for arthritis. tigger also gets turmeric for her joints. One week a month they get milk thistle to keep their livers clean and they get dried organic parsley blended into their raw/canned mix to assist kidney function. I also give them bottled water only, and in a mug to encourage drinking, since they seem to like it better than a bowl. I also blend water into their raw/canned mixture until it’s a soupy consistancy. What else can I do?

    • ANSWER:
      This is something that you need to ask the vet about, because they are qualified animal doctors and know what they are doing.
      That is the best advice I and anyone else can give.
      Hope your cats are okay.

    real medical issue..please advise?
    I am a 26 year old male..i live in asia and have been from doctor to doctor who all say that i am fine but my syptoms seem to say otherwise..Im just not sure if they are connecting the dots like they should maybe because i am young..I have had blood tests,thyroid blood count chest x-ray,ekg and mri (head)…I also did a urine test that showed i had a couple blood cells in it,a low amount of billirubin) and somthing else..my urine is dark all the time i feel very foggy all the time,a dull pain in my chest on the left side that gets worse with pressure or movement…I am constantly gassy..the whites of my eyes appear to be turning yellow.i see floaters all the time…I have lost maybe 20 lbs in 8 months (maybe from the move to asia not sure).in america i was somewhere between 190 and 185 and now i am full at 165..6ft tall.they said they did a liver and kidney function test and that was ok…i am convinced i have cancer somewhere or something..i know that I sound crazy but i am really nervous…all i drink is water..i do smoke.i eat ok….I stress about this so much that i started having panic attacks which seem to occur after i eat and have a cig……I know i should stop the smoke and i am trying..a pack last me about 4 days..please help with what you think..(aside from telling me i am crazy..Thanks for your time

    • ANSWER:
      Your problem could be a liver problem or a
      biliary one. Let me explain. There are a number
      of things that can cause this problem:
      alcohol consumption, medication toxifications,
      chemical exposure, hereditary condition,
      biliary obstruction or malformation,
      viral infection such as Hepatitis A,B,C, etc
      mushroom poisoning, fatty liver disease,
      auto immune disease.

      The first signs of a liver problem is being very
      tired. The liver is an organ that doesn’t show much of signs or symptoms until the cells become stressed so much that they cannot perform the functions they once did.
      The first sign is the yellowing of the whites of the eyes and skin and also maybe the mucous membrances. This yellowing is caused by the substance you mentioned…bilirubin.
      What happens is that the liver doesn’t convert
      the bilirubin, when there is damage to the liver
      cells, efficiently to a soluble form to flow with
      the bile out of the liver…it tend to go into the
      blood or stay in the blood instead. Since
      it doesn’t flow with the bile from the liver
      to the intestines…the stools may appear lighter
      in color, almost a grayish white and may float
      on top of the water and appear greasy. The
      skin and eyes show yellow because the bilirubin
      is now in higher concentration in your blood.
      The kidneys filter the blood, so the urine
      will appear darker from this also. Bilirubin is
      a greenish/brown/yellow substance and there
      is a normal amount in our blood at all times,
      it is only when there is an increase and being
      a pigment…it shows up like this.

      No one blood test is 100% accurate. The doctors usually do a series of these tests
      to be sure of the accuracy. They do a
      blood test known as liver enzymes to see
      if there is damage to the liver/biliary area and
      they do liver function tests to see how the cells of the liver are functioning. They also do
      testing to see if you have develops a virus
      that is causing the problem.

      You should be with a doctor that specializes
      in the liver and digestive system now, known
      as a gastroenterologist.

      The doctor will examine you and feel your
      upper right abdominal area just under your
      rib cage.. He may be able to tell if there
      is an enlargement of the liver. He can then
      do an ultrasound to see the condition the
      liver is in. Enlargement of the liver signifies
      inflammation. The ultrasound can also
      check out the biliary area and see if you
      have trouble with your gallbladders or stones
      or infection developing there. When the
      liver enlarges, then the spleen that is located
      on the other side of the body just opposite
      the liver in range…can also swell up.

      I definitely would ask to be referred to
      either a gastroenterologist or a hepatologist.
      It could also be a blood problem and you
      might need a hemotologist…but from what
      you stated here…it sounds more like the
      liver/biliary/gallbladder area.

      I hope this info has helped you.
      Here is a site to compare what you have
      to the symptoms on this site and you might
      be able to decide if you have any other signs
      that the problem is the liver:


    My cat and I have been diagnosed with chronic renal failure; is cleansing & detox the best thing to do?
    Hi, my cat and I have chronic renal failure. I have 60% kidney function (creatinine 0.8) and he has 25% kidney function (creatinine 4.0). From what I’ve read about the kidneys is that they filter out toxins and when they’re no longer working well it’s the toxins that will make us ill and possibly die. So would detoxing with things like wheatgrass juice, herbs, distilled water, exercising keep us from getting seriously ill? (I know that cats have different systems and may not be able to use the same methods). Any special vitamins he or I should take, and is eating low-phosphorous really that important? My kidney doctor claims not but my vet insists on it for my cat. Any advice would help. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:

    My cat has hyperthyroid w/ dosing changes and decreased appetite. We need steady dosing & food help?
    Tara a female Calico has been taking Methimazole 0.20ml/2x daily. She will have labs and her med. will be increased or decrease based on her thyroid level. Her kidney functions are also affected w/ increased drinking and urination. She has now lost her appetite and her med. has been decreased. Do you have any suggestions on dosage and what she may like to eat that she just can’t pass up because it smells and tastes so good. She is sleeping on the patio rather than her bed inside the house, I’m assuming she is hypothyroid at this time, w/ low energy and possibly the airconditioning is causing her to be cold? She’s loosing alot of weight. Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      My 15 yr old Kinsey cat was found to be slightly hyperthyroid about four months ago. He has been on a once daily 1/2 pill of the medication. He’s due for another check in about 10 days. I think he has picked up some weight, still drinks water (my other cats never do), and still has quite an appetite.

      I am on the Yahoo group felinehyperT. There is another one: hyperToptions which has a smaller membership. I suggest you join one or the other of those groups where you can discuss any issues your cat has with her problem.

      You go to: http://yahoogroups.com and put in a search for feline hyperthyroidism. You must submit a membership request and will be on a group within 24 hours.

    Do you agree that God made fruit to look like it does for a reason?
    Kidney bean that looks like a kidney. It can heal and maintain kidney function as part of your diet

    Walnuts look like a brain with a left/right hemisphere, folds and looks like cerebellum. Eating walnuts help the brain develop more than 3 dozen neuron transmitters for brain function.

    Carrots, when sliced, look like the human eye. Eating carrots is good for the eyes.
    I could go on but will stop here. Any comments on this scientific fact of what these foods do for the human body? And to think God provided for our daily nutritional needs.
    Wow. You guys are brutal.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. OUR PERFECT GOD IS Meticulous taking or showing extreme care about minute details; precise; thorough Extremely careful and precise.
      Extremely or excessively concerned with details. Synonyms: 1. exact, strict, scrupulous
      Painstaking—–adjective 1. taking or characterized by taking pains or trouble; expending or showing diligent care and effort; careful
      –noun 2. careful and diligent effort. Synonyms:
      1. thorough, scrupulous. Painstaking, careful, meticulous, conscientious all describe persons or behavior demonstrating attention to detail and effective task performance. painstaking stresses diligent and assiduous attention to detail in achieving a desired objective

    For the past week my urine has been brown and my bowels are black . my stomache, liver and kidneys are hurting?
    i can’t drink or eat anything without the pain worsening. on a scale from 1 to 10 the pain is between a 9 and 10. i went to the emergency room and they told me my liver enzyme levels are way too high and some other level is out of whack. my liver isn’t functioning right but they sent me home with some pain medicine instead of hospitalizing me. what do you think is wrong with me? please help!

    • ANSWER:
      You should get in touch with your primary
      care physician right away. That is if your
      insurance required a referal. If not, you
      should find a gastroenterologist
      (deals with the entire digestive system or hepatologist (specializes in the liver)
      and call them immediately. I definitely would
      tell them what is happening with you if they
      decide to be your doctor…they may want
      to do more testing immediately and treat you.
      You definitely need care.

      Since we don’t know your past medical history,
      we don’t have the results of your testing…
      we cannot be sure what may be wrong.
      High liver enzymes don’t always mean a
      liver problem…some of these enzymes are
      not specific just to the liver but other organs also.
      It depends on which one they are and how high
      they are elevated.

      Look in the mirror and see if the whites of your
      eyes or skin is yellow in color. You can see
      this best in outdoor lighting as indoor lighting
      can mask it. If it is and your urine in brown…
      it could signify a problem with either the liver
      or the bile ducts coming out of the liver is
      obstructed maybe with a gallstone. However,
      this doesn’t explain the black stools. If the
      bile ducts were blocked, the stools should
      be a whitish gray color unless they have blood
      in them or someone has taken iron tablets or ate
      something that would cause it to be this color.

      There is a condition that happens when
      the patient is diagnosed with cirrhosis
      of the liver, known as portal hypertension…
      this can cause black tarry stools. It is
      because the blood can no longer flow
      through the liver well and backs up in
      the Portal vein of the liver and this
      increases pressure inside the vein…
      thus Portal hypertension. The blood then
      is forced into other smaller veins not
      used to handling this amount of blood and
      they can break open and bleed. However,
      this is a late symptoms of someone having
      this disease…not an early on symptom.

      This is just a guess. Not a diagnosis.

      Wish I could be of more help. Hope you find out soon what it is and can be treated for it.

    Dog experts- I need your help. Please!?
    My Standard Poodle was diagnosed with addisons disease when she was 1 yr old. She is now close to 6 years in age and are having additional problems with her, and I am a bit concerned because my vet is not sure what is wrong with her. If ANYONE is familiar with this please help! She has had blood in her urine and I was told that she is having kidney faliure but he is sending me to a different Dr. because he can’t give an exact diagnosis. She has no bloating, eats and plays normally but blood work is showing a “rapid” decrease in kidney function. They have tested her for bladder infection, did ultra sounds to see if there was tumors which there wasn’t, it isn’t kidney stones. Has anyone experienced this and found it to be something else? I really need someones help, she is truly one of a kind and my best friend. Thx in advance
    If you could all read I am not asking any of you yahoo’ers to diagnose, just wondering if anyone has ever had a like problem with a different result. With all love I have for her I will still be going to the Doc in Madison, just wondering if I should mention any other problem it may be.

    • ANSWER:
      I know how hard this is for you and you’re scrambling for help but the best thing you can do is follow your vet’s advice and to to the other vet he’s sending you to. I’ve also got a dog who’s kidneys are failing and I can tell you that she’s doing really well by staying on the diet my vet recommended (she’s on home-made, high protein diet), as well as Chinese herbs.

      My vet told me that those dogs who respond to the Chinese herbs, and my greyhound is, do really well on them for a very long time – years. Perhaps ask your vet about them for your poodle. There’s 2 – Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Rehmannia Six or Eight Combination. Your vet needs to determine which one your dog starts out on and how much per day to give.

    believers- isn’t this awesome!?
    -A friend sent this to me. It’s been said that God first separated the salt water from the fresh, made dry land, planted a garden, made animals and fish… all before making a human. He made and provided what we’d need before we were born. These are best & more powerful when eaten raw. We’re such slow learners…

    God left us a great clue as to what foods help what part of our body!

    God’s Pharmacy! Amazing!
    A sliced Carrot looks like the human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye… and YES, science now shows carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and function of the eyes.
    A Tomato has four chambers and is red. The heart has four chambers and is red. All of the research shows tomatoes are loaded with lycopine and are indeed pure heart and blood food.
    Grapes hang in a cluster that has the shape of the heart. Each grape looks like a blood cell and all of the research today shows grapes are also profound heart and blood vitalizing food.
    A Walnut looks like a little brain, a left and right hemisphere, upper cerebrums and lower cerebellums. Even the wrinkles or folds on the nut are just like the neo-cortex. We now know walnuts help develop more than three (3) dozen neuron-transmitters for brain function.
    Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the human kidneys.
    Celery, Bok Choy, Rhubarb and many more look just like bones. These foods specifically target bone strength. Bones are 23% sodium and these foods are 23% sodium. If you don’t have enough sodium in your diet, the body pulls it from the bones, thus making them weak. These foods replenish the skeletal needs of the body.
    Avocadoes, Eggplant and Pears target the health and function of the womb and cervix of the female – they look just like these organs. Today’s research shows that when a woman eats one avocado a week, it balances hormones, sheds unwanted birth weight, and prevents cervical cancers. And how profound is this? It takes exactly nine (9) months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripened fruit. There are over 14,000 photolytic chemical constituents of nutrition in each one of these foods (mo dern science has only studied and named about 141 of them).
    Figs are full of seeds and hang in twos when they grow. Figs increase the mobility of male sperm and increase the numbers of Sperm as well to overcome male sterility.
    Sweet Potatoes look like the pancreas and actual ly bal ance the glycemic index of diabetics.
    Olives assist the health and function of the ovaries
    Oranges, Grapefruits, and other Citrus fruits look just l ike the mammary glands of the female and actually assist the health of the breasts and the movement of lymph in and out of the breasts.
    Onions look like the body’s cells. Today’s research shows onions help clear waste materials from all of the body cells. They even produce tears which wash the epithelial layers of the eyes. A working companion, Garlic, also helps eliminate waste materials and dangerous free radicals from the body.
    i said BELIEVERS- i don’t care what unbelievers think and i wouldn’t answer a question that said hateful unbelievers only so give me the same respect

    • ANSWER:
      very cool….

    What do you think of this comparison of The Amazing Natural Pharmacy?
    Amazing Natural Pharmacy!

    Unfortunately I can not post photos to go along with the descriptions here

    A sliced Carrot looks like the human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye… And science now shows carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and function of the eyes.

    A Tomato has four chambers and is red. The heart has four chambers and is red. All of the research shows tomatoes are loaded with lycopine and are indeed pure heart and blood food.

    Grapes hang in a cluster that has the shape of the heart. Each grape looks like a blood cell and all of the research today shows grapes are also profound heart and blood vitalizing food.

    A Walnut looks like a little brain, a left and right hemisphere, upper cerebrums and lower cerebellums. Even the wrinkles or folds on the nut are just like the neo-cortex. We now know walnuts help develop more than three (3) dozen neuron-transmitters for brain function.

    Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the human kidneys.

    Celery, Bok Choy, Rhubarb and many more look just like bones. These foods specifically target bone strength. Bones are 23% sodium and these foods are 23% sodium. If you don’t have enough sodium in your diet, the body pulls it from the bones, thus making them weak. These foods replenish the skeletal needs of the body.

    Avocados, Eggplant and Pears target the health and function of the womb and cervix of the female – they look just like these organs. Today’s research shows that when a woman eats one avocado a week, it balances hormones, sheds unwanted birth weight, and prevents cervical cancers. And how profound is this? It takes exactly nine (9) months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripened fruit. There are over 14,000 photolytic chemical constituents of nutrition in each one of these foods. Modern science has only studied and named about 141 of them.

    Figs are full of seeds and hang in twos when they grow. Figs increase the mobility of male sperm and increase the numbers of Sperm as well to overcome male sterility.

    Sweet Potatoes look like the pancreas and actually balance the glycemic index of diabetics.

    Oranges, Grapefruits, and other Citrus fruits look just like the mammary glands of the female and actually assist the health of the breasts and the movement of lymph in and out of the breasts.

    Onions look like the body’s cells. Today’s research shows onions help clear waste materials from all of the body cells. They even produce tears which wash the epithelial layers of the eyes. A working companion, Garlic, also helps eliminate waste materials and dangerous free radicals from the body.
    With that giant brain of yours that could only be compared to the cerebral functions of an unsephiliaed Anglus Gangula, I bet you voted for Obama.

    Have a bad day

    • ANSWER:
      nature is magical, these are some cool imaginative ways to correlate the benefits they give

    Someone please help!?
    Okay, well the pain started about a year ago. Started out feeling like menstrual cramps, kinda dull and achy and sometimes stabbing. I had a diagnostic laparoscopy in February to rule out endometriosis and any other female issues. Also, have had normal PAPs.
    About 2-3 months ago, however, the pain began to make me feel nauseous, have pretty much constant diarrhea no matter what I ate, and decreased my appetite significantly. I began losing weight quite rapidly.
    The last three weeks, I have had NO appetite. I can hardly swallow anything and sometimes can’t even drink water. I went to the emergency room about two weeks ago and they ran the normal couple of tests-white blood cell count, kidney function, liver function etc. All of which came back normal. I also left a stool sample-everything they tested on that came back normal as well. They said the most likely cause was IBS and sent me on my way.
    I visited my regular doctor two days later and he checked my thyroid, sed rate, and white blood cells (again) Once again all normal. He agreed with the IBS diagnosis and referred me to see a gastroentrenologist and prescribed Levbid to slow the bowels. This helped my appetite slightly for a day before I began having horrible side effects from it. I was extremely dizzy and had severe blurred vision. He recommended that I stop taking it immediately and ordered at CT scan, which I had today. I should get the results tomorrow. And my appt. with the gastro. is not until Oct. 13.
    I really just wonder if anyone has had similar experiences. I am in extreme pain most of the time and the cramping tends to radiate down my legs and around to my back. I have had to miss a TON of work due to this and unfortunately can’t afford to keep missing work. I have lost a total of 20 pounds since July and I am very, very weak, completely exhausted and just all around feel beat down.
    Any thoughts or suggestions are highly appreciated!

    • ANSWER:

    Grandmother started hallucinating overnight, not better after week on antibiotics?
    my grandmother is 89 I know she has lived a long life, I also know she is in bad health, 6 months ago she had a heartattack, they lost her on the table, brought her back on a respirator, winged her off and sent her to nursing home she has been doing very well except for the uti infections which wreak havoc on her mental status, 9 days ago she was doing fine, her mind was clear as a bell, less than 24 hours later she was in the hospital hallucinating and very confused, I told the er doc I thought she had a uti again he disagreed but said he would run the test in which he says came back negative, so back to the nursing home, nursing so concerned over her mental status they ran another test and said she in fact had a uti, she has been on antibiotics for 6 days now but her mental status has gotten worse daily, she is having complete conversations with people who are not there she also has had some type of rash on her legs ( looks kinda like measles) for nearly 2 months, she has clawed her arms due to itching, stopped eating and drinking and now a second rash has popped up (blaming it on antibiotics). Sorry for such long story, guess my question is since mentally she is getting worse on the antibiotics what could it be? Sepsis? kidney failure? The nurses say her test showed her kidney function was a little off but not to bad so another test is being run in the morning. I am grasping at straws here, I hate seeing her like this it would just kill her if she new how she was acting. Any suggestions out there, any test I can request. I know at her age there is not much they can do I just want to know what we are up against. any help is much appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      It’s lupus.

    dogs leg trembles?

    • ANSWER:
      Contact the vet and ask him what it could be. I hope she gets better soon

    my dog has been diagnosed with renal failure?
    my 15 month old american bulldog that i rescued when she 12 weeks old has just been diagnosed with chronic renal failure. two night ago she came in from the garden went to her bed and within an hour was trembling breathing strangely and couldnt get up, rushed her to vet hospital and later that evening he confirmed renal failure. she has 10 % kidney function left the vet says. he has let her come home and has told me she has to have about 6 to 7 pints of water per day and i cannot get her to have this i am so worried i dont know what to do i am feeding her the fooda the vet said to but every time she eats she vomits. the vet says she has prob had this since birth and its slowly caught up with her and the thing that bothers me is that she has suffered all these months and i havent realised. the only thing i will say is that over the last 2 weeks i noticed she seemed depressed so i did start to change her lifestyle like different walks, different times and different foods. she lives with me my husband three children age 8 14 and 15 and two other dogs a doberman 5 yrs and a cavalier king charles 4 yrs i have had her home one day now and i am so confused i dont know what to do the vet says she has weeks if we get her to drink 6 to 7 pints a day but now i am not managing to do this i am scared everyday something is going to happen, i am worried she is in pain and not showing it please help anyone with any advice please can you tell me what to do what to expect etc etc thanks

    • ANSWER:
      You most likely need a new vet.

      Your vet should have shown you how to give your dog subcutaneous fluids-with a needle under the skin. That is how you get the extra water into the dog, you do not make them drink it.

      She will continue to vomit as long as you are not giving her daily fluids.

      It is very easy to do the fluids, the pets do not mind.

      Find a new vet who can actually show you how to give your dog more quality time.

      If you are not willing to do the subcutaneous fluids then it is time to have the dog PTS since it is vomiting every day.

      I have had several dogs and cats I have done this with. Most recently my cat was on Sub=q fluids for three years for her kidney failure and it bought her quality time.

    Did I do the right thing for my cat?
    My boyfriend and I rescued our 2 year old kitty, Winston from the humane society just about 2 years ago in September 2008. We went in to look at another kitty, and when we met Winston he immediately started talking to us, and came and sat down on my lap and started purring–he chose us. He was the greatest little kitty always happy, never hissed or growled…he thanked us every day for bringing him into our family and home.
    About three weeks ago I noticed him licking his penis area a lot more… but he was still acting the same…I googled this, and didn’t find much, just that he must be frisky…but he is neutered and hasn’t really done that much lately… by the time i thought to take him to the vets to see what was going on, we were watching him closely the following week and he wasn’t peeing anywhere differently, wasn’t straining or having trouble peeing, and was no longer licking himself- as he was the week previous… ok, no need to take him to the vet, he wasn’t doing it anymore…

    This week we went home to our parents and took our two kitties with us. My mom said Winston wasn’t licking or anything, he was peeing as far as she noticed… by Thursday I noticed he was back to licking himself, and was now growling… this is not normal for him, as I said that he has never growled…he accidentally peed on my bed at home, and i noticed there were a lot of white crystal-y things that looked like salt… I followed him to the litter box because he was still growling and licking, I stayed up with him for 5 hours till 6am, and i noticed that he was having trouble peeing in the litterbox, he only peed small amounts…
    I decided to take him into the vets early in the morning, they did a urinalysis, gave him antibiotics, gave him amitriptyline for bladder spasms, and got him the Royal Canin Urinary SO diet. She told me at this point he could really go either way…for the better, or for worse…
    We locked him in the bathroom by himself so we could monitor the litterbox, making sure it was fresh and clean, making sure that he was eating his wet Urinary SO cat food, the vet showed us how to help him express his bladder, and we did and it was helping him pee… he was still licking and growling, but sure he is to be irritated with struvite crystals in his bladder coming out his little urethra.. I stayed with him the Friday all day, and the Saturday he was looking better, came into our room in the morning for our morning cuddles, he was purring and peed in the bed… i figured he was just relaxed and peed! It went downhill form there, he wasn’t peeing, having his penis come out, and him growling.. i think it was really hurting him as he was trying to pass a crystal or possibly a stone..
    I told my boyfriend if he didn’t pee by the morning we would take him into the vets… i woke up, went in to see how he was.. he didn’t pee, and by this time his bladder was pretty full looking.. i took him into the litterbox to see if he would pee…he got out, started growling, then puked up all his food from the day before… we paid the extra money to go to the emergency vets as it was now Sunday and the vet told us he was blocked… which i already knew at that point… she quoted us 00 for the overnight stay and without all the special stuff it was still going to be 00, that was just for his pain medications, bladder irrigation with a catheter… this is excluding him being in recovery for a week to monitor his kidney function and that he was peeing well… it was heartbreaking because we did not have the extra money to be able to pay for this… we are already in a little debt because of our careers and schooling… this was the most heartbreaking thing i had to ever do… I wasn’t too impressed with the vet at the emergency place, she was pushy and wouldn’t let me take my time with deciding what we were going to do… this was a big decision..
    I called my mom, and we decided to get him a shot for his pain @ the emergency place and take him where we took him in the country (instead of the city where we were @ the emergency vets that wanted 0 to euthanize him..) we took him there and it was only 0… the vet there let us take our time, no big rush.. when we were ready… i know that he wasn’t in pain when it happend…but i am still second guessing myself as to why there arent’ places to help people with their pets… why i didn’t get insurance.. then i could’ve helped him… why i didn’t notice earlier and take him to the vets.. btu he was acting normal.. i knew nothing different… i just… its not fair and i keep thinking of ways i could’ve helped him before we got to this point…

    Can someone answer these questions..why do you need to put an animal under anesthetic to insert a catheter when in a human being they do not need to be catheterized… I was hoping the vet could lightly sedate him and insert it… why do they want
    It cut off my questions… anyway..i understnad that it sucks and there was nothign i could’ve done since i didn’t see the signs ahead of time… he was just my favourite kitty, we got lucky to have him, and have him be as awesome as he was!! i just wish i knew about this problem before hand.. and it didn’t have to come to this.. that’s all.. :(
    Has anyone else had to put their pet down for money VS love? its not fair, and it sucks

    • ANSWER:
      First of all, I’m very sorry you had to part with your beloved kitty. It is never an easy decision. Whether it be something fixable with the right amount of funds or inevitable due to old age. I’ve had to part with a kitty for similar reasons. My kitty’s problem was not the crystals in the urine but prolapsed colon. It just wouldn’t move the waste matter along anymore and he needed the occasional enema. Not pretty. I did everything I could for him but eventually he got so blocked he stopped eating and things went downhill from there. The vet that I took him too was none too sympathetic once they realized I didn’t have the funds for the surgery. Yet once the decision was made, they let me take my time with him. He was uncomfortable and I didn’t want to see him suffer anymore. That was 6 years ago and I still feel him nudge me from the other side at 7:20am and pm as that was when he wanted to be fed. How do I know? Why else would I look at the clock at that moment??

      Anyway, I found that making a memorial booklet or blog of all your fond memories and pictures of your kitty helps put closure on the pain. It doesn’t erase it or make you feel better immediately but it’s all together and you may feel better putting all the memories on paper.

      Know this.. Your kitty is not suffering anymore and you did the best thing for him. He was so lucky to have a loving home for the time you had him. There are so many kitties that are not so lucky. I hope you will find that spot in your heart to let another kitty choose you. I have. and this kitty loves me just as much.

      Best of luck to you during this difficult time.

    Our cat is very ill – please help?
    We have a one and a half year old tortiseshell DSH whom we adopted from a local shelter a little over a year ago. She has always been in perfect health (in fact,we took her in for her check-up and vaccinations at the end of October, and our vet said she looked great). On Friday morning, she woke up and was completely blind. I rushed her to the vet and after blood work and a visit to a veterinary opthamologist, it turns our her retinas had completely detached and she’d had major hemorraging in both eyes. Her blood tests also showed moderate anemia and reduced kidney function. More blood tests were ordered, and we’ve been told to watch her closely this weekend. Since Friday, she’s become increasingly lethargic and is eating less. She’s making a sporadic grunting noise, is twitching and (although always very personable) is seeking isolated spots to rest. I’m hoping somebody can give me any information as to what might be wrong? Our vet had some theories but is really at a loss.

    • ANSWER:
      I think that grunting, twitching, lethargy, and reduced appetite are some of the things that you are watching your cat for. Be sure to let your vet know.

      Here are some links to articles about retinal detachment in cats. They are usually caused by high blood pressure, blood disorders, or trauma.




      Good luck. I really wish you and your cat the best.

    the value of a naturopath in regards to fat-loss?
    Hi there
    i understand that the liver is the major organ within the body that plays an essential role in fat loss.

    A guy at work who has been to a naturopath told me that to lose weight you must detox first. He has lost about 20kgs.

    I’m only a little overweight but i have found it difficult to lose stubborn fat even after strenuous excercise regimes.

    I have been a heavy binge drinker over the last couple of years. I’m starting a weight loss program that comprises of gym and cardio alternated over the 6 day week. Also a plan of eating 6 meals a day, lean protein, lots of vegies, whole grain carbs and fresh vegie and fruit juices. I’ll be stopping the ciggarettes and alcohol and drinking mainly water.
    Also do you know of any foods that help liver and kidney function?
    What do you think?
    will i still lose alot of weight and get lean without visiting a naturopath and going on herbal drinks?

    any advice? your own experiences?
    i know ive asked a fair bit here, but i really want to get healthy


    • ANSWER:
      Often there is some inbalance that creates weight gain… otherwise the body would function properly.

      On you other situations, I would go to a naturopath or nutritionist who can work out what you need and put you on a supplement regime. Really, otherwise you’re shooting in the dark.

    Can you help diagnose my 18 year old cat?
    My cat is 18 and a half years old and has been in great health but he started loosing weight about six months ago. On Sunday he peed on my bed and this is something he NEVER does because he always sleeps with me. He has really been feeling bony lately and I noticed he was staggering on Sunday a little bit. He has been to the vet three times this week and still don’t know what is wrong. His blood work has been good just his creatnen (kidney function was a little high but not too concerning), all of his xrays are good, his blood pressure is fine, urine analysis is fine, he also eats and drinks as he always has. His B U N and creatnen are not high enough for it to be renal failure, no diabetes, or hyperthyroidism. Please help, do you know what might be wrong? Also how do I get him to try and stop peeing on my bed?!!!! He has never done this and I can’t give him medicine to make him better till I know what is wrong.

    • ANSWER:
      This is very sad, and reminds me exactly of what my cat did before his 18th b/day – the day on which he was pts. the night before he gave a pitiful meow, and peed on the bed too. But before that he couldn’t quite get to the box – I think he might have had dementia, thought he was in the box when he had actually just started walking there. Something is not right and you may not be able to find out, so I hope you just focus on his quality of life, and make sure he is as happy as you can help him be. Even though medical science has come a long way, there is still an awful lot that they don’t know among veterinarians. In the long run, all that matters is whether he is happy or suffering – many people go by the mantra “treat the cat, not the numbers.” Also, even though everything on tests seemed manageable when they were done, in an elderly cat things can change daily. good luck and give him lots of pets!

    Any diabetics patient here? Please help me?
    My dad is REALLY SICK now, with diabetes and his kidneys are not really functioning anymore, the doctor says that the kidney can only function for 20%. He looks so tired everyday, always sleeping and he has stopped going to work for a month. He feels a lot of pain in his legs i think, because when he walks, he is slow and he looks like he tries to pretend that he can to make us stop worrying. Besides all that, he also has serious heart problems. (2 arteries blocked)

    I am so worry about him, will he ever leave me? I seriously don’t know what am I gonna do without my dad, I am only 16 and I think he is the closest person I am with, closer than what me and my mum have. I think I might go with him if he really leaves me.

    What should I do? I am so afraid. I keep picturing that day, I keep thinking what am I gonna be without him.

    Also, please tell me what do you want people to tell you? I want my dad to change his lifestyle, because he still eat only a little vege. And he lost a lot of appetite :(

    • ANSWER:
      Im really so sorry this has happened to your father. I visited the website WebMD and they said make sure your dad is drinking liquids if he is unable to keep down solid food then drink one cup of liquid every hour while he is awake to prevent dehydration. If he is unable to hold down liquids, he may need to go to the emergency room or hospital.

      Maybe he really has a dull menu to choose from many of my diabetic friends state that the hardest thing to do is find food that is exciting and can really get them going and restore their appetite. – My friend recommended the website


      for some really great recipes that were perfect for diabetics that are feeling sick. These recipes are really really tasty, I am not a diabetic and I loved every single one.

    CAT HEALTH Help. High Levels of Microalbuminuria. UTI Symptoms?
    I am in desperate need of some help, I am searching for people who are very knowledgeable in Feline health and will be able to provide me with some sense of what may be a sign to look out for; how to help bring my Kitty to good health. I would appreciate it so much ~ as my little kitty is very dear to me.


    I recently noticed frequent use of the litter box and took my cat, Purple, into the vet. I assumed she had a UTI. They did a Urinalisis and Blood test.

    The Red Flags to pay close attention to were;

    - High levels of Albumin ( 4.2 to be exact Refrence Range is ; 2.5 – 3.9)
    - Moderately high levels of Creatine (1.6)
    - Low levels of Platelet Count ( 144 Reference Range is 200 – 500 )
    -High Occult blood
    -High levels of protein
    -High RBC.
    They indicate that there is a high level of Microalbuminuria. It is 8.5 and Reference Range is <2.5

    So aside from that, the Receptionist at the Vet told me “Her Kidneys are functioning correctly but since there are these Red Flags there is the ability for infection/clogging.” I have had Purple on K/D food to help with her kidney and to lower her protein intake for about 5 days. She is on CLAVAMOX (antibiotic) and we keep her hydrated. She does not drink water (due to the fact we have kept her hydrated I feel), and she eats regularly. She has been showing more use of the litter box and I have witnessed her poop twice (very dark brown). She is spunky and talkative, and when she is resting she cleans herself but still licks down there mildly cause of irritation I am assuming.

    My questions are;
    -Are there any other types of Antibiotics/ Medicine I should ask a Vet about?
    -What Foods would help with Purples diet? I would like to maintain low levels of protein and creatine.
    -What health signs could these be? ( I know it depends on so much but a broad idea )

    Because of the fact I did not get anything explained to me by the Vet I took Purple to, I am planning on taking her to a different; better rated one for her next Bloodtest (after she finishes her dose of Clavamox). I will be keeping a update on her health.

    Thank you so very much for taking the time, and bless your heart if you can help ~

    • ANSWER:
      First, contact your vet and talk to him/her specificallly about what the lab results were and what it means for your cat. It sounds like there is some damage or decreased function of the kidneys based upon your lab results, but your VET is the one that you should talk to about these–not the receptionist or someone on the computer.

      Keep her on the K/D. It is a prescription diet designed specifically for kidney disease issues. Don’t go adding foods or mixing and matching foods because that is an easy way to mess up the nutrient balance of the diet.

      I would not immediately go to a second vet, just make sure that you get the information on your cat from your VET in the future.It may have been a random situation where the vet was dealing with an emergency or in surgery when you picked up your cat. However if having the receptionist discharge medical patients (as opposed to bath/dips, boarding) is a regular situation, then that would be a reason for switching vets. Client education is a very important part of providing medical care for a patient and with a medical case you should always get to talk to a vet for the initial diagnosis and at least a credentialed veterinary technician for rechecks of lab results.

    Is Metformin a fibrate? And if so, could it cause a change in liver functions?
    Ok, number one I am NOT a diagnosed diabetic. I am on metformin to help regulate cycles due to PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). I was told that a result of a CT scan (which was done to determine the location and size of a kidney stone) showed fatty liver infiltrates. My gen. prac. doctor suggested that my liver enzymes might be off and to see a GI doctor. Could taking metformin cause liver issues as other fibrates are said to have done? I dont eat fatty foods, and as far as I know I am otherwise healthy. Anyone got any suggestions on this one? Because an informed patient is what I want to be considering they somehow either forgot or decided not to mention this to me in the ER or the urology office. Makes me think its either not serious or someone didnt do their job. Thanks for anything you can give me!!

    • ANSWER:
      Metformin is not a fibrate…..it doesn´t lower your triglycerides or cholesterol liver….it’s used in PCOS to fight against high insulin levels and in diabetes to lower glucose levels. The fatty liver is also a finding in the metabolic syndrome that you already have. Metformine can high your liver enzymes..but it is dose dependent and don’t produce a permanent damage

    What else could be wrong with my cat?
    URGENT, he may not last many more days…My cat started walking as if he had a stroke on his right side about a week ago. When he tries to walk in a straight line he falls to the right. He also started eating less and is now done to almost nothing. He has been tested for diabetes, kidney and liver function and it all came back normal. He is an indoor cat, but was also tested for feline leukemia also negative. He is 8 years old and has always been a good eater and in good health, this has all come on very sudden. At this point the vet thinks it may be neurological and is suggesting an MRI, I’m just not sure if we should go this route or simply let him rest in peace. I guess I’m just wondering if it could be anything else that would have caused this sudden change. He does not seem in pain, but looks more confused, like he does not understand why his body won’t do what he wants. He knows he wants to walk, or go to the bathroom, but he can’t get there on his own. Please Help! Thank you!
    Thank you for your ideas, I did already ask about ear infection as well and the vet ruled it out, but I have called the vet to see about getting some type of antibiotic to try…..I’m just not sure what else to do….very sad :-(

    • ANSWER:
      Wow, poor baby. :(

      The first thing that came to my mind other than the tumor your vet is searching for, has to do with his inner ear. Sometimes when there is a deep inner ear infection or the ear drum is ruptured, equilibrium is off. When that happens, many cats do not eat. They feel nauseous and all of the symptoms you described take place. This is treatable with antibiotics.
      If it is a tumor, Who is to tell you when it is time to let your friend go? Only you know that answer. But ask about what can be done to stimulate his appetite. There are medications out there to help and things you can do to improve his living area to make it easier for him to use his litter box and be safe at home.
      When you know for sure what the out come is, please let me know. Email me and I would be more than happy to talk you through some ideas or offer support. Whatever happens, I will keep him in thought and prayers and wish you all well.

      EDIT to your additional details: I stink at giving out computer websites – but please look up all information on VESTIBULAR DISEASE in CATS. Maybe you will find something there that will help.

    I am worried about my fiance someone please help me?
    My fiance is 30 years old and has been healthy all of his life right up until this year and I am really scared I might lose him in the future if the doctors to catch what it may be.

    The doctors have done this so far with him: he has had several blood work, 2 ultrasounds, CT Scan, Cystoscopy, and they all have come back normal.

    The only thing that showed in the blood work was his kidneys are mildly abnormal and he has high protein in his urine. The rest of the blood work he had done have come back normal. He has no kidney stones, no tumors, no cysts and etc.

    He does have to go and see another specialist because the urolgist thinks he has some kind of disease that is causing the blood in the urine, the abnormal kidneys meaning that his kidneys are not functioning right, and the high protein in the urine.

    It is really scaring me what kind of disease could be causing this to happen?

    The symptoms he gets are tiredness, dizzy spells, he is cold all of the time, he is anemic, he is very white looking, he has lost a lot of weight, he gets bloated with a lot of gas, he doesn’t like to eat very much.

    Can someone please help me I am really worried we are suppose to get married next year and now this is happening. Is there any cures for a disease he may have? Will I lose him if something doesn’t get done in time? Could I lose him if there is no cure for the disease?

    Someone can you please help me?

    The doctors can’t figure out why he is having this problem at the age of 30 they said he should be healthy at this age.

    Please Help!
    Yes he is being referred to a nephrologist, which I am happy about that I am just scared to find out the results. I hope it isn’t to late and this problem has gotten severe. Hopefully it is in the mild stage and they can do something about it.

    Anyway thanks to everyone that has answered, I just pray and hope there is a cure for whatever problem he is having.

    I know I won’t be able to handle losing him if it is to late to do anything, I have lost a lot of loved ones in my life all the while growing up and even til this day. If I lose one more loved one that is in my life I don’t know what I’ll do. I won’t have anything to live for anymore. As sad as it may sound it is true. I have lost my family, I have lost my children and my heart can’t take anymore losses. Especially my fiance because he is my first true love.

    • ANSWER:
      There are lots of conditions that can cause the problems you describe. I suspect your fiance is being referred to a nephrologist who is a medical doctor, as opposed to a surgeon, who specializes in diseases of the kidneys. This physician should almost certainly be able to figure out what is going wrong and give you information on treatment and prognosis. Please note that the specialist may need to do more tests beyond what have already been done including possibly a biopsy (which usually requires an overnight stay in the hospital after the test is done). The specialist would only recommend a biopsy if it is needed to determine for sure what the diagnosis is. Sometimes it’s not necessary.
      Problems with the symptoms you describe almost always can be treated, but obviously since no one yet knows what the diagnosis is, no one can say if it can be cured or not.

    All test negative but still feel the same?
    I’m a 41-yr. old female. I have mild asthma, Polycyclic kidney disease my kidneys are still functioning, and fibromyalgia. My reg. dr. sent me to a hemo dr. cuz my red, white n platelets were elevated n gradually continuing to rise. All the test she ran for leukemia were neg. thank god. The problem is I still have elevated counts and I feel like crap, Meaning Its hard to do much of anything. I get exhausted very easily like just cleaning the house or going for a walk. My breathing goes up and its like i just ran a marathon. I’m extremely fatigued n on some days im nauseated. I don’t have much of an appetite,but i do eat cuz i know i have too n when i eat the fatigue gets worse its like my body is rejecting it or having a hard time with food. My reg. dr. is running more test for the bacteria in the stomach. I feel like its something we are missing. I’m no dr. but I know how I feel. I haven’t gotten any better and I don’t know what to do. We have done almost every test. Can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:

    Opiate detox?!?
    I really hope I get some serious answers because right now I don’t know what to do, I’m going crazy!! Okay, so long story short, 3 years ago I had kidney surgery and I’m still taking pain pills! I have tried to quit a few times, but after about the 5th or 6th day of being in hell I have to get something! I have tried methadones, but that just made it worse! I’m going to see a doctor about suboxen next week, but I wanted to see if anyone knew of anything I could do at home right now to help! I have tried the hot baths, the Tylenol, the heat pads and ice packs, I have been trying to drink lots of water, but I can’t hold anything down! I have tried sleeping pills to sleep and that doesn’t work.. I can’t eat, sleep, relax, stop shaking.. I just can’t function! Oh, and my eyes hurt if I’m outside! Even with sunglasses on it just seems so bright! I hate this, this is the reason why I have been on the pain meds for so long! I can’t go through this! Any advice would be wonderful!
    I have tried the methadones and now that’s one of the things I have been doing on a daily basis! The methadone clinics don’t want to help .. They start you off with a small amount and give you more and more and more! I am going to try Suboxen, but I have to make it through for a couple days until I can get to the doctor. I don’t know if I can do this! I want to be done so bad, but I have never had a detox like this! I’m beyond miserable! : (
    Update.. I have my doctors appointment tomorrow to get the suboxens, but like I said, I have been beyond miserable! I really, really, really just want to be done with this crap, so I didn’t want to buy anything off of the streets, but then a friend of mine told me that he had a few Suboxens left from the last time he went to the doctor and he gave me those! : ) So, I feel a million times better and I’m on the right path! I’m so excited, kind of nervous, but just really happy that I’m getting off of this crap! Thanks so much for the help and the nice posts!! : )

    • ANSWER:
      Check your e-mail

    I know this is a lot to ask, but can someone please edit my essay about eating disorders? (10 points)?
    Please give your opinions and incites on what you think, what I should improve on to make it better, and correct any misspellings. Thanks a lot! Only constructive critism please! Here is my essay:
    Sometimes, you can’t just be happy with who you are. You feel depressed but you want to keep your feelings all in. Having low self-esteem, depression, or stress can lead to an eating disorder. An eating disorder is an illness that causes a person to develop unhealthy eating habits. The three types of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. Having an eating disorder can affect your relationship with other, cause you to think many negative thoughts about yourself and your body, and damage your health. If you suspect that someone has an eating disorder, it is important that you show support for that person so they can have a healthy attitude and body. As you grow older, you begin to feel more conscious of your body. You go through physical changes, as well as “social pressures.” One or two out of one hundred kids, particularly girls, that struggle with this disorder can successfully hide their extreme weight loss from their parents for months or years. Anorexia can come from psychological, genetic, social, and family factors. Many girls are exposed to images of thin models that have the “ideal” body size. Participating in activities such as gymnastics,where thinness is emphasized can also lead to anorexia. Since parents are role models fortheir children, a parent’s body image, their lifestyle, and their dieting Once someone is obsessed with dieting,exercise, and taking laxatives, they will still see themselves as overweight even if they can see their bones.
    Anorexics usually portion their food carefully or come up with excuses to skip their meals. Without receiving the nutrients the body needs to keep your bones strong, and help the body maintain homeostasis, the lack of nutrients will affect the body in many ways:
    bulleted-(in women) losing at least three consecutive menstrual periods;not wanting or refusing to eat in public;anxiety; weakness;brittle teeth; shortness of breath;obsessiveness about calorie intake;severe malnutrition;a drop in pulse and breathing rate;kidney failure;hair loss and fingernail breakage;lanugo hair;lightheadedness and inability to concentrate;anemia;swollen joints;dry and yellow skin; higher levels of cortisol and vasopressin
    Being anorexic can also result in an irregular heartbeat, permanent failure of normal growth, and osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones become weak and can breakeasily. You may feel cold most of the time because your body temperature decreases.Taking laxatives can wear out the bowel muscles, causing it to decrease in function. Sometimes, it’s hard for parents to tell the difference between their child to be “self-image” concerns and “warning signs” to anorexia. Someone that is self conscious and on a strict diet may not necessarily be anorexic. There are “glaring” abnormal behaviors and physical signs.
    Someone who is anorexic may:
    become very thin, frail, or emaciated;be obsessed with eating food and weight control;weigh herself or himself repeatedly;count or portion their food carefully;only eat certain foods, such as diary and wheat;exercise excessively;feel fat even if their body is literally only showing a sheet of skin and bones;withdraw from social activities, especially meals or celebrations involving food;be depressed, lack energy, and often feel cold
    If you suspect that your child or someone you know is anorexic, it is important to give as much support to them as you can, and try to help them admit that they have an eating disorder. Some people may feel depression, anger, or denial when faced to admit that they are anorexic. Try to show your concern and approach the person in a loving and supportive way. Use “I” instead of “you.” If the person is still in denial, try to be patient, saying that you’ll be there whenever they are ready to talk about it. Get help from a doctor, nutritionist, and a therapist. Encourage a healthy outlook on nutrition, exercise, and their appearance to help them raise their self esteem. For parents, it’s critical to make exercise a regular family activity and have their child help prepare nutritional meals for the whole family.

    Bulimia is another type of eating diorder that involves dieting. A person with bulimia is tempted to eat “comfort foods”, such as ice cream or cake. After their out-of-control eating, the person will feel ashamed and guilty for what they have done. They will try inappropriate methods of weight control, such as vomiting and fasting. Bulimics will show excessive shape and weight concern, yet still consume quantities of food up to 20,000 calories a day. This all begins with dissatisfaction of the bodt.

    Like anorexia, bulimia also involves being exposed to pictures of thin models and then not being able to feel good about themselves. Fami

    • ANSWER:
      just a few tips…

      try not to use contractions

      when you say “anorexics” you are isolating them from the everyone else it would be better to say people with anorexia or something like that

      “Being anorexic can also result in an irregular heartbeat, permanent failure of normal growth, and osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones become weak and can breakeasily.” you use a lot of comas here. take out the one between “osteoporosis and a” and replace it with “which is” then take out “in which” and replace it with “that causes” then take out the “can” before “break”

      try to read through it yourself and see if there are any other places where comas can be taken out. otherwise it looked superb

    A few questions about my moms health.?
    I will warn you, this is long! But it is very important.
    Background info about her:
    She’s 51 years old, 2 kids by c-section. She’s 5’6, 110 pounds. A few years ago she began getting very sick every time she ate and immediately had to puke everything back up. This changed her weight from 140 pounds to 110 pounds over the duration of this. She began only eating baked chicken, mashed potatoes, pudding, and every now and then she will eat a few potato wedges. She went to the doctor who diagnosed her with acid reflux and gave her medicine for it. She takes the medicine regularly but, it has not stopped. She has whittled away down to nothing. I asked her if she was bulimic, but she said no, that she just gets extremely sick after eating (occasionally), and the only foods that she can hold down is the foods I mentioned above. There is one problem.
    Next problem: she began to bleed very, very heavily during her time of the month, that would sometimes last up to 14 days. She went to a doctor over this and they did a D&C on her. That helped for about a month, and then it began to happen again. So she went to a different doctor and told her that she already had the D&C done, but that doctor wanted to do another (this was only about 3 months later than the first one). So the doctor did another, and a month later, she is bleeding in that way again.
    Next problem: she has began to lose her memory. She remembers everyone, but she can’t remember where she lays down stuff at. She forgets words while she is talking to you, and she forgets what she is saying in the middle of a sentence. It’s like she can’t spit anything out.
    Next problem: she has CONSTANT dizziness! The doctors checked to make sure she was not anemic, and in fact, she was not. She is seeing double sometimes, and has no energy what so ever. All she wants to do is lay and sleep. Her mother (my grandma) is concerned with this because my moms sister (my aunt) died from a brain tumor.
    Next problem: she just recently got out of the hospital because she was having kidney failure due to dehydration. They gave her antibiotics and IV fluid to get her kidneys back into normal functioning. But, then they found out she has gallstones so she needs to have her gallbladder taken out.
    I am very, very concerned with my moms help. Does anybody have any clues of what could be going on with her? Are all these things related or just separate things affecting her? I am taking her to a good hospital tomorrow morning, I just want to know what to expect.

    • ANSWER:

    Food Technology?
    I have three questions from my Food Tech class that I have no idea about, and hope you can help me.

    1.) What Nutrient gives us energy and protects organs like the kidneys and the heart?

    2.) What Nutrient gives us the energy our body needs to function?

    3.) What Nutrient has many roles like helping release energy from the food we eat?


    • ANSWER:
      These are extremely broad and ambiguous questions. I have a PhD in Food Chemistry and I’m not sure of the answers because I don’t know where your professor is going with this. But here goes. 1. I think the answer is fat. It certainly gives energy and is often found around the organs. 2. Fat, Carbohydrates, and protein all give energy in the form of calories to the body so this question is not clear unless you exclude fat because it was used in the first answer. 3. My guess the professor is looking for enzymes since they breakdown sugars for energy release but it’s not clear. As you should know enzymes are a form of protein so now you have all three main food components covered. It’s a stupid question. Perhaps you should ask for some clarification.
      PhD Food Chemistry and Nutrition

    I’m 18, I think that I have a Serious Health Issue? PLEASE HELP!?
    ok im 18, i dont usually worry about my health, i try to eat healthy etc. anyway so i have pain in my right upper thigh infront, its just a patch of pain in a certain area there, and this weekend i lost function of my right foot but could still feel everything it touched and when my mom tried a reflex test on it it didn’t work. so i couldn’t move my foot, for about 10 minutes until my dad came and lightly kicked it with his foot then it twitched ( it wasn’t asleep it feels totally different) then he kicked it again and i could slowly start to use it again.. i’ve had a history or tierdness in the past, and kidney pain mostly on the left kidney area in my back… lately i’ve had shooting pain in the back of my neck bordering where my shoulders start.. anyway im going to go to the doctor tomorrow. any idea of what it could be?.. i have a history of cancer in my family also.. like from both sides.. even my sister had /has-ish, cancer.. so.. but hers is in the lymphnodes.. anywho, any kind of advice would be greatly appreciated as well as your opinions.
    thank you!
    YES i am going to a doctor tomorrow i already made an appointment, but does anyone have any idea what this could lead to, or what it is?

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve got the exact same thing. It’s my scoliosis. My entire body is out of whack and i have a few nerves that are pinched so I sometimes have parts of my body go numb

    Did you know that new research shows that marijuana actually kills cancer cells… rather than creating them?
    Did you know that marijuana kills cancer cells? It actually causes them to eat themselves in a process called “autophage”.

    Also, instead of killing brain cells, studies show it actually promotes the growth of new brain cells?


    Example Cancer Studies:

    THC (marijuana) helps cure cancer says Harvard study


    Marijuana Chemical May Fight Brain Cancer
    Active Component In Marijuana Targets Aggressive Brain Cancer Cells, Study Says


    Did you know the government knew about it in 1974?


    Did you know that the cannabinoid receptor is the most prevalent cellular receptor in our brains?


    This mystery began to unravel in 1964, when tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the main psychoactive chemical in cannabis was isolated and synthesized by Raphael Mechoulam and colleagues in Israel. Subsequently, in 1988, Allyn Howlett and colleagues discovered the cannabinoid receptor in the brain. This receptor called CB1was a precise match for the unique chemicals called cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant (phytocannabinoids). This initial discovery led to scientists hypothesizing that humans are “wired” for cannabis. The CB1receptors have been found in the brain in areas that control the coordination of movement, emotions, memory, reduction of pain, reward systems, and reproduction, yet are almost absent in the brain stem (which affects our vital functions such as breathing). It appears that cannabinoid receptors, which modulate other neurotransmitter function in a retrograde “on demand” fashion are present in far higher concentrations in the brain than any other receptor. While the CB1 receptors are primarily found in the central nervous system, a second type, CB2, discovered in 1993, are found primarily in the immune system, GI tract, liver, spleen, kidney, bones, heart, and peripheral nervous system. In fact, the CB2 receptor appears to be up-regulated whenever there is tissue pathology.

    What do you think about this?

    Did the government know?

    What do you think about that?

    Did you know that the government actually has the patent on medical marijuana… for use in fighting diseases such as cancer, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and more?

    And yet they repeatedly say that there is “no medical use” for marijuana.

    Look it up. U.S. Patent #6630507

    It’s like a MIRACLE DRUG because the endocannabinoid system in your body controls so much chemically… by stimulating this system, many positive effects can occur in many different organs of the body.

    If you don’t believe me, check out the studies at www.pubmed.gov … just type “cannabinoids” and “cancer” in the search bar and you’ll see the results of the HUNDREDS of studies that show that the THC in marijuana actually kills cancer cells, both in human tissue cultures and in animals. But… they won’t let us do studies on humans because mj has been labeled the “devil’s weed”. HA!

    But there is plenty of anecdotal evidence. (People who didn’t want to wait on the government to legalize medical marijuana to help with their illness. We’ve been waiting over 40 years, after all.) I have been in correspondence with the head of the biology dept at a major university in Colorado, and he’s knows people personally who have used super-concentrated cannabis oil to CURE their cancer.His own girlfriend got rid of her skin cancer completely applying cannabis oil topically. You can also find video diaries on the internet of people who have gotten rid of skin cancer using cannabis oil. Also video diaries of people who have had miraculous healing of 3rd degree burns. One video diary I found had an AIDS patient who was ingesting the oil and cut his T-cell count from over 800 to around 400 in just a few weeks.

    Rick Simpson has cured hundreds of people over the last few years and has plenty of written and videoed testimony. Google “Run from the Cure”.

    If you want to see the enormous number of medical conditions that marijuana is GOOD for, check this out…


    This is a video everyone should watch…


    Marijuana doesn’t cause ANY bad, as you put it.

    Zero deaths every year are attributed solely to marijuana.

    It doesn’t even increase your risk of lung cancer by smoking it… they can’t even find a higher incidence of lung cancer even in chronic mj smokers… the anti-cancer effects of the drug overpower the fact that you are taking in carcinogens by smoking a leaf.

    • ANSWER:
      the government withholding imformation from the american people, I guess this has been happening a long time now. I wonder who’s best interest their concerned about? clearly not that of U.S. citizens. Thank you for spreading good imformation about a goverment that betrays and lies constantly.

    Im 18 i think i have a serious health issue… please help!?
    ok im 18, i dont usually worry about my health, i try to eat healthy etc. anyway so i have pain in my right upper thigh infront, its just a patch of pain in a certain area there, and this weekend i lost function of my right foot but could still feel everything it touched and when my mom tried a reflex test on it it didn’t work. so i couldn’t move my foot, for about 10 minutes until my dad came and lightly kicked it with his foot then it twitched ( it wasn’t asleep it feels totally different) then he kicked it again and i could slowly start to use it again.. i’ve had a history or tierdness in the past, and kidney pain mostly on the left kidney area in my back… lately i’ve had shooting pain in the back of my neck bordering where my shoulders start.. anyway im going to go to the doctor tomorrow. any idea of what it could be?.. i have a history of cancer in my family also.. like from both sides.. even my sister had /has-ish, cancer.. so.. but hers is in the lymphnodes.. anywho, any kind of advice would be greatly appreciated as well as your opinions.
    thank you!
    p.s. i’ve had this for about 2 or 3 weeks.. maybe a tiny bit longer..

    • ANSWER:
      It could be nerve damage from whatever reason. our body’s dermatomes outline specific areas on the body that are affected by single nerves. These specific areas of pain could have to do with that. Don’t panic though, it could just be nerve pinching from sleeping funny or something. Just see a doctor, it’ll ease your worries.