Kidney Disease Treatment

Finding natural cures for fatty liver has long been the goal of several health professionals. Several patients nowadays also prefer natural cures to expensive treatment and medicines. For those who may not know, fatty liver is a disease that occurs when an excessive amount of fats build up in the liver and eventually replacing the liver cells.

According to several researchers recently, natural cures for fatty liver can be possible through a healthier lifestyle – a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a lifestyle without unhealthy vices. There are also natural supplements that can help naturally cure fatty liver and here are some of those supplements.

Southern Ginseng
Southern Ginseng (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum) is a common herb used in Chinese medicine to treat various illnesses. It can supposedly increase one’s energy, help in healthy cell development, and reduce the body’s cholesterol. Moreover, Southern Ginseng can protect the liver due to its anti-oxidant activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Holistic treatment for kidney disease in dogs?
    Are there any holistic treatments, diets, minerals, etc. that would work in conjunction with medicine in order to help a dog diagnosed with the start of kidney disease?

    • ANSWER:
      Raw food – a raw meaty bones or prey model diet based around whole carcasses, raw meat, meaty bones and organs.

      I would suggest you join one of the raw feeding groups – RawMeatyBones or rawfeeding are two good ones.

      holistic means treating the ‘whole’ rather than just the symptoms – not necessarily homoeopathic or ‘herbal’ – surely a species appropriate diet is the first step in this?

    is there any treatment for kidney disease which do not need to operate and needle?
    my student got kidney disease, she is 15yrs. can she still study in school?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Hammard,

      You are a responsible teacher!

      I’ m David Wong from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, specilizing in kidney disease treatment.

      We developed Micro chinese medicine osmotherapy (mcmo) after years of exploration. This theraputic method adopts external administration to treat internal disease, without operation and needle.
      Moreover, it resolve the side effect of western medicine,bad absorption of oral medicine.
      Many patients have attained pleasant curative effect and prognosis.

      According to my professinal experience, your student must go to see the doctor and do some regular checks, like urine routine check, blood examination and kidney function test. To ascertain the pathological agent and disease status are the top priority.

      Anyway, encourage your student to keep a good mental status, cheerful and optimistic attitude is helpful to improve our immunity. And if you hope to know more about our therapy, just email me.

      Best Regards!
      David Wong
      Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, No. 5, Feiyi Rd, Xinhua Dist. SJZ, Hebei, China

    stage 4 kidney disease, without treatment what things can we exspect to happen.?
    Our 87 year old friend refuses treatment for his kidney disease, he accepts that he will die from it. we want to know what signs to look for as it gets worse.

    • ANSWER:
      Blood pressure increase, bringing a greater risk of hypertension or congestive heart failure.

      Urea accumulation, leading to azotemia and eventually uremia. Uremia symptoms may range from lethargy to pericarditis and encephalopathy.

      Potassium accumulation in the blood (hyperkalemia). Symptoms of hyperkalemia range from malaise to cardiac arrhythmias.

      Decrease in erythropoietin synthesis, which may lead to anemia, and symptoms including fatigue.

      Fluid volume overload, with symptoms rangin from mild edema to life-threatening pulmonary edema. Edema was formerly known as dropsy or hydropsy.

      Decrease in phosphate excretion, leading to hyperphosphatemia.

    Is there anyone who got treatment in ShiJiaZhuang Kidney Disease Hospital?
    I need to have some idea about their treatment.

    • ANSWER:

    What is the treatment for chronic kidney disease stage 3, with patient being hypertensive and diabetic?

    • ANSWER:
      In general, somebody with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease and diabetes:

      1. Goal BP less than 130/80
      2. Good Diabetes control
      3. Monitor Cholesterol
      4. Avoids NSAIDS (Advil, Motrin, Alleve, etc.)
      5. Have periodic blood work to monitor renal function, and check for the presence of anemia and overactive parathyroid glands. These problems can usually be treated with medicines.
      6. Modest amounts of protein in the diet.
      7. Use of ACE Inhibitors or ARB type of blood pressure medicine
      8. Check the urine for protein.

      Your doctor (internist or kidney doctor) should be discussing your individual situation.

    What is the best dog food for a dog with kidney disease?
    Well, my newly adopted dog was just diagnosed with kidney disease. They said it’s not bad yet, but that I should feed her some special kidney disease food. I take her to the vet in Petsmart (Banfield), so she recommended Hills K/D (the only kind they sell there).

    Anyway, I was wondering what anyone thinks is the best dog food for kidney disease “treatment”. Thanks for any suggestions!! :)
    ps: it’s chronic kidney disease, in case it matters. And she’s only 3 years old. Thanks again!

    • ANSWER:
      The veterinarian I work for always recommends Hill’s K/D for kidney problems. Don’t get it confused with C/D. It helps bladder problems. Oh, and don’t feed her table scraps. Human food can damage the kidneys and liver.

    You do know that kidney disease in the US has been funded by “socialized medicine” since 1973?
    but did you also know that it is one of the few medical problems that Americans come out behind other nations in longevity? Why, when the US fairs so much better in other cancers and diseases is the US so behind in Kidney treatment? Could it be the failure of the socialized kidney disease treatment program:

    • ANSWER:

    Our vet told us that diet treatment is the best and only method to treat feline kidney disease. Is this true?
    She just told us to keep feeding our cat Hill’s KD food, and that there was really no other option that would treat the condition just as well. Is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      No it is not and you should go to the group linked below this post. That food is just asking for more trouble.
      Treatment of Chronic Renal Failure

      If your cat is not in final stages, this is not want you want to do. You do not want to put your cat on the
      Vets low protein diet. There are simply so many better options out there than to hand the poor cat a low amount of poor quality protein – which often results in a poor appetite and muscle wasting since the body is now robbing its own muscle mass to feed itself a decent quality and amount of protein.
      . There are new thoughts on this and the thinking is it is not the amount of protein but the quality of protein that matters.
      The Merck veterinary manual [] says that cats need “4 g of protein of high biologic value per kg body wt/day”. That’s about 7 calories from protein per pound body weight per day. If a cat isn’t a good eater and consumes, say, 20 calories per pound per day, then 7/20 = 35% of calories can safely be from protein. It must be high quality protein, which means meat, fish, milk, and eggs, and not grain or soy.

      I am under the assumption that you have been feeding mostly dry foods. Many use a vegetable based protein instead of animal and that is part of the problem.. Your cat needs protein as it is a carnivore and cutting down on it will lead to other health issues and may cause faster degeneration.
      You want to cut down on phosphorous (no fish allowed now)

      The best way to do this is with a raw diet which you can make yourself or buy. (Making yourself is better) link provided at the bottom
      If you are unwilling to do that then something like the non fish flavors of Wellness or Merrick with NO grains are good alternatives. Wysong is also a good canned choice. This list gives a breakdown. Remember you want low phosphorous…

      You should be giviung sub-q fluids as needed

      You also will want to look into phosphorous binders. Something like aluminum hydroxide
      Ask your vet or look into calcitrol

      You may want to talk to the vet about having injectable Pepcid AC on hand or you can buy it in pill form (ac not plain pepcid) and give 1/4 tab for stomach upset which happens a lot in crf cats due to acid in the stomach.
      I hope this stuff helps, here are many links for you
      Making cat food

      other links. Read, read, read!!!!………

      About that vets diet. This report is for dogs but applies to cats…

    when will medicine be able to use stem cell therapy for kidney disease?
    i’ve read a lot about some of the research. i was wandering will medicine be able to use this as a treatment options for kidney disease. im interested in becoming a kidney specialist.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s probably already being tested, give it a few years. They are already using stem cells to help people with arthritis.

    Treatment for cat with “critical” kidney disease?
    My 4 year old cat was diagnosed a few hours ago with kidney disease. At this moment, he is receiving an IV. My vet was very surprised at how high his numbers were and spent a lot of time with me discussing my options but said that once they flush his system and his numbers don’t increase– I need to start thinking about putting him down.

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t give up on him just yet. CRF cats can live for a long time with proper treatment. My cat was diagnosed last summer and is doing very well on his diet. I don’t use the prescription food the vet recommended. I feed him Wellness wet food. It’s actually much better than the prescription stuff. Here’s a great website on kidney disease in cats that will help alot. Print off some of the articles and go over them with your vet. Good luck to to your kitty.

    why has the scientific community failed to develop a prevention treatment for PKD (polycystic kidney disease)?
    since it affects so many americans, and any prophylactic treatment would likely be administered for the rest of a patient’s life, it would be extremely profitable for big pharm.
    additionally, we also know the gene mutation that is responsible for PKD…

    so what are the difficulties in trying to design a treatment strategy for PKD?

    is the recent boom in genomics and recombinant DNA techniques likely to lead to a breakthrough?

    what about increases in access to totipotent human cells for research or therapy? would this likely lead to advances in finding a treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      till genetic engineering becomes a reality there can not be much that can be done for this condition.

    Where can I buy cheaper Lactated Rigers for my dog who has Kidney Disease?
    My dog has recently been diagnosed with Kidney Disease. He is supposed to get subcutaneous fluid injections to help his kidneys deal with the problem. But my Vet charges per bag of fluid, which only lasts for 3 treatments! I cant afford that, but dont want to put my dog down when there is a treatment so readily available. Is there someplace I can get these bags of fluid for cheaper (hopefully much cheaper)? Im not even real sure which type I should be looking for- what the vet gave us is NDC 0409-7953-09 made by Hospira, 1000 ML. I am willing to buy by the case, either locally or online if anyone can point me in the right direction!

    • ANSWER:
      There are many companies that sell it online, you just have to have your vet send them a prescription for it. The last link has a case of 12 for .99 a bag plus free shipping, which is the cheapest that I have found. Also, I have ordered from Valley Vet (the last link) before, and I really thought they had great service. Just FYI: there is no difference between LRS for farm animals and for pets, they are just marketed different.

    is there any authentic treatment to cure or to slowdown progress of poly-cystic kidney disease.?

    • ANSWER:
      Homeopathic Medicines & Treatment for diseases of kidney like Urinary Tract Infection, Renal Calculi, Kidney Failure, Gloerulonephritis, Nephritis etc.

      #Arsenicum Album. [Ars]
      This remedy corresponds to all stages of Bright’s disease, bearing a closer resemblance than any other remedy. It comes in later in the disease where there is dropsy, pale skin, waxen appearance, watery diarrhoea and great thirst. The urine is dark, casts are abdundant, and it contains much albumen. There are attacks of dyspnoea when lying down in the evening and after midnight, relieved by an expectoration of mucus. It may come in immediately after Aconite in many cases. Dr. Pope found Arsenicum 3X efficient in acute nephritis. ” Blood boils ” make a special indication for this remedy. Baehr, Millard and Hale question the usefulness of Arsenicum in kidney affections. However, it seems a simile to the large white kidney; in fact, one could hardly wish for a closer correspondence. Hughes considers it a favorite with anxiety and sinking of vital forces will call for Arsenicum. Calcarea arsenica has been used in the anaemia, progressive emaciation and debility of this disease with success.

      #Apis mellifica. [Apis]
      Apis is not so much a remedy for chronic Bright’s disease as for the acuter forms. There are oedematous swellings of the face and extremities, paleness, ascites, oedema pulmonum, pains in the head, back and limbs. Albuminuria following scarlatina. It may be of use in any form of Bright’s disease when there are dull pains in the kidneys, scanty urine and frequent Micturition. The urine is heavily charged with albumen and contains blood corpuscles. The oedema appears quickly, there is general dropsy and suppression of urine and perhaps an eruption of the skin like a nettle rash. The patient is drowsy , apathetic and has a bruised feeling all over. Apis in such cases acts best in trituration; do not depend on the tincture or dilutions. Hepar is recommended by Kafka in Bright’s disease following scarlatina. A valuable symptom for Apis is the following of suffocation. He does not see how he is get another breath.

      #Mercurius corrosivus. [Merc]
      This remedy corresponds to the large white kidney. There is an albuminous, scanty and red urine; pale waxen color of the body; there are lumbar pains, great dyspnoea and excessive strangury. It takes the first rank among all the mercurials for nephritis, and it comes in the later stages. Syphilitic complication further indicate it. There is an expression of uneasiness of uneasiness on the face. Dr. Ludlam considers it our best remedy for the albuminous nephritis of pregnancy and Baehr lauds it in suppurative nephritis. Kali chloricum. This remedy is said to be the most homoeopathic of all remedies in Bright’s disease. It has scanty, dark, albuminous urine containing casts. It excites a violent nephritis.

      One of our reliable and most frequently indicated remedies in the early stages of renal diseases when congestion is prominent, when there is much pain in the back of a dull character extending along the ureters. The great characteristic of dark smoky urine will be present. There is anasarca,and , of course, the urine is bloody and albuminous. It is recommended in post scarlatinal renal affections. The prostration is not accompanied by the restlessness of Arsenicum. Cantharis. This remedy pictures nephritis with cutting pains in the lumbar region; the urine is passed in drops and is mixed with blood, with much urging. Post scarlatinal and post diphtheric kidney diseases with dropsy may indicate Cantharis. If renal congestions arise from Spanish fly blisters, give Camphor as an antidote. The prostration of Terebinth lacks the restless anguish of Arsenicum.

      #Digitalis. [Dig]
      This remedy has an irritant action on the kidneys. It is homoeopathic to granular degeneration. Heart symptoms, feeble pulse, scanty, dark, turbid urine, faintness at the stomach,rheumatic pains will indicate it. It is especially useful when the circulation is weak. Rheumatic pains, pulmonary catarrh with profuse expectoration are marked symptoms. Glonoine has albuminous urine and will sometimes be found useful in acute and haemorrhagic nephritis.

      #Plumbum. [Plum]
      Granular degenerations of the kidneys, with tendency to uraemic convulsion. Dropsy, sallow face, emaciation, oedema about the ankles. It seems to corresponds to the contracted or cirrhotic form of nephritis, holding the same relation here that Arsenic and Mercury do in chronic nephritis. Royal emphasizes this remedy saying that it arrested the progress in many cases and permanently cured not few for him. He never used it below the 30th potency. Cuprum arsenicum is also useful in uraemic conditions and is praised highly by Goodno. Cuprum is a valuable remedy for uraemic eclampsia. Aurum muriaticum. Morbus Brightii from gout, suppurations or syphilis. Interstitial nephritis in its incipiency with digestive and nervous phenomena, hypochondriasis, irritability and vertigo.

      #Phosphorus. [Phos]
      Phosphorus produces as marked a nephritis as any drug. It is one of the most important remedies in Bright’s disease; the characteristic symptoms are: lassitude of the whole body, hands and feet icy cold, sleepiness. The fatigue is greatest in the morning, and there is heat in the body without thirst, especially in the evening. The patient is indisposed to work, is giddy, forgetful and has a heavy headache , particularly in the forehead; there is oedema of the upper eyelids, a mist before the eye, a yellowish fray complexion, a sickly oedema of the face, want of appetite, pressure and burning in the stomach, and a light colored painless diarrhoea which is very weakening. It suits well fatty or waxy casts, is dark brown, scanty and albuminous , or covered with an iridescent film. Pulmonary complications will call for Phosphorus; and inability to lie on the left side is a prominent symptom in these cases. Vomiting and gastric symptoms are usually present. A small dose of Phosphorus will act much safer and better in eclampsia than a large dose of Morphine.

      #Belladonna. [Bell]
      Simple albuminuria, here it seems to occupy a place midway between Aconite and Arsenicum. Belladonna is of the greatest service in inflammation of the kidneys with piercing burning pains in the lumbar region, returning periodically with increased severity. Aconite. Incipient stage of post scarlatinal nephritis, pain in lions, scanty urine without blood. Convallaria. Nephritis from heart disorders. It affords relief when there is extreme rapid and irregular action of the heart,and in general anasarca and ascites from mitral insufficiency. Apocynum. Palliative in dropsical conditions where the urine is scanty. Also useful for comma and convulsions in the nephritis of pregnancy.

      Tha above has been taken from :-

      I hope and pray that the provided information is helpful for you.

      Take Care and God Bless you.

    has anyone heard of NHV Tripsy for cats with kidney disease?
    i have a 15 year old cat in the early stages of kidney disease. i like my vet, but he doesn’t know about any holistic treatments. i see this stuff on the web NHV Tripsy, and their product reviews are great, but i don’t know anything about it. if you have 1st hand experience with this or other holistric treatments for cats with kidney problems, please let me know. thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m sorry I don’t know what you are talking about.

    has anyone ever treated their cat’s kidney disease with holistic treatments?
    if so, what did you do? how did it work? I want to do this in addition to fluid treatments the vet said he needs. my cat is 5 and was just diagnosed. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      How was your cat diagnosed, and what sort of kidney disease does he have? Kidney disease is usually something associated with an elderly cat, and not one his age. Having said that, bad kidneys have been bred into many cats by unscrupulous breeders. I have a male Siamese who was diagnosed with bad kidneys at age 3. His was a birth defect called uremic dysplasia – his kidneys are too small. He’s 11 now!

      Holistic treatment is best for kidney issues. The cat needs to be kept hydrated, and they need maximum, high quality nutrition to avoid the weight loss and muscle wasting associated with kidney disease. My elderly cat with CRF (he’s 16) and my 11 year old male both get premium high-protein canned food, per my vet. The canned food keeps them hydrated, and the high-quality protein is what their bodies need. Choose a canned food free of grains, and by-products. The by-products are a low-quality protein source, and may be harder for the kidneys to process. Low protein diets aren’t suitable for cats unless they are in the very end stages of renal failure. Cats for one won’t eat them, and they need to eat to keep their weight up. And they also contribute to the muscle wasting that you see in so many cats with kidney issues. My two are doing great on this diet, and I won’t switch them to the kidney one (nor does my vet want me to).

      If you’ve got a holistic vet (as in a real one) in your area, by all means get a second opinion there.

    For my cat with kidney disease also has a heart condition is the sub-Q therapy/liquid the only choice she has?
    I dont want my severe kidney disease suffering cat to receive the subcutaneous fluid therapy (sub-Q) because it would be too painful for her and she is 15 years old and suffers a heart murmur (a sort of heart condition). I’ve been told cats who suffer from a heart condition shouldn’t receive this sub-Q treatment because it’s dangerous. I need to know what other options are out there instead of the subcutaneous fluid therapy/liquid (sub-q), there has to be other options. The vet i’m taking her with isn’t very helpful he offered that option, and I really need to know what to do so her kidneys get better fast, right now she doesn’t have a treatment or an adequate diet:-( I need urgent speedy help to find a better vet (preferably holistic) in Chicago. If anyone knows please let me know i’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      There’s not a lot you can do about this. Normally they’ll try to “restart” the kidneys with an IV of fluids, but with your cat having heart problems, and I would imagine that this is congestive heart failure (CHF)…besides her heart murmur, you’re vet is giving her IV fluids sub q so she’s not overloaded quickly with fluids. I hate to say this…but you need to consider that the time for your loved cat is just about over. If she continues to go down, then you really need to consider euthanasia. I wish you only the best of luck.

    What are the homeostatic mechanisms involved in chronic kidney disease?
    How does chronic kidney disease affect homeostatic mechanisms?
    What is the cause and what is the effect on homeostatic mechanisms, what are the treatments?

    • ANSWER:
      The kidneys are regarded as homeostatic organs. If you stop and consider what the kidneys do, you’ll know how chronic kidney disease affects the homeostatic functions of these organs.

      I’m not sure you’re wording this question correctly — “What are the homeostatic mechanisms involved in chronic kidney disease?” — Kidney disease doesn’t implement homeostatic mechanisms…it interferes with homeostasis..

      “How does chronic kidney disease affect homeostatic mechanisms?” — As I said, stop and consider what the kidneys do and then review how chronic disease affects the kidneys.

      “What is the cause and what is the effect on homeostatic mechanisms” — Like I said…

      “what are the treatments?” — Dietary restrictions, hypertension management, diabetes management, lipid management, weight management, smoking cessation, epogen injections, diuretics, vit. D, phosphate binders management, dialysis or transplantation. Obviously, the course of treatment depends on the causes and contributory factors.

    I have questions about kidney disease?
    There are people that live in the hospital because their kidneys need to be cleaned 3 times a day. Their bodies are monitored every minute. They are weak all the time, but sometimes, they feel OK? What kind of kidney disease do they have? Is it that serious? What causes it and all the bowel problems that go along? What kind of treatment is necessary? What is the procedure?

    They need someone to donate a kidney to them immediately or else How Long Will They Stay Alive?

    • ANSWER:
      There are several kidney dysfunctions, one of them is uremia and this usually leads to dialysis, a process of “cleansing” the kidneys. This is needed to excrete metabolic waste products from the body. In time kidney transplant has to be done to prolong life.

    where can i find info on kidney disease and what dialysis does?
    How is kidney dialysis done; is it very uncomfortable and do you feel better after a treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to kidney school

      “Kidney School is an interactive, web-based learning program in 20-minute modules. It was designed to help people learn what they need to know to understand kidney disease and its treatment, adjust to kidney disease, make good medical choices, and live as fully as possible. You decide which modules to visit and when––so what you learn is entirely up to you.”

    kidney disease, and treatments?
    My wife had multiple cist in both kidney,now bith have failed she is on dialysis.
    how can i get new kiodney for her ?
    what are the prevention required?

    • ANSWER:
      in most cases, a healthy donor of the same blood time is required for kidney transplant. If your wife has any relatives, such as brothers or sisters, contact them immediately to get tested for compatibility. If no donor can be found within the family, your wife will go on a medical waiting list to receive a kidney most likely extracted from the cadaver of a consenting patient.

    What is the life expectancy of a 62 year old with end stage kidney disease?
    When there are apparently no treatment options (such as a transplant or dialysis) available?

    • ANSWER:
      In theory, “end stage renal disease” should mean that kidney disease has progressed to a point where the patient will not be able to survive for any considerable length of time without renal replacement therapy (i.e., dialysis or a transplant). In practice, it is difficult to know with certainty when that point is reached; the goal is not to wait to start dialysis until the patient is at the door of death. So, some patients who “need dialysis” could actually live for months–in exceptional cases even a few years–without it. Occasionally, even patients who have been on dialysis for years decide to stop, but nevertheless survive for a while without it!

      So, the simple answer is that the answer varies from person to person. However, it’s fair to say that life expectancy in an untreated patient with ESRD usually measures in months to a couple of years. It can be as short as days to weeks.

      BTW, dialysis is almost invariably an option. About the only patients who are not candidates for any form of dialysis are critically ill people with extremely low blood pressure who can’t tolerate even the slowest and gentlest forms of dialysis (hemofiltration); this is usually a situation where death is imminent. In other cases, dialysis is considered a futile option due to a multitude of other medical problems that are expected to be rapidly terminal.

      A much more common scenario is that patients are not interested in a form of dialysis for which they are a candidate; for example, hemodialysis in a center three times per week.

    Which army regulation covers disqualifying conditions for deployment pertaining to Polycystic kidney disease?
    My unit is currently on orders for deployment. I’m not afraid to go, I knew there was a chance when I enlisted. I have Autosomol Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD). I’m just wandering what kind of treatment will be available in Iraq? I was diagnosed with it in 2000. My mom and her siblings have it. My Aunt and Uncle are currently undergoing dyalisys for their ADKPD.

    • ANSWER:
      You will have to ask the Army medical staff – if you remind them that you have it they can look up the regs.

      It might not disqualify you at all if it’s not severe or if the treatment is not complicated.

    i heard that there are medicines out there that someone can take to help prolong kidney disease?
    i’ve heard about different treatments that are available for people with kidney disease like medicines that can be taken to help prolong kidney disease and it helps slow the disease down. i also heard oh yeah dialysis works … do the treatments for a while and go to work while u are having the treatments. does anyone know anything about this?

    • ANSWER:
      Peritoneal dialysis is a type of dialysis that people do while they go to work. There are also various ways you can do hemodialysis in your home that can make dialysis more compatible with work.

      There are a number of medicines that you can take to slow or even reverse your diminishing kidney function – which medicine or strategy depends on what is causing your kidney disease. If it is diabetes or high blood pressure – two leading causes of kidney disease – controlling those underlying conditions can slow the progression.

      Often when the kidney disease is caused by damage to the nephrons – the little filters in the kidneys that do all the work – steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs will be tried. If you are ever in doubt that you are receiving the best care from your doctor you should always feel comfortable getting another opinion but sometimes getting the best medical care available is still not enough to save the kidneys.

    Chronic Kidney Disease Questions please advise?
    I was diagnosed with Chronic kidney disease and would greatly appreciate if some one would answer some of my questions before i see my doctor again.
    Can Chronic kidney Disease be stopped before kidney failure, is there treatment to cure it? and also what foods to avoid.
    thank you

    • ANSWER:
      I’m sorry about your diagnosis, there is no way to reverse chronic kidney disease; it is a progressive disease. It will eventually require dialysis; either hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. Unfortunately the only “cure” for chronic kidney disease is a kidney transplant….which you will most likely not receive for years, providing you meet the stringent criteria to accept an organ.

      The general diet most chronic kidney disease patients follow is a low sodium, low potassium, low phosphate, and low protein diet.

      if you follow this link (or copy and paste it in your browser) it has several small diagrams to give you some ideas of foods that meet the criteria I mentioned above; but of course you will have to become diligent at reading labels because no one can tell you every single food to avoid.

      You should also limit your fluid intake to the previous day’s urine output measured in milliliters (ml) plus 600ml. So whatever amount you void on the previous day, just add 600ml to it, and that’s how much you can have to drink today…..hopefully that makes sense! Since your kidneys are failing and you are retaining fluid you have to watch how much you drink!

      And also….avoid magnesium at all costs!!! Magnesium based laxatives (milk of magnesia) or magnesium based antacids are 2 big examples. Magnesium depends on the kidneys to excrete it and if it builds up it causes terrible symptoms (muscle weakness, hypotension, coma)….so please avoid it!

      When they day comes that your docotor approaches you about a venous access for hemodialysis, tell your doctor you want an “Arterio-Venous Fistula.” This venous access offers the fewest complications of any but is underused in some areas.

      Those are the basics of chronic kidney disease….and there’s tons more to talk about! But hopefully your physician will cover the more detailed stuff with you! best of luck to you!

    How would I go about getting a genetic test for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)?
    My mum and my grandad have both had it, and have had to be put on dialysis for treatment. My mum has always been against me being tested as she believes its putting a timeline on your life.
    However, I really want to know if i have it.
    I’m 18 now, but I’m unsure of how to actually get tested, as in where do I go?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Blessings …..
      Just go to your doctor, talk to him/her about your history and ask if there is a test to be done to find out whether or not you are a candidate.

      Take care.
      Rhapsody at

    Kidney Disease??? Please help.?
    I randomly get this pain around the area where my left kidney would be…maybe once a month or once every two months. I tried researching what it could be and it seems like there is more of a possibility of it being kidney disease than a kidney stone. Are there treatments for kidney disease or will it have to be removed? Also, does anyone know what tests they’ll have to run to find out if I even have kidney disease? PLEASE help.

    • ANSWER:
      Mm..if the disease is related to kidney,then you wouldn’t feel the pain at your front area,but at the back of your kidney.It may be something else.I also get that pain(exactly like yours).But usually,i’ll have A LOT of ‘white fluid’(i dunno the english words for it)while,before,and after the pain.But i’m not sure if this related to the pain coz we have our ovary at the right,not at the left.So,that’s is all i know.Meet your doctor,it would be better.

    Dog has early kidney disease?
    The vet just diagnosed my rescue chihuahua as being in the early stages of kidney disease. She give my dog 14 days worth of antibiotics, however told me to give her 7 days worth, cease for 10 days and then continue antibiotics for 7 days. Anyone understand what the 10 day period of no antibiotics in the middle of her treatment is about?
    Thanks in advance for your serious answers.

    • ANSWER:
      Which antibiotic are you using?

      Some antibiotics have effects other than their primary antibiotic effect, which might be what we’re chasing after here.

      The only other thing I can think of, is that there might be problems giving the drug for 14 days straight (due to side effects of the drug), and there might be enough residual activity left to keep working for a while (carry you through the 10 day break), and then you start back up again once the system has had a chance to equilibrate.

      Best thing to do though, is talk to the vet directly. I’d be quite curious to know what they say (I’ll check back on this question later, or you can e-mail me directly).

    my GFR was 82, Do i have kidney disease?
    on every chart, GFR of 82 is 2nd stage kidney disease, But ive seen 4 doctors and they all said my kidneys are fine and don’t need treatment or diet change. anybody know ? i’m confused

    • ANSWER:

    I was told that I may have Polycystic kidney disease – Does anyone have this? Symptoms/treatments?

    • ANSWER:
      my advice is to ask your doctor for symptoms,treatments,but my simple ,easy advice to drink a lot of water daily


    • ANSWER:
      HOMEOPATHY Is a Scam.

    What is wrong with my kidneys? Kidney Disease?
    for some time now I have been exeperiencing alot of problems with my kidneys (currently getting investigated). They feel like they are inflamed quite often and I feel so exhausted. Sometime when I move in a certain direction a feel them twitch. I think I may have kidney disease? Does anyone have it? If so what are your symptoms and treatments etc? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Darren L, The first thing that doctors go is for kidney Stones the can get pretty big and somes times inpossible to pass, there will be test to determine how to take care of the problem. You will need a urologist but your insurancce may require a referral by your primary doctor. If you go to web md maybe your symptoms will lead you to the problem, either way you are gonna have to go for a check up for this the doctor can tell by a couple of things in your blood test results. Do not delay a doctor’s visit. Feel Better Darren

    kidney disease questions?
    1.What is the name of the disease? What is the origin of the name of the disease?
    2.Is the disease communicable or non-communicable? What is communicable / non-communicable?
    3.Historical background of the disease. Give a TIMELINE of the disease (beginning to present).
    4.Date the disease was first discovered.
    5.Name of person responsible for the discovery.
    6.How did it/does it affect society, in general and from the standpoint of treatment cost and care?
    7.Were/Are any historical figures affected by the disease (if no historical figures, who is affected)?
    8.How does the disease spread / progress? Both outside and inside the body.
    9.What are the symptoms and how is the body (body systems) affected by the disease?
    10.What are the causes of the disease? What is the incubation of the disease?
    11.How is the disease diagnosed? What tests are used?
    12.What are the treatments for the disease? Is there a cure for the disease? What medications or vaccination?
    13.How many people die/affected from the disease (month/year/ever) and what is the average age of onset?
    14.What and Where research was or is currently being done to find a cure or treat the disease?
    15.What role has research played on the discovery, treatment, and/or cure of this disease?

    • ANSWER:
      Try doing your report on Glomerulonephritis :)
      Sorry, I’m not going to do your work for you, so thats all I can offer.

    Umm, apparently my cat has early kidney disease? Any suggestions?
    My mother took my cat to a vet I had never heard of, behind my back, and apparently they diagnosed her with early kidney disease after a blood and urine test.

    What am I supposed to do?? I don’t feel like I believe them. I want to take her somewhere else and get her checked out again. All the vet said to do was to feed her this crappy Hill’s K/D food but my cat doesn’t like it. Isn’t this disease fatal?? I am in a little bit of shock since I just found out! Does anyone out there have any experience with feline kidney disease and possible options and treatments?? Thanks……
    Thank you to all who answered. I appreciate the different opinions. I’m still upset about hearing the news, but I feel a little better now. Thanks. =)

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there,

      I am sorry to hear about your kitty and the diagnosis that the veterinarian who you never met made. Not knowing the practitioner I am sure is upsetting to you as well.

      As far as I am concerned, It is always a good idea, in my opinion, to get a second opinion if you are not confident with any practitioner. Blood and urine tests are generally used to make the diagnosis and are fairly accurate, but repeating them is prudent as well.

      Unfortunately, kidney disease in cats is fairly common as cats age. My 8 year-old Oriental Short hair was just diagnosed with possible early stages of kidney failure also, by two veterinarians that I really respect. While tests are all in normal range, some of the behavior he is showing, such as frequent urination and huge appetite for water points in the direction of this possibility. He is not Diabetic.

      I so agree with you about Hill’s products. They are really not good nutrition. It seems that many veterinarians prescribe these rx products, but in reality feline nutritional knowledge is very scanty. Veterinarians receive little training in this very important area, and most of it, I hear, is provided by some of the manufacturer’s of these products and want to be sure that vets keep their waiting rooms stocked with them. The product that he prescribed is low in protein but cats need to eat, and it is much more important to be sure that your cat is eating to avoid liver problems. In fact there is controversy about limiting protein with kidney problems, and in fact, may hasten the disease.

      Keeping your cat hydrated and not giving dry food is one way that you can help him a lot.

      I heartily recommend that you read this article which I found for you on the Original Holisticat site about renal conditions and the types of diet which are appropriate for our cats who have this problem. They are obligate carnivores and need meat. This is a fascinating and excellent explanation of the disease and possible ways to keep it at bay.

      There are many ways to prolong the life of your kitty. I had a cat with serious kidney failure and was able to prolong her life for several years, and as her disease progressed, we gave her sub-Q fluids which really helped spark her appetite and energy level. A caring and competent Vet will be able to train you how to do this when and if the time comes for it to be needed.

      I would suggest seeking an alternative care veterinarian practice to provide him with the most appropriate treatment.

      My veterinarian prescribed a suppliment called Feline Renal Support, made by Standard Process. I was happy to see that the article that I recommended agreed with her. While the jury is still out about whether he is in the early stages of the disease, we feel that taking proactive measures now may stave off its progression and bolster his kidney health.

      I hope I have given you some options to consider. I know how worried you are. Good luck with your kitty.


    Anyone Aware about the Treatment given in Deepam Hospital?
    My Mom is Suffering with chrinic Kidney Disease, Is Deepam Hospital good at its treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      I dont know

    I have MPGN Type 2-Kidney disease..Anyone with experience only answer….?
    I was diagnosed with kidney disease 2 1/2 years ago after the birth of my son… my doctors are only putting me on prednisone at low doses and not telling me the results of labs in terms I understand..the treatment they are using is prednisone only and waiting.. I have great blood pressure but my doctor insists on keeping me on medicine that lowers it which makes me dizzy, blackout, and have blurred vision occasionly..I also experience fatigue frequently…My family and fiance know I’m in denial and act and tell me it’s fine…I need someone who is going through or have went through this to talk to…What should I do??..Please help me
    I was diagnosed after the birth of my son 2 1/2 years ago by a renal biopsy..I am in denial about most of it and need help…I can’t talk to my family or fiance…I need someone who has kidney disease(any type preferrably the same as me) who can relate and has experience with how to deal with doctors, treatments they’ve had or can recommend to ask my doctor about and most importantly I need someone to talk to about dealing with all of it in general ….Can anyone help me??

    • ANSWER:
      My 8 year old daughter was just diagnosed with MPGN Type 2 about 2 months ago. It has hit her with a vengeance and we caught the disease at the very beginning. She has been in the hospital for 5 weeks now and this is her third stay at the hospital since January. She is already on hemodialysis and they have put a catheter in her for Peritoneal Dialysis. One treatment she is on has helped her tremendously, it is called Plasma Feresis which is done by the Red Cross at the hospital. She also is on Prednisone, Bi-Citrate Carb, Tums w/ every meal as a phosphorus binder, Norvasc (high blood pressure medicine) and also another high blood pressure medicine (can’t remember the name right now). She is on a Renal Diet (low sodium, low phosphorus). She also has a CYTOXIN treatment through IV once a month (she has had two so far). She has had to be given platelets and several blood transfusions. She has a Nephrologist that is extremely aggressive as this disease has been aggressive to her. My daughter (only daughter) has been through all this in the last two and a half months. It seriously sounds like you need to find a new nephrologist who is going to be alot more aggressive. At the beginning of this my daughter was put into the hospital for a week of EXTREMELY HIGH doses of Prednisone (500 mg a day) through the IV, now she takes it in pill form at a lower dose. I would recommend looking into the Plasma Feresis. This has been a very hard time for me and my family, I have a husband and three boys (14 yrs, 11yrs and 5 months old). I have basically lost my job that I have had for 6 years. The hospital my daughter is in is 2 hours from home so I have not been able to be home w/ my other children and husband. We are hoping she will get to come home in the next 3 weeks (minimum). Monday we start our training on the Peritoneal Dialysis so that we will be able to do dialysis every day at home. I don’t know if any of this will help you, but if you have more questions you can email me at This has hit so suddenly I am also having a hard time and would welcome any conversation/help/support in this area. I hope this has been helpful. Sincerely, txgirl_73

    Alternative treatment to kidney failure?
    I know of dialysis. What I’m asking about is, are there any other alternatives that will enable the diseased from living?
    What are the aspects that specialists are working on developing to deal with kidney failure?
    I’m doing a research about Kidney Failure, and I need to know about the new techniques scientists are working on to face the disease.
    Can’t the semi-permeable membrane be replaced? Can’t we use stem cells or biotechnology in providing a treatment to the disease? Are there any certain microbes that can be injected to fix the problem? What about a medicine that is administrated that will decrease the size of impurities to pass through the membrane? Or maybe a medicine that can fix the semi-permeable membrane permanently or temporalily?

    • ANSWER:
      nope- none of the above. maybe one day we’ll have those technologies you’ve described, but as of right now, there’s onyl 2 alternatives- dialysis or a kidney transplant.

    27 weeks pregnant with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3?
    I have been living with Kidney Disease since the age of 5. I currently have one functioning Kidney and my GFR has been .5 (stage 1/2) for the last year. I am in my 6th month of pregnancy and was told that my 24hr Urine collection and my blood work has put my Ceratine level at 1.9 (stage3) and the increase happened in one month. I am worried about the sudden increase and have not been told by my specialist what complications I am looking at throughtout the rest of my pregnancy. My questions are……. WhaIs it normal for Kidney disease to progress so suddenly? What effects will it have on my pregnancy? I am almost at stage 4 how quickly can it progress? What are treatment options?

    • ANSWER:

    Diet for K9 with Kidney Disease?
    My poor dog that I’ve had since I was 19 (Im currently 31) has failing kidneys. The Vet said that if she were a person she would be on dialasis. Anyhow, she is currently getting liquid treatment under her skin every day and her she is still eating, but not nearly what she used to. I have been giving her people food as she has been staying away from regular canned dog food (which she used to love). Now I give her some canned salmon, rice, carrots, sometimes a scrambelled egg or two. But what she REALLY LOVES is canned vienna sausages and hot dogs. I have been giving her alot of these just so she will take in more calories. I would put her down, alothough it breaks my heart except she is still pretty playful and happy…although not as much as she use to be. My question is what do you think about giving her hot dogs and such as primary meals?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a great yahoo group for dogs with kidney failure. The members there have a lot of great advice and tricks to keep your dog with you as long as possible. Please join and seek their advice.

    is it possible to develop autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease at 14-16 y/o?
    my friend was wondering. i mean like, not develop but just start getting symptoms of it then and if u can what is the chances of survival and what kind of treatment is there?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it is possible. PKD runs in my family. All 4 of my Uncles, my Aunt, 7 cousins and my brother have it. My Mom also had it and she died a year ago from complications of dialysis. I am 25 and have been tested and luckily I do not show signs as of yet.

      There is no cure for this disease but there are treatment options. When end stage renal disease occurs your options are dialysis or transplantation. You can live a long life with this disease. My Mom was diagnosed in her early twenties, her kidneys did not go into renal failure until her early forties and then she lived until 56. My Uncles are in their 60′s and 70′s.

      If your friend is worried about getting this disease then I would strongly encourage him/her to go to their doctor. Their doctor should be able to set up a consultation with a nephrologist to answer any questions.

    My BF fed my cat a thin small slice of sandwich meat & my cat had hyperthyroid &kidney disease.why my cat die?
    my cats appetite was fine it seemed until he fed my cat that thin slice of sanwich meat thereafter my cat either became a picky eater and didnt want his food or the illness (kidney disease/ HT) made him lose his appetite. WHICH DO YOU THINK IS THE REASON MY CAT LOST HIS APPETITE AND DIED 2 DAYS LATER? because my BF fed him a lillte piece of meat and my cat became picky about his own wellness cat food or because of his pre existing illnesses? please let me know becuse I am about to break up with my BF of 7 years becuase i told him many times never to give my cat human food and if it caused my cats death then I want nothing to do with him. I had my cat for 17 years and love and miss him so much. his i131 was sheduled on1/12/09 which my cat didnt live to make his treatment. Im so severly depressed I just want to die.
    over 1 week my cats appetite decreased . he went form eating 2 cans a day of wellness chicken food to 1 can a day to 1/2 a can the day before he died, and he was so thin already from the hyperthyroidism.
    the day my cat he wouldnt eat and the day prior he hadnt eaten in 16 hours the last being a half a can of adult cat food. i became desperate seeing my cat wouldnt eat /i made him boiled chicken, and even caved in and offered him sandwich meat that he liked but my cat didnt want that either. i tried differeent brands of cat food, even offered tuna, and my cat wouldnt eat.

    • ANSWER:

    solution to severe itching due to kidney disease?
    my mom has stage 4 ckd she has had a lot of severe itching episodes and then her skin gets dry and rashy what is the best natural treatment for this condition

    • ANSWER:
      I use a lotion called Uremol, you can get it at Walmart or any drugstore.
      The best way to control the itching is to not shower too often. If your Mom is staying home that day, tell her to skip the shower and just have a sponge bath.
      Also, she MUST stick to her diet plan. When eating items that are on your “avoid” list, your body has a hard time processing the potassium, sodium and phosphates that are in these foods. This will also contribute to the itchy skin.
      Have her keep to her diet, take her medications, and exercise regularly, and these symptoms will slow down after a while.
      I have been stage 5 kidney disease for 4 years now, and I’m doing pretty good.

    does anybody have the kidney disease nephrotic syndrome and what are your symptoms and what are your?
    treatment for it

    • ANSWER:
      Symptoms of nephrotic syndrome are frothy urine, anorexia, sick feeling, puffy eyelids, abdominal pain, wasting of the muscles, and edema (fluid retention). You can also develop fluid between the lungs and the chest wall. Treatment usually involves corticosteroid treatment (prednisone). MDs may also try ACE inhibitor drugs. Diet changes to include the right protein and potassium levels and low saturated fat levels and sodium. You will also need to slowly increase your exercise level.

    My brother suffering frm Nephrotic syndrome(disease of kidney) i need sugesstion plz help?
    My brother (15 year old) is suffering frm Nephrotic Syndrome.So, i want to know that which country is best for its treatment.his disease started in 2004.He was started on steroid and develop multiple relapses.During his illness he recieved course of levamisole,course of cellcept,then was kept on cyclosporine since 2005.While on cyclosporine he continued to have multiple relapses.In doha his treatment is contimued but I and my family is not satisfied so, plz help.

    • ANSWER:
      I am NOT a doctor but I have been reading a lot of information that is health related recently and may be able to point you in the right direction.

      The first thing I would recommend is to find yourself a good nutritionist or Natuopathic Physician. Medical doctors are great [when you find a good one] for diagnosing a condition but they are pretty much trained ONLY in drug therapy and know very little or nothing about treating the body with natural treatments. (And even if they did – it is unlawful in the USA to claim that anything other than a drug can cure or treat a disease.) You have to remember that the text books used in medical schools are provided by drug companies.

      There are a few things that I would recommend. The first one is to add at least 6 ounces of seafood to your brother’s diet every day. The reason for this is that ONLY seafood contains the 72 trace elements that are missing from all other food. Seafood will likely not produce immediate results. It can take up to 90 days or more for the trace elements to build up in the body to get the maximum benefits. However, you should not try to rush this by taking a supplement that contains the trace elements unless you take ONLY the recommended amount of the supplement daily. The heavier trace elements can be toxic if overdosed. Eating as much seafood as one wants is okay, however. Avoid the larger fish like tuna and swordfish and shark due to mercury content. Also eat only wild salmon and not farm-raised. If you have a garden do not use commercial fertilizer but instead use fertilizer or mulch from seaweed and this will put the trace elements into the vegetables you grow. For information on this see the first link posted below. Note: If seafood is out of the question due to sodium intake concerns then a trace element formula would be recommended. Try Concentrace tablets. These are recommended at and the tablet form is recommended instead of the liquid for reasons mentioned there.

      Second, and since this is a kidney related problem, I would recommend a bowel and kidney cleansing program be started immediately. There are numerous products available from different companies. Personally I would recommend Dr. Schulze’s 30 day detox which consist of 2 bowel cleanses, a kidney cleanse and a liver cleanse. My wife and I have both used this regimen even though it cost 0 (Use 3rd link below and then click on “Life-Changing 30 Day Detox). Regarding the bowel cleanse: It consist of 2 formulas: #1 & #2. Take formula #1 by taking one capsule per directions in the evening and if that doesn’t give the desired effect [bowel movement the next morning] then take 2 capsules the next evening – if that doesn’t give the desired effect take 3 capsules the next evening etc. Once you obtain the desired effect begin taking formula #2 per directions while continuing to take formula #1 each evening [increased by one capsule and held at that level for the duration of taking formula #2]. Any questions contact me or the websites featuring the various products or protocols.

      Third: Particularly since reading the information at the 4th link posted below and it’s indication that nephrotic syndrome is often associated with inflammatory conditions, I would recommend investigating the use of the enzyme serrapeptase [links 5 & 6]. While I have not yet used this supplement I have just placed an order for it for myself, my wife and my father. Please note that serrapeptase can be found on the web under various names such as serratiopeptidase, serraphase and arthrozyme and others. It is important that the supplement you choose be enterically coated. If it isn’t one would have to take twice as much to get the same benefit.

      Another enzyme called nattokinase is useful for preventing blood clots and may help treat the clotting tendency associated with nephrotic syndrome but if your brother’s doctor has him on blood thinning drugs it would be advised to check with the doctor before adding nattokinase to the regimen. Nattokinase can be taken as a supplement or as food called Natto. Natto is a traditional Japanese food and is commonly eaten for breakfast in Japan. See the last link below.

      The only other thing I can add is to eliminate all processed foods and meats containing hormones or antibiotics. In other words eat as healthy as possible. .. Organic when possible. if not organic then “Natural” and fresh foods rather than canned and boxed. You may have success without doing this but the more you can do in the way of eating healthy, the better.

      Hope this helps. If you try this and it works after a couple months please let me know. I would be most interested in the results either way.

    Kidney Disease and Pain?
    My sister was married in 1996.She is 36-years old.Unfortunately she couldn’t conceive until now.Since 6-months she is experiencing kidney pain.Then we took her to doctor for medical check-up.They recommend us to do few tests.After tests,they said kidney is ejecting protein via urine and if we dont start medical treatment then it is possible that her kidney will be damage.They give us medicines and we started the medicine but there is no improvement.She is still experiencing the kidney pain and same thing as earlier so there is no improvement.Can you kindly let us know what should we do.We wanted to start her medication immediately.I am waiting for your immediate reply.If you recommend us to do few tests and send you the copy of that reports.I think that might help both of us to understand the whole situation.Thanks

    • ANSWER:

    Why is my cat up meowing at night after going to the vet for treatment?
    She was treated for a urinary tract infection yesterday. I know she was lethargic and drinking a lot of water, so we’ll have to wait and see if she has beginning stages of kidney disease. She’ll be fine, but I won’t. I am pooped. She was up 3 separate times meowing last night. I think she’s happy. Maybe she was in pain for a while and is now relieved the pain went away. Have you folks ever dealt with something like this? Normally she goes to sleep with me. It was weird.
    She was at home and didn’t stay overnight at the vet. I was trying to sleep. The twit kept waking me up. When I tried to get her to stop, she seemed like she just wanted to play.
    Yes, they did a ton of blood work. Three hundred bucks worth and now I have to put her on pricier food from them for cats with kidney issues. My other cat’s a mut and dang—she NEVER has any problems.

    • ANSWER:
      just probably happy she isnt in pain

    Chronic Kidney Disease?
    Hi I just need a clarification, I have Mild Chronic Kidney Disease; I read it is a progressive loss of renal function over a period of months or years. There are 5 stages and I am in stage 2. What does progressive actually mean? Will it never stop even with treatments?
    Thank you very much

    • ANSWER:

    Treatment for Crohn’s Disease?
    My boyfriend’s mother has crohn’s disease and she has had some problems with it. She recently took a vacation to visit us (12 hrs away), and the day she got back home she went to the hospital for chemotherapy treatments. She told my b/f that it was nothing to worry about that it was just treatment for her crohn’s. I don’t know much about crohn’s/treatments, but I have never heard of chemotherapy as a form of treatment for this disease. She has lied to him once before when she was having renal failure and she told him that it was just a simple kidney infection. Is chemotherapy a treatment used for crohn’s disease?

    • ANSWER:
      i think so. theorpy means cure.

    Kidney disease and Diabetes questions..plez help!?
    I was told a month or so that I have Kidney disease and I just saw a specialist for that about 3 weeks ago and she told me that it was not as bad as we all though and that I was stage 1 well the first time I had a 24 hour urine done it was at 1300 and about 4 weeks ago it was at 1500. I did another 24 hour a few days ago and my doc called me to tell me that it got A Lot higher. They were shocked. I am on bp meds and I take 150 units of 70/30 at meals and 160 units at bedtime. I am so.. upset and shocked. I don not understand why the protein is so bad and what I have done to make it worse. Any advice please! My husband and I went in for fertility treatments cause of pcos and that how all of this all got started. I was told that it could take up to another years to get everything under control. I a crushed.

    • ANSWER:
      If you’re obese, and always hungry, your diabetes may just be due to severe insulin resistance, and exogenous insulin supplementaion may not only be unnecessary, but causing you to over eat. Have a GOOD diabetic doctor check your ‘serum carboxy- peptide level. If present, you probably have plenty of your own insulin, are just severly resistant to it, and require daily oral medication like the biguanides and TZD’s.

    End stage kidney disease, brain damaged, diabetes and pneumonia how long can someone survive With all this?
    Hi all, I have a question I would like to ask, a relative of mine was rushed to critical care on tuesday after suffering from Pneumonia we have been told that her kidney is slowing deteriorating and that because she fell into a Diabetic coma over 7years ago and is now brain damaged she is not suitable for dialysis or transplant. I have also been told that even though she has been taking antibiotics now, it is more than likely that the Pneumonia will come back, also that her kidneys on a scale of 0-120 are at a 15. What does this mean and roughly how long can she survive without any treatment.


    • ANSWER:
      I think the answer to this one has to be that she’ll live as long as she’ll live ,I doubt that anyone could put a time on this it depends on the strength of the person. just be there for her and tell her you love her even if you think she can’t hear you.

    where i can get best treatment in India for kidney related diseases?

    • ANSWER:
      You can go to CMC Vellore this hospital is very good my mom had kidney stone and we took her to there she is now ok doctores are good and service is also good.

Kidney Disease Stage 3

In Stage Four of kidney disease, the symptoms a person experiences will start to be debilitating, and kidney function will become severely impaired. In fact, at this stage, there is only 15-29% kidney function remaining. The body may have disguised its condition for quite a while, but now the disease becomes drastically apparent and undeniable.

The symptoms will resemble things that had begun appearing in Stage Three, but will now magnify them: fatigue increases considerably, the appetite continues to decline, and an earlier phenomenon of itching skin might become much worse than it was. High blood pressure continues to be problematic, because of course the kidneys have now lost most of their capacity to excrete unneeded fluid, so it is retained in the body. This makes the heart and blood vessels work harder, and increases damage to them. And the kidneys may have trouble producing erythopoietin, which stimulates blood cell production, so anemia is another problem that plagues patients with the disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to fall from stage 3 kidney disease to dialysis?
    I am in the boarder line of stage 3 of kidneys disease. I would like to know an approximate of how long it takes for a person to fall into dialysis. It is only an estimate what I want. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      What percent function do you have? Most people are put on dialysis when it gets to around 12%. My FIL teetered at 15% for several years before finally dropping to below 12.

    What is the treatment for chronic kidney disease stage 3, with patient being hypertensive and diabetic?

    • ANSWER:
      In general, somebody with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease and diabetes:

      1. Goal BP less than 130/80
      2. Good Diabetes control
      3. Monitor Cholesterol
      4. Avoids NSAIDS (Advil, Motrin, Alleve, etc.)
      5. Have periodic blood work to monitor renal function, and check for the presence of anemia and overactive parathyroid glands. These problems can usually be treated with medicines.
      6. Modest amounts of protein in the diet.
      7. Use of ACE Inhibitors or ARB type of blood pressure medicine
      8. Check the urine for protein.

      Your doctor (internist or kidney doctor) should be discussing your individual situation.

    Stage 3 kidney disease, is one elegible for Social Security disability?
    Not on dialysis, YET.

    • ANSWER:
      The day you start dialysis you are allowed. Prior to that, it is based on a complicated formula of your medical condition (mainly your lab tests showing your kidney function), age, past type of work, and education level. The older you are as well as the heavier your past work, make it more likely you will be allowed.

    my elderly mother has chronic kidney disease stage 3 but nobody told her or us?

    • ANSWER:
      How do you mean nobody told her or you? Could you give more info?
      As a patient, the doctor has a duty to tell her of her illness.

    Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3?
    My mother, who is 72, saw this on her notes (on the computer screen) at the GPs last week. When she asked about it, the doctor just said it was to do with her age, just ageing of the kidneys. But my mother is worrying now, because, as the same as me, you think chronic is something bad and stage 3 sounds as if it is advanced. Is there anyone medical out there who can shed any light on this?

    • ANSWER:
      CKD 3 is nothing to worry about. Renal function naturally deteriorates with age, it will be monitored regularly and is only a worry if it rapidly deteriorates from present levels, because your GP is monitoring it any problems are picked up quickly and acted upon. Chronic describes duration in time not severity so tell your Mum not to worry

    27 weeks pregnant with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3?
    I have been living with Kidney Disease since the age of 5. I currently have one functioning Kidney and my GFR has been .5 (stage 1/2) for the last year. I am in my 6th month of pregnancy and was told that my 24hr Urine collection and my blood work has put my Ceratine level at 1.9 (stage3) and the increase happened in one month. I am worried about the sudden increase and have not been told by my specialist what complications I am looking at throughtout the rest of my pregnancy. My questions are……. WhaIs it normal for Kidney disease to progress so suddenly? What effects will it have on my pregnancy? I am almost at stage 4 how quickly can it progress? What are treatment options?

    • ANSWER:

    My husband’s Reticulocyte lab test count was 0.2 (range is 0.5-1.5). He has Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3.?
    Could this be due to anemia from the kidney disease or should we be worried about bone marrow issues? He was taken off his iron supplement by his nephrologist a short while ago because his vit. d 25-Hydroxy was low at 21. He is 84.

    • ANSWER:
      Chronic Kidney diseases usually can not be cured completely, and the treatment goal is to minimize the disease impact to renal tissues and maximally protect these remaining functional nephrones as well as restoring renal functions.
        First, we need to minimize the influence of disease.
        Chronic Kidney disease is a progressive loss of renal function, and damages to renal tissues are the main causation of renal function decline. Take polycystic kidney for example, the gradual growing up of cysts gives more and more pressure to neighboring renal tissues and as a result cause damages to functional renal cells. Traditionally, when cyst diameter is less than 1.5cm and not concentrating in the renal cortex part where functional renal tissues exist, serious impact to healthy renal tissue will not be caused. Frankly, we can not make these cysts diaper, but as long we can get them under control and make them in a state that will not obstacle renal function, we can also provide patients with a high-standard living.
        Second, we need to protect these remaining nephrones from further attack and damages.
        Fro patients of Chronic Kidney diseases, remaining functional nephrones are the most cherished source of normal renal function. So, protecting them from further damages is something of necessity. And this purpose is based on two curative effects, namely, minimizing disease impact and promoting the whole body immunity. And the latter curative effect can be achieved by sufficient blood inflow to renal cells. as long as the renal cells can receive enough blood, nutrition and oxygen the healthy growth of functional nephrones will be guaranteed.
        Third, we also need to restore renal functions.
        The improvement of renal function is difficult but very necessary. The restoration of renal function is the guarantee of long-term eliminating of symptoms and a relatively high-standard living. In the perspective of western doctors, the restoration of renal function is almost impossible. However, as long as we can gradually degrade these deposited extracellular matrixes and provide necessary materials for the restoration of these reversible damaged cells, we can surely restore and improve renal functions in some degree.
        For patients with Chronic Kidney disease, the most important thing is to be confident. As long as there is a ray of sunshine, the exploration for treatment should not be given up.

    Stage 3 Kidney Disease, 37year old. GFR 49,BUN 11, CREATININE 8. What things should I eat?
    How concerened should I be? Can I live a long and healthy life? I have always believed you eat to live not live to eat. Now, what is good breakfast, lunch, dinner. What should I eat and what should I not eat?

    • ANSWER:

    A friend of mine has stage 3 kidney disease?
    This past summer she had a heart attack. She just had a seizure this past weekend that put her in the hospital. She had a MRI which came up negative, and is about to go in for a EKG. We don’t know what has caused the seizure, but I believe it was probably from her kidney disease. I believe she said she was diagnosed with stage 3. Is she dying? Should I be concerned because of the heart attack a few months ago, followed by this seizure? I don’t want to ask her straight out if I should prepare myself because I know it will probably upset her. What do you think?

    • ANSWER:

    What is the life expendancy of a 64 year old man with stage 3, GFR of 35, kidney disease?
    My husband is also in remission from stage 2b pancreatic cancer & is being treated for high blood pressure. He is feeling so good it seems impossible he has kidney disease. I feel like I need to prepare myself for this but I don’t know what to prepare for.

    • ANSWER:
      Talk to his Endocrinologist. He/she should be able to give you a direct and honest answer. GFR is not the problem because all of us can live quiet, healthy lives on only 25% of one kidney available for use. My concern: what is his creatinine level. That is the surest way to tell the viability and function of the kidneys. Hypertension is so hard on the kidneys because of the capillary structure of the kidneys. Any change in blood pressure, for even short periods of time, can damage the GFR of the kidneys. People can stay alive and live productive lives without any kidney function but they are also tied to dialysis 3x week. It is not fun for the patient or the family but it is better than the alternative, at least at the beginning of the process.

      Be encouraged though, the kidneys are very capable of regaining lost GFR. But, your MD is your best source for the prognosis and he/she should be honest with you about it. Some docs are not good at telling the truth about end-of-life conditions and prognoses. So, do your best to make them feel that you are in control and can handle what you are about to hear and they will be more likely to give you the news you may not want to hear, but are still needing to know.

    how dangerous is stage 3 kidney disease.?
    i have chronic pancreas pain and am a insulin dieabitic

    • ANSWER:
      You are also dyslexic by the look of things but lets not go there. If you are what you say you are then why are you asking stupid questions here and not at the local hospital. Even knowing the term “Stage 3″ implies that you know what it is so you could check it out on any one of a hundred medical websites and get a better answer. Try If you ain’t messing around I wish you well and best of luck, go see a doctor!

    If you have kidney disease can you drink alcohol?
    I’ve got kidney disease, stage 3 and I’m a 16 year old girl. I’m not planning on drinking any time soon, I don’t drink but I was wondering if later in life if I’ll ever be able to have alcohol? How much?
    Thanks for your answers!

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn’t really recommend it, but you should ask your doctor if you want to know more :)

    19 year old Girlfriend has Stage 3 Chronic Kidney disease…?
    Anyone have experience with this? She was omitted to hospital a week ago and has just been told she is in stage 3. Whats the protocol from here? Is 3 workable? Any information would be appreciated
    She also has high blood pressure, how fast will it develop?

    • ANSWER:

    I have stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD). What should my diet consist of?
    My doctor hasn’t helped. I am trying to find another doctor. I want to know what I should and shouldn’t be eating.

    • ANSWER:
      Generally, a low sodium, low protein diet—

      Here is a link with food choices for CKD patients.

      Good Luck!

    could you tell me what is 3rd stage kidney disease please?

    • ANSWER:
      Stage III. The loss of albumin and other proteins in the urine exceeds 200 micrograms per
      minute. It now can be detected during routine urine tests. Because such tests often involve
      dipping indicator strips into the urine, they are referred to as “dipstick methods.” Stage III
      sometimes is referred to as “dipstick-positive proteinuria” (or “clinical albuminuria” or
      “overt diabetic nephropathy”). Some patients develop high blood pressure. The glomeruli
      suffer increased damage. The kidneys progressively lose the ability to filter waste, and
      blood levels of creatinine and urea-nitrogen rise. People with IDDM and NIDDM may
      remain at stage III for many years

    Chronic kidney disease?
    I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (stage 3) in June last year. My doctor is keeping a check on me with regular blood tests etc. But over the last month I’ve had a real bad aching in my lower back and wondered if it could be anything to do with my problem. Does anyone know anything about chronic kidney disease?

    • ANSWER:
      I have had chronic kidney disease. I think the best site for info on it is from the National Kidney Foundation at They have good message boards there.

      I did not ever have lower back pain, so I can’t tell you if that is connected to your disease or not. My problems were due to Type 1 diabetes.

    The effects of chronic kidney disease on your skin?
    I have stage 3 chronic kidney disease and wondered if the build up from my kidney not functioning correctly has anything to do with the condition of my skin? I only have the one kidney too.

    • ANSWER:
      You never said what skin condition you have and there a number of skin conditions associated with chronic kidney disease. You can go to the link below and read about some of them yourself. Your nephrologist should have warned you.

    Stage 2 Kidney Disease, 37year old. GFR 66, CREATININE 1.3. How concerned should I be?
    How concerened should I be? Can I live a long and healthy life? Will I need a Transplant? I have always believed you eat to live not live to eat. Now, what is good breakfast, lunch, dinner. What should I eat and what should I not eat?

    • ANSWER:
      For stage 2, you are doing well for a GFR at 66 and Cr of 1.3.

      If you have Diabetes / high blood pressure, the most important thing is to keep them under control by taking your meds and eating a low sodium/sugar diet.

      Exercise is also important by keeping control of your weight and blood pressure.

    Kidney Disease Please help?
    I need to know if coffee and tea are ok for stage 3 Kidney Disease

    • ANSWER:

    I have protein in my urine, so what stage of diabetic kidney disease am i at?
    facts: type IDD 35 years, now aged 46. 1st 20 yrs my blood sugar control was highly variable. My diabetic specialist put me on medication over 10 years ago, an ACE inhibitor 40mg daily, Cardura XL 4mg daily,low dose aspirin 76mg daily and a diuretic 2.5 mg daily

    Internet articles say, after such a long time my kidneys should be spilling between 2-4 grams of albumin daily and my GFR should be < 60. i.e stage 3 diabetic kindey disease????

    2 years ago my Albumin spill was measured at only 57 micro gms /24 hours and a few months ago it was 314 micro grams (albeit my blood sugar at this time and day was over 20, very unusuall for me in recent years and i since found out my diuretic tablet was 10 times the correct level 25 mg instead of 2.5 mg both of which can spike your albumin level,or so i am advised) my GFR was calculated at 91

    So what stage of Diabetic Kidney Disease am I at 1, 2 or 3? 57mg and 314mg respectively and what does the future hold ? i am confussed and concerned

    • ANSWER:
      I’m a physician & to answer ur Q U R NOW AT STAGE 1 CKD ,this can progress to ESRD end stage renal disease,in order to stop that progression u should control ur blood sugar level very strictly , regular follow up to check ur ptn in urine , avoid smoking,exercise regularly,continue on ACE I u r currently on & check with ur doctor as he may increase the dose or switch to ARB

    Diabetic with Kidney disease still drinks ALOT!?
    My husband was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 kidney disease in the last 2 months. He has high blood pressure and high potassium levels too. He is taking Lantus at night and Humulog on a 1:10 ratio but, he doesn’t take his Lantus every night. In addition, he has also had surgery on both his eyes due to Macular Edema. I am wondering if there are any spouses that are out there that have the same issue as I do. I know that if he doesn’t take care of himself he will go downhill.I know that death is in his near future. He has been to AA and rehab and it hasn’t worked. I am just wondering how long he will survive living like he is.

    • ANSWER:
      I had heart surgery in 2001 and now have congestive hear failure and type two diabetes, take insulin, and pills gave up smoking and drinking after surgery and I do everything right and struggling to breath and keep diabetes in check. It’s tough If he’s drinking and diabetes out of control It’s hard to believe he’s going to live all that long but you never know. It’s hard enough keeping mine level because I don’t always eat right. I know one thing that happens to me if my sugar gets to low I start showing signs of being drunk. and if I don’t get the sugar level up I’m history, with him drinking and if that happens somewhere he just might get picked up for being drunk instead of low sugar he’s going to die in that jail cell. He’s dying a slow death you better hope you can at least have him wear a diabetes bracelet But I would say he throw in the towel and is slowly killing himself. If that is the case there isn’t much you can do. He could die tomorrow or ? no telling maybe the doctor can. I’m going on 8 years and I’m at least trying to do everything
      right You want a guess with stage 3 kidney disease bet he don’t make five years could be a lot shorter.

    Can you (or the experience of a loved one) tell me what to expect when I hit stage 5 kidney disease. Honestly.
    I’m at stage 3 now, believe the quality of life with dialysis equals zero, and do not believe in transplants (of any kind). So I need to know realistically what to expect. Thanks for your honesty.

    • ANSWER:
      At stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) you will most likely notice the following three things. 1st you will become uremic (urine in the blood) from a buildup of urea (a nitrogen waste product) in your blood. This can cause lethargy, difficulty sleeping, trouble concentrating, and nausea/vomiting. 2nd you may start to develope edema (swelling caused by fluid) in your ankles, on your abdomen, in your face or eyes, and in your lungs. This is due to the inabilty of your kidneys to remove excess water from your blood. This can cause difficuly breathing. 3rd you could have an increased potassium level from your kidneys inability to eliminate the extra potassium your body doesn’t need that is in the food you eat. An increased potassium level can cause your heart to beat irregularly and you could have a heart attack.
      Continue to treat your cause of kidney disease, it might not progress to CKD 5, at the least you can have more time before you need dialysis.
      There are two main choices you have for dialysis (this is assuming that you don’t change your mind about a transplant). You can have hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis takes between 3 to 5 hours 3 times per week. There are several people who still even continue to work while they use this option. Others do nocturnal dialysis where they dialyze 8 hours at night 3 times per week. Even more of those people work. Peritoneal dialysis is where you dialyze at home by using special bags of fluid that are prescribed by a doctor. Many people that choose this option have a high quality of life.
      CKD is not the end of all quality life. Many people live for many quality years now thanks to new advacements in CKD treatment options.
      Good luck, I wish you the best. Check the website below for more information.

    medical question what is the 3rd stage of kidney disease?

    • ANSWER:
      Increased proteinuria, increased microalbuminuria and decreasing GFR.

      As these things get worse, one will enter overt kidney failure (stage 4). Before this, would have been the clinically silent stage (stage 2). Originally the patient should have had increased GFR (Stage 1), and hypertrophied kidneys and I think *basement membrane thickening* will be apparent in Stage 3 too.

      Hope this helps

    Kidney Disease?
    My dad is in Stage 3 CKD : moderately reduced kidney function. He needs food with less protein and he has dibetes and high blood pressure so there are certain food he shouldn’t eat, I want to cook him his meals but I have no Idea if he can have more than 1000 mg of calicium per day, cause of his kidneys, and I tried looking for food that he needs to eat now that he has kidney disease but I couldnt cook them cause they dont work for him because he also has diebets so am really confused

    can you please help me out here! I really wanna help my dad!

    • ANSWER:
      hey i think im in the early stages of diabetes, it runs in my family and im only 18, i aint never had the problem so i dont know much about it. but check out this site.
      make sure to read.
      hope to help you

    Renal Disease Stage III – what vegetables and fruits to avoid?
    My Dad has multiple health problems including diabetes, but was recently diagnosed with Renal Disease Stage III. He’s already been doing much of what they list at the site below (lost more than 50 pounds) and is trying to increase his exercise. I make a lot of his food, especially premade meals for him to pop out of the freezer into the microwave such as homemade burritos. The link indicates that he may have to avoid fruits and vegetables high in phosphorus or potassium. Which ones are these besides bananas (which he rarely eats anyway)?

    • ANSWER:
      The same web site also lists the high potassium and high phosphorus foods. Go to:

      Back when I was on dialysis, I remember that I was supposed to limit potatos, tomatos,and oranges, but I can’t remember the rest, so they should be on the website.

    kidney disease problem?
    my fiance went to the doctor and found out that something is wrong with his kidneys.well the kidney doctor is on vacation till next week, so we can not get any answers till he comes back. the doctor he is seeing now did about 5 urine tests on him and said that something is wrong with his kidneys and said something about they are only working at 41%. so what does this mean. i looked it up and i found that this 41% could mean 3rd stage kidney disease.well if any one has any kind of information please let me know, i am scared that something is going to happen because he has been really sick these past few days and light headed.he also leaves august 29th to go to police academy, should i till him to wait a little while before going, because he will be gone for 16 weeks. he is already a deputy sheriff, but he has to go to his training.oh and he is 24 and has no history of kidney disease or anything.sorry i am rambeling but i am ascared and worried about him and i just wont as much information as possable, untill we see the doctor.thank you all.

    • ANSWER:
      well..the kidney function is half of what it should be…trick is WHY……….there are many causes for this to happen…diabetes,renal cysts,glomerular disease,lupus.hepatitis,etc…..there are many blood and urine tests needed to pinpoint the cause,then a treatment can be pursued…….if this progresses the function will go down and dialysis will be needed later……then transplant……….good luck….function means the ability to remove waste from the blood…otherwise this builds up in body ,which is toxic……

    How fast does CKD usually progress? (Kidney Disease)?
    My wife is 23 and just told she has stage 3 CKD (chronic kidney disease). How fast does this stuff progress? Are we looking at dialasis next year? Two years from now? Do we need to get a second and third opinion from different doctors or do the BUN, creatinin, and a GFR in the 30′s pretty much sum it up? I know some doc’s are just out to get money and our doctor fits that bill in my opinion, but from the research I’ve been doing this diagnosis seems pretty cut and dry. Anyone had any experience with this young of a person and CKD? I’m gussing pregnancy is pretty difficult/impossible?

    By the way, the doc who gave us this diagnosis gave us a packet on CKD, a packet on what to eat, and told her to “excercise and eat this diet” and kicked her out the door in 30 minutes. We had 3 previous visits with this guy and he was always very brief and cold. Should we see someone else and is there any chance that his diagnosis is wrong?

    Also she had a sonogram and MRI… both were clear.

    • ANSWER:
      My daughter is 21 and her kidneys failed 3 years ago, so she began dialysis, and has now had a transplant. It varies in the length of time for the kidneys to completely give out. The 24 hour urine cleance test is the best measure of kidney function, has she had that test? Many women go on to have healthy pregnancies, but she needs to stay as healthy as possible. There are lots of kidney and dialysis patients that can help answer this question at – go to the forum and post a question – it’s a really great group of people with experience and knowledge to share! You can also read our story at,0,3538873.story?coll=la-headlines-california – good luck!

    what does it mean when you have kidney failure at stage 3?
    how many stages are there to this disease caused by diabetes?

    • ANSWER:
      There are five stages to chronic kidney failure.

      Stage three is moderate reduction of kidney function. This means that you probably don’t feel too well, but you’ve got a ways to go before you need dialysis.

      Stage four is when your kidneys are on their last leg. This is when you start feeling pretty awful and you look into dialysis and get everything prepared for the kind of dialysis you want to do (I think there are three main types, though I may be mistaken).

      Stage five is end-stage, which means that you cannot survive with the amount of kidney function you now have. You must go on dialysis or have a transplant at this point in order to survive.

      Good luck. Not going to lie, kidney failure is a lot more awful than most people realize in its final stages.

    I am 28 years old and I just got awarded my disability case. How Often do I have to Go up for review?
    I am a Type 1 Diabetic with Kidney disease (3rd stage) and Just suffered a stroke.

    • ANSWER:
      It can be any where from one year to seven. It should have been stated in a letter how long it would be before your review. Keep in mind that the SSA is VERY behind in these reviews. If you were set for a 1 year review, it is very likely you will be reviewed in 2-3 years. If your case was set for the typical 3 year review, it will most likely be done in 5 or 6 years. If your case is set for 7 year review, most likely it will never happen.

    kidney failure prognosis?
    My father in law is a double amputee, has CHF, is insulin dependent diabetic, already on oxygen, smokes like a chimney, and we now learn he has stage 3 kidney disease. My husband is deployed. Obviously no one can know this for sure, but best guess on life expectency???

    • ANSWER:

    I hope you can help me, I m in stage 3 kidney failure. I’m look for a diet that only alouds me 60 gram protein
    I can’t find help in understading this disease I just found out 3months ago there only working right now at 34% I am tired all the time and just don’t know what to do please help

    • ANSWER:
      I think you should turn to a doctor on that one… not Yahoo Answers…

    Can Diarrhoea cause Kidney failure?
    My sister has had diarrhoea for 4 weeks now caused by food poisoning. She will be seeing a Specialist next week. She has had extensive blood tests, all normal except for her kidneys. She has been told she has stage 3 chronic kidney disease. She has been eating very little and obviously loosing a lot of fluids. Does anyone know when the diarrhoea gets under control will her kidneys return to normal. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I am afraid it can the most common causative organism is E.Coli 157.

      From the information you have given I am afraid it is not possible to give a prognosis.

    Does your GFR level also mean your percentage of kidney function?
    I’ve been diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney disease. My GFR is 60, which looks like it’s at the very end of the stage since stage 3 starts at 59. Anyways, how do I know what percentage my kidneys are functioning? (Besides asking my nephrologist of course.)

    I always see that dialysis is needed at stage 5 which is 15% or lower, and the GFR is also 15. Is that how they calculate it?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Yvonne, yes GFR is the % that your kidneys work.

      The only way to calculate GFR is by blood tests. Other blood indicators for kidney failure are creatinine, urea and potassium.

      Email me if you have any more questions please.. good luck.

    Would you have another child after being diagnosed with kidney disease?
    I am only 22 and was just diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney disease. I am very close to being stage 3. Anyways, my husband would like to have one more child in a few years, hoping it’s a boy but we would be blessed with either. We discussed and agreed on this before my diagnoses. Now, after researching online and whatnot it seems as if pregnancy isn’t per se “discouraged” but it’s very high risk, can make the disease progress quicker and the baby can possibly develop problems as well.

    I am perfectly fine with my two children (one is his biological and the other is his stepson) and can accept not having another but I know he really would like a son of his own some day. He of course wants me to be healthy and wouldn’t be upset if I chose not to get pregnant again but I just don’t know.

    What would you do? Would it be selfish to have another child? Or would you rather be happy with the healthy children you have now and forget the dreams of having another?

    • ANSWER:
      My best friend has kidney disease as well. I forget what hers is called but she will need a double kidney transplant in the next few years. She has had this disease for 7 years. She has had two healthy babies since finding out. Her pregnancies were both high risk, and she was hospitalized a lot. They really want another baby, but are holding off because of all the medication she has to take. While pregnant, she cant take them and it makes her worse off. If you want another baby and can handle the stress and sickness then that is your choice. You have to do what you and your husband think is right and what you can handle.

    I’m experiencing leg and foot numbness. This has been going on for a day now. I am hypertensive.?
    I also have stage 3 Kidney Disease. No medication or anything is required now.

    • ANSWER:

    Has anyone used Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy {HBOT} to heal renal {kidney} disease?
    We have decided to do HBOT as a complimentary therapy to the Son-Rise Program for our daughter’s Autism. The more I read about HBOT, the more I wonder if it could help my Stage 3 Renal Disease?
    We have decided to do HBOT as a complimentary therapy to the Son-Rise Program for our daughter’s Autism. The more I read about HBOT, the more I wonder if it could help my Stage 3 Renal Disease? If you have done this, what depth you go and was is a hard chamber or soft sided?

    • ANSWER:

    Are Both Kidneys diseased at the same time?
    In Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, are both kidneys diseased at the same time?

    • ANSWER:

    Is CKD a genetic disease that could be passed to offspring?
    My future husband has Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) , his uncle is now dying from renal failure due to CKD and his uncle’s daughter had CKD as well. As far as we know, no one else in his family have CKD. So I was wondering what the probability of passing CKD onto our future children would be? I have done my research so I am familiar with the disease, but I have not been able to find any statistics or evidence one way or the other. All I have found so far has just been opinions of those who suffer from CKD about trying to have children when one partner (or both) have this disease. I would greatly appreciate any and all answers. Just for background info, he was diagnose at 17, is 24 now, and I am 22 with no serious health conditions other than Osteomyelitis (a bone disease). Thank you guys!

    • ANSWER:
      There are many causes for chronic renal disease and I don’t know which applies here, but it certainly does seem to be genetic and in that case, there is the possibility of offspring having it. You can have genetic testing done prior to conceiving or when you’re early in your pregnancy.

    I need help ASAP Kidney disease?
    My dad is in stage Stage 3 CKD : moderately reduced kidney function
    I dunno much about it but the doctor told him he needs to go on a diet and he shouldnt have more than 30 grams of protein per day so what shall I do to help him, i need reciepes so I can cook him lunch and dinner, but what kind of food would be good to him with less protien!

    P.S: any website that has reciepes with the percent of fat protein and all so I can tell how much protein does the meal contents.


    • ANSWER:
      A fresh fruit and vegetable diet contain low amounts of protein and are healthy for any kidney condition. Just don’t have too many fruits high in sugar. I drink rice milk and eat rice instead of pasta because it has less protein and dairy isn’t too good for people with kidney problems. You can get rice milk with fortified vitamins A and D and Calcium. Oats are good too. They have low amounts of protein. He shopuld drink one glass of water every hour to keep cleaning the kidneys. He might want to try a cleanse. Preferably the Arise & Shine cleanse. No meat, beans, peas, pasta, dairy and nuts because they all are high in protein. Oh! And if he is having trouble urinating then buy Corn Silk tea at any health food store. Hope that helps.

    I’m only 22 and was just diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney disease…help?
    I’ve just got home from the doctors and was diagnosed with this and I’m not sure what to expect. I am only 22 years old, have two wonderful kids and just got married. The doctor pretty much said to eat as much as possible, since my muscle mass is low and I am very petite (5′ and 92 lbs right now). I’ve been losing weight steadily even though I eat all the time. She was going to put me on meds to help keep the protein from spilling into my urine but it can lower blood pressure and mine is already low…92/64 today…so that’s out of the question. I go back in 6 months for a check up and blood work, and she said to come in at any time if I feel I am getting worse. What should I be looking out for? I’m already tired ALL the time, urinate 2-3 times/hour and even more at night, etc.

    Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    I have literally looked at every website related to this disease and asked my nephrologist many questions. I am looking for more personal experience.

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think you need to be getting advice here for such a serious problem. Google or do searches from WebMD or Mayo clinic or somewhere reputable – also American Kidney Foundation or other group – Best of luck to you -

    I have a hole in the heart & pulmonary stenosis doctors considerinf doing TOE does anybody know what this is
    also suffer with diabetes, had a stroke 1year ago and just being told I have stage 3 kidney disease . can anybody help

    • ANSWER:
      TOE – Trans Oesophageal Echocardiogram.
      You will be given a drug to sedate you. A tube will be passed down into your oesophagus. It is like the echocardiogram on the outside (ultrsound of your heart) but from the inside.

      Hope this helps.

    recently my protein measured 4.2 what is the highest it can go?
    my creatine goes up and down recently it was 121. my protein was 4.2 after a 24 urine. i think i’m at stage 3 of kidney disease. what is the highest amount of protein that has been measured in urine?

    • ANSWER:
      You don’t want to know what the highest protein is that has ever been measured! Yikes! Sorry you are having this health problem, though.

    Are B12 Vitamins food for your kidneys?
    I may have stage 3 chronic kidney disease.
    I’m 17 years old.

    So, are b12 vitamins good for your kidneys?

    • ANSWER:
      They aren’t bad for the kidneys — one of the most important vitamins for the kidneys is Vitamin D.

    Are you a nutritionist that has experience with Kidney Disease and Congestive Heart Failure?
    Hi, I’m looking for a nutritionist that might be able to speak with me about a diet for my dog. He has stage three chronic kidney disease and congestive heart failure, and his last visit to the vet shows his kidneys getting worse despite our efforts to reduce salt and protein from his diet. We did get in contact with a nutritionist but she wanted 0 just to consult with us. We’re hesitant to do this because we fear she’ll just tell us to reduce salt and protein and stop giving him dog food which he hasn’t eaten in over two years anyone. It’s frustrating to have to hand over this amount of money when we’re not given any information on what the consultation will entail. If you’re a nutritionist, especially is you have any experience with these health problems and dogs any advice would be helpful. Our dog is a peek-a-poo, 15.5 years old, and his kidney numbers were 83 and 3.3 at his last visit. Again, any advice is appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      I am not an animal specialist neither a medical doctor. But I’ve had a heart failure myself 4 years ago. To improve function of my heart I am taking 200 mg. of CQ 10 daily. I’ve heard something that initially it came from trails in veterinarian clinics. Just my two cents. Make some research. It might help.

    Should I accept this bribe or offer an alternative?
    I have a boyfriend who I have a long distant relationship with. I live in England and my boyfriend lives in South Africa. We are quiet close and recently he has been diagnosed with end stage kidney disease at stage 3.

    His life became terminal and upon this I kept in contact with his uncle. His uncle informed me of his death and my boyfriend left me a poem with his uncle to which it appeared to be controversial suggesting he was alive. His father is not too keen on our relationship and has hated me since we met.

    2 years from then, a close work colleague of my boyfriends recently sent me an email claiming my boyfriend is alive and well but is still recovering in hospital, however he is bribing me to send him 10 nude images for myself in exchange for information and direct contact with my boyfriend. I have refused to do this.

    Most of the information that man gave to me has been verified and it was obvious that my boyfriend has consulted that man to make contacts with me so that I know he is alive.

    I have requested an alternative to those images but he has refused it. I am not sure what to do or what other alternatives I can offer to him other than a finance which I make will only be small.

    There is no other way I can make contacts with my boyfriend, I have tried searching for hospitals and dialysis units endlessly but failed.

    I would have tried to fly out but I can not afford to do so and I wouldn’t know where to start.

    Can anyone advise me on what to do as I am near the brink of breaking down and losing myself to complete darkness?

    Your help and advice is much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.


    • ANSWER:
      I found your question and story interesting. Call the cops because it’s illegal (I think) to send pictures of yourself or anyone nude. And you’re being blackmailed. That colleague is disgusting. I mean seriously. If you call the cops, they’ll take him into questioning, and you’ll know for sure about your boyfriend.
      Best Wishes.

    HAVE I A CASE dad died in hospital?
    hello, my dad died of a mi in hospital april 2009. he had stage 3 kidney disease. he was type two diabetic, and had heart faliure. on his last visit he was given a drug spirtonlactone and he had ace liprisol. after this his protien level went high and he died, i have papers which could indicate this is the case. i need to know do i go ahead, to sue the hospital, for their neglect, ive reserached the internet, and it says theses drugs should not be used, i belive he died of a high protien and he could have had a few years more. the papers i have got show the decline after he took the drug, i know people are in grief, looking for someone to blame. but the hospital said he had a massive heart attack but had no pain they were bewildered please say if i should go ahead i miss him so much, and i want to be sure thank you sorry for my mispellings. im to upset, thanks again andrea x ps would like a student laywers advice or just general opionion.

    • ANSWER:
      Without knowing his full medical history and treatment it’s hard to comment. It’s natural to be angry when someone you love is taken from you and its also natural to want to look for someone to blame, but this isn’t going to bring your father back and you need to accept this.Your fathers health was very poor indeed. Why not have a chat with the Doctors whom your father was under at the time? Explain your concerns.

      Neither of those drugs seem abnormal in his situation based on what you have said. I am sorry for your loss. You can always ask your GP for bereavement counselling if you are struggling.

    Bloody discharge between periods and abdominal pain?
    I am 26 years old and had a bloody discharge today. I finished my period about a week ago. I am not on the pill and my husband and I have not had sex since before my period. Last night I had an intense pain in my abdomen like a stabbing pain. I currently have stage 3 kidney disease and am taking bp meds and cholesterol meds I have been on them for a while. I am slightly anemic and was put on iron tablets but they made me ill so I had to stop taking them. I had a scan on my uterus in June and nothing came back from that.

    • ANSWER:

    question about chronic kidney disease?
    I just found out that I am stage 3 . How bad is this? Can it be reversed at this point?any info what be great

    • ANSWER:
      Stage 3 CKD
      A person with Stage 3 CKD has kidney damage with a moderate decrease in the GFR of 30-59 ml/min. As kidney function declines waste products can build up in the blood causing a condition known as “uremia.” In Stage 3 a person is more likely to develop complications of kidney disease such as high blood pressure, anemia (a shortage of red blood cells) and/or early bone disease.

      Symptoms may start to become present in Stage 3, such as:

      Fatigue: Feeling tired is common for people with CKD and is often caused by anemia.
      Too much fluid: The kidneys may lose their ability to control how much fluid stays in the body. A person may notice swelling (edema) in their lower legs, hands or face around the eyes. With too much fluid someone could even feel short of breath.
      Urination changes: Urine may be foamy if there is protein in it, or dark orange, brown, tea colored or red if it contains blood. A person may urinate more or less, or get up at night to go to the bathroom.
      Kidney pain: Most people with CKD do not have kidney pain, but with some kinds of kidney problems, such as polycystic kidney disease or infections, they may have pain in their back where the kidneys are.
      Sleep problems: Some people have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Itching, muscle cramps or restless legs can keep them awake.
      As Stage 3 progresses, the National Kidney Foundation recommends the patient see a nephrologist (a doctor who specializes in treating kidney disease). Nephrologists examine kidney patients and perform lab tests so they can gather information about their condition to offer the best advice for treatment. The nephrologist’s goal is to help their patient keep their kidneys working as long as possible.

      Someone in Stage 3 may also be referred to a dietitian. Because diet is such an important part of treatment, the dietitian will review a person’s lab work results and recommend a meal plan individualized for their needs. Eating a proper diet can help preserve kidney function and overall health. For Stage 3 a dietitian will usually recommend eating a healthy diet with protein at the Daily Reference Intake (DRI) level of 0.8 grams protein per kilogram body, the same level recommended for all healthy people. Special attention may be given to the quality of protein eaten. Phosphorus may be limited to help keep blood phosphorus or PTH normal and prevent renal bone disease. Controlling phosphorus may also help preserve existing kidney function. Calcium may be limited if blood levels are too high. Potassium is usually not restricted in Stage 3 CKD unless blood levels are high. The dietitian will also take into consideration if the patient has diabetes and provide tips on limiting carbohydrates in their diet. They may also recommend a diet low in sodium for those with high blood pressure or fluid retention. Supplementation with water soluble vitamins may be recommended. Vitamin C may be limited to 100 mg per day from supplements. Nutrients like Vitamin A and some minerals may not be recommended because levels can build up in the blood as kidney function declines. The dietitian may recommend avoiding over the counter dietary supplements unless approved by the nephrologist. It is helpful to work with a registered renal dietitian because as the stages of CKD change, so will the diet.

      A healthy diet for stage 3 CKD may recommend:

      Including a variety of grains, fruits and vegetables, but whole grains and some fruits and vegetables may be limited if blood tests show phosphorus or potassium levels are above normal.
      A diet that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and moderate in total fats, especially if cholesterol is high or if you have diabetes or heart disease
      Limiting intake of refined and processed foods high in sodium and prepare foods with less salt or high sodium ingredients
      Aiming for a healthy weight by consuming adequate calories and including physical activity each day
      Keeping protein intake within the DRI level recommended for healthy people with attention to high quality protein.
      Consuming the DRI for the water soluble vitamin B complex and C.
      Vitamin D and iron may be tailored to individual requirements
      Limiting phosphorus if blood levels of phosphorus or PTH are above normal
      Limiting calcium if blood levels are above normal
      Potassium is usually not restricted unless blood levels are above normal
      Many people who develop chronic kidney disease have diabetes or high blood pressure. By keeping their glucose level under control and maintaining a healthy blood pressure, this can help them preserve their kidney function. For both of these conditions, a doctor will likely prescribe a blood pressure medicine. Studies have shown that ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitors and ARBs (angiotensin receptor blockers) help slow the progression of kidney disease even in people with diabetes who do not have high blood pressure. And now you Know.>

    Fluctuation in creatinine level? Can a chronic kidney disease patient’s creatinine decreased by medicine?
    My mum suffers from CKD, her health used to be well. But, this year, her creatinine level keeps fluctuating. Initially, at 2.3 to 2.8, then to 2.4, then to 2.7 and now 3.0! Her urea at 85, WBC at 6.4 and haemoglobin level at 13.1 are all constant. The doctor doesnt really bother about the fluctuations in creatinine level. He said dialysis is only needed when creatinine reaches 4.0. But, I am really scared. Is my mum OK? Is she nearing the stage of renal failure? Since its just creatinine causing the problem, can creatinine be controlled with just medicine?

    • ANSWER:
      Creatinine is a difficult thing to control. A small fraction of it is contributed by your physical activity, but the vast majority is determined by your body size and remaining kidney function. As each of these things fluctuates, so does your creatinine level. Listen to the doctor. He knows what he’s talking about. Just make sure your mom is taking her meds and watching her diet like her doctor has prescribed.

    Just received a diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis what does this mean for me?
    I have chronic kidney disease and I am in stage 3, I also have hypothyroidism, and adrenal hyperplaisia . I’m not sure how to find answers that will factor all of this in….anyone have any ideas or any useful info?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a yahoo group that can help answer a ton of your questions about chronic pancreatitis.

      The basics that I’ve found with my pancreatitis. I’m not a doctor, always talk with your doctor about your health questions.

      Watch your diet, no alcohol, no fatty foods. You might find that digestive enzymes help with the pain when you eat.

      Manage your pain, and be firm with your doctors about your true pain levels. Bring in someone that sees you everyday to your doctor’s appointments to validate your pain levels.

      Make sure your specialists all work together. Your Endocrinologist will address your hypothyroidism, and adrenal hyperplaisia, but will still need to work with your Gastroenterologist about the pancreatitis, etc.

      Good luck

Examples Of Low Protein Diets For Kidney Disease

Low Protein Renal Diet – How to Efficiently Handle It to Repeal Kidney Disease Development

The ingestion of fluid, protein, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus can be controlled by the low protein renal diet. One inquiry that is time and again asked on the subject of this kidney diet is whether protein is acceptable or not. Well, the reply is that it depends upon the standing of your kidneys.

The amount of nutrients in the pattern of eating are based on your blood levels of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, albumin, and urea. These levels are measured before and instantly after a dialysis management.

Fluid limit is based on the amount of urine output and weight increase flanked by dialysis handlings. That is, whatever goes out of your body in liquid form has to be replaced with water. Observing and taking note of your daily weight would be a good procedure to signify fluid maintenance which suggestsproposesimpliesnts kidney weakening.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What do you think of this article?? truth or fiction…?

    Almost all chicken meat in the United States is produced through the “factory farming” system, in which animals are closely crowded together in filthy, disease-ridden conditions. Because of these unhealthy conditions, many chickens die even before they get to the slaughterhouse. For example, in an operation with 100,000 broiler chickens, approximately 250 birds die per day. Before being caught for the trip to the slaughterhouse, food and water are withdrawn; at the slaughterhouse, birds wait in trucks another 1 to 9 hours to be killed, sometimes in very hot or very cold weather.

    Chicken is far worse than beef in terms of contamination and bacteria. The Atlanta Constitution reported in 1991: “Every week throughout the South, millions of chickens leaking yellow pus, stained by green feces, contaminated by harmful bacteria, or marred by lung and heart infections, cancerous tumors or skin conditions are shipped to consumers.” Salmonella is present in over one-third of all chickens, and many millions of Americans are infected each year. The symptoms of salmonella poisoning are very similar to the flu (though only occasionally fatal), and thus many who are infected may never even be aware of what they have. To prevent these problems, chickens are usually heavily dosed with antibiotics (more than half of all antibiotic use in the U. S. is on factory farms!), but this indiscriminate use of antibiotics in turn helps create resistant strains of salmonella and other disease-causing germs, decreasing the effectiveness of antibiotics to fight human infections.


    And even if bacterial contamination were eliminated, we still have the tremendous problems of heart disease and cancer, the leading causes of death in the United States. Repeated efforts to lower cholesterol levels through switching from beef to chicken have ended in failure. Chicken is somewhat lower in fat than beef, but it still contains quite a bit of fat and even more cholesterol per calorie than does beef or pork.

    Moreover, meat which is lower in fat is always higher in protein, and excess protein is damaging to health just as is excess fat. Chicken which has 29% of its calories as fat contains 71% of its calories as protein, while ground beef which has 49% of calories of fat has 51% of its calories as protein. In terms of excess protein consumption chicken is worse than beef or pork. Problems caused by or related to excess protein consumption include kidney stones, kidney disease, osteoporosis, bladder cancer, and lymphoma. Chicken meat also completely lacks fiber; lack of fiber is linked to a variety of digestive disorders ranging from constipation to colon cancer. The three basic problems with our American-style diet—too much fat, too much protein, and lack of fiber—are thus all made worse by chicken consumption. Those who switch from beef to chicken are at best trading one set of health hazards for a different set.

    Chicken has done little for the nation’s health. In the past twenty-five years, we have seen a huge increase in poultry consumption; but health care expenditures during the same period showed phenomenal growth, now costing us hundreds of billions of dollars each year in the United States. The “switch” from beef to chicken has evidently had little, if any, effect on rising medical costs.


    Raising chickens affects the environment as well. Feeding grain to chicken may be somewhat less inefficient than feeding grain to cattle, but it is still wasteful—you must feed at least three times the amount of protein, calories, and other nutrients to the chickens in the form of plant foods than you retrieve in animal flesh at the end. Each year millions of children die due to malnutrition or starvation, and yet the Western countries continue to waste this grain by creating more and more chicken flesh.

    Moreover, chicken production results in incredible quantities of manure; a one-million hen complex produces 125 tons of wet manure each day. Animal agriculture in the U. S. produces many times more waste products than humans do. In many areas of the country livestock manure causes dangerous contamination of the drinking water due to nitrates. Even when used as a plant fertilizer, chicken manure can cause difficulties, as in Texas several years ago when cantaloupe fertilized with chicken manure caused sickness in human beings. The fault lay not with the cantaloupe but with the disease-ridden chicken manure.


    And what about the effect of the “factory farming” system on the animals themselves? Over 7.5 billion birds are killed each year in the United States. We would probably like to believe that these animals at least lived fairly comfortable lives until they were taken to the slaughterhouse, and would also like to believe that chickens are then quickly and painlessly killed. Unfortunately, this is not true.

    Chickens are crowded together in cramped, windowless sheds, and must breathe concentrated excretory ammonia fumes which damage their eyes and lungs. They are mutilated by “debeaking”—the practice of cutting off most of the chicken’s beak when the chicken is young. The reason for “debeaking” is that without it, chickens in their cramped circumstances would peck each other and even attack and kill each other. Obviously, a chicken which needs to be “debeaked” in the first place is not a happy chicken; and the process of debeaking (akin to partial amputation of a human finger, without anesthesia) is quite painful in itself. Birds are deliberately bred to gain more weight than their legs and feet can support, leading to more pain.

    Turkey production is no better than chicken production. Turkeys, like chickens, are kept in intensely overcrowded quarters; they must be heavily dosed with antibiotics, are subject to many diseases, and have their beaks and their toes partially amputated (without anaesthetic, of course). Turkeys over the years have been bred to be fatter and fatter; today’s turkey is so overweight that it cannot mate and must be bred through artificial insemination.

    “Humanely raised” poultry avoids some of the worst abuses, such as debeaking and overcrowding. But chickens and turkeys are still killed long before their natural lifespan has elapsed, and it still is not a healthful food, as meat from any chicken or turkey—no matter how “humanely” raised—is going to be high in fat or protein (or both), and completely lacking in fiber.

    Chickens do not die easy deaths, either. The “humane slaughter” laws do not cover chicken or any other poultry. Slaughterhouses are operated as mechanical “disassembly” lines with as little human intervention as possible. Stunning devices are not required by law, and even where used only 1/3 of the chickens are effectively stunned. Some chickens have their throats slit and bleed to death while fully conscious. Millions of unfortunate chickens also escape the automatic knives that slit their throats, and thus go into the next stage—the scalding tank—alive and fully conscious.

    • ANSWER:
      It is truth. Another problem with buying chicken at the stores, is realizing that chicken parts are THERE, because, often, the other parts of THAT same chicken had cancer. Seriously, cancerous parts get cut out, and the other parts of the chicken do get sold as parts.
      I have seen turkey farms that did all those horrible things to the critters.
      I have raised my own chickens, and found that, although I was raising them for the eggs produced, that chickens are really filthy to raise in even small numbers. Trying to keep conditions clean for my own chickens was a full time job! I loved having the fresh eggs, they were delicious! I stopped raising my own, for the fresh eggs, when I just could not keep up with how much fecal matter there was to deal with. I only had a few chickens! I had a great house for them, and kept it nice. So, if I couldn’t stand just a few of them around, think what it must be like to do it for a living…….the more chickens you have, the more money you make. Dreadful problem.

    Double Checking Answers On Nutrition Basics. HELP PLEASE! (:?
    I put brackets around my answers. example: [A]

    PLEASE! let me know if they are correct or not. thank you.

    1. One positive attribute of dietary fat is that it’s a good
    source of
    A. water.
    B. boron.
    C. vitamin C
    [D]. energy.

    2. Which one of the following choices is the best way to control
    Type II diabetes?
    A. Injecting insulin
    B. Avoiding all simple sugars
    [C]. Adopting a healthy diet and exercising
    D. Avoiding salt

    3. Which one of the following snacks provides all of the essential amino acids?
    A. Apple wedges and carrot sticks
    [B]. Small bowl of chili beans and rice
    C. Corn on the cob
    D. Pasta salad with vinaigrette dressing

    4. Which one of the following choices is the best way to build muscle bulk?
    A. Use amino acid powders from a health food store.
    B. Eat more high-protein foods.
    C. Avoid vegetarian diets.
    [D]. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and follow a regular fitness program.

    5. High triglycerides increase the risk for which one of the following conditions?
    A. Type II diabetes
    [B]. Heart disease
    C. Thyroid disease
    D. Osteoporosis

    6. Saturated fats found in animal productsGDLuch as bacon and cheese, are also called
    A. cholesterol.
    [B]. triglycerides.
    C. lipids.
    D. amino acids.

    7. An elevated HDL is considered a
    A. risk factor for osteoporosis.
    B. risk factor for arthritis.
    [C]. less harmful form of cholesterol found in the body.
    D. more harmful form of cholesterol found in the body.

    8. How can a person with lactose intolerance obtain dietary calcium?
    [A]. Take a pill that helps to digest lactose.
    B. Eat green leafy vegetables, nuts, and enriched soy products.
    C. Eat lots of fresh shellfish.
    D. Eat lots of whole grains.

    9. Which one of the following choices is most accurate about fat-soluble vitamins?
    A. They can cause gastric upset, diarrhea, and kidney stones.
    B. They provide no risk of vitamin toxicity.
    [C]. They can be stored in the body.
    D. They help build collagen and aid in healing.

    10. The glycemic index predicts the way certain foods affect
    [A]. blood sugar levels.
    B. weight loss.
    C. exercise performance.
    D. blood pressure.

    11. What are the health benefits of zinc?
    A. Reduced muscle fatigue
    [B]. Proper wound healing
    C. Control of blood pressure
    D. Lung efficiency

    12. Which one of the following factors contributes to hypertension?
    A. A vigorous exercise regimen
    B. A lack of sleep
    C. A diet that lacks protein
    [D]. A high-fat diet

    13. Which one of the following choices is the best option for a vegan snack?
    A. Vanilla soymilk, peanut butter, and pretzels
    B. Almond milk with butter cookies
    [C]. Chocolate soymilk with angel food cake
    D. Tomato juice and macaroni and cheese

    14. How should daily calorie intake be divided for an adult in good health?
    A. 80 percent carbohydrates, 20 percent proteins
    B. 60 percent carbohydrates, 40 percent proteins
    [C]. 60 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent fats, 10 percent proteins
    D. 80 percent proteins, 10 percent carbohydrates, 10 percent fats

    15. A person who is lactose intolerant would have difficulty digesting which one of the
    following foods?
    A. Grilled veggie burger on a sesame bun
    [B]. Low-fat cheesecake with raspberries
    C. Turkey hot dog with mustard
    D. Three-bean salad

    16. Which one of the following choices is the most nutrient-dense snack?
    [A]. Sliced bananas, walnuts, and orange sections
    B. Baked potato chips and sparkling water
    C. Green salad with ranch dressing
    D. Unsalted pretzels and cheddar cheese

    17. To derive energy from food, you must eat foods that contain
    A. vitamins and minerals.
    [B]. carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
    C. water.
    D. fiber.

    18. Which one of the following choices is a simple sugar?
    A. Glucose
    B. Orange juice
    C. Lactase
    [D]. Chocolate

    19. Which one of the following snack combinations will best satisfy a person’s daily
    fluid requirements?
    A. Ice cream, sherbet, and fruit
    B. Bananas, whole-wheat bread, and water
    [C]. Fresh fruit, green salad, water
    D. Fruit juice, energy bars, cold cereal

    20 Which one of the following choices would be an acceptable small meal for a person
    who is gluten intolerant?
    [A]. Microwave popcorn and carrot sticks
    B. Peanut butter on whole-wheat toast
    C. Bread sticks with low-fat dressing
    D. Orange juice and graham crackers

    • ANSWER:
      You better send each and every question separately..

Effects Of Blood Pressure On Kidneys

High blood pressure or hypertension increases your chances to get coronary heart disease (heart disease), kidney disease and stroke. Anyone can develop hypertension regardless of age, gender or race. It is estimated that one in four adults have hypertension. When hypertension occurs, usually stays for the remaining life of the patient. You can control or even prevent high blood pressure taking appropriate measures.

When we talk about blood pressure, mean pressure generated by the heart and promote blood into the arteries.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSECvkYjr7-yIPEZ6fjJyq

Once the heart sends blood (systole), gives the systolic pressure (the great). The next time the heart relaxes and fills with blood (diastole). Then comes the diastolic pressure (the low). So both these two pressures are the heart and increases when it is equally harmful.

What is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is the force blood exerts on the arteries, and pumped around the body.

Blood pressure is variable and has fluctuated over the day. Physical activity, stress and excitement can cause a temporary increase in your stress – this is very normal and is different from a diagnosis of high blood pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What clinical effects would high blood pressure have on kidneys of a bedridden client?
    would appreciate the help with the correct answer to this question.

    • ANSWER:
      Hypertensive nephropathy (or “hypertensive nephrosclerosis”, or “Hypertensive renal disease”) is a medical condition referring to damage to the kidney due to chronic high blood pressure.

      It should be distinguished from “renovascular hypertension” , which is a form of secondary hypertension.

      In the kidneys, as a result of benign arterial hypertension, hyaline (pink, amorphous, homogeneous material) accumulates in the wall of small arteries and arterioles, producing the thickening of their walls and the narrowing of the lumens — hyaline arteriolosclerosis. Consequent ischemia will produce tubular atrophy, interstitial fibrosis, glomerular alterations (smaller glomeruli with different degrees of hyalinization – from mild to sclerosis of glomeruli) and periglomerular fibrosis. In advanced stages, renal failure will occur. Functional nephrons have dilated tubules, often with hyaline casts in the lumens.

    3 hormones, which have an effect on blood pressure, exert their effects on the kidneys. Name any 2?
    also, state their actions on the dct and collecting ducts of the nephron

    please help!
    this is a question in a practice exam i got given, but there are no answers for it…
    thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:

      lol are you at Curtin Uni … bn looking for that answer … but think bout the hormones its not really clear but they all have one thing in common retention…holla before exam monday thn we can revise if u at Curtin

    Does drinking alcohol have any effect on high blood pressure?Does a person w/hi/bld pressue need lot of fluids
    looks like it would help flush the kidneys since high blood pressure affects them?Does drinking coffee or drinks with caffine have a negative effect on hi pressure ?

    • ANSWER:
      Alcohol is bad for someone with high blood pressure since it increases risks of cardiovascular diseases.

      Caffeine can increase blood pressure by stimulating the heart and increasing cardiac output.

    sustanon 250-anyone aware of its side effects?
    Does anyone have used this testosterone steroid or have well idea of its side effects please reply quickly and how frequently the injection should be taken? It has been prescribed by a doctor to take as an injection every 10 day to overcome the less beard problem? What I have idea that every steroid effects on heart, blood pressure, kidney in long term.

    • ANSWER:
      All steroids carry a risk. They also have many side effects. The following is a statement from the manufacturer. As you will see, you will probably grow facial hair, but the hair on the top of your head will fall out. Personally, I hate to shave, and I really don’t want to be bald.

      “This includes oily skin, acne body/facial hair growth and premature balding. The addition of Proscar/Propecia should be able to minimize such side effects, as it will limit the conversion of testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) . Sustanon will also suppress natural testosterone production rather quickly. The use of HCG and/or Clomid/Nolvadex are necessary at the conclusion of a cycle in order to avoid a hormonal crash. Remember though, Sustanon will remain active in the body for up to a month after your last injection was given. Beginning you post cycle drug therapy immediately after the steroid has been discontinued will not be very effective. Instead, HCG or Clomid/Nolvadex should be delayed three weeks, until you are near the point where blood androgen levels have dropped significantly.”

    Paxils effects on blood pressure( can someone please help me?? PLEASE?
    I was on Paxil for 6-7 months although the treatment did help, I had to stop as I became pregnant, the withdrawl was a nightmare, I felt worse coming off Paxil then I did for the reason I went on it! Anyhow I have been off of it for about 6-7 weeks and I have noticed my blood pressure is realy high! I am used to having blood pressure that is 115 over 65-70 and now it has been spiked to 150 over 80. I have read on the net that Paxil can increase BP but Iam worried it will never go down now. Will this be permenent, and now that I am pregnant what will happen? I am really worried about kidney disease with my BP being so high! and if it is this high now, what will it be when my pregnancy is farther along???
    Please help im scared.

    • ANSWER:

    Any one else suffer from High Blood Pressure and of a young age?
    Im 23 and take Istin,low centryl K and Macrodantin, it is probable I will be on blood pressure tablets for the rest of my life as no improvement even though on medication. What started you to have it??
    Mine was discovered last year when I got a virus known as Henoch Schonlein Purpura effecting the kidneys, therefore was left with High BP :(

    • ANSWER:
      I’m 13 and i have vary high blood pressure some days if i don’t take my medicine it gets up to 160/100. in my case of high blood pressure they don’t no how i got it.

    In the kidney, w/o regulatory mechanisms, what effect would increase blood pressure+ have on glom. fil. rate?
    Supposed to say: “In the absence of any regulatory mechanisms, what effect would an increase of blood pressure would have on glomerular filtration rate in the kidneys?

    • ANSWER:
      I’d say with an increase in bp substances that normally wouldnt be found in filtrate may be forced through the glomerulus into the bowmans capsule like ehhh….some erythrocytes, possibly some leukocytes, proteins, glucose….things of the like that are not to be found in a normal healthy creatures urine.

    High Blood Pressure?
    What clinical effects would high blood pressure have on the kidneys of a bedridden patient?
    Thanks for the great answers!

    • ANSWER:
      High blood pressure, if left untreated, can damage your blood vessels. This, in turn, can lead to kidney disease (one of the serious complications is renal failure and you can have dialysis for life). Also it can cause heart attack and stroke. The risk is even higher if the sick person is bedridden. Most treatments to hypertension basically includes antihypertensive drugs, low-salt, low-fat diet, exercise, decreasing body size if overweight, and stop smoking and/or alcohol intake.

    Can a medic please advise on blood test fasting?
    I am having a blood test to-morrow to check the effects of pills for my High Blood Pressure on my Kidneys. Can’t remember if this is a fasting blood test or not. Can someone advise me please?

    • ANSWER:
      most likely it isn’t , as your urinary and electrolytes E + U can be done regardless of fasting, you are most likely on a medication called a ACE inhibitor or a angiotensin receptor antagonist, in which you would have had a blood test before you started it ie a baseline or rerference reading and now you will be having another test after you have been on this medication to see if its stuffed up your kidneys

    Are there any blood pressure medications that are safe to use along with 2700mg (daily) of Lithobid?
    My bp has been higher lately, and everyone older than me in my immediate family has hypertension and takes meds. I’m on 2700mg of Lithium Carbonate daily for bipolar, which screws with water and the kidneys in your body. Most BPs seem to have similar side effects.

    • ANSWER:
      The most common blood pressure medications to treat hypertension are hydrochlorothiazide, an angiotensin 1 converting enzyme inhibitor such as lisinopril, and a beta blocker such as metoprolol succinate. All of these would be ‘safe’ with lithium carbonate as none of these would effect the lithium blood level. You state that there is a family history of hypertension but you do not indicate that you have hypertension. Your question may be one of curiosity or you may have neglected to say that you have hypertension. I believe that when you say ‘most BPs seem to have similar side effects’ you are saying that blood pressure medications have similar side effects. The three blood pressure medications listed above are virtually devoid of side effects. They are among the least expensive, best tolerated, and most efficacious of blood pressure medications. If I may be of further assistance please email me at I wish you and your family the very best of health and may God Bless.

    How can i find out why my boyfriend had a sudden decrease in blood pressure?
    he was riding in a truck when out of no where he gets hot, dizzy, it sounds like when someone is talking to him its through a tunnel very far away, and cant even see. and it wasnt just like, an instant, it went on for a few min.

    hes ok now but what does he need to change so that takes care of the problem that caused this. or tell me if he needs to see a doctor cuz we dont even know but still would like to hear some suggestions. he does not have ANY good habbits & looots of bad ones , overloads on salt [& only has one kidney], doesent drink water or anything else but soda, doesnt eat vegtables, smokes. besides that he has to change ALL that, does any of it directly effect his blood pressure or what else does? thanxs .

    • ANSWER:
      He needs to see his Doctor so he can run some tests and check his blood sugar levels etc as well as an ECG and various other blood work.

    Diagnosed with a uti 5 days ago. At the time I had the burning and barely anything coming out.?
    Diagnosed with a uti 5 days ago. At the time I had the burning and barely anything coming out.?

    Now the burning is gone and im going regularly but my back is hurting. Its not pain…just aching. I must say I am 3 weeks postpartum. Could this problem still be from the uti or is this due to pregnancy. Im some what worried because my blood pressure was high during the last part of my pregnancy and am currently on blood pressure medicine because of postpartum hypertension. I am worrried that maybe my blood pressure effected my kidneys.
    I must also ad i was prescribed cipro for 5 days took my last pill yesterday. Will this clear it up even tho im still having this backache?

    • ANSWER:

    Dog Blood Pressure Pills?
    My dog has been put on blood pressure lowering pills for a heart murmur condition that had started to make him cough because of some fluid build-up in his lungs. Well the fluid has now gone and his cough has settled but he has to stay on the blood pressure medication for the rest of his life, he’s now twelve, and I am a bit worried that the pills may start to affect other things in his system such as his liver and kidneys. Has anyone on here had a dog on blood pressure pills for some time and if so have the pills caused any other ill effects to your dog? And would anyone know how to minimize any adverse effects the pills might cause?

    Thanks for any help.

    Here’s the dog, it’s Pip who has got the heart murmur:

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there, I have not had experience with a dog on BP pills (mind you I am on them myself), and for me ((yes I am human), its better to take them, the risk of heart attack or stroke are too great without them, so the same applies to your Pip – just looked at his photo, a cute little chap.

      I had a Westie on steroids for over 7 years, again long term effects are not good, attacks the liver, and in our case, unfortunately 2 months ago I had to have her put to sleep – the steroids caused tumors around the lungs. Now why I am telling you this is because, my Clover was on them 7 years, and died aged 11. Pip on the other hand is already 12 years old, so for him the effects will not be the same as in my case. Simply because Pip is elderly now, so the high chances are the BP pills will not have enough time to do him any real damage during the rest of his life span.

      I am sorry if that sounds morbid, its not meant to hurt or upset you, but Pip if younger then yes you would have cause for alarm, for the BP pills could effect other organs over a long period of time.

      Talk to your vet about what I have said, and I am sure he will assure you that due to Pips age, no bad effects will occur, in fact its a good positive thing for your dear little dog.

      Bless you all.

    have high blood pressure and type 1 diabetes and am thinking of changing my medicine?
    i live in the uk, i have had type 1 diabetes for about 8 years, i developed a thyroid problem about 4 years ago and am on 100mcg of levothyroxine and then i got high blood pressure about 2 years ago and am on ramipril which is an ace inhibitor. it has emerged that sinthroid or levothyroxine can cause hair loss as can ramipril or other high blood pressure ace inhibitors, my hair is really falling out and im getting very distressed and depressed,im a 37 year old male. i have an appointment with my endocronologist in a weeks time.
    as far as the thyroxine goes i have heard that you can go on a t4/t3 drug like thyrolar or armour and the addition of a T3 drug has helped remove many symptons including they think hairloss.
    with regards to the ramipril,the doctor gave it to me because of the high blood pressure and as an ace inhibitor for my diabetes to protect my kidney (i had one removed due to a birth defect..before i developed diabetes…they think i developed diabetes as a result of the septacemia when my kidney stopped working) so i was thinking of asking him about going on loniten..or minoxidil…it seems win restores hairloss and i have high blood pressure so could take it in oral form obviously.
    so my question is…has anyone got any advice? is anyone on synthroid and noticed hairloss? is anyone on a T4/T3 drug and has it helped not only hairloss but other symtoms? and are they prescribed in the uk?
    is anyone on ramipril and noticed hairloss? is anyone on loniten and whats their experience with regards to side effects,hair regrowth etc and is it available in the uk on prescription? do you think he will prescribe it seeing as he prescribe ramipril as an ace inhibiter too whre as lontien isnt an ace inhibiter its a vasodilator?any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
    thanks for your answers…dr frank, is there any alternatives to synthroid over here? any that provide T4/T3? i didnt go into details in the question but i have alot of other symptoms still and am not convinced about levothyroxine, interestinly there was a fda study into levthyroxine that found discrpencies in its potency, also dr frank, would you prescribe loniten or minoxidil still to a diabetic if they wanted to try it? thank you

    • ANSWER:
      You would be better of asking your doctor about the change in drugs as he knows what you condition is like and how the present drugs are helping. But it is always possible as others have said that even changing drugs may not do anything about the hair loss.

    Blood pressure problems leaving me and my NHS Doctor confused?
    Hi, I’m 17 years old and in reasonably good health.
    However I have a wierd blood pressure problem which causes some greef, such as headached, shortness of breath, pins & needles and so on.

    When I’m sitting my blood pressure is around 140 / 85 and when standing it’s around 150 / 95 and if I lay down it drops to around 100 / 60 which is when I start getting dead arms, legs and once my I had a really painful throbbing with pins & needles and my fingers uncontrollably clenched up, I took a reading just after and it was 60 / 40 in that arm, the other was normal still.

    During mild excercise it rises to around 170 / 130 and become tired, loss of breath and instant headache and the feeling / sound of my heart beating in my head.

    I’ve been on blood pressure tablets for over a week and my blood pressure is still all over the place, not lower at all. Though I never had my arm go as bad as it did until I started the medication.

    I was told the medication should take 2 – 3 days to take effect, and it was on the fourth day I got the arm issue.

    Any ideas on what could be causing this?

    My kidneys are working at 51% / 49% after many tests. Which is 100% overall.

    Doctor just doesn’t know what to do, and he’s the best in the RUH also left a Heart Specialist, Kidney expert from bath and genetics specialist confused.

    • ANSWER:
      This isn’t that helpful, but I would ask him about this issue if he really is the best. Maybe you just need to be on a new medication. I would also seek opinions (maybe you already have) from a cardiologist and a neurologist/neuropsychiatrist at least. Then I would check to see about getting an appointment with an endocrinologist. Maybe your doc can suggest someone. If he/she is opposed to you getting a second opinion from anyone, than I would drop him/her entirely. Not that I know anything about anything, those are just my instincts. I am merely an experienced consumer of western medicine.

    I stared on Blood pressure medication on March 20, 2009 and have been on 5mg of amlodipine (Norvasc) for 24 days now. I have lost 25 pounds since then but I am eating very very healthy and mostly organic and high fiber and fresh frutis and fish and chicken so I am not starving myself by any means. But I quit drinking alcohol and sodas and quit smoking even though I was only a social smoker, I did tend to binge drink though on the weekends I would tie them on pretty go on Friday and Saturday nights probably more beer than most men could drink.. We’re talking 20 beer easy and maybe a couple shots… So any whoooooooo.. Every since I started taking the meds like since the 2nd day my BP drops very very low like 94/68 and sometimes lower at bedtime to like 91/58 a couple of times but during the daytime it never tops 111/78. I am wondering if my doc put me on meds to quick. I have always had very very low BP even being heavy (240) was highest and no heart problems had Echo done and EKG and no Diabetes or Kidney disease and this one day I had a BP of 140/100 and he slammed me right on meds on my first visit he didn’t even know my history as this was a new doctor.

    Just looking for some opinons. . I mean I definately feel great but I have been told that this (amlodipine or Norvas name brand.) lowers your heart rate and kind of gives the effects of a sedative to a certain extent so I am very calm more so than before. But other than that I am kind of scared that one night its going to go to low when I sleep and I won’t wake up.. Opinons please. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I am surprised that with a reading of 140/100 your doctor’s first recommendation is med without first observing your health when placed on a proper diet. This is usually borderline and in most cases corrected with just diet. I would recommend that you go back to your doctor and discus your concerns, or see another doctor.

    Medical advice needed – What shall i do about my blood pressure?
    I am 23 years of age and was told 6 years ago after a routine appointment at the GP’s that i had a raised systolic blood pressure. I had nothing done about it at that point.
    2 years ago i went back to the GP again for an appointment regarding something else and they found my blood pressure had raised a lot to around 140-160/85-105. I had tests and scans to check my kidneys and heart as well as seeing a cardiologist and these all came back as borderline for treatment and she would see me again within a year.
    This was 2 years ago and i hadn’t been to see the cardiologist as they haven’t sent for me! So a few weeks ago i went back to the GP to see if they could chase it up – which they have and i have an appointment for the end of this month – however my GP has given me some medication called Almodipine and told me to start that at 2.5 mg for a few days then up it to 5 mg. I however think my high readings are just because i am having my blood pressure taken, even at home it is elevated but not as much as at the surgery. My issue is that 1) I am only 23 and do i want to be taking medication for life that i actually may not need because it is just high when taken? 2) What if i do take it and i don’t need it because it isn’t actually high? 3) Why give me it now when i am seeing a cardiologist in 3 weeks?
    Also i wanted to know how long it takes the medication to cause an effect? Is it the build up or on that day of taking the tablet it will work?
    Here are some of the home readings i have been getting iver the past few days – Also there is such a variation in readingS, why could this be?
    Day 1 –
    7.30 p.m – 136/103
    8 p.m – 139/92

    Day 2 –
    7.30 a.m – 139/93
    12.15 p.m – 148/100
    1 p.m – 152/82
    8.55 p.m – 139/97
    9.35 p.m – 132/85

    Day 3 –
    8 a.m – 136/88
    8.20 a.m – 122/89
    2 p.m – 134/77
    3.30 p.m – 142/78
    4.30 p.m – 139/85

    As you can see it seems to have lowered towards day 3 but it ranges so much! The diastolic pressure seems to be more or less always elevated – Does the almodipine medication i have effect both numbers? I do understand that it is a calcium channel blocker which works by relaxing the arteries so lowering BP

    • ANSWER:
      It is very normal for BP to change every time you take it. Every one’s does. Your BP is up & down throughout the day but this may be due to stress. You say it goes up at the Dr’s. office & at times when you take it at home. You need to learn to relax when it is taken to get a true reading. It is not that high. The top number goes up when you are stressed, relax.!! The bottom is not that bad. If it went up and stayed there I would be concerned but it does not. The pills are good and will take a few days to start working. The full effect should be working in a few weeks. Take the pills but it sounds more to me like you need something to reduce anxiety. I think once you get your anxiety down your BP will be normal. You should speak to your Dr about anxiety. When your BP goes up even when you take it at home that indicates anxiety to me and not necessairly high BP. The BP medicine will work on both numbers but I would ask the Dr why he is giving you a BP medicine when you are about to see a cardiologist. The cardiologist will do an echo for sure so taking the medicine won’t hurt and may do a stress test but I don’t think you have a heart problem, I still think stress (anxiety).As you said you are only 23, I think learning to reduce your stress will lower your BP and you won’t need BP pills.

    I stared on Blood pressure medication on March 20, 2009 and have been on 5mg of amlodipine (Norvasc) for 24 days now. I have lost 25 pounds since then but I am eating very very healthy and mostly organic and high fiber and fresh frutis and fish and chicken so I am not starving myself by any means. But I quit drinking alcohol and sodas and quit smoking even though I was only a social smoker, I did tend to binge drink though on the weekends I would tie them on pretty go on Friday and Saturday nights probably more beer than most men could drink.. We’re talking 20 beer easy and maybe a couple shots… So any whoooooooo.. Every since I started taking the meds like since the 2nd day my BP drops very very low like 94/68 and sometimes lower at bedtime to like 91/58 a couple of times but during the daytime it never tops 111/78. I am wondering if my doc put me on meds to quick. I have always had very very low BP even being heavy (240) was highest and no heart problems had Echo done and EKG and no Diabetes or Kidney disease and this one day I had a BP of 140/100 and he slammed me right on meds on my first visit he didn’t even know my history as this was a new doctor.

    Just looking for some opinons. . I mean I definately feel great but I have been told that this (amlodipine or Norvas name brand.) lowers your heart rate and kind of gives the effects of a sedative to a certain extent so I am very calm more so than before. But other than that I am kind of scared that one night its going to go to low when I sleep and I won’t wake up.. Opinons please. Thanks

    • ANSWER:

    New blood pressure medicine?
    I know that the new medicine I am on has a side effect of increased urination. I also know that uncontrolled hypertension can lead to kidney problems. Can someone explain why? Does this mean my kidneys were not functioning very well before?

    • ANSWER:
      The kidneys are a very important regulator of your blood pressure. If there is a malfunction, then your kidneys will cause you to have hypertension. High blood pressure is harmful because it puts stress on your organs, including your kidneys. Blood pressure regulation is very complicated, but it is possible that your kidneys were not functioning optimally before. Whatever the reason, the most important thing is to maintain a healthy blood pressure. There are several different types of medications that help with this, including the type that you are taking, which is called a diuretic or water pill. Basically this type of medication causes your kidneys to get rid of extra sodium (and fluid). This decreases the amount of volume in your circulation and leads to a lower blood pressure.

    What should I ask my doctor to do about my high blood pressure?
    I’ve had HBP since 19, now 32 I’m on norvasc and maxide but other than basic blood tests no ones ever checked anything else. My average BP is usually around 148/100. Several times it’s been as high as 180/123. My doctor says I don’t need a specialist but he keeps switching my meds without really checking anything. I told him I started having pains in my right upper abdomen and he blew it off because it’s not a side affect of the maxide and added the norvasc. I’d like to know what tests there are out there that can tell me if I have heart or kidney problems. Both parents have had heart attacks as well as 3 of my 4 grandparents so I’m really worried. I excercise 3 times a week and have an active job. I am overweight but I feel like there is something else causing it. Even when I was 30 pounds thinner my pressure still ran just as high. I avoid sodium as much as I can because I do retain water but my salt intake seems to have no effect either way on the pressure.

    • ANSWER:
      avoid excess salt intakes,stress,heavy or junk food ….walk at least 45 minutes per day.(3 days workout is not enough)..drink plenty of water….also avoid constipation….and yess u have to take medicine daily as per ur doctors advice…..and also try to make life simple,easier and dont rush panic…slow down a bit……..if u ignore ur high blood pressure there r chances u might damage ur kidneys,brain hammorage,heart stroke,paralytic attack …etc so please b carefull and have ur complte cardiovascular check at a heart hospital…….all the best

    Othe than the liver, does Alcohol effect the kidneys?
    My husband has been a heavy drinker for years, drinking over a fifth of vodka now with a fruit punch chaser. Over time he began wetting the bed when he was intoxicated most nights. Now that he cannot go a night without drinking, it has been an issue everynight. Unfortunately our relationship is suffering for it. Other than the well known effects on his liver, I’m concerned; what are the risks and effects that this severe drinking is having on his kidneys? A few weeks back he checked his blood pressure at a store we were shopping at and it informed us that his blood pressure was high above normal, 166/101 to be exact. He is very heavy (about 330lbs and 5’11) doesn’t have health insurance and he refuses to ever see a doctor, is there any information that could persuade him that he is at risk of harming his body? Currently I haven’t been able to research the right information myself and need some help in this department.

    • ANSWER:

    Is salt only bad for certain people?
    If I understand correctly, a person with properly working kidneys can excrete excessive amounts of salt quickly so as to have no effect on blood pressure.
    If this is true, then salt is not a problem unless there are some underlying kidney problems?
    How does one check to see if they have have efficient or inefficient kidneys?

    • ANSWER:
      Too much salt is bad for everyone.

      A blood test and/or urine test can determine whether or not your sodium (salt) level is too high and whether or not you have any kidney problems such as microalbuminuria.

    Negating the harmful effects of a high sodium diet?
    Reading about the negative health review of Chinese food got me thinking.

    A high sodium diet is bad for you because of health concerns like high blood pressure and other heart related diseases. However, it is my belief that you can negate these harmful effects by drinking enough water to flush the salt out of your system before it is absorbed by your stomach and into your bloodstream. That way, it is simply flushed out of your system through your kidneys instead.

    Is this accurate, or not? It is simply an assumption I’ve made based on the fact that the amount of salt and water in your body are inversely proportional.

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry but no! I think there are some anatomy / physiology lessons you missed! Fluid does not “”flush the salt out of your system before it is absorbed by your stomach and into your bloodstream”. The kidneys remove substances FROM your bloodstream.

      High sodium causes your heart to have to work harder (more blood volume has to be pumped because you retain more fluid). And more blood volume means your kidneys also have to work harder to get rid of the excess fluid.

    I am taking lisinopril w/hydrochlorothiazide for high blood pressure. Taking it now for 1.5 yrs. My question i?
    is it possible to take just the lisinopril and do away with the duretic portion (obviously by going thru my Dr) because I am worried 1. the effects of the water pill long term on my kidneys (I am only 47); 2. My skin is so dry and nothing is helping that – I am looking so much older in face, arms and feet than my real age. I am turning into a wrinkled old prune.

    • ANSWER:
      This all depends on how high your blood pressure runs and if you are prone to retaining fluid. Talk to your dr, tell him your concerns. If your blood pressure is stable and your not having problems with fluid retention, then, he might just give you lisinopril without the diuretic. It’s up to him

    Explain the effects of the following on glomerular filtration?
    1 Chronic liver disease
    2 kidney stones
    3 high blood pressure
    4 low blood pressure

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not sure about chronic liver disease, but…

      2. kidney stones lower the glomerular filtration rate because the stone is in there blocking the tubing, if it gets bad enough it can shut down the nephron/kidney

      3. high blood pressure increases the GFR becaues there is more pressure on the blood… if this happens things like blood cells and protiens that shouldn’t be filtered can get into the filtrate

      4. low blood pressure decreases the GFR because there isn’t enough pressure on the blood and it just passes by without being filtered. This causes problems because the ‘waste’ stays in the blood

    Why Malaysian doctors always say no salt because you will have blood pressure, high blood and heart attack?
    POLL : Please let me know…. voice it out anything from bottom of your hearth.

    How Salt Became Sodium Chloride
    With the advent of industrial development, natural salt was “chemically cleaned” and reduced to the combination of sodium and chloride.
    Essential minerals and trace elements were removed as impurities. However, sodium chloride is an unnatural, isolated, unwholesome substance having nothing in common with salt. Similar to white, refined sugar, salt, once regarded as white gold, was converted into white poison. However, there is a higher reason for salt having been endowed with all the natural elements found in our bodies. Sodium chloride is an aggressive substance, which is perpetually seeking an equalizing counterpart in order for it to produce its effect. More…

    The natural counterparts, such as potassium, calcium magnesium and other minerals and trace elements, demonstrate, from a biophysical standpoint, specific frequency patterns. These patterns ensure the geometric structures in our body. When these structures are missing, we are without energy and are lifeless. Salt should not be used just to add flavour to our food, but for its vibration pattern, which is similar to our body!

    Is salt good or bad?
    Biologically speaking, salt (sodium) plays a major role in human health. It not only feeds nutritional mineral elements to our cells, it also dissolves, sanitizes and cleanses toxic wastes from our system. It is this latter function that makes salt such a healing substance. All classic biology textbooks refer to salt as the cleanser of bodily fluids.
    Most physiological and biological processes function correctly only when sufficient quantities of sodium are present. For example, the body makes hydrochloric acid from salt. (Hydrochloric acid is one of our essential digestive fluids.) In a healthy person, the quantity of salt retained in the tissues remains constant. Any excess sodium ingested is automatically eliminated through the kidneys. However, if disease is present, this elimination of excess salt is impaired, and excess salt deposits are created; or sudden loss if internal salt can occur.

    When stress or infection demand an extra supply of salt, our body reserves are used. Addison’s disease, pylorus blockage, ulcers and gastric cancers can create a critical loss of chloride ions and lower the sodium chloride in the digestive system causing a shortage of hydrochloric acid in gastric juices. These losses of chlorine and sodium inhibit the cell’s self-cleansing function resulting in the blood becoming loaded with toxins. This, in turn, can act on the nervous system and create a chain reaction of new losses of sodium chloride, which in extreme cases can be fatal.

    Salt is also responsible for the balance of acids and bases within the body. When salt enters the body it dissolves into ions (also called electrolytes because they carry electrical current). With this in mind, the water balance role of salt may be easier to understand. Water is a necessary part of all body cells but cells have no way to hold onto water molecules directly. They can only move ions around and water will follow ions. So the cells direct where the ions go, the water follows and this determines where the fluids go.

    The Function of Salt
    To truly understand the function of salt, we need to look to the sea, witness the high level of health of its creatures and compare its composition to that of human body fluids.
    Dehydrated sea water contains over 80 elements, most required for the maintenance of the human body. While all salt originates from the sea, refined table salt and almost all sea salts sold in health food stores have none of these elements left. Even in the “natural” salts, refining, washing, boiling or kiln drying has stripped away almost all traces of these minerals. That’s why it is white and dry.

    Any untreated, natural, whole salt will stubbornly hold on to part of its original water unless kiln or vacuum-pan dried. Even by drying naturally in the sun, salt crystals will not give up all of their moisture. In fact, the more trace and macro-nutrients the salt contains, the less moisture it will release.

    True “natural” sun dried salt ranges from light gray or beige to pale pink in color. Unwashed salt obtained by the industrial method yields dark gray (dirty) salt which definitely requires washing. Industrial salt making is designed to obtain a 99% pure chemical–sodium chloride. Only about 8% of industrial salt produced is used for food. The rest goes for industrial and chemical uses and is all totally refined.

    Dr. Jacques Loeb, M.D., a biologist renowned for his discoveries on parthenogenesis, did several experiments with protoplasm (living tissue) and salt. When he placed the protoplasm in distilled water, it lived. When he added pure (refined) sodium chloride, it acted as a deadly poison.

    In nature, s
    In nature, sodium chloride never occurs in pure form. A multitude of essential major and trace elements are in its crystals. Here is a partial list of these minerals and their function in human metabolism.
    Travel > Asia Pacific > Malaysia

    • ANSWER:
      haven’t you heard “never eat too much or too little”

      btw, this is a very long copy&paste articles

    What would the effect be on kidney filtration if?
    What would the effect be on kidney filtration if?
    What would be the effect on
    filtration of:
    • Drop in blood pressure
    • Increase in concentration of
    solutes in the blood?
    • Blockage in Bowman’s
    capsule or collecting duct
    (e.g. by kidney stones)?

    • ANSWER:
      great q! i am in renal physio now :)

      ok so if u have a substantial decrease in BP due to shock, your GFR will decrease, even if the kidney tries to maintain adequate pressure by constricting both the afferent and efferent arterioles. Glomerular capillary pressure will not increase too much, but the RBF and GFR will decrease. your body tries to get blood pumped to other spots ie heart and brain…kidney takes less priority esp with shock.

      a rise in plasma concentration of solutes will increase the filtered load causing a decrease in GFR, since it has trouble keeping up with the amt of blood getting filtered since there’s a crapload of solutes in the blood that must be reabsorbed and/or secreted.

      blockage in bowman’s: you will have increased hydraulic pressure that will affect everything upsteam from where the kidney stone is located. upstream the pressure will increase in all of the structures of the nephron that are located PROXIMAL to the obtrusion. as a result of this increased pressure and the body’s concern to increase BP, the GFR will lower.

    Ritalin’s effect on kidneys???? Please Help!?
    Hi everyone-

    I’m prescribed quite a large dose of methylphenidate daily: 54 mg of concerta, and two 20 mg instant release ritalin tablets. We’ve tweaked the dose for a while and this is something that really just, for once in my life, makes me feel happy, productive, well-rested, personable, and motivated. But it only works at a dose that high.

    I WAS a cocaine addict, then I was prescribed these meds and I’ve been clean and sober ever since. My blood pressure and pulse are fine, I’ve been taking this dose for months. But I’m worried SOMETHING will happen to prevent me from being able to take it.

    Does anyone know what this does to the kidneys? I’ve had some lower-left-side kidney pain lately and I’m just terrified something will disqualify me from taking these meds. Can someone PLEASE let me know if this will ruin my kidneys? Thanks SO MUCH for any help…

    • ANSWER:
      not much damage. the damage comes when u use it to get high

    how sugar effect the kidney when they increase in blood?
    function of kidney, when sugar increase in blood then pressure automatically increase on blood article and in vein,

    • ANSWER:
      one time high levels of sugar r not dangerous…it’s the constant high sugar levels of diabetics that cause damage to the kidneys…u r right…high blood pressure is the primary cause of damaging the filters in the kidney. (diabetics get high blood pressure over time, becuase the high levels of sugar stiffen the arteries/veins.)

    Blood pressure is 145/150 over 85 age 59?
    I am 200lbs 5″11″ have been diagnosed with a slightly enlarged heart and a 4.1 Aortic root. My ekg has a unusual pattern but was deemed consistently normal. I just had a nuclear stress test and echo cardiogram. My doctor a good one increased me to 40mg of a drug in the monopril family. Heres the thing when I exercise for 15/20 minutes my b/p goes down to normal or better.
    Why does exercise have so much of a dramatic effect on my BP?
    I also had a kidney transplant 11 years ago with a near perfect match
    and take 7.5mg? of predisonne and 200 mg of cyclosporine and 1000
    mg of cellcept. Our there and cardiologist out there that have an opinion?


    • ANSWER:
      its a very very well observed phenomena
      basically BP is a life style disease
      get of your back side and you get better BP and diabetes

    I hate my boyfriend and the ground he walks on?
    I was with a man on and off for 18 years the reason why i went back to him alot was for the kids they do love their dad!Lately its been i feel i really hate him like for instance he was on a blood pressure pill and it effected his kidneys i guess they were working only 50 percent and its awful to say this and i told him i could care less on wednesday he finds out if he may have bone cancer again i don t care!Also the reason why i have so much anger for him is he is very irresonsiable i took care of him and my kids while he ran around (i put up with this again cuz of my kids)He never held a job i live off the lil money i make and half of it goes on bills i tell him this and it goes threw one ear and out the other.I tell him i do not care for you and i do not love you anymore and if anyone is to blame its himself!There is no 2 sides to the storys on this case….I am just curious why he won t leave and he stays when he knows i hate him…
    Well to any young woman out there my advice to you STAY away from jobless bums they aren t going to change just take my advice from hearing it for 18 years
    Yes i admit i was the fool the kind hearted one who thought he’s change i was wrong and now i m going through alot of pain and anger hope people who read this will open their eyes and live their life happy rather then sad like i did

    • ANSWER:
      Probably so that you dont make him pay child support ;(

    Methlyprednisolone Side Effects Help?
    My grandfather is 73 years old and suddenly stopped taking methylprednisolone about two weeks ago. His doctor prescribed it for a sprained tendon. He is a prostate cancer survivor. He has diabetes, high blood pressure, gout and decreased kidney function. Since discontinuing the medication on day 2, he has suffered from loss of appetite, a ten pound drop in weight, stomach cramps and restlessness. He also takes Clonidine, Enalapril, Nadalol, Amlodipine, Hydralazine, Tekturna (for high blood pressure); Baby Aspirin; Glimperide and Januvia (for diabetes); Colchicine (periodically) for gout; Furosemide, Lipitor and Ferrous Sulfate (for cholesterol, I think). His doctor advised him to discontinue the Baby Aspirin. His stools have been dark, almost black for about two months prior to taking the methylprednisolone.

    • ANSWER:
      Your Grandfathers symptoms are not typical of Medrol use or withdrawal 100%. Generally with Medrol use increase appetite is present, with this in mind perhaps the discontinuation of the medication decreased his appetite, a ten pound weight loss in 2 days is very significant and worrisome though. Abrupt stopping of Medrol can cause nausea, vomiting, joint pain, muscle aches, fatigue, headache, fever. Use of Medrol does have side effects of restlessness, increased energy, euphoria, which resolves after discontinuing the medication. Medrol can cause irritation to the stomach and along with Aspirin can cause gastrointestinal bleeding. Black stools can be indicative of old blood, however your Grandfather is also taking an Iron Supplement that can turn stools black (Ferrous Sulfate). So as you see, there is a lot of mixed symptoms that are not necessarily related at this point to taking the Medrol Pak. What is concerning is the weight loss and abdominal cramping, concerning enough to be evaluated especially with his extensive medical history, they will also be able to verify the presence of blood in his stool vs the blackness being secondary to Iron replacement.

    Doctors Needed to Answer Serious Question!!!?
    Ok my mom has had a stroke and heart attack before in the past. She takes blood pressure medicine regularly. She just switched doctors and went to him with a pain in her foot the other day he prescribed Naproxen 500mg. After taking it the next day she was rushed to the hospital where they say she went unresponsive, they put her on a vent. machine they say just to keep her from choking on her own vomit and they sedated her. After about a week they sent her to another bigger better hospital because they said they couldn’t find out what is wrong with her cause her kidneys were failing to along with other stuff. Well now she is at the new hospital and doing much better. They say she had a stroke on both sides but she is off the vent and doing good. They say the other hospital over sedated her. They also keep asking about one of her medications which is Coumadin a strong blood thinner. I did a little research and found out that Naproxen should not be prescribed to patients using Coumadin and also that it lowers the effects of blood pressure medicine. I think the new hospital knows that the other one messed up but just cant admit it, they just drop hints. I need real medical advice before i continue this investigation. Could her doctor and hospital be at fault?
    Ok to clarify some things, my mom switched doctors because her old doctor recommended it because the other doctor is new in town and he is throwing business to him to help lighten his workload. We live in a small town. Second she has been in the hospital 2 weeks 1 in the old hospital and 1 in the new one. Third i know they were suppose to sedate her while on the vent but they kept saying she wouldn’t wake up we were like duhhhh look how much medicine you giving her and when they new hospital got her they took her off the medicine and vent like it wasnt nothing. Lastly she had just had her blood work done about a week before i know cuz i took her. I mean i am no doctor but it seems like the old hospital and doctors were trying to hide something they are known for messing people up. We know a nurse that works there that says she heard the old doctor tell the new doctor to get her out of here because there was nothing they could do for her, like the new doctor would have let her stay.
    Also let me say that i am in no way trying to “get paid” i would be better satisfied by punching the doctor than getting money if he was at fault!!

    • ANSWER:
      I understand that you are worried about your mother and trying to protect her, but I must caution you here. You might be taking small pieces of info which you have found somewhere, and weaving a conspiracy out of this where there might not be one. Let me explain why I say this.
      1) You state that you mom has had a “stroke and heart attack in the past.” Coumadin is frequently routinely order after a stroke or heart attack to help in the prevention of blood clots. Patients who are on this med are supposed to have their blood checked at regular intervals to check their clotting factors to see if the drug needs to be adjusted either up or down to prevent the clotting, but also prevent bleeding. In other words, they are supposed to be monitored regularly.
      2) The ‘new doc’ order Naproxen, a NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug), for your mother’s complaint of foot pain. This drug is similiar to Ibuprofen/Motrin and has the same issue as every other NSAID when it comes to bleeding. These drugs are notorious for the potential to cause GI bleeding. (Stomach ulcers) Your mother was in pain tho, so would you have preferred that she get nothing?
      3) Any time that a patient is put on a ventilator they are sedated. It is SOP. (Standard operating procedure) If you don’t sedated a patient on a vent they will “buck” the vent, gag, cough and try to pull the tube out. There is nothing abnormal about being sedated with that. Perhaps you misunderstood something there.
      4) The time frame you seem to be talking about it fairly short because you state “the other day” and then that she stayed at one hospital “for about a week” and then was transferred to another hospital and was soon “off the vent and doing good.” You also state that the second hospital told you that “she had a stroke on both sides” and that they “keep asking about…….(the) Coumadin”. First, I’m glad your mom is doing better, and a statement like a bilateral stroke is not good, but pay attention to the fact that they are asking about the Coumadin…..not the Naproxen. ****Was your mother administering her own meds?
      ****When was the last time she had her blood work done, especially since you stated that she just switched doctors?
      There are several things along these lines that need to be answered before you start anywhere else. Coumadin is a VERY serious drug especially when you are talking strokes. I can’t emphasis that enough.

      Additional – I am all for getting rid of “incompetent docs” and trying to call attention to poorly run hospitals, but you have to understand that you can not do this by yourself. You do not have the knowledge. I assume that your mother is being treated by a third doctor at the larger hospital, so talk to this doctor and ask them what caused this. Ask them point blank did the Naproxen or Coumadin have anything to do with it. They should answer your questions. You have to be specific with your questions tho, and don’t go in there with an accusing tone because you will put them on the defensive. Just tell them you are trying to figure out what caused this and don’t even mention the other doctor. It’s not uncommon for the elderly to respond differently to sedation either especially if she stroked.
      There are many variables that can be at play here than can possibly be addressed in this format. These vary from equipment & personnel that was/was not available at the first hospital, to the experience of this “new doctor” and so on. It is impossible to know without a thorough search of both medical records which again, you are not qualified to do. It’s not as simple as looking things up on the internet. Most small community hospitals transfer a certain amount of their patients to at least 1 larger hospital if not 2 or 3 that specialize in different areas. Traumas may go one place while heart goes another, and so on.
      If you are still convinced that something is wrong, get complete copies of your mother’s medical records from both hospitals, along with the results of that last blood work and take it to a lawyer and see what they say. It doesn’t have to be about money, but you do need legal help to approach the medical board about the doctor and the hospital. I would definitely get another doctor.

    blood in my cats urine not an infection?
    To cut a long story short i saw my cat have some sort of fit, took her to the vets they did a t4 blood work and told me that 1, she has a thyroid problem and she has High blood pressure which could br due to the thyroid problem, they gave me Felimazole 2.5mg to be given twice a day, having 2 other cats and a full time job i was finding it hard to make sure only she took the tablet in her food she fights me tooth and nail if i try to get her to take it without food and due to the high blood pressure i was worried so i decided to get the thyroid removed. Before however i noticed her urine had small amount of blood but was told by the vet that its one of side effect of the tables. So she has the op and i mentioned again the blood and was told it should clear up now she has had the op cos she wont need the tablets anymore but if it dnt go way in a month i should come back. So after the op she is doing great and puting weight back on and get back to her usual self and the blood in her urine was going away, two weeks after op the blood came back so i went to the vet an we both thought it was urine infecting (classic signs, peeing everywhere except litter tray and straining and going often but only peeing small amount) so he gave her a long lasting antibiotic plus fortekor plus metacam and said if she is not better in 8 days bring her back. Well she has gone back today as its worse than ever its nearly all blood and still going little and often so the vet felt her kidneys and said they felt fine she had t4 wrk done before which showed that she did have throid problem but the rest of the tests came back clear so today he has given an injection to wrk on her kidneys (that all he said) but she has one tomorrow another one in 5 days then another one in tens days and has put her on zylkene and still has to take the fortekor. the vet has told me he dont know wats wronge and thought shge had urine tract infection. She had no blood in her urine till she started taking this felimazole tablets, anyone have any ideas am really worried she is losing weight again and her urine is as red as the blood in my veins
    she has not taken the felimazole since 5 dec and was given the impresion that after that was out of her system her urine would be fine, she has only had this problem since she started them in sept and as for the t4 blood work all they said was she had hight blood and the issue with the gland but everyting else was fine.
    liver enzymes and the like all came back fine

    • ANSWER:
      Honestly, that was a lot to read, and I skimmed. But my cat had the problem as well and it turned out to be kidney stones. They did a surgery and found 14 stones. The source of the stones was from the food that the cat was eating. Now, he is on a perscription diet and there have since been no problems.

    Possible blood clot/ blood results?
    I recently visited my GP with, what I thought, was side effects to the contraceptive pill ‘Cilest’. These include bleeding for 3 weeks whilst taking the pill, bad cramping and, more worryingly, breathlessness and pain just below the ribs. I was sent immediately to the hospital’s assessment unit querying a blood clot. Here my pulse was high, blood pressure- 126/87, bloods drawn and my D-dimer came back as 0.81. I was therefore started on blood thinners and am awaiting a chest CT scan.
    My other abnormal blood results were as follows- WBC was high (12.5), neutrophil count was high (9.8), Phosphate was low (0.70) and C reactive protein was high (10)
    I’m not sure what this indicates and was wondering whether anyone can help? Is this a sign of a DVT? I’ve also had a history of UTI and currently have pain in the kidney area too, although no changes in urine. Stopped pill 5 days ago but still bleeding too.
    Thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:

    How does dialysis effect you?
    My father, who has been a diabetic for years and has never seen medical treatment nor taken care of himself properly, was told by his doctor he will be needing dialysis soon as his kidneys are so badly damaged. He’s in his 60′s, has poor health overall (cataracts, high blood pressure, overweight, etc.)

    What does this mean for him? How long can your kidney’s last on dialysis? Can he get a transplant?

    • ANSWER:
      My 62 yr old dad, never looked after his type 2 diabetes in ten yrs. = kidney’s not functioning correctly = fluid on lungs = heart attack = life support = ( luckily ) major wake up call. Your dad might not be so lucky to get the wake up call he needs. What he Needs to do is start taking care of himself, work with his doctors to get himself in a better state than he is in now.

      Can’t stay on dialisis forever! Need transplant.

    What can cause a man to wee congealed blood?
    My stepdad is up at hospital cos of this. He’s just had 2 heart attacks, half his heart is dead. Has high cholesterol and blood pressure, and he’s waiting to get stronger for another op, but i don’t know what that is. He has a metal stent in place which will stay in for a couple of years or more. I know this could be a sign of kidney stones, or a side effect from the meds he’s on, but i can’t help worry. My bio dad died in 99 from cancer and since then he’s been my dad, and the best i could hope for (I really was a git with him when i was younger ‘you’ll never be my dad’ etc).
    I’m his step daughter, they wont even tell my older brother whats up.

    • ANSWER:

      Kirkination rules

    I need help with some Cardivascular homework?
    1. What cells in the kidney monitor low blood pressure?
    2. Two major arterial baroreceptors are located where?
    3. Short term mechanisms for regulating blood pressure include regulating what 3 things?
    4.In addition to effects on the heart and blood vessels, what hormones were released from the adrenal gland? (there are 2)
    5. Name two effects of Angitensin II
    6. What enzyme is released as a result of low blood pressure?
    7. What does this enzyme act on in blood (cooresponds to the answer to number 6)
    Thanks for the help you guys!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      1. juxtaglomerular cells monitor low bp
      2. aortic arch and carotid sinus
      3. regulate blood volume, metabolic demand of tissue (i think), osmolality
      4. im not sure exactly what you mean, but aldosterone and catecholamines (noradrenaline) i think
      5. vasoconstriction and release of aldosterone from adrenal cortex
      6. aldosterone (eventually though directly renin is released first in responsed to decreased bp from juxtaglomerular appartus)
      7. aldosterone – increase na uptake distal convoluted tubule therefore increase H2O uptake and increased blood volume

    Anatomy Q please help meeeeeeee :( ?
    how might very low blood pressure impair kidney functions?

    If blood pressure plumments in a patient in shock as a result of a sever injury, how would you expect urine volume to change? WHY?

    An infant is born with narrowed renal arteries. What effect will this condition have on the urine volume?

    • ANSWER:
      hmm good question, looking at the structure of the kidneys may lead to the answer.

      The bowman’s capsule is where the exchange of blood and the crap it contains is exchanged. If the pressure goes does, less “stuff” will cross over the barrier and cause less water to be drawn into the kidneys. Thus less urine. In the baby this decrease in volume will cause an increase in pressure causing an increase in urine production.

    Is my brother’s life better than mine?
    I wonder if my brother’s life is better than mine. I know that I should be concentrating on my own life and trying to improve it.

    My brother is 6 years younger than mine. He is happily married and has two children (daughter is 6 and son is 4). He has a good paying, professional job and is doing well in his career.

    He and his family have hobbies together since they go camping every weekend and then go hiking, biking, fishing, etc.

    He does have health issues since he has juvenile diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He is now going through the complications of diabetes (effect on kidneys, eyes and feet). He lives paycheck to paycheck.

    I look at my own life. I am divorced. My daughter does not live with me and probably does not want to have anything to do with me. My ex-husband constantly pressures me to come back to him.

    I am lonely at times. I do work full-time and am better off financially. I am trying to keep busy, but…..

    • ANSWER:
      Everyone has problems. Health is something that money cannot buy. Be grateful you’re not suffering from incurable health problems.

    Can someone help. Im confused.. I suck at biology!?
    1. Which of the following is the only part that voluntary muscles play in the urinary system? (Points : 1)
    bringing blood into the kidneys
    opening and closing the urethra
    filtering blood through the kidneys
    filling the bladder

    2. What is one of the primary functions of the urinary system? (Points : 1)
    to remove gaseous waste
    to remove liquid waste
    to remove solid waste
    to produce kidney stones

    3. Which activity does the somatic nervous system control? (Points : 1)
    oxygen levels
    blood pressure
    leg movements
    urinary functions

    4. Which is the BEST description of the body’s fight-or-flight response? (Points : 1)
    It is the reaction of the body to a relaxing situation, and it is governed by the parasympathetic nervous system.
    It is the reaction of the body to a stressful situation and it is governed by the sympathetic nervous system.
    It was vital to human ancestors, but it is no longer evident in humans.
    It is the reaction that is activated after a large meal.

    5. What is the overall function of the nervous system? (Points : 1)
    to coordinate external stimuli
    to produce stimuli
    to relay messages from stimuli and coordinate the body’s responses
    to relay messages from the brain to organs

    6. Which of these activities do NOT occur in the front region of the brain? (Points : 1)
    processing of sensory information
    voluntary actions
    regulation of blood pressure

    7. Which of the following is associated with Alzheimer’s disease? (Points : 1)
    coronory failure
    kidney stones

    8. How do the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems interact with each other? (Points : 1)
    They enhance each other.
    They exaggerate each other.
    They have opposite effects.
    They have no effect on each other.

    9. The nervous system is divided into two major sections: ______________ and ____________. (Points : 1)
    the central nervous system, the brain
    the peripheral nervous system, the spinal cord
    the central nervous system, the nerve cells
    the central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system

    10. Where does urine production begin? (Points : 1)

    • ANSWER:
      1.) Opening and closing urethra.
      2.) Remove liquid waste.
      3.) Leg Movements
      4.) It is the reaction of the body to a stressful situation and it is governed by the sympathetic nervous system.
      5.) to relay messages from stimuli and coordinate the body’s responses.
      6.) regulation of blood pressure.
      7.) Dementia.
      8.) The have opposite effects.
      9.) Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System
      10.) Nephrons.

    How long could this possible take? I need to know? RN’s, MD’s anyone smart?
    OK. If you are going to post a smart butt remark, don’t even bother to answer. I was wanting to know something. I have had hypertension for the last 22 years. Most of those years, it has not been controlled in spite of medications, diet, exercise, and starving my stupid self to death trying to loose weight. Right now, at rest my blood pressure is 177/116 and my pulse rate is in the 120′s. I know that hypertension causes damage to the kidneys, eyes, blood vessels and all that, but how many years does it take for that damage to become bad enough to effect my health to the point that it is debilitating? Is there a certain number of years or a certain time that I need to wait for? What things do I need to watch for? For now, the only thing that is happening is really bad headaches and my ankles stay swollen. My heart beats really hard, too. Right now, I am on Lisinopril and a diuretic

    and there have been times that I don’t eat for several days at a time and after the first time that my blood sugar takes a nose dive, i can work through the rest of the time. and i still don’t lose an ounce. But the only things that we have to eat is stuff like ramen noodles which are loaded in sodium, and then when we go to a local food pantry, we get tons of mac and cheese which is not good for me, either, so I figure that it is better to do without than to eat those things, which is the only things we have. I don’t know what to do, and I know that sooner or later, this hypertension is going to take a toll on my health, but I can’t help the position that I am in. I know that the stress that I am under doesn’t help either, but that is unavoidable as well.

    I mean I know that everybody says to eat grilled chicken and eat like a rabbit and don’t forget about the grilled fish with lemon and all the cardboard crackers. But when you don’t have the money to buy those things and you have the choice of eating something that is not good for you, because that is all you have, or nothing at all, I just choose nothing so the docs cant gripe at me because I am eating the wrong things. And then things are about to get even worse because the only reason that I got to go to the doc to get started on this blood pressure med is because I got a small refund check from my student loans. Under normal circumstances, I don’t have that kind of money. So after this next month, I will not get to get any refills because I won’t get to go back to the doctor for a new script. So whatever control I have on my hypertension at this point will be gone and I will just have to suffer it through.

    Arkansas is butt holes about it when trying to get medicaid. If you are not blind, disable, pregnant, a mexican, or over 65, then you can’t get medicaid. Health insurance is too expensive for me to get. Paying outright for a doc’s visit is cheaper and I don’t even have the money for that.

    A ex pastor’s wife showed me all the herbal junk and crap to try and the only thing it did is break me out in a rash and made my throat swell, so Iknow that stuff don’t work either.

    I was just wanting to know the magic number of years of freedom that I have before I have to start worrying. Thanks for any helpful answers in advance
    My blood pressure has been out of control now for the past 12 years steady. The last time that my cholesterol was checked was about a month and a half ago. Over all, It was 220something and my triglycerides were over 400. I have no insurance because I am a student and a stay at home mom. Due to the pre existing conditions, I can’t afford it. Before I got diagnosed with diabetes and the high cholesterol, the cheapest insurance that I could find was like 400 and something a month. Our total income is only 00 a month. After our bills are paid, we do good to have 0 left over. And that is before we have gas for the car to take our son to his doctors appointments.
    Mine is totally genetic. I have had it since I was 4 years old. I am not 26.
    I don’t smoke, drink, or do any kind of drugs and never have. My son was born with really bad heart problems and I don’t even like the second hand smoke that some of our family does.

    • ANSWER:
      Oh sweetie I am so sorry to hear this story I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you and yes the finances are a definite issue in dealing with the diet associated with HT. Healthy food is expensive that’s for sure. If only you were a mexican not paying taxes then maybe the system would help you out more. Do you not have any insurance ? Different meds work better for different people You may not have found the rite med for your body. Keep in mind Hypertention can be simply genetic. There is no magic # for how long it takes to see damage there are many factors to be accounted for in determining this . How long has it STAYED ELEVATED ? The damage occurs when these specific tissues begin to loose adequite circulation causing cell death and cell damage . So the answer to your question also depends on the condition of your vessels delivering that blood flow to these areas .The High pressure itself can damage the walls of the Vessels which causes the long term problems as well for example blood cannot reach the kidneys like it should = kidney problems related to High blood pressure ( because of damaged vessels ) . Cholesterol plays a huge role in the answer to you question as well cholesterol on the walls of these vessels will block the flow of blood to these areas causing a decrease in blood flow . Please tell me you are not a smoker I don’t even want to go there it smoking hardens the vessels so they can’t strech which makes the problem even worse. Generally 20 -30 years or sustained high BP with high cholesterol is more that enough time to see the effects you are worried about . sorry

    side effect on Kidney dialysis?
    my mother is 68 yrs old. She is a diabetic,with high blood pressure. She has only been on dialysis for 5 weeks. she did will for 2 weeks now of the 5 weeks. Now when she gets done with dialysis she gets so weak she can’t walk,vomiting and shaky. she fell out of her bed and had no strength to get up. She has to be cared to bed and to the bathroom. This is the second time in a row this happened. The nurse are very impatient with her and act as if they are not concern about her condition. help!!

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe you should think about getting her into a different dialysis clinic, her family and/or kidney doctor should be able to refer her. You also should consider reporting her nurse to the state, any nurse that acts like that deserves to be put on suspension or fired from her job, you have to have compassion and empathy for your patients. My dad started dialysis not even a week ago…He’s diabetic, has high blood pressure, cancer of the colon, lungs, and liver and he’s also on chemotherapy with a low kidney function level and he too has the same side effects. You have to keep in mind that your mother is having her blood taken out of her, filtered, and put back inside of her, so those side effects are somewhat normal. They can give your mom something for being sick at her stomach and also something to help with her weakness, getting plenty of rest and watching her fluid intake will help so much! They should of given you a list of what she can and can’t have, only something like 32 oz of fluid per day. Make sure she stays away from dark cola, dark cola can and will get under her skin causing her to itch, leaving sores on her. With her being diabetic it will lead to a whole new can of problems. Also, if you really want to help your mom you can talk to someone at her dialysis clinic about how to get training to become a dialysis tech, it lasts for ten weeks and I’m not sure about there but most places will actually pay you to take the classes, not only will you get a good paying job but I’m sure your mom would feel more safe. Also you might be able to make your mom feel better by reminding her that dialysis isn’t always forever…
      Good luck, hope everything looks up, soon!

    How can the Saudi Health Ministry convince others that child marriage is harmful?
    The link:

    The headline:
    Al-Manie responds to NSHR concern on child marriage

    The story:
    JEDDAH: Health Minister Hamad Al-Manie responded yesterday to a letter sent by the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) regarding child marriage by asserting that such practice could inflict physical and psychological damage to the young girls.

    The NSHR had sent a letter to the minister regarding the guidelines and procedures surrounding how premarital testing should be performed as related to marriages of young girls.

    In his response Al-Manie underscored the adverse health effects that pregnancy can have on young girls, including anemia, miscarriage and high blood pressure, which can lead to kidney failure, hemorrhaging, and seizures. He also mentioned that there is a significant increase in cesarean sections and mortality resulting from complications during childbirth by girls.

    In addition, to these health effects, other consequences of underage marriage also can have detrimental effects on the unborn children of underage spouses. Citing the same report, Al-Manie also said that suffocation of the fetus within the mother’s womb could occur from intense restriction of blood necessary in feeding the unborn child.


    Follow up question:

    How does the government convince people to not emulate the Prophet Mohammed in this one aspect?

    • ANSWER:
      You have all totally missed the point of this question.

      Its not who has a better system to deal with young pregnancies either inside or outside marriage. Its not which group of girls get into sexual activities BY THEIR OWN CHOICE at a young age.

      This is totally about the health risks incurred by very young teenage (and younger) pregnancies, which is not only condoned by the Islamic states but actively encouraged by their ruling theocracies. Actually often the clerics are the worst ones at taking exceptionally young girls as a wife..

      In many parts of the islamic world, marriage as young as possible is encouraged and condoned and it is quite common to find child wives and mothers at the age of 9 and 10. In the West, this is not only vigorously discouraged, but steps would be taken to prevent this happening to the point of instituting serious legal codes to protect the child.

      I once worked with a middle eastern woman who was a grandmother at 22. She was virtually sold as a bride to a much older man by her father (mum had no say). She had absolutely no say in her marriage and what happened to her during it. She said she was forced into sex constantly and against her will but learned to just keep her mouth shut to avoid beatings. She had her first child in marriage at the age of 10. When her own daughter turned 11, she too was ”sold” or traded to one of her husband’s friends in exchange for the friends young daughter, (7 year old) who became this woman’s husbands second wife. The woman’s daughter gave birth and as both the woman and her daughter said ‘Thankfully it was a boy, so no more girls to go through the agony we’ve been through’.

      The woman and her daughter were both so physically damaged by childbirth at such a young age that neither of them were capable of having further children. The young 7 year old second wife suffered several years of rape by her husband before she finally matured enough to become pregnant and died due to complications during the pregnancy.

      When I met this woman, she and her daughter had both been discarded by their husbands who had gone on to take several more very, very young brides.

      Under Islamic law, the mother has no rights to her children and if she is divorced, her husband can and will take the children from her and with no provisions to see her children again. She can also be tossed out of the family home with nothing more than the clothes she stands up in and enough money to feed herself for a couple of weeks (if she is lucky). This is why there is a very high but very hidden prostitution rate in Islamic countries. These women, often 12-14 year olds, have been married, had a child or two, been tossed out by the husband for a younger model, and left to their own devices. Sometimes their families will take them back, but it is regarded as a huge disgrace and so the parents (read – father) won’t have them back. If they are ‘lucky’ they will be sold again to someone as a third or fourth wife but this time they will be hard used as house workers and child minders whilst the husband enjoys his younger first and second wives, or as farm labourers or money earners of some description. In effect, not much better off than a slave.

      They had both managed somehow to leave their countries (illegally) and had made their way to the west.

      They have both had the physical and internal damage done to them repaired to where they can lead a normal life and both lead very quiet lives. Both are working unskilled factory jobs in the same company and live together. Neither of them will remarry or have kids and both of them have left islam.

    Chemmm! What are the functional groups of vitamins C and E?
    i think vitamin C is a carboxylic acid


    In some types of kidney disease plasma proteins are eliminated in the urine.
    *how will this affect the osmotic pressure of the blood?
    * what effect will it have on the reabsorption of fluid from tissues?

    plz help. them 2 are the only ones i cant find

    • ANSWER:

    Opinions on herbal supplement EPIMEDIUM (Horny Goat Weed)?
    I’d like to know others experiences with H.G.W.

    It’s said to have many beneficial effects on the body’s immune system, cardiovascular system,sex organs, kidneys, liver & bones.

    The lowering of cholesterol & high blood pressure was also noted in many studies where test subjects were given steady doses of HGW.

    For those who use HGW as either a workout performance enhancer or aphrodesiac – what are your experiences?

    • ANSWER:
      We’ve got hundreds of customers that use it (I’ve also tried it myself), and most of the customers that tell me about it say that it really lives up to it’s name…. it makes more than goats horny.
      It’s primarily used for a libido booster, but I’ve never heard of it being used for immune system, cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver, or bones. Theoretically, it could help with some of that, but it would be more of an indirect effect.

    Taking Keflex and having slight kidney pain, when to worry.?
    High I am taking Keflex for a UTI, and I know its hard on the kidneys. My infection seems to be improving, my fever is gone, and I no longer have prostate pain, however, I can feel my kidneys working hard trying to rid my body of the keflex. Its not that bad, I get the same thing if I take sudafed. I know this can be a side effect of the drug, the discomfort is totally bearable, but I want to know when should I be worried. I have had many blood tests in the past and none have showed any indication of poor kidney function, and I have normal blood pressure, but the fact that things like sudafed, and now this antibiotic make my kidneys ache worries me a bit.

    • ANSWER:

    NOT hypertensive but on meds?
    If someone isnt hypertensive but the doctor diagnosed him because of white coat syndrome or anxiety. And he was placed on blood pressure medication for several months, what would be the side effect of coming off them? or being on them? Would the kidneys produce more hormones to raise the bp? would he be relatively stable?

    Or would he have consistently low blood pressure?

    • ANSWER:
      When you get off any medication you will feel a little dizzy. Immediately after coming off of them, you might feel a little anxious and your bp might be only slightly raised. But you shouldnt have problems with hypertension since you were never hypertensive in the first place.

    Medical Benefits of Ramadan ?
    Medical Benefits of Ramadan
    by Shahid Athar, M.D.

    Most Muslims do not fast because of medical benefits but because it has been ordained to them in the Quran. The medical benefits of fasting are as a result of fasting. Fasting in general has been used in medicine for medical reasons including weight management, for rest of the digestive tract and for lowering lipids. There are many adverse effects of total fasting as well as so-called crash diets. Islamic fasting is different from such diet plans because in Ramadan fasting, there is no malnutrition or inadequate calorie intake. The caloric intake of Muslims during Ramadan is at or slightly below the national requirement guidelines. In addition, the fasting in Ramadan is voluntarily taken and is not a prescribed imposition from the physician.

    Ramadan is a month of self-regulation and self-training, with the hope that this training will last beyond the end of Ramadan. If the lessons learned during Ramadan, whether in terms of dietary intake or righteousness, are carried on after Ramadan, it is beneficial for one’s entire life. Moreover, the type of food taken during Ramadan does not have any selective criteria of crash diets such as those which are protein only or fruit only type diets. Everything that is permissible is taken in moderate quantities.

    The only difference between Ramadan and total fasting is the timing of the food; during Ramadan, we basically miss lunch and take an early breakfast and do not eat until dusk. Abstinence from water during this period is not bad at all and in fact, it causes concentration of all fluids within the body, producing slight dehydration. The body has its own water conservation mechanism; in fact, it has been shown that slight dehydration and water conservation, at least in plant life, improve their longevity.

    The physiological effect of fasting includes lower of blood sugar, lowering of cholesterol and lowering of the systolic blood pressure. In fact, Ramadan fasting would be an ideal recommendation for treatment of mild to moderate, stable, non-insulin diabetes, obesity and essential hypertension. In 1994 the first International Congress on “Health and Ramadan”, held in Casablanca, entered 50 research papers from all over the world, from Muslim and non-Muslim researchers who have done extensive studies on the medical ethics of fasting. While improvement in many medical conditions was noted; however, in no way did fasting worsen any patients’ health or baseline medical condition. On the other hand, patients who are suffering from severe diseases, whether diabetes or coronary artery disease, kidney stones, etc., are exempt from fasting and should not try to fast.

    There are psychological effects of fasting as well. There is a peace and tranquility for those who fast during the month of Ramadan. Personal hostility is at a minimum, and the crime rate decreases. Muslims take advice from the Prophet who said, “If one slanders you or aggresses against you, say I am fasting.’” This psychological improvement could be related to better stabilization of blood glucose during fasting as hypoglycemia after eating, aggravates behavior changes.

    There is a beneficial effect of extra prayer at night. This not only helps with better utilization of food but also helps in output. There are 10 extra calories output for each rikat of the prayer. Again, we do not do prayers for exercise, but a mild movement of the joints with extra calorie utilization is a better form of exercise. Similarly, recitation of the Quran not only produces a tranquility of heart and mind, but improves the memory. Therefore, I encourage my Muslim patients to fast in the month of Ramadan, but they must do it under medical supervision. Healthy adult Muslims should not fear becoming weak by fasting, but instead it should improve their health and stamina.

    • ANSWER:
      That was very interesting. I worked for four years in an Elementary school as an EMT. We had many Muslim students. Being children they spent a lot of time in my office during their lunch hour complaining they were hungry and or had headaches. I felt for them, after all they are just children and felt embarrassed in front of their peers. It was very rare that any student was happy with the idea of fasting – but they all survived.

      As a Catholic, I too have days of fasting and it drives my kids crazy. They too survive.

    General Concerns And Questions About Mother With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) In Intensive Care?
    Very Very Very Longggg Story Made Short:
    My Mom A 46 Year Old Legally Blind, Over Weight, Type Two Diabetic, With High And Low Blood Pressure And Arthritis, Fell On Her Left Abdomen. She Went To The ER And They Prescribed Her Percosets. A Week Later (On The 17th) She Called An Ambulance And An Emergency Appendicitis Was Performed.
    Three Days After Surgery, She Was Taken Out Of Intensive Care, Because They Didn’t Find The Need To Keep Her There. And That’s When It All Started To Go To Hell From There.
    The First Day She Was Fine. She Had Very Little Appetite, And Could Not Use The Bathroom On Her Own.
    The Second Day They Gave Her Oxygen Because She Had Trouble Breathing.
    The Third Day, They Suspected She Had Pneumonia So They Gave Her The Widest Spectrum Antibiotic Available.
    The Fourth Day She Was Back In Intensive Care Hooked Up To A Mechanical Ventilator.
    Once In Intensive Care (ICU) They Started Giving Her Dialysis Because Her Kidneys Were Slow Due To Her Diabetes.
    It Wasn’t Until The 29th I Found Out She Had ARDS.
    Her Condition Keeps Changing. Sometimes She Gets Better And Sometimes She Gets Worse. One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards. Three Steps Forwards, One Step Backwards, And So On.
    Every Time She Takes A Step Backwards The Nurses Give Her Cisatracurium, To Completely Paralyze Her Muscles, And Keep Her From Fighting The Ventilator And Risking Trauma.

    I Need Professional Help On This. I Am On Leave From Iraq And My Time Is Expiring Pretty Soon. I’ve Been Fighting To Get An Extension, But It Seem Unlikely At This Point.

    I Want To Know All The Different Things That Cause ARDS, And Is It Negligence From The Hospital? Is This Something That Just Happens Or Could It Have Been Prevented?
    What Are The Different Treatments Available?
    Could The Surgery Have Caused Complications To Her Kidneys?
    Can Cisatracurium Cause Adverse Effects Such As Paralysis?

    Anything You Guys Might Want To Add?

    The Reason I’m Asking Is Because The Nurses Keep Giving Me The “She’s Gonna Be Okay” Answer Or The “It’s Hard To Say” Answer. Something Smells Fishy.

    • ANSWER:
      go to this
      in most people ards is due to a severe trauma to the lung (or lungs) like your mom had fallen hard.
      also, in many people there is an underlying problem,like an infection or high blood pressure.
      she must be on the ventilator,as she cannot breathe well on her own to get enough oxygen to all her organs,and she can end up with brain damage or organ damage/failure.
      the drs must find out what caused the ards,they are probably still doing tests:could your mom have had a pulmonary embolism?(a clot)

Early Symptoms Of Kidney Disease In Humans

Kidney stones are not easy to handle, especially with the intensity of pain that they can create. Before, kidney stones happened typically in men, however these days, women are also prone to this kind of disorder and their cases are a bit increasing. This has occurred due to the incorrect lifestyle nowadays.

Although the signs of kidney stones in women are pretty much alike in men, women have greater threshold for pain because their bodies are ready to give birth. A lot of women think that the kidney stone pain is identical with the intensity of pain one can get from giving birth.

There are so many common signs of kidney stones in women, but the main one is the lower back pain felt in the kidney area, normally on one side but not both concurrently. The level of pain may either be constant or disrupted. It will hardly ever fade away entirely. Although the pain may disperse by taking an analgesic tablet, however, the degree of pain will presumably increase and its location will become more specific after a few hours or even days.

Frequently Asked Questions

    i got this from my sister she sent it to me by email and i wanted everyone to read this so please do so?
    From Carlton in Pennsylvania————–Allan


    This incident happened recently in North Texas. A woman went boating one Sunday taking with her some cans of coke which she put into the refrigerator of the boat. On Monday she was taken to the hospital and placed in the Intensive Care Unit. She died on Wednesday.

    The autopsy concluded she died of Leptospirosis. This was traced to the
    can of coke she drank from, not using a glass. Tests showed that the can was infected by dried rat urine and hence the disease Leptospirosis.

    Rat urine contains toxic and deathly substances. It is highly recommended thoroughly wash the upper part of soda cans before drinking out of them.
    The cans are typically stocked in warehouses and transported straight to
    the shops without being cleaned.

    A study at NYCU showed that the tops of soda cans are more

    Contaminated than public toilets (i.e).. full of germs and bacteria. So wash them with water before putting them to the mouth to avoid any kind of fatal accident.

    Please forward this message to all the people you care about.

    (I JUST DID)

    Leptospirosis is an infectious disease that affects humans and animals. It results in a wide range of symptoms, and some people may have no symptoms at all. It is caused by a spiral-shaped bacterium (spirochete). Symptoms include high fever, chills, muscle aches, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, and jaundice (! yellow skin and eyes).

    A definitive diagnosis requires laboratory testing of a blood or urine sample. Early detection is important because the disease can cause serious complications if not treated early in its course. These include kidney damage (nephrosis), meningitis (inflammation of the tissue around the brain or spinal cord), resp iratory distress and/or liver failure.

    • ANSWER:
      I want you to read this:
      Leptospirosis, better known as Weil’s disease, is a potentially deadly illness caused by bacteria passed along to humans in contact with urine from diseased animals (rats, frogs, rabbits, snakes, pigs and dogs). It is picked up rurally from swimming in contaminated lakes and reservoirs. In cities, the bacteria are passed along more easily — people splashing through puddles in areas that have a large rodent population might contract the disease, and eating or drinking contaminated food and water is always a danger. Leptospirosis can also be contracted by rubbing eyes with dirty hands. People with open cuts and wounds are especially vulnerable to the bacteria, as it can be picked up almost anywhere.

      As the rat population in cities grows, so does the potential for contact with this disease.

      Leptospirosis typically causes aches, pains and fever that go away on their own. One in ten cases includes high fever, jaundice, meningitis (inflammation of the brain lining), acute kidney failure, internal bleeding and, occasionally, death. Victims can die if they develop serious kidney or liver complications. In extreme cases, death follows three to six days after infection. The disease is treatable with antibiotics.

      In November 1998 leptospirosis killed eight people and hospitalized one hundred in China. In the same month in 1997, 22 people died from the same cause out of the 300 who were infected with it. In the United States, 100 to 200 cases of leptospirosis occur each year (with about half of those in Hawaii), according to the Center for Disease Control.

      Another disease passed on through rat urine is hantavirus. It is transmitted to humans through breathing in particles of an infected rodent’s urine, droppings or saliva. The virus becomes airborne when excrement dries. Early symptoms mimic the flu and can progress to respiratory failure. Since 1993, 21 deaths in the United States have been blamed on this disease.

      In general, urine-encrusted soda cans are not the most likely purveyors of these diseases. Most cans of soda are packaged into cardboard boxes while still on the production line and thus aren’t at any risk of contamination. Additionally, once bottlers have mixed soft drink syrup in with soda water and sweetener, they try to get the finished product to the consumer as expeditiously as possible. Soft drink bottlers don’t warehouse large inventories of finished product for any length of time — freshness is everything, so the product is moved out quickly, leaving little opportunity for rodents to use the tops of cans as latrines. Nonetheless, it’s still always a good idea to wipe off cans from exposed six-packs or those dispensed from drink machines, if for no other reason than to avoid picking up something passed on by the human handlers of the product.

      Barbara “errata” Mikkelson

      And the next time you get one of these chain emails find the original poster and tell that big goon to lay off the Michael Moore movies.

    Why did both my cats die? But on different days? Im so sad !!?
    Ok i had 2 cats a 2 year old [human years] and a [8 month old] the 2 year old named Yoshi had gotten all his shots and he was neutered but he was overweight other than that he looked healthy
    & my 8 month old cat named Ashes didnt have her shots and she wasnt spayed so she was the one that had a bigger possibility of getting sick =[ she has gone out once in a while. One day we found her sick my mom gave her medicine the next day she looked better but Yoshi looked sick he is a male and he had all his shots he was healthier than my other cat but Yoshi died first but he didnt get sick first so wtf? And its so sad because i saw him suffer he died last week saturday at 1 in the morning he would throw up and wouldnt eat so he basically threw up water or stomache acid my mom would give him medicine but it didnt work on him so he would keep throwing up and his pee didnt smell its like as if it were pure water we did take him to the vet and they said he had a possibility of having kidney disease but the doctor said he was too young for that we felt his tummy and we felt like a ball so ni guess he did have kidney disease but how did he get it? Ashes was sick before him but he died earlier than her. The after he passed we took him to go get cremated and we got his ashes back then a week later Ashes is sicker than ever she can berly walk she doesnt eat she is super skinny you can see/feel her bones is she depressed or sick also? Then yesterday we left somewhere and we dont know what happend to her we came back she was gone we dont know if she left or if she died somewhere we searched all over the house and couldnt find her so we gave up and now believe she is dead but she could berly walk so if she left yesterday in the rain sick and couldnt walk then i guess she probaly died ! =[ but is it true that cats know when they are going to die so they hide somewhwre to die? The SADDEST part of Yoshi is that i got to see him suffer and im only 12 yaesr old. At night he would cry in pain LOUD he would try to walk he couldnt he would fall he couldnt even stand up so my sister said hes too sick i dont wanna see him suffer like this anymore lets take him to get euthenised and on the way he died in my moms arms before he died he would stretch his arms like he couldnt breathe or like his heart stopped then he died =’[ i cried and cried it was so devastating and Ashes is gone! why why why>??? is she safe? will she come back? she was gone alll day yesterday and today im so sad =[ i even prayed for them but i guess their time has come =’[ =’[ =’[
    what do you think caused their death her are their symptoms
    • vomiting ALOT
    • no eating
    • pee didnt smell
    • crying in pain
    • sleeping all day
    • his pain lookd like it came from his tummy
    • could berly walk

    • Didnt eat
    • vomiting 2 or 3 times
    •super skinny
    • tired
    • could berly walk

    so what could have caused their deaths?????
    I miss them so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!! =’[

    i will always ♥ them and keep them in my heart forever and always

    • ANSWER:
      maybe you should had took them to the vets if ur cats were having health problems

    could somebody check spelling and grammar in this paper.?
    The Bhopal Disaster took place in December 3, 1984 in Bhopal, India.

    Disaster was caused by the release of 27 tonnes of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas from a Union Carbide India Limited, pesticide plant owned by Union Carbide.

    Union Carbide had 14 factories in India, one of them was in Bhopal. At night of Dec. 2nd and 3rd, 27 tons of the deadly gas methyl isocyanate began leaking. There was no warning, none of the six safety systems were working. People woke in their homes to fits of coughing, their lungs filling with fluid. People woke up screaming in pain. Deadly gas was dusting their eyes. They couldn’t breath, they were choking in blood. They weren’t able to control their bladders. After several hours there were thousands of dead bodys on the streets.

    Breathlessness, persistent cough, diminished vision, early age cataracts, loss of appetite, menstrual irregularities, recurrent fever, back and body aches, loss of sensation in the limbs, fatigue, weakness, anxiety and depression are the most common symptoms among survivors. The alarming rise in cancers, reproductive health problems and others such as growth retardation among children born after the disaster remain undocumented.

    Aziza Sultan „At about 12.30 am I woke to the sound of my baby coughing badly. I saw that the room was filled with a white cloud. I heard a lot of people shouting. I started coughing with each breath seeming as if I was breathing in fire. My eyes were burning too.”

    “People were dying on the streett! It was horrible!”

    How many thousands of people? no one knows. Carbide says 3,800. Municipal workers who picked up bodies with their own hands, loading them onto trucks for burial in mass graves or to be burned on mass pyres, reckon they shifted at least 15,000 bodies. Survivors, basing their estimates on the number of shrouds sold in the city, conservatively claim about 8,000 died in the first week. Such body counts become meaningless when you know that the dying has never stopped.

    Pople left the city. They waited, and when the clouds of deadly gas gone, they come back.

    Every plant in this city was poisoned. Environs was covered by hundreds of tonnes of toxic waste. Environmentalists have warned that the waste is a potential minefield in the heart of the city, and the resulting contamination may lead to decades of slow poisoning, and diseases affecting the nervous system, liver and kidneys in humans. Studies have shown that the rates of cancer and other ailments are higher in the region since the event.

    In a partial settlement with the Indian government, agreed to pay out some 0 million in compensation. The victims weren’t consulted in the settlement discussions, and many felt cheated by their compensation -0-0 – or about five years’ worth of medical expenses. Today, those who were awarded compensation are hardly better off than those who weren’t.

    The Indian goverment charged Union Carbide but nobody was convicted.

    Bhopal haven’t been cleaned up yet.

    If we don’t wont such accidents as in Bhopal we must take care of those factories which use dangerous chemicals. And turn one’s attention to those problems.

    • ANSWER:
      The Bhopal Disaster took place in December 3, 1984 in Bhopal, India. Disaster was caused by the release of 27 tonnes of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas from a Union Carbide India Limited, pesticide plant owned by Union Carbide.

      Union Carbide had 14 factories in India, one of them was in Bhopal. During the nights of December the 2nd and 3rd, 27 tons of the deadly gas methyl isocyanate began leaking, there was no warning and none of the six safety systems were working. People woke in their homes to fits of coughing, their lungs filling with fluid and screaming in pain. Deadly gas was dusting their eyes. They couldn’t breathe, they were choking in their own blood and they weren’t able to control their bladders. After several hours there were thousands of dead bodies on the streets.

      Breathlessness, a persistent cough, diminished vision, early age cataracts, loss of appetite, menstrual irregularities, recurrent fever, back and body aches, loss of sensation in the limbs, fatigue, weakness, anxiety and depression are the most common symptoms among survivors. The alarming rise in cancers, reproductive health problems and other conditions such as growth retardation among children born after the disaster remain undocumented.

      Aziza Sultan stated “At about 12.30 am I woke to the sound of my baby coughing badly. I saw that the room was filled with a white cloud. I heard a lot of people shouting. I started coughing with each breath seeming as if I was breathing in fire. My eyes were burning too. People were dying on the street! It was horrible!”

      Exactly how many thousands of people died, no one actually knows. Carbide says 3,800. Municipal workers who picked up bodies with their own hands, loading them onto trucks for burial in mass graves or to be burned on mass pyres, reckon they shifted at least 15,000 bodies. Survivors, basing their estimates on the number of shrouds sold in the city, conservatively claim about 8,000 died in the first week. Such body counts become meaningless when you know that the dying has never stopped. People left the city. They waited, and when the clouds of deadly gas had gone, they came back again.

      Every plant in this city was poisoned. Environments was covered by hundreds of tonnes of toxic waste. Environmentalists have warned that the waste is a potential minefield in the heart of the city, and the resulting contamination may lead to decades of slow poisoning, and diseases affecting the nervous system, liver and kidneys in humans. Studies have shown that the rates of cancer and other ailments are higher in the region since the event.

      In a partial settlement with the Indian government, they agreed to pay out some 0 million in compensation. However the victims were not consulted in the settlement discussions, and many felt cheated by their compensation of between 0and 0 – which equates to about five years worth of medical expenses. Today, those who were awarded compensation are hardly any better off than those people who weren’t awarded anything.

      The Indian goverment charged Union Carbide but nobody was convicted and Bhopal haven’t been cleaned up yet.

      If we don’t want such accidents as in Bhopal we must take care of those factories which use dangerous chemicals and turn one’s attention to those problems.

    dont pay attention to this!?
    Organ and Tissue Transplants
    Modern techniques of medical transplantation—surgically removing a diseased or malfunctioning kidney, heart, or other organ, and replacing it with a healthy organ from a donor—has brought new life and new hope to patients who, just a few generations ago, would have died. But the practice has also raised significant ethical questions. One such question centers on the cold reality of supply versus demand: At any moment, there are upwards of 150,000 people in the world awaiting transplants. A scarcity of donor organs usually means a long wait—during which some patients die. A large supply of organs is available from the roughly 200,000 patients worldwide who are declared brain-dead each year, but the problem has been to secure consent from family members and loved ones to remove organs for transplant.
    For many years medical ethicists have considered the question of whether ethical means can be found to increase the supply of donor organs. In the early 1980s, for example, American bioethicist Arthur Caplan of the University of Pennsylvania discussed the concept of presumed consent—the idea that, barring strenuous objection from family members, doctors could presume that a person declared brain-dead would be willing to donate organs to save others. Some Asian nations, as well as some European nations, including France, Belgium, Austria, and Spain, have such policies. The United States and Canada later enforced a concept advanced by Caplan of required request—a policy whereby hospital personnel would be legally required to seek permission from family members before harvesting organs. The adoption of this policy in the United States and Canada increased the supply of donated tissues, such as corneas and bone marrow, but failed to dramatically increase the supply of donor organs.
    Current United States and Canadian law bars the sale or purchase of donor organs. The United States does permit the sale of plasma and other bodily products, such as hair and sperm. Would financial incentives provide a stimulus for more people to make organs available? Some ethicists believe so, while others find the idea of marketing organs ethically objectionable.
    Other ethical issues are raised by the practice of xenotransplantation—the use of animal tissues and organs for human transplant. In 1984 the case of “Baby Fae” stimulated wide ethical discussion. Doctors transplanted a baboon heart into a newborn girl to replace her own fatally flawed heart. She died shortly after. Some critics contend that xenotransplantation poses a danger to human health because of the risk of transferring deadly animal viruses to the human population. This risk causes bioethicists to question if such practices are ethical.
    In recent years, one of the most promising areas related to transplantation will likely trigger ethical debate well into the future: the experimental use of tissues from aborted human fetuses. In one particularly active area of this research, scientists have experimented for more than a decade with grafting nerve cells from human fetuses into the brains of patients suffering from Parkinson disease. This disorder, caused by the mysterious death of brain cells that produce a chemical called dopamine, gradually causes patients to lose control of their muscles. In early studies some patients who received fetal cells showed improvement in their symptoms, as the transplanted cells demonstrated the capacity to produce dopamine. But the treatment also produced unpleasant side effects. This research, like all research that depends on human fetal cells, has also provoked debate. Critics question the ethics of using tissues from human fetuses for any research purposes.
    Ethical uncertainty hangs over a related area of research on human embryonic stem cells. Human embryos contain stem cells that have the ability to develop into almost any type of cell. Scientists hope to direct stem cells to produce certain types of human tissue. It is possible that someday these cells might be used for transplants or for growing new tissue that can be grafted into the human body. For example, scientists hope that stem cells might one day be used to replace nerve cells destroyed by spinal injury, or heart muscle cells damaged during a heart attack. Interest in this field was heightened considerably when scientists announced in 1998 that they had learned how to grow human embryonic stem cells in the laboratory.
    At present the U.S. government has banned federal funding for human-embryo research, although private biotechnology companies are exempt from this ban and have been vigorously pursuing research on embryonic cells. In 2000 the federally funded National Institutes of Health (NIH) ruled that this ban was not necessary for studies using cells derived from human embryos, since these cells are not embryos. The NIH established guidelines enabling federal funds to be used in cases where cells were derived from frozen embryos that were created for the purposes of fertility treatment but were not going to be used and were therefore slated for destruction. Other nations currently differ widely in their policies: France, for example, has forbidden human-embryo research. No laws in Canada regulate human-embryo research, although scientists or institutions receiving federal funding must follow strict guidelines governing research on human embryos. The United Kingdom has laws permitting some forms of human-embryo research, going so far as to create guidelines allowing scientists to apply cloning technology to human embryonic cells to create genetically identical cells for a potential patient.
    But the ethical questions remain: Is it morally acceptable to use tissue taken from human embryos? One recent development might change the nature of this argument. Scientists discovered in 1999 that stem cells taken from adult mice, and not human embryos, also display an ability to change their function. Some stem-cell research continued with the use of adult mouse cells. In 2007 government medical authorities in the United Kingdom approved the creation of embryos that combine human and animal cells for use in medical research. British researchers claimed the hybrid embryos were vital in the fight against disease.

    A number of ethical issues haunt the transplant field. With few exceptions, donated organs go to the patient who is nearest death, even though a healthier patient might benefit more by living longer after the transplant. People who need a second, third, or fourth transplant because their prior transplants failed usually gain top priority, even though they are not likely to do as well as patients who have not already had a transplant. Some critics object to giving organs to patients whose organ failure was the result of their own actions, such as cirrhosis of the liver resulting from alcohol abuse.
    Money is also a major issue. Access to transplantation is impossible without access to good primary medical care and good insurance, both of which are largely unavailable to the poor. To be placed on the waiting list, patients must show they can pay for the transplant. In 2005 a kidney transplant cost about 6,000 and a liver transplant as much as 0,000 in the first year after the surgery. Many insurance companies do not cover such costs, particularly for the new procedures, such as lung, pancreas, or multiple organ transplants, which are still considered experimental.
    Although organs cannot be bought and sold legally in the United States, there is evidence that a black market in organs exists in China and other countries. Persistent allegations have been made of people traveling to China and paying for organ transplants. Human rights groups have reported evidence that the bodies of executed prisoners are the source for most of the organs transplanted in China.
    In the United States, where organ donation is voluntary, ethical questions arise over the nature of the consent and the use of incentives. Intensive donor solicitations in recent years have not made much of a dent in the shortages of organs. Even though many people sign organ donor cards, their families are often reluctant to grant permission at the moment of crisis. Some ethicists debate whether family members should have the right to refuse donation if the deceased signed an organ donor card. Presumed consent laws, in which everyone would be considered willing donors unless they have specifically said they were unwilling, have been tried in Europe and South America, and on a limited basis in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Some experts have suggested financial incentives, such as cash rebates, estate tax discounts, or payment for burial expenses. Others have suggested broadening the criteria used to determine death beyond the lack of all brain activity. This would permit a surgeon to use organs from anencephalic children, who are born without a brain, and from people in a persistent vegetative state.
    The implantation of tissues from aborted fetuses into the brain showed promise as a treatment for both Parkinson and Huntington’s disease. Experimental results were mixed, but the treatment raised its own set of ethical questions. The foremost is the question of abortion itself. The possibility of using embryonic stem cells to create replacement organs has faced opposition for similar reasons. Some researchers believe that this issue can be surmounted by growing cells in the laboratory or by genetically engineering a patient’s own skin cells. Fetal pig cells have also been used as a treatment for Parkinson and Huntington’s disease, but that raises other ethical issues regarding the treatment of animals.

    The Moral Case for Organ Donation
    by Amitai Etzioni
    Thursday, August 26, 1999

    Amitai Etzioni is the Director of the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies at George Washington University. He is the author of The Limits of Privacy. He can be reached at
    Pennsylvania is considering paying families of organ donors 0 to help cover the donors’ funeral costs. The money will be paid directly to the funeral homes, to prevent it from being used for other purposes, thus openly introducing a market in organs. Such a market has been until now considered anathema in the United States, a sentiment backed by a law banning trade in organs. Could that be changing?
    In the market for organs
    A May Time magazine essay by Charles Krauthammer suggested that it is acceptable that the poor will be more likely than the rich to be enticed by the Pennsylvania gambit, given that most societal harms fall more heavily on the poor. Why not a cash benefit? And, Krauthammer argues, if paying for organs would lead to a flourishing market, one that licks the great shortage in organs, breaking the taboo against such a trade is a price well worth paying.
    What about an organ market?
    The experience in third-world countries, such as India and Egypt, should give pause to all those who favor an outright market in organs. Poor people have their kidneys taken without being properly informed of the risk involved. Rich people can buy all the organs they need or want; those less fortunate often cannot scare up any.
    At the same time, the urgent need to increase the organ supply on these shores is well established. An estimated 4,000 Americans die each year because no organs can be found for them. And the quality of life of thousands more suffers because they cannot find needed corneas and kidneys. Increased organ donations also would significantly reduce health-care expenditures. For instance, it costs less to transplant a kidney and maintain a person on the follow-up treatment needed than to keep the same person on dialysis for four years. Many stay on dialysis much longer if no kidney is found.
    Is there any way to greatly increase the number of organ donors without opening a market in human parts, which many — myself included — find ethically highly troubling? Before chapter and verse can be spelled out, the underlying principle needs to be explicated. Social scientists have shown that we are social creatures who deeply yearn for the approval of others. These can be members of our family, friends, neighbors, and more generally, community members.
    The strong power of so-called significant others is exhibited in intense, sometimes extreme, forms through peer pressure on teenagers, gang members and soldiers in combat. Members of such groups will do practically anything their group prescribes, even endanger their own lives. Much milder forms of such social pressure are evident when we donate money to a church or a civic cause, both because we believe in the merit of doing so and because we yearn for the approval of those whose opinions matter to us. (Anonymous donations are surprisingly rare.)
    The case for moral suasion
    Currently the voice of the community that favors organ donations has no chance to be aired or heard. People who feel like donating on their own, and remember to do so, mark their Motor Vehicle forms accordingly, but nobody is there to encourage them to do so, to appreciate it when they do, and maybe look at them with regret when they do not. Typically the issue does not come up until someone is on the death bed and — at this most difficult time — physicians and other health-care personnel are expected to ask the members of their family to consent to organ donation.
    To give moral suasion more of a chance, two measures should be taken. First, we should provide a new form at physicians’ and hospitals’ waiting rooms, clinics, Red Cross stations and other places where volunteers gather. The form would state explicitly that “we the people would be most appreciative, and hold you in high regard, if you could find it in your heart to make a life-affirming donation by authorizing the use of your organs once they are no longer of service to you.”
    The text then would describe briefly the severe shortage of donated organs and its many dire effects. The main focus of the text, however, would be the moral virtue of donating organs. The forms would close by stating that if you decline, for religious or any other reason, no explanation is needed. All said and done, it is up to you.
    Second, the names of those who made the pledge would be logged into computerized databases, accessible to physicians engaged in organ transplantation. (A new law may be needed to establish the validity of the endorsements of these forms and to prevent family members from overriding them.) If these lists also were open to the press, its reports might greatly increase the number of those who would sign up; it is the best tool to alert the community about who has — and has not yet — committed to make an organ donation. At the same time, at least initially, such publication might be considered too high handed.
    The new forms should be promoted through public-service announcements, and by public figures — urging people to come forward, announcing that “I myself have just made the commitment to save lives by donating my organs should I no longer need them.”
    The main point, though, is as elementary as it is important: Instead of waiting for each person to consider the matter, without any encouragement or recognition by their community, we should unabashedly stress that in our minds and hearts we cheer donating organs and celebrate those who pledge to do so. One need not a priori rule out a market in organs, despite all the ethical challenges it poses. But at least we should first give moral suasion a chance.

    • ANSWER:
      Is this a new way of doing someone else’s homework, without sending an email?

    i think this can make the zombie virus?
    I then thought of the Ebola virus, the most fatal disease known to man. Only 1500 cases worldwide and only 20% of cases survived. It only occurs in Humans and Primates, and is usually carried by Fruit Bats. The Ebola virus originated in Africa.

    Among humans, the virus is transmitted by direct contact with infected body fluids such as blood. The incubation period is 2 to 21 days. Symptoms are variable and often appear suddenly. Initial symptoms include: high fever (at least 38.8° C, 101° F), severe headache, muscle/joint/abdominal pain, severe weakness and exhaustion, sore throat, nausea, and dizziness. Before an epidemic is suspected, these early symptoms are easily mistaken for malaria, typhoid fever, dysentery, or various bacterial infections, which are all far more common. The secondary symptoms often involve bleeding both internally and externally from any opening in the body. Dark or bloody stools and diarrhea, vomiting blood, red eyes from swollen blood vessels, red spots on the skin from subcutaneous bleeding, and bleeding from the nose, mouth, rectum, genitals and needle puncture sites. Other secondary symptoms include low blood pressure (less than 90mm Hg) and a fast but weak pulse, eventual organ damage including the kidney and liver by co-localized necrosis, and proteinuria (the presence of proteins in urine). From onset of symptoms to death (from shock due to blood loss or organ failure) is usually between 7 and 14 days .

    The “Zombie” effect: Some cases and patients can actually develop the “Zombie effect” which is extreme as the skin on the body deteriorates and causes and almost “Zombie-like” look.

    However, the most shocking information I found on the Ebola virus is that it’s been genetically engineered with viruses such as Smallpox to create even more deadlier viruses to be used as Biological weapons. And that’s probably just the icing on the cake! How someone can do this is beyond me but it shows how far people can go.

    Anyway, want to know the only cool fact on the Ebola? It’s the origin of the viruses in Resident Evil. Umbrella used this to create the Progenitor virus which led to all the T’s and G’s etc. Cool eh? And the slice of information regarding the genetic modifying could lead me to believe that an Umbrella-esque division is out there in several countries.

    the Ebola was the base for the “Mother” virus which was combined with Leech DNA to create the T-Virus which creates Zombies. However, it’s not certain what the Ebola virus on it’s own would cause if combined with Leech DNA. Progenitor Virus (Which is the “Mother” virus) is an RNA Virus. An RNA Virus is also a real-life Virus. Hepatitis B is an example of this. So Hepatitis B + Ebola = ??? You guessed it, a strain of Virus similar to the Progenitor Virus. Combine this new strain with Leech DNA or something along the lines and what do you get? A similar strain of T-Virus. Now whether or not this could all mount up to a similar Virus remains to be seen but this some EXTREMELY serious stuff.

    but all of them combined together can create a t-virus, the only thing missing is the actual need of cannibalism. Which brings me to this:

    If a biochemist were to have the means of creating the virus, for lets say a bio-weapon (Which was the sole purpose of the t-virus in the first place) He would need the parasite Leucochloridium paradoxum.

    In some cases of infection of the parasite, the host receives the common symptoms, like headaches and pains. But what can happen is that the host can go into a violent rage that has been noted to kill someone in order to obtain the victims blood or flesh, whichever you choose. The host is not the one that needs the blood, but the parasite. The parasite needs to keep enough fluids and what not in its host, which is now its home, in order to keep it “alive” but has to keep itself alive, thus forcing the host to attack another of its kind or something else.

    Now if you injected the virus above into the parasite, then injected the parasite into the victim, it would create a weapon like no other.

    …now if you have the money. Im sure this can work out just fine

    Well for the top answer you would also have to make a virus that is imediatlly affective also the virus has to control the central nervous system which is tom thumb. plus it also has to have some sort of way to tell the body it wants meat or blood like rabies. this has to be made to make it grow or multiply at a fast rate. Also I have discover that there is a way to fuse viruses together.

    • ANSWER:
      The moral of this story? Don’t expect to learn much about real-life virology from Resident Evil.

    please help me with these questions i really need help asap?
    Which scientist believed that life had a common beginning with new forms branching off from earlier forms?

    A. Lamarck
    B. Darwin

    C. Luria

    D. Malthus

    2. If a person is so unfortunate as to lose the posterior pituitary gland, he or she would no longer be supplied with the hormone that works with the kidneys to maintain the body’s water balance. This hormone is called

    A. oxytocin.
    B. antidiuretic hormone.

    C. TSH.

    D. ACTH.

    3. Which one of the following sexually transmitted diseases is transmitted by a strain of virus?

    A. Chlamydia
    B. Syphilis

    C. Nongonoccal urethritis

    D. Genital warts

    4. The process of using heat to destroy bacteria that produced vinegary, unpalatable acids was developed by

    A. Gregor Mendel.
    B. Charles Darwin.

    C. Louis Pasteur.

    D. Robert Hook.

    5. The hormone that stimulates an increase in the size and the number of cells is

    A. gonadtropin.
    B. prolactin.

    C. growth hormone.

    D. releasing hormone.

    6. The olfactory bulb is related to the sense of smell as papillae are related to the sense of

    A. touch.
    B. taste.

    C. sight.

    D. hearing.

    7. The process by which microorganisms convert sunlight to sugar is the process of

    A. photosynthesis.
    B. fermentation.

    C. glycolysis.

    D. respiration.

    8. Which one of the following groups correctly identifies the order in which light enters the eye from any light source?

    A. Cornea, iris, retina
    B. Cornea, retina, iris

    C. Pupil, cornea, lens

    D. Pupil, lens, cornea

    9. The kind of reproduction that leads to large populations lacking genetic diversity and consisting of genetically identical organisms is

    A. cytokinesis.
    B. sexual reproduction.

    C. fission.

    D. meiosis.

    10. Air, depleted of _______ by fire, can no longer sustain fire or life because these processes require this element.

    A. nitrogen
    B. carbon

    C. hydrogen

    D. oxygen

    11. The breaking down of sugar to make ATP is the process of

    A. photosynthesis.
    B. fermentation.

    C. respiration.

    D. glycolysis.

    12. Which part of the brain coordinates muscle contractions?

    A. Brain stem
    B. Hypothalamus

    C. Cerebellum

    D. Sensory cortex

    13. Insulin is to the pancreas as _______ is to the adrenal medulla.

    A. glucagon
    B. glucocorticoids

    C. cortisol

    D. noradrenaline

    14. If a small pool of genes becomes separated from a larger pool of genes, the genes in the small pool will change rapidly and eventually will become a new species. This idea is known as

    A. geographic separation.
    B. selective breeding.

    C. population genetics.

    D. natural selection.

    15. Respiration takes place in which organelle within the cell?

    A. Golgi apparatus
    B. Endoplasmic reticulum

    C. Mitochondrion

    D. Nucleolus

    16. If you could control your brain with a remote device, a bit like the way you change channels on your television receiver, what part of your brain would you control to feel more emotionally calm and less angry?

    A. Hypothalamus
    B. Brain stem

    C. Limbic system

    D. Reticular formation

    17. Which one of the following symptoms is related to hypothyroidism?

    A. Increased mental activity
    B. Fatigue

    C. Accelerated heart rate

    D. Loss of weight

    18. Where in a human long bone would you find the connective tissue that’s heavily laced with blood vessels?

    A. Within the marrow cavity
    B. In sheets over compact bone

    C. Lining the marrow cavity

    D. Running through spongy bone

    19. If you could do what was needed to improve your night vision, what part of the eye should claim most of your attention?

    A. Photoreceptors in the iris
    B. Retinal cones

    C. Retinal rods

    D. Photoreceptors in the optic nerve

    20. Among the hormones related to the menstrual cycle, progesterone levels are highest during

    A. the first half of the cycle.
    B. ovulation.

    C. the last three days of the cycle.

    D. the second half of the cycle.

    • ANSWER:
      the first one is darwin

Early Stages Kidney Disease

Why is it so important to detect kidney disease in its early stages, even if it’s rather hard to diagnose? Because when you reach Stage 4, you are likely past the point of living without serious medical intervention or even a transplant. And by the time you arrive at Stage 5, you have virtually no other option. There is nothing else to do but plan for a transplant.

In Stage 5, the kidneys have only about 15% of function left – or less. At this point, if left on their own, they would be completely unable to keep the patient alive. Dialysis now becomes very important to filter the blood of impurities the kidneys can’t remove.

Most symptoms are the same as for Stage 4 or earlier, but multiplied considerably. The person experiences the same tendency to hypertension (high blood pressure) because of the inability to expel fluids. And because the heart is working that much harder as a result, the person may suffer pericarditis, which is an inflammation of the lining around that organ. There would now be very high levels of creatinine and urea, which the kidneys can’t filter out. And susceptibility to infections would also increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Dog has early kidney disease?
    The vet just diagnosed my rescue chihuahua as being in the early stages of kidney disease. She give my dog 14 days worth of antibiotics, however told me to give her 7 days worth, cease for 10 days and then continue antibiotics for 7 days. Anyone understand what the 10 day period of no antibiotics in the middle of her treatment is about?
    Thanks in advance for your serious answers.

    • ANSWER:
      Which antibiotic are you using?

      Some antibiotics have effects other than their primary antibiotic effect, which might be what we’re chasing after here.

      The only other thing I can think of, is that there might be problems giving the drug for 14 days straight (due to side effects of the drug), and there might be enough residual activity left to keep working for a while (carry you through the 10 day break), and then you start back up again once the system has had a chance to equilibrate.

      Best thing to do though, is talk to the vet directly. I’d be quite curious to know what they say (I’ll check back on this question later, or you can e-mail me directly).

    My cat has early stage kidney disease, He is on a low protein diet . The food comes in both canned and dry for

    • ANSWER:
      whats the question?

    has anyone heard of NHV Tripsy for cats with kidney disease?
    i have a 15 year old cat in the early stages of kidney disease. i like my vet, but he doesn’t know about any holistic treatments. i see this stuff on the web NHV Tripsy, and their product reviews are great, but i don’t know anything about it. if you have 1st hand experience with this or other holistric treatments for cats with kidney problems, please let me know. thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m sorry I don’t know what you are talking about.

    what are the early tests to be performed to rule out kidney disease in diabetes, ignored for several years?
    I would like to know that what r the lab tests to be done to identify the renal function in early stages of chronic diabetes?

    • ANSWER:
      1. Ultrasound of kidneys and urinary tract, 2, Blood work and urine analysis 3, Urocultivation and last or rather first: clinic history: weight loss, loss of muscle mass, and power to move, pain in urinary tract region, in some cases excruciating pain in descending colon septum leading to suspicions about colon disease.And of course determination of various types of glucose levels and stabilization of same.

    kidney disease in cats?
    i have a 15 1/2 year old cat who is in the early stages of kidney disease. although at this stage she is not on medication, i have put her on the k/d diet dry food. she isnt particularly fond of the wet food and tolerates the dry, but i want to give her something else to tempt her. do you think chicken is ok as she is supposed to have low protein.

    • ANSWER:
      Many vets are coming to realise that cats need high protein (quality) all their lives. If your vet still counsels to lower protein he is behind the times.

      I rescued a 15 year old cat who ate a raw meat diet in my home for 7 1/2 years before she died. The amount of the protein will not affect the outcome of kidney deficiency one bit.

    What dietary options do I have for my dog with kidney disease?
    My 11 year old neutered male sheltie is beginning to show signs of kidney disease. His BUN levels were last recorded at 29 and 34 for his last two blood tests, which my vet says is an indication of a very slow progression into stage 1 kidney disease. My vet wants me to put him on Science Diet k/d, but I don’t believe in low quality bulk processed food like that. I don’t feed my dog corn, by-products, and prefer not to feed him any grains as well as any other fillers or plant proteins.
    I’ve read that plant proteins are harder on the kidneys than animal proteins and animal proteins are okay is early stages of kidney disease but my vet is adamant about a low protein, low salt, low phosphorus prescription diet. While I agree with the low salt and phosphorus, I’m not sold on the low protein and the prescription garbage.
    My dog currently eats EVO Red Meat Small Bites, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck and Solid Gold Barking at the Moon rotations. I’m pretty sure I have to lower his protein, which I’m okay with.
    However, I was wondering what kind of food (wet and dry food) is recommended for kidney problems for people who are seeking a more holistic diet for their pets? Any information is helpful. I can’t find a pet nutritionist in my area, so this is so difficult.

    PS I’ve been looking at Wellness Super5Mix Senior as a candidate with canned Innova Senior… That’s the best combination I’ve found, but any and all genuine thoughts and experiences is welcome.
    I’ve been looking at a holistic vet, and yes the cause of my dog’s problems is probably his food, but from before I became better informed. I used to feed him until he was around 6 or 7 Kibbles n Bits and Moist and Meaty, and I believe the plant proteins and fillers have taken their toll on him.
    Please refrain from blaming me for the issue; I already have blamed myself.
    PS Can you explain why you feel Science Diet is a better food than what I have been feeding him and why my food choices are junk? I’m open to opinions, as long as they have been researched outside of the brand’s lab.
    Thanks for the info! The link didn’t work for me but I’m checking out the website. I threw this question up here to get some ideas… This won’t be the definitive answer here… I’m going to check out that group. I’ve already joined.
    What did you feed your dog? I’m taking a pass on the Science Diet, I’d just love to hear exactly why Science Diet is superior to holistic diets according to Bonnie…
    walking lady- I’m going to check your link out as well. That’s an interesing idea with the high protein.
    CJ Rossi, I just don’t believe that the SD is even a medium quality food. I don’t believe there’s enough protein to effectively keep a dog in his peak health. Further, I don’t know if the protein is plant or animal based, and the research I have done says that plant based protein actually makes the kidneys work harder. It will be a harder sale for me to switch to Science Diet. If I could find a medium quality, I would consider it, but I’m just not seeing it right now.
    I don’t think Science Diet is formulating a proper diet for a dog with kidney problems in mind. I think that Science Diet created a food decades ago based on the information they had then, and have become such a presence in vet’s offices that they no longer feel the need to do research.
    I realize your cats have been living for three years on k/d but I’ve also talked to a gentleman who continues to feed his Blue Buffalo to his dog five years after being diagnosed with kidney problems with no health issues.
    I don’t find a specific instance of the longevity of an animal to be enough proof for me.
    I feel like feeding my dog chicken beaks and feathers and corn (aka SD k/d) with a low protein prolongs his life with kidney disease just to shorten it with a protein and nutrient deficiency.
    I don’t feed my dog high quality food simply because it is considered high quality. I feed it to him beacause I believe it is what is best for him. I don’t feel Science Diet ever will be.
    Thanks Cookie for the info on your diet. I have been trying to locate a nutritionist to formulate something for my dog as well. That’s the only reason why I am looking for a holistic vet… well, that and I’m interested in testing my dog before over vaccinating, but that’s a whole nother discussion. :o ) Anyway, I love my traditional vet, but I was told that to find a nutritionist, the easiest path to take is to seek a holistic vet first and they would know where to go from there… not so much I’m interested in the herbal aspect of it.

    • ANSWER:
      I am sorry about your dog’s illness. I am not a veterinarian, so can’t advise you on food choices, my suggestion would be to find a holistic vet. Vets that promote Science Diet are usually selling the food and making profit on their recommendations, which could be why your vet is so adamant on you feeding that food.

      If you find a Holistic Vet, there is no way he/she would recommend Science Diet (junk food). This vet could advise and supervise healthy food choices and how your dog progresses.

    My cat has kidney disease, can someone suggest a healthy food?
    My 13 yr old cat was diagnosed as being in the early stages of kidney disease. My vet wants me to switch to the Science Diet K/d since it is lower in protein. One problem is that I have a 4yr old as well, so I do not feel they should both be on the food. The vet then recommended Science Diet C/d. After doing a lot of research on that food I realized that there is only 4% less protein in the prescription diets. I am at the point where I think my vet is just out for the money and nothing more.

    Can anyone suggest ideas of what I should be looking for in a food? I am currently feeding both cat Purina One Chicken. I do not mind paying extra for a good food but I am becoming overwhelmed. Can anyone give me some insight?
    I just want to add that I am at the point of being a little leary of my vet. I took my cat in for dental cleaning and had the full blood run. All they told me was that the tests (blood and urine) showed some signs of kidney disease. What does that mean, why can’t I get an answer telling me how bad it is. If he had a kidney infection, could that show up and looking like the kidney disease?
    My cat also eats and drinks fine. He acts perfectly normal, actually he is even better since having his teeth cleaned.
    Considering the c/d (the food the vet said to feed since I have two cats) has nearly the same nutrients as the Purina One that I am feeding, what makes it so much better. I know the K/d is lower in protein, but that is not the food the vet is saying to feed. I have heard that lower phosphorus is more important than lower protein.

    • ANSWER:
      At 13, it’s part of the normal aging process to have kidney function start to deteriorate. Also, needing a dental cleaning *also* elevates the kidney numbers – the bad teeth pour bacteria into the system, and the kidneys process all of that. It’s common for the kidney numbers (BUN and creatine) to drop after a dental cleaning. You vet should have been able to tell you what the test results mean – especially the specific gravity of the urine. That’s an early indicator of kidney problems as it tells how well the kidneys are concentration the urine. A kidney infection will show up as a high white blood cell count (any infection will), but it’s the other two numbers that really count.

      Having said all that, many people now feel that the kidney prescription diet is really not necessary until cats get into end-stage renal failure. It’s the *quality* of the protein, not the quantity, that is the big factor. All of the junk fillers are hard on the kidneys, as is dry food. Feeding a premium canned diet that is low in phosphorus (most are) can make a big difference for many cats.

      Will your cat eat canned food? Finding a food free of by-products (that’s not meat, it’s scrap “parts” deemed unfit for human consumption) will be good for both cats. If they refuse to eat canned, then a premium dry that contains very little to no grains (and NO corn) is the next best thing. Some suggestions – Wellness, California Natural, Felidae for dry. Both of these are lower in phosphorus, which is hard on the kidneys. For canned, look towards Wellness, Merrick, Solid Gold – any of the by-product free foods.

      Remember that kidney issues are a manageble condition, and part of aging. It’s not really a *disease* in the standard sense. I’ve managed many cats over the years. There are lots of resources avaiable to you, including an excellent Yahoo group for cats with renal issues. There is much more to managing it than sticking a bowl of prescription food on the floor!

    I need to put my 10 year old dog on a low protein diet. What specialized dog foods are available?
    He has been diagnosed with early stage kidney disease. It has been recommended that I put him on a low protein diet to help control the disease. He is currently taking antibiotics and the vet also recommends regular blood and urine testing to be sure it doesn’t get worse.

    • ANSWER:
      I think you would be VERY happy with Eukaneuba brand.. HOWEVER.. DO NOT PUT THE DOG on Eukaneuba all of a sudden…. mix your regular dog food with eukaneuba and then eventually increase the proportion of eukaneuba and until you have tdotally eukaneuba

    What side effects are there when you get a tattoo and have kidney disease?
    So I am wanting to get a tattoo, (I’m in my early 20′s) but I have stage 4 chronic kidney disease. I’m wondering if there is any complications with the ink, or any other things that I should worry about.

    Please Help!!!

    • ANSWER:
      I think that as long as the equipment they use is sterile you shouldn’t have any problems.

    I had previously posted a question about concerns about my 18 year old cat who is in early stage kidney diseas?
    I have been taking him for frequent vet visits. His teeth are an issue but due to the kidney disease he cannot have surgery as the anesthetic would play havoc with his kidneys. I got painkillers for the old guy but he cannot keep them down. He is on special food but is losing weight fast..poor old guy. Soon I guess I will have to start giving him the glucose injections three or four times a week. What is his quality of life? I know what lies ahead for him. I have had him for seventeen years and have given him good care but just wonder if I continue to keep him alive when he is uncomfortable, who am I thinking of here.

    • ANSWER:

    My 13 yr old Dog was recently diagnosed with early stages of Renal Disease?
    My 13 yr old dog was recently diagnosed with renal disease and he is a small dog that only weighs 11lbs and our vet put him on nf kidney function diet but our problem is he wont eat it he went 2 day without eating anything because our vet said to give only this food. Today I broke down and put half of the nf dog food along with half boiled chicken with some water and mixed it all in together is this still ok or do I need to try to force feed him which I do not want to go this route cause I feel like if he don’t want it I should not force it on him but yet I am not ready to lose my baby. Is there anything that I can do to get him to eat the NF Dog food that I might be able to mix in with it that wont hurt him any worse than he is now. Please help I have done lots of research on Renal disease and I know there are foods I can make from scratch for the Renal disease but I would really like it if I can get the NF food from the vet to work. He only has early stages of the renal disease and would like to correct the problem now before it gets worse to the point we may have to have him put down and I don’t want to do that right now cause he is my one and only baby and has gotten me through some really bad times Please Help me
    The Vet put him on the Purina NF for a healthier Kidney Function it is the wet stuff for some reason my dog wont eat the hard food it has to be the wet or soupy before he eats it. The vet did say that if the dog wouldn’t eat the dog food they would change off to something else and if that didn’t work they said something about medicine. He has a very mild case there was something in his blood work that showed one of his levels at 32 and he was not worried he said if it was over 100 then it would be time to worry but he said he just has a very mild case and if we can get him to eat the food his lab work may resolve and go back down to normal they was saying something about normal being around 9 to 25 or around there and his was 32 so not really high but high enough for us to take action now before its too late I am just not too sure about mixing the boiled chicken in with it. He is a very picky eater and if there is no smell or taste then he wont eat it. Family would always feed him tabl

    • ANSWER:
      I have a 6 year old mini schnauzer that was diagnosed with renal disease a few years ago. She is on Science Diet KD food… she eats the dry food and canned food and I didn’t have any problem switching her to it. What type of food did the vet tell you to feed your dog? If not the Science Diet KD then I would definitely ask your vet if you can try it. There should be no reason why you couldn’t. Also, there is a pill that Roxy takes twice a day for her disease called Azodyl, did your vet mention or prescribe any medication? Unfortunately my dog has not seen much improvement from the diet or medication over the years but hasn’t gotten any worse either. So do your best to stick with the diet and ask about the medication and hopefully you’ll have several more good years with your baby :)

    Cocker Spaniel was diagnosed with heart disease… now Kidney Failure?
    My English Cocker Spaniel is almost 14 years old. We just went through him being diagnosed with heart disease and had to have a tumor removed from his mouth and 13 teeth pulled. Recently he has been peeing on the carpet frequently, and since this was very unusual for him my mom took him to the vet. They first told her that he had serious heart disease and had anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to live (they didn’t tell us much when they diagnosed him originally, just put him on a heart pill and healthy diet). They first thought it may be the medication, but after running test they found he is in the early stages of kidney failure. They said we’d just have to put up with him peeing all over the house, and just take good care of him. Has anyone else had to go through this? Anyone know how long he probably has to live, or anything we can do to help him? Also any tips for the dealing with the wet carpets (he seems to be peeing in his sleep every night now). Any info/advice please?

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing I discovered that would work with a male dog peeing was baby diapers wrapped around his belly. This worked because my dog was 10 lbs so it may work for your dog. Otherwise get a belly band from either the Internet or a pet store. Petco should carry them. They wrap around the belly and you put a pad in them (women’s sanitary pads work best as they absorb the most urine.) I really suggest joining the K9Kidneys group on yahoo groups. I am a member and while was not particularly active when my dog was sick they were a tremendous help when Koty passed. A lot of the members are very knowledgeable about diet, supplements, sub-Q fluids, etc. Give it a try and good luck with your dog!

      EDIT: a REALLY good site for kidney disease is I cannot give any accurate info on how long your dog has but just keep hoping and praying.

    Tasty moist food for a cat with kidney disease?
    The vet says that my cat might have the beginning stages of kidney disease. I’ll find out for sure next week with more tests. We caught it early, thankfully. However, she doesn’t really like the canned prescription food the vet gave me. It seriously looks like refried beans dried out and put in a can. Gross! I don’t blame her.

    BUT I need to make sure she eats canned food because she needs the moisture from that vs. the dry kibble. I need recipes for making something tasty for her that has no protein, or good recommendations for a decent-tasting cat food for a finiky cat.

    I did get that Catit domed water fountain and she loves it. She’s been drinking a lot of water from that, thankfully. I just want to get more food into her, but food that she is allowed to eat.
    Well, that’s your opinion Veneta. It’s WRONG, but it’s your opinion.
    Fancy Feast is what I fed her before and even with that, she only liked a few flavors. I can’t feed her any of that now since it has protein in it. And LIKE I said before—I got her a water fountain that filters water, so the water is taken care of. However, I’m looking for food to give her. The vet only sells one product. I did research online and found there were many other products out there that other vets carry. That’s what I’m trying to do—find information regarding other products.
    And if I didn’t stress this before, Veneta is an idiot.
    And anyone that is a JERK with their response will be flagged for a violation. I don’t have time for crap like this like the dick that said ‘wake up’. Um, he obviously is ignorant about cats and cat nutrition. I am the one people come to for cat advice, so he can take his ‘wake up’ and shove it up his butt.

    • ANSWER:
      Youa re really cute

    Advice on Living with Kidney Disease Please?
    My Diabetic Girlfriend has just discovered that she has Kidney Disease. Diabetics are apparently the most at risk group of getting diseased but are also the most tested and therefore it is still at the very early stages. What difficulties in day to day life can She or I be expect to have to cope with? long term and short term?

    • ANSWER:
      I am sad to hear. My husband was diagnosed with a kidney disease which will require a transplant eventually. The kidneys progressively get worse before ultimately going into kidney failure. At that point if a transplant is not available the patient will have to undergo kidney dialysis 3 times a week and will take 3 to 4 hours each time. A good health insurance is a must! Words of advice: have her switch to a vegetatian diet since animal protein is harder for the kidneys to digest. Drink plenty of fluids asspecially water and cut back on caffine and high amounts of sugar as these are all tough on the kidneys. Good luck, i hope this helps.

    How to know if chronic kidney disease is getting worse?
    I was recently diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney disease and see my nephrologist every 6 months for blood work and check-ups. She said to come back earlier (next appt. is in March 2010) if I start feeling worse, but I’m not exactly sure what that means. I have been more tired and urinating alot more lately, but I’m not sure if that is considered “feeling worse”?

    Is there any way that I can test my GFR at home first?

    • ANSWER:
      You are lucky to have caught this problem so early! First of all, for as much as doctor’s visits cost, your doctor should let you call in and ask her what exactly she meant by that. Hopefully she is a kind person and discusses this with you over teh phone. If not;

      You can’t really test your GFR at home since it requires Techetium-99m DTPA to be injected into your veins and then multiple blood draws. However, there are other things to watch for. For example, blood int eh urine is NEVER ok! If you ever see blood inyour urine it means that the permeability of your kidneys has increased enough to let in blood cells. This is very serious and you should call your doctor immediately.

      When you say you been urinating a lot more, this could be good. If it is more in volume then it is a good thing but it is only more in frequency (and not volume) then it is not good.

      So, any blood in your urine, pain when urinating, or cramps before or after urinating are signs that you shuold go in earlier.

    Feline kidney disease: Are there any commercial foods I could mix with the expensive vet food to lower costs?
    I am currently paying for each 7 pound bag of veterinary food for my cat who was just diagnosed with early stage renal disease. I am very low income (I didn’t ask for this cat, but he came helpless into my life and I am trying to take the best possible care of him) and am hoping to find something cheaper on the market that I could MIX with this expensive food that my vet recommends highly for his condition. I understand that it is important that the food given to cats with this condition be LOWER in both PHOSPHORUS and PROTEIN than the common foods one generally sees for sale. I am hoping that someone knows of a less expensive commercially available food that I could mix with the “good for him” food that wouldn’t be too harmful and would help reduce my cost.

    • ANSWER:

    Can you join the military if you have PKD?
    I am a very healthy 20 year old guy. The thing is i found out a few months ago that i have very early stage polycystic kidney disease. Currently it has no effect on me and shouldnt for 20 + years. My question is would the army turn me down because of the pkd?

    • ANSWER:

    What can I do to stop my 9 year old tabby from urinating and defecating on the floor?
    Here are the details:

    1. I adopted from my ex, a tabby. He never spent time with her and wanted to get rid of her because she kept urinating in his condo on the floor. I took her, and she never urinated in my home once she was away from him. The first night she was nervous, and defecated in the tub, but it never happened again. She had never been to the vet before according to him, so I immediately took her to the Vet for a check up and it was discovered that she has early stage kidney disease. She is on medicated food now.
    2. She has had behavioral issues, off and on that have resorted in her urinating, defecating as well as vomiting on the floors. Medical issues were ruled out- no uti, etc.
    3. I have another cat, a 2.5 year old male who is neutered. He does not exhibit these behaviors. For the most part, they get along however he is more active and playful than she, and sometimes he stalks her and interrupts her while she is trying to use the bathroom. (I busted him and discovered this and realized this may have exasperated the situation)
    4. We have 3 large liter boxes, all of which are in a very big, spacious basement and spread apart in different locations. She is defecating right next to the box and now urinating on the basement floor.
    5. She was urinating on our living room floor and couch, but has stopped and ‘graduated’ to at least where the boxes are located.
    6. I have done numerous things: thoroughly cleaned the areas with expensive and home remedy cat sprays, purchased cat attract, changed the box locations and liter type. I am at my wits end. I am married and expecting a baby. I want to keep her but if I do not find a solution, it will be hard to do that. When she was younger, she was left alone a lot and neglected. She endured trauma from that. I work from home now, and I give her plenty of attention. I love her very much and do not want to give her to a shelter. She has already been through so much but this behavior can not continue.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I spoke to several Vets about this and none of their suggestions have worked. One even basically told me when a cat is doing both (urinating and defecating) there is not a lot that can be done to stop them but I am going to keep trying.
    troubles, thank you so much for your thoughtful and helpful response. I have been crying all morning because I don’t want to give my furbaby up and I know she just doesn’t understand. I am going to check out that book as well as ask my Vet about those medications!
    Robin b, I have had covered, uncovered, shallow, tall etc. you name it! I am not doing the liter cleaning right now- my husband is. Typically though, it was me. I even had one of those terrible electric ones!
    Justkristi – We do want her to use the bathroom where she is. Just INSIDE of the box so I am afraid that the use of mothballs probably would not help in this case. She uses the bathroom close or near the boxes, just not inside consistently and all medical reasons have been ruled out and we have changed to several types of cat liter which she will use months on end with no problem and we also keep the boxes clean.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there,

      What a difficult situation and I am very upset that your vets have basically given up. That is just not right.

      From what you describe, and being given a basic clean bill of health as far as infections are concerned, it sounds like she has an anxiety disorder. Cats are very sensitive and can actually have a PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder) from earlier life experiences. She also may be tuned into your pregnancy and changes going on in your home that also are upsetting to her.

      I have two suggestions for you, and I am so glad you are not ready to give up on her. Cats are generally fastidious about their litter boxes and elimination processes, unless something is physically or psychologically amiss.

      Pam Johnson Bennett, an expert feline behaviorist has written some excellent books on cats. sells her work. There may be something in her books that may help you with this issue. It may also be useful to contact her and arrange an appointment to talk with her about this behavior.

      There are medications that are really excellent in dealing with anxiety issues. We have a cat that was peeing around the house due to anxiety and he is also OCD. Our vet prescribed Amytriptaline ( generic for Elavil) and he has been doing great. He has stopped peeing outside the box, and is far more relaxed.

      We tried Buspar but that did not work with our cat. Neither did prozac. Both made him worse, but we kept trying and the Elavil was just perfect for him.

      Hope this helps and good luck with your cat. Thanks for hanging in with her. She surely deserves it.

      Owned by cats for over 40 years
      Member: Cat Writer’s Association

    kidney disease diet?
    have early stages of FSGS and am on medication to treat my nephrotic syndrome (now under control} as well as blood pressure and cholesterol medications. my kidney function is still very good, and i’m not anemic or diabetic, so i don’t need to be on any radical or extremely strict diet, but I would like some guidelines on what particular foods I should be trying to eat more of or trying to avoid. Please don’t recommend any supplements, or just tell me “low protein” since protein really only needs to be controlled in relation to the kidneys’ functioning. What types of protein are best? Is it true that I should cut out dairy? Concentrating on fresh fruits? Vegetables? Which ones? Whole grains? Legumes? How much & what proportions? Not trying to lose or gain weight, just want to be eating the best I can to try to help control and slow the progression of my disease.

    • ANSWER:
      I work as a diet clerk in a hospital, and the dietitians told us we can’t serve renal patients dairy, citrus fruits, it must be low potassium for patients on dialysis, low phosphorus, and low sodium. The protein is generally half of what we give patients on regular diets.

    Anyone diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease?
    I have been recently diagnosed with early stages of CKD and want to know how the progression goes…is it a long time usually? What are uncomfortable symptoms that undoubtedly will crop up? What can I expect? The CKD came from taking meds for bipolar disorder for the past 10+ years.

    • ANSWER:
      I was diagnosed with stage 3 in January. Mine is probably due to high levels of pain killers and NSAIDs for severe back pain. I have no symptoms but I am obviously taking strict measures with my diet (cutting out salt), keeping my diabetes under control and taking extra hypertension meds.
      My doctor told me if I controlled my diet well I could have many years without any symptoms, and that if I didn’t I could end up on dialysis and awaiting transplant in 5 – 7 years.
      If you want to make contact through my profile here, please do.

    Can I work with animals if I’ve got kidney disease?
    I recently got back some lab work that suggests that my kidneys are not functioning properly. I’m going to the doctor in a few weeks to begin more testing to find out how bad things are. I also work at a pet store and I am responsible for handling various animals. On any given day I may remove a dead fish with my hands (its quicker than using a net) and be bitten by a few hamsters. I also sometimes handle lizards. There are even some days where I have to change the bedding of the small mammals and other days I change the bedding of the birds. The birds also bite at times, although I’ve never been bitten by one.
    I read that the kidney disease can cause my immune system to weaken, but I believe that I’m still in the early stages of every thing. Anyway, is it safe for me to continue my job working with the animals?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it is very important to stay healthy, and avoid diseases when you have kidney diseases. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work in a pet store, but perhaps you need to wear gloves to protect your hands, etc.

    can a person get health insurance at the age of 17? please help!?
    i have allergies, type 1 diabetes, and early stages of kidney disease…

    • ANSWER:
      Probably not. You’d have to have your parents or legal guardian, etc. apply for you.

      Also, and to be completely honest, you’ll have a great deal of difficulty getting an individual health plan. Your best bet would be to get on (or remain on) your parents/guardians health plan. If that’s not an option for you, then your options are even more limited:

      1. Get a full time job that has benefits (because the insurance company most likely would have to cover you).
      2. Call your state insurance commissioner’s office and find out (a) if their is a “high risk pool” for folks who are not insurable on their own, and/or (b) what other resources they may have for you or be able to refer you towards.
      3. Since you’re a diabetic, I assume you must have a specialist doctor that you see periodically. Call his office – you’re certainly not the first patient they’ve had who didn’t have insurance. They may have a list of possible resources as well.
      4. Check with the American Diabetes Association (see below) and see what options they might have, too.

      Sorry I can’t help more – have a nice day!

    Why does my boy pee elsewhere?
    My neutered male moggy urinates in or around his feed bowl and sometimes on the hall runner. Why?
    He was neutered at 7 mths, he is now 14yrs. He has kidney disease in its early stages (vet monitored).He eats and drinks well-an all approved by vet diet. He has gained a little weight and drinks plenty of water
    I have a neutered female that he grew up with and each has their own litter tray. I have changed litter type several times and then back to original. He will poop in the tray but urinates on the mat the feed bowls are on or in his bowl but not the female’s bowl. The bowls are well separated and they are both fed at the same time.
    Cat people…..HELP

    • ANSWER:
      Often, when only one of the ‘businesses’ is outside the litter box, it suggests a medical issue.

      Stress can cause a urinary tract infection, and it is possible having early stage kidney disease can cause him stress. If he has a urinary tract infection (UTI), urination is painful, and if first experienced in the litter box, he will avoid it. As far as why he is picking the location to urinate, I have no opinion on that.

      If he has a UTI, then the vet will prescribe medication, and you can ask about adding Cosequin (glucosamine and chondroitin) to his food. It will strengthen the bladder wall and in an older cat is actually beneficial.

    What is the disease here?
    This is not real!!!!!!!! Symptoms in an 18 month old baby. What could be wrong

    -Breathing Problems
    -No Energy
    -No Muscle Control.
    -Loss Of Vision
    -Low Blood Ph
    -Early Stages of Kidney Failure

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like one those rare genetic syndromes like TSC but also sort of like rickets. The change in blood pH is probably related to the respiratory issues. You haven’t been specific as what those issues are. “Breathing problems” is nonspecific. Could be a drug overdose, drug poisoning.

    My husband may be in denial about his cancer?
    My husband is currently suffering from the early stages of liver and kidney disease. While undergoing routine imaging of his liver, the doctor noticed an abnormality on his pancreas as well. It turned out the abnormality was a tumor. This was three weeks ago.

    He handled the news relatively well at first, but now I’m convinced he’s losing his mind. He outright refuses to even consider any treatment options and seems entirely convinced that there is no cancer at all.

    He’s cooked up a crazy conspiracy theory that his cancer diagnosis was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by his ex-wife and her new husband. He’s convinced himself that the doctor who diagnosed him was, in fact, an actor and that the test results were entirely forged. I tried to reason with him, but he’s completely absorbed in his insane fantasy world. I don’t think he’s even slept in four days.

    How can I bring him back to reality?

    Please help. I’m beginning to lose control of the situation. Thanks and God bless.

    • ANSWER:
      Problem is you never had control over the situation. It’s just a guess but I wouldn’t be too surprised that your husband is an alcoholic. Liver failure, renal disease and now pancreatic tumors are all classic end line damage from drinking. (not the only way it happens but probably the most common) Add dilusional thinking which is also part of a chronic alcoholic. Pancreatic cancer is very painful and usually ends in death in less than 1 years time. It really doesn’t matter what he does at this point in time if it is pancreatic cancer so what does this dilusion do to hurt him? It will not change the outcome one bit.

      What could have changed the outcome would have been to have the same concern over his chronic drinking. Getting help for that would have changed everything in his future that has now come to be. We don’t see what we don’t want to admit… both for him and you. You cannot change other people until you look inside and change what needs to change in yourself. People can only react to what they see. If you supported the man so that he could successfully drink then what did you have the potential to control that could have been different???

      Now it is very late in the process to change much. Get his financial affairs in order. That is the only reality at this point he really needs to deal with.

      I am not trying to blame her for her husband’s drinking. What I am trying to show is that there are few successful alcoholics without someone propping them up enabling their addiction. It is always a dance between the addict and the enabler. If the enabler begins to look at their own behavior then usually the addict cannot hide solely in his addiction. Her husband is responsible for his own actions however, the enabler teaches their children that all of this is ok and part of life to accept as normal. Mom put up with it so I guess this is what I should look for too in a mate. A trip to Alanon would be very beneficial for the whole family even if the addict does not get involved or wants to get better. At least the family chaos stops at his own two feet and not taught to the children this is a good way to live not to mention all the heartache to his wife over the years. Like I said, both need to get help… not just the addict. What happens now to her husband is in God’s hands. What happens to her and her family is in her hands. It’s just too bad that it takes this level of chaos to get people to think that maybe I need to learn some new tools to live a better life. Help would have been very beneficial earlier in the relationship and both would have benefited from it even if she was the only one to go to Alanon. At least the children would learn a better way to cope by her example. She cannot control his drinking or his disease but she has a lot of control over the collateral damage his disease brings to the rest of the family. This is why the enabler has a shared responsibility. I hope you get this.

    I need Help..Cat Diagnosed With Mammory Cancer?
    We removed the initial lump, but the cancer is aggressive and it came right back.She is 19 and i won’t put her through Rad therapy ect. She’s been eating wet Eagle Pack holistic diet. I know now she needs more nutrients than what unnatural canned food can give her.It’s been 9 months since cancer started.History of urinary infections.Should i mix Little bits of raw food in her diet?shes on epaketin(sp?)to help process protiens,Vet says no kidney disease persay,but Very early stages.Her tumour on her chest(size of 2 golf balls fused)leaks and bleeds when she itches it,so constant clean up and a shirt for her.I use saline solutn and smells but vet says no infection.its just open wound constantly healing!*sigh.She eats,drinks,loves and gets around well for a 19yr old.i’m constantly stressed,any remedy for nutrition and tumour “upkeep”/cleaning?all she wants to do(understandably) is lick at it and make it seep and bleed! Also her stool is very hard and i’m sure it hurts,she seems to be getting it out reguardless,any suggestions there either?i just cant take her to the vet for everything.Seems something different every other day,it stresses her out and i want to eliminate if possible.Help! she is my best friend,i love her
    Thankyou Laurie
    Handicats? i’ll check it out

    • ANSWER:
      I’m so sorry about your cat. 19 years is a lifetime, I’m sure it’s hard to see her like that.

      I just lost my cat to cancer 2 weeks ago. She was getting B-12 shots at the end, they did seem to help, maybe you could ask your vet about that. Also, she was on some kind of mild pain reliever that helped her relax. I left her eat anything she wanted, she seemed to have a ravenous appetite at the end.

    I hate living with this it’s so hard! Help!?
    Hey people of Yahoo.
    my cat was recently diagnosed with Chronic kidney disease and i’m at a loss. i’m 13 years old. i don’t know how to cope with this. luckily, the disease was caught in it’s early stages, but i just keep thinking about how she’ll be (hopefully she’ll live this long) years from now. it will hurt so bad to see that when (if) it happens, and i’m not sure i want to see that. it makes we wanna die for her (I will not die, i will live, i’m just saying) and i’m so worried. so does anyone know anything to help me (besides therapy)? Thank you, in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty. Its obvious that you love her very much. For now she can be treated but there will come a day when it’ll be time to let go. While she’s still around, cuddle her a lot, make sure she knows you love her. Appreciate her in the time she has left.

      There will come a day where you will have to say goodbye. It hurts, its really sad, you’ll miss her terribly. At this time realize that when your kitty passes that she will no longer be in pain or sick any more. She’ll go to heaven and wait for you to join her. Although your time is years and years away, there is no time in heaven, everything is now. She’ll be waiting for you, probably taking a nap on some fluffy cloud. She will know how much you love her, too. Know that she loves you too. I really hope this helps you, my heart goes out to you.

    How do u pay 2/3 of costs of covering 10s of millions more people by cuts to medicare & not cut service?Ration?

    Do you know what the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, or NICE, in the UK is? Like the governmental committee to make ‘recommendations’ on care and best practices in Obamacare, NICE was originally set up just to advise on best practices, but mutated.

    “What NICE has become in practice is a rationing board. As health costs have exploded in Britain as in most developed countries, NICE has become the heavy that reduces spending by limiting the treatments that 61 million citizens are allowed to receive through the NHS. For example:

    In March, NICE ruled against the use of two drugs, Lapatinib and Sutent, that prolong the life of those with certain forms of breast and stomach cancer. This followed on a 2008 ruling against drugs — including Sutent, which costs about ,000 — that would help terminally ill kidney-cancer patients. After last year’s ruling, Peter Littlejohns, NICE’s clinical and public health director, noted that “there is a limited pot of money,” that the drugs were of “marginal benefit at quite often an extreme cost,” and the money might be better spent elsewhere.

    In 2007, the board restricted access to two drugs for macular degeneration, a cause of blindness. The drug Macugen was blocked outright. The other, Lucentis, was limited to a particular category of individuals with the disease, restricting it to about one in five sufferers. Even then, the drug was only approved for use in one eye, meaning those lucky enough to get it would still go blind in the other. As Andrew Dillon, the chief executive of NICE, explained at the time: “When treatments are very expensive, we have to use them where they give the most benefit to patients.”

    NICE has limited the use of Alzheimer’s drugs, including Aricept, for patients in the early stages of the disease. Doctors in the U.K. argued vociferously that the most effective way to slow the progress of the disease is to give drugs at the first sign of dementia. NICE ruled the drugs were not “cost effective” in early stages.

    Other NICE rulings include the rejection of Kineret, a drug for rheumatoid arthritis; Avonex, which reduces the relapse rate in patients with multiple sclerosis; and lenalidomide, which fights multiple myeloma. Private U.S. insurers often cover all, or at least portions, of the cost of many of these NICE-denied drugs.

    NICE has also produced guidance that restrains certain surgical operations and treatments. NICE has restrictions on fertility treatments, as well as on procedures for back pain, including surgeries and steroid injections. The U.K. has recently been absorbed by the cases of several young women who developed cervical cancer after being denied pap smears by a related health authority, the Cervical Screening Programme, which in order to reduce government health-care spending has refused the screens to women under age 25.
    Sound good to you?

    Doesn’t sound good to me.
    Sunshine he said 2/3 not 1/3 and since he is ADDING huge committee and oversight structures and keeping insurance involved as well, there is no savings. That is the problem the CBO had with it. It doesn’t cut costs. So to take the money from medicare means cutting service.

    • ANSWER:
      Thank you for a well thought out and informative question. Sad that they could not sue them because of this, but that’s one of the perks of being the goverrnment.

      This must be another way to allow the insurance companies to dump the high cost customers, just like they were able to do with the high costs of prescription drugs.

      Amazing that Chris Dodd is for it as he has only gotten about million from banking and insurance companies. They know that places like the three county area around Dade county has almost a billion bill annually for aids.

      These high costs are costing the top brass of the insurance companies money and bonuses. Since Obama has taken office Fed spending has gone up 25% from 3 to 4 trillion, even without the cap and trade and 3 billion for this health plan.

      let’s use the KISS system to answer your question there is no way to do what they say and understand it is the same as a campaign promise.It is not possible. Even the President stated the government run programs were bankrupting the country, so why push this other than a payoff from and for insurance.

      Pray that the Congress understands that the 30 million undocumtneted ( using that government figure and not the 12 million figure during the last try), then take the 12 million that don’t want to pay, the homeless that have mental problems and still can get medicaid and you have maybe 10 million that fall in the cracks that want it, but cannot afford it and that’s that.

      I notice and have contacted the companies that will take anyone and only for 0 amonth and do not understand why the government would not farm out Medicare to them.

      As far as the cancer, MD Anderson has done extensive studies and also China and Japan, UCLA, Wake Forrest… that resveratrol, stops cancer (google ” clinical and preclinicasl trials of resveratrol for cancer”) and many have been saved, but for some reason the government will not advertise it. Many doctors even prescribe it after breast cancer therapy. I have a freind that was given 3 months and that was four years ago now.

      You know this, but the “plan” is a government take over to reward the lobbyists and will kill 100,000s more than Raplh Nadar has documented.

      Didn’t mean to ramble, and much better answers, but hope this may help. Have a great 2009, 2010…..

    Help… Kidney Transplant Questions!?
    Hello! I’m a 30 year old guy and needs your help…
    Earlier this month, i have a biopsy made on my kidney…
    I was diagnosed to have a stage 5 CKD, ESRD… Got a GFR of 16%, Creatinine of 650… My blood sugar is normal…
    Just talked to my Nephrologist yesterday, and he told me, at my young age, he suggested me to have a preemptive kidney transplant instead of waiting for my kidneys to deteriorate and maybe, to have a dialysis…

    Now, if ever, i need to have a transplant… Here are my questions:

    1st Question:
    What preparation do i need to do to prepare myself for the transplant? Physically & Emotionally…?

    2nd Question:
    How long will the transplant operation take, from cutting to stitching? If i have a related donor, will we be operated at the same time? Or the donor goes first before me at the operating room?

    3rd Question:
    After the operation, after waking up, how do you feel? Can you move your body? How long will i be sleeping, from entering OR to after the operation? How long will you be in bed before you can sit, stand or even walk on your own?

    4th Question:
    How long will i stay in the hospital? How long will the incision heal?

    5th Question:
    How big will the incision be, in inches please? And on what part of the body will it be, is it on the stomach?

    6th Question:
    If i received a new kidney, do they have to take out my old kidneys or will it stay? If NO, what if my 2 old kidneys totally throw in the towel and gave up in the future, do we need to remove my 2 kidneys?

    7th Question:
    My nephro told me that if i have a transplant, i would be living a normal life again… After your transplant, for those who have a successful transplant, is it as normal as your life before? I mean, can you still do the things that you are doing / eat the food you eat before you got your kidney disease?

    Last Question:
    Any physical or emotional changes after the transplant? Or maybe side effects of the transplants or medicines after transplant?

    Hope you could help me on my questions?
    I’m really scared to death when i think of the transplant…
    Because i really don’t know what’s going to happen…
    Thank you for those who will answer my questions…

    • ANSWER:
      My son was also had ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease)Stage 5,, CRI(Chronic Renal Insuffiency), CKD(Chronic Kidney Disease), (and any other accronym you can think of) he has only one kidney(born that way) and it was at 12% function. Answerer 1 did a great job of explaining. I will tell you my expierience as a parent and donor.

      1. Physically you need to be free of infection(or signs of ) for a minimum of 6 weeks. At least this was my expierience. My son had contracted pertionitis (infection of the pertionium) through faulty medical practice so his tranpslant was delayed by several weeks. I’m sorry I cannot answer the emotional part. Though I can talk to you and offer support. (okay that sounds a little creepy)

      2. If you have a living donor (ie a friend or realtive or annoynmous) they will be prepped for surgery first. I was prepped at 9am on my paticular day. As they are working on the donor the surgeons give the go ahead to prep the recipient. They (the donor and recipient) will be in adjacent OR (operating room) so the kidney literally goes right from donor to recipient. I think the surgery itself takes about 4 hours from start with the donor to finish with you. But if complicaitions arise (this is a possibility with any proceedure) of course it will take longer.

      3. Believe it or not, you will feel much better than the donor after surgery. The kidney starts working right away even before you are closed up. Isn’t that awesome! I do not know how long you will be unconscious. I’m not sure how long I slept etiher. My son had a total of 6 Iv fluids in his arm and neck. They were bolus fluids(to replace those lost during surgery, antirejection drugs, antibiotics, morphine drip ect…
      Yes you can move your body. My son (the recipient) was sitting as soon as he woke up and asking to play video games. He did complain of pain but nothing terrible. The doctors will try to get you up and walking to help move your bowels and you will also have terrible gas from all the air trapped in your abdomen. AS the donor I lost all modesty having to ask help to go to the toilet. Help bathing ect… I could not walk on my own for about a week, but I used a walker. I was stubborn I would not use the wheelchair offered. They did not give me pain medication prior to waking so I was very sore. Finally I was given a morpihne drip which caused me to vomit repeatedly (right after major abdomnial sugery no less) do I stuck with hydrocodone. It took a week before I could sit without help on my own. Even then it was difficult , having to roll over on my side or something. I’m sure I looked like a walrus or something. (lol looking back I can only laugh at all my son and I have gone through, because after all we are still alive and in realtive good health, just try to remaiin postive, it can be hard at times though, lean on your family or close friends)

      4.As the donor I stayed only 5 days. My son as the recipient stayed 10. Now if you contract any infection or have rejection issues you will stay longer. His incision healed very quickly in a matter of weeks, it was glued not sutured.

      5. 9 inches vertically on the stomach right past the belly button (they cut around it.

      6. They leave the old kidneys. No even if they are non functional. You body can perform just fine on one healthy kidney.

      7. You will be on a normal diet yes. The may tell you to avoid contact sports. My son can never particapte in them due to the location of the kidney. You will be on antirejection drugs for the rest of your life or for the life of the kidney, in which case you may have to endure dialysis.

      8. With some of the rejection drugs there is a small chance of cancer. Also when taking prednisone you will expierience moon face (swollen face) and rapid weight gain and appetite. After your doctor reduces the dose this side affect will diminish. (it is a steriod)

      Lastly, good luck to you! I hope everything turns in your favor.

      EDIT Also the same year (2008) my son had his transplant he had a total of 6 surgeris that year (three of the abdomnial, he had appendicitis, kidney transplant, bowel obstructuon from scar tissue from the tranplant, they opened the same scar three different times.). He is 7 years old, thus far he has shown no emotional scars and is very outgoing. I think you will do just fine given time and support. They way I look at it (and tell my son jokeingly) chicks love scars! If anything it prompts conversation! Agian Best wishes!

    Is bin Laden’s death kept secret to keep the terrorism lie going for defense spending & trashing civil rights?
    I’d like to see Obama announce the death of Osama bin Laden as one of his first official duties. Bin Laden often better known as bin Forgotten died in December of 2001. There is nothing I am saying that is news to anyone who has actually spent any time thinking.

    Osama bin Laden had serous kidney disease that required him to have dialysis treatment twice a week. There aren’t any dialysis machines floating around in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. A few months back a reporter finally asked the question that should have been asked years ago at a White House press conference.

    How is it that a guy who was seriously ill seven years ago is getting treatment for end-stage renal disease in some cave in Afghanistan? The woman conducting the press conference panicked at the thought of answering that most basic question and immediately canceled the rest of the briefing.

    The United States does not need a boogieman living in a cave in Asia. Osama bin Laden is dead. Barak Obama should be honest enough with the American people to declare him dead.

    Here are the facts.

    1. The last intelligence intercept of Osama bin Laden was on December 14 of 2001. He has not been heard from since.
    2. President Bush and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld hinted in late December of 2001 that they knew Osama bin Laden was dead.
    3. President Musharraf of Pakistan announced in January of 2002 that Osama bin Laden was probably dead of kidney disease.
    4. President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan was quoted in October of 2002 as saying, “The more we don’t hear of him, and the more time passes, there is the likelihood that he probably is either dead or seriously wounded somewhere.”
    5. But the actions of the US Military are the most telling. There isn’t a single soldier, sailor or Marine tasked with chasing down Osama bin Laden, dead or alive. Because we know exactly where he is. He’s dead. So the US military is either totally or absolutely incompetent or Osama bin Laden died years ago and we’ve been fighting the boogieman.
    6. As early as July of 2002, even the FBI’s counterterrorism chief was quoted as saying; Osama bin Laden is “probably” dead.

    The US does not need a boogieman; we have real challenges ahead of us. We need a President who will not lie to us on a constant basis.

    While you are at it Mr President Elect, you may want to mention that Iran never threatened to wipe Israel off the map and 16 US Intelligence agencies all agree Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program. But you knew that, didn’t you? Iran is neither the enemy of the United States nor Israel.

    • ANSWER:

    Personal Essay for Pharmacy School?
    I am having a hard time starting my personal essay for pharmacy school. I want to go into pharmacy school because of my father. He was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease in early 1997 and it made life very difficult for my whole family. He finally received a kidney transplant and his quality of life improved after taking numerous medications. The field of pharmacy has provided my father the chance to continue living with my mother, younger brother, and I.

    I am of Filipino descent, but I would hate to play the race card. Both of my parents immigrated from the Philippines and I am a first-generation post-secondary student.

    Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      You could start it off with a story about your dad talking about the worst days on dialysis; how he felt while he was there and afterwards; the surgery you have to have beforehand; the other people there and how they did (the third time I went to dialysis, someone died); the crappy diet, and how you are pretty much stuck to that chair and never going anywhere.

      I always like to start off essays and speeches w/ stories. They grab people’s attention.

      I would say my transplants, and the immunosuppresants, have changed my life


    Question about my speech?
    What do you think of my speech? Could you edit it or tell me where to add or take out things??

    Napoleon Bonaparte, Babe Ruth, Hitler, Idi Amin, Al Capone & King Henry VIII. I wonder how many of you could tell me what these people had in common. Today, I will be discussing the STD, Syphilis.

    Syphilis is a bacterial disease that is highly infectious and can be passed through blood. A child in the womb can be exposed or if direct contact with syphilis sore is made, the disease can be contracted.

    Syphilis sores occur mainly on the external genitals, but some cases have been reported on other areas of the body like in the mouth or on the back.

    Syphilis progresses in three distinct stages. The Primary phase is the beginning of the disease. It starts with a sore, known as a shanker; these appear mainly on the genitals. But any part of the body is at risk.

    Any contact with the sore can transmit the disease. The sore will grow bigger in 3-4 days and after 1 week it will disappear, but this does not mean that the disease is gone.

    The secondary phase develops 4 to 10 weeks after the shanker appears. This is when the majority of symptoms begin to appear such as fever, joint pain, muscle aches, sore throat, rash, headache, decreased appetite, patchy hair loss and swollen lymph nodes.

    People often mistake this for the flu because these are all flu symptoms. This phase can go away without treatment, but then the third phase will commence.

    The third phase is known as the ‘latent phase’. In the early stages of this phase, first one to two years, the disease has some of the same symptoms as the second stage.

    More than 2 years after the beginning of this phase there may be no symptoms and sores are normally no longer infectious. But pregnant woman can still pass them on to baby foetus through the womb.

    The third phase is known as the ‘latent phase’. In the first one to two years of this phase, the disease has some of the same symptoms as the second stage. More than 2 years after the beginning of this phase there may be no symptoms and sores are normally no longer infectious.

    But pregnant woman can still pass the disease to their foetus through the womb. This stage is a very dangerous one as it can appear that the infection has gone, but without treatment it will not. In severe cases this phase can cause, gradual blindness, numbness and even dementia.

    There is one more rather uncommon phase known as the Tertiary Phase. This phase is rarely seen in modern times because of the aid of penicillin. But the unlucky people who develop this phase are faced with heart, skin, bone and brain problems.

    Many of these symptoms I have listed sound like symptoms to other diseases, such as influenza, that is why syphilis can be referred to as ‘The Great Pretender’, as it mimics other diseases.

    Another form of syphilis that isn’t mentioned a lot is ‘congenital syphilis’. This is the occurrence after a foetus has been infected in a womb.

    The form of syphilis can cause many abnormalities in the child such abnormalities as, teeth, bone problems, liver/spleen/kidney enlargement, brain infection, skin rashes and more.

    Syphilis is an equal opportunity disease! Anyone who has sex can contract it. Therefore the only way to completely avoid it is through avoiding sexual contact. The highest occurrence is found in women aged 20-24, and men aged 35-39.

    Newborns with congenital syphilis increased from 2005 to 2006, with 339 new reported cases in 2005 compared to 349 cases reported in 2006. Doctors believe this is because people are NOT having safe sex and are NOT aware of all the risks taken by having irresponsible sexual activity.

    Between 2005 and 2006, the number of reported syphilis cases increased by 11.8%. Rates have increased in males each year between 2000 and 2006 from 2.6 to 5.7. In 2006, 64% of the reported syphilis cases were with men who have sex with men. It is also reported that men are more vulnerable in contracting syphilis.

    Syphilis is now treated by the use of penicillin, doctors do advise that while being treated you avoid all sexual contact. And every 6-12 months an annual check up is required.

    Some interesting, yet alarming, facts I unfolded whilst studying syphilis are – The infamous Tuskegee experiments in the US were experiments in which black men with syphilis were intentionally denied treatment so that the effects of untreated syphilis could be studied.

    None of them were deliberately infected, however; they were “merely” permitted to get sicker and were misled as to the true nature of their condition. Another is that for centuries the treatment of choice for syphilis was mercury, which was painted onto the sore. This had the unfortunate side effect of causing a slow death by mercury poisoning.

    I hope that through my speech you have learnt more about the STD syphilis and know what to do if it comes your way.
    Syphilis – An “oldie” but not a “goodie”
    I am in Yr. 9

    • ANSWER:
      I just skimmed through, but I noticed you did not cite your sources, and that is a must!!! for college. I also have a college informative speech guide that my professor gave me that I could scan over to you if you wanted it.

    Help with speech!!????????
    Can you please edit my speech or help me put in more personal opinions and interesting facts?? THANK YOU! To make it more fun to listen to.


    Napoleon Bonaparte, Babe Ruth, Hitler, Idi Amin, Al Capone & King Henry VIII. I wonder how many of you could tell me what these people had in common. It might surprise you that they all had, at some stage, syphilis. So, today, I will be discussing the perimeters of a specific STD, Syphilis. The disease was discovered in 1905 by Fritz Schauddin & Erich Hoffman.

    Syphilis is a bacterial disease that is highly infectious and can be passed on through blood transferring, child in womb can be exposed or direct contact with the syphilis sore. Syphilis sores occur mainly on the external genitals, but some cases have been reported otherwise.

    Syphilis progresses in three distinct stages and one not so common anymore. Primary phase; this is the beginning of the disease. It starts with a sore, known as a shanker; these appear mainly on the genitals. But any part of the body is at risk. Any contact with the sore can transmit the disease. The sore will grow bigger in 3-4 days, after 1 week it will disappear, but the disease will not.

    The secondary phase includes many more symptoms. It may build up 4-10 weeks after the shanker appears. The common symptoms are: fevers, joint pains, muscle aches, sore throats, flu-like symptoms, rashes, headaches, decreased appetites, patchy hair loss and swollen lymph nodes. This phase can go away without treatment, but the third phase will commence. The third phase is known as the ‘latent phase’. In the early stages of this phase, first one to two years, the disease has some of the same symptoms as the second stage. More than 2 years after the beginning of this phase there may be no symptoms and sores are normally no longer infectious. But pregnant woman can still pass them on to baby foetus through the womb.

    The one, not so common, phase now is the ‘tertiary phase’. This isn’t seen much anymore because of the aid of penicillin. But for the unlucky people who contract this phase they are normally faced with heart, skin, bone and brain problems.
    Many of these symptoms I have listed sound like symptoms to other diseases, that is why syphilis can be referred to as ‘The Great Pretender’, because it mimics other diseases.

    Another form of syphilis that isn’t mentioned a lot is ‘congenital syphilis’. This is the occurrence after a foetus has been infected in a womb. The form of syphilis can cause many abnormalities in the child such abnormalities as, teeth, bone problems, liver/spleen/kidney enlargement, brain infection, skin rashes and more.

    Syphilis can be exposed to anyone who has sex, but the highest occurrence is found in women aged 20-24, and men aged 35-39. Newborns with congenital syphilis increased from 2005 to 2006, with 339 new reported cases in 2005 compared to 349 cases reported in 2006.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not researching for you but here are some corrections so the piece will flow more smoothly. Also, there are some notes on where you need more research to complete the piece. Hope this helps –

      TITLE: The Great Pretender

      Napoleon Bonaparte, Babe Ruth, Hitler, Idi Amin, Al Capone & King Henry VIII. Can you tell me what these people had in common? Syphilis. Today, I will be discussing the STD, Syphilis. All of you have heard of it but do you really know anything about it?

      The disease was discovered in 1905 by Fritz Schauddin & Erich Hoffman. (How? Why? What kind of research was being performed that led to this discovery?) Syphilis is a bacterial disease that is highly infectious and can be passed through blood. A child in the womb can be exposed or if direct contact with a syphilis sore is made, the disease can be contracted. Syphilis sores occur mainly on the external genitals, but some cases have been reported on other areas of the body. (WHERE ON THE BODY? BE SPECIFIC.)

      Syphilis progresses in three distinct stages. The Primary phase is the beginning of the disease. It starts with a sore, known as a shanker; these appear mainly on the genitals. But any part of the body is at risk. Any contact with the sore can transmit the disease. The sore will grow bigger in 3-4 days and after 1 week it will disappear, but this does not mean that the disease is gone.

      The secondary phase develops 4 to 10 weeks after the shanker appears. This is when the majority of symptoms begin to appear such as fever, joint pain, muscle aches, sore throat, rash, headache, decreased appetite, patchy hair loss and swollen lymph nodes. People often mistake this for the flu because these are all flu symptoms. This phase can go away without treatment, but then the third phase will commence.

      The third phase is known as the ‘latent phase’. In the first one to two years of this phase, the disease has some of the same symptoms as the second stage. More than 2 years after the beginning of this phase there may be no symptoms and sores are normally no longer infectious. But pregnant woman can still pass the disease to their fetus through the womb. (This paragraph needs more detail and makes little sense. Are people outwardly ill during this phase? Are they contagious? If so, how? Through sexual contact? Blood contact? Contact of mucous membranes? This area needs more research).

      There is one more rather uncommon phase known as the Tertiary Phase. This phase is rarely seen in modern times because of the aid of penicillin. But the unlucky people who develop this phase are faced with heart, skin, bone and brain problems. (Like what? Cancers? Heart disease? Does their skin fall off? Does their brain die?? What happens to them?)
      Many of these symptoms I have listed sound like symptoms to other diseases, that is why syphilis has been referred to as ‘The Great Pretender’, because it mimics other diseases.

      Another form of syphilis that isn’t mentioned often is ‘congenital syphilis’. This is Syphilis that occurs when a fetus has been infected in the womb. This form of syphilis can cause many birth abnormalities in the child such as, teeth, bone problems, liver/spleen/kidney enlargement, brain infection and skin rashes.

      Syphilis is an equal opportunity disease! Anyone who has sex can contract it. Therefore the only way to completely avoid it is through avoiding sexual contact. The highest occurrence is found in women aged 20-24, and men aged 35-39. Newborns with congenital syphilis increased from 2005 to 2006, with 339 new reported cases in 2005 compared to 349 cases reported in 2006. (Are there any reasons why doctors think this is happening? Do YOU have any idea’s on this?)

      **You need a closing statement. Your speech needs to have a point – did you simply want your peers to know about the disease? Do you want them to avoid it? Are you concerned that the number of cases in infants has increased? Do you think more research needs to be done on it? There needs to be a logical end to this – a statement that closes the discussion**

    Nausea for 4 months not pregnancy (quite long!)?
    A few months ago I thought I was pregnant again, when the LO was only 5 months old! The nausea hasnt gone and on Monday I had my third trip to the Dr.s it hasnt gotten any worse, but isnt getting any better either. At first it was thought it was an ear infection, then acid reflux and now he doesnt know what it is but has given me some medication which blocks nauseous feelings. So this is my third round of medication in almost 3 months! I’ve being on this medication for three days now, taking 3 a day it should have begun to work but it hasnt.
    Before my first trip to the Dr.s I had it for about a month, so it is now 4 months I have being feeling horribly nauseous. I have done 5 pregnancy tests and all are negative. I have a mirena coil so it is unlikely.
    My tummy is also tender about 2 inches down from my belly, and to the left and right. The Dr. says if I dont feel any different after this lot of medication then we will start more invasive investigations eg scans, keyhole surgery etc….
    I googled my symptoms, I really wish I hadnt! This is what I found:
    Nausea and vomiting are not diseases, but they are symptoms of many conditions such as:
    * Motion sickness or seasickness
    * Early stages of pregnancy (nausea occurs in 50%-90% of all pregnancies; vomiting in 25%-55%)
    * Medication induced vomiting
    * Intense pain
    * Emotional stress (fear)
    * Gallbladder disease
    * Food poisoning
    * Infections (such as the “stomach flu”)
    * Overeating
    * A reaction to certain smells or odors
    * Heart attack
    * Concussion or brain injury
    * Brain tumor
    * Ulcers
    * Some forms of cancer
    * Bulimia or other psychological illnesses
    * Gastroparesis (a condition seen in people with diabetes)
    * Kidney or Liver disorders
    It isnt motion sickness, isnt pregnancy (though now im wishing it was!)
    medication induced
    intense pain
    emotional stress
    over eating
    heart attack
    certain smells or odors
    I’m really worried as most of these are quite serious, have any of you ever had this? Or do you have any other possibilities of what it could be?
    Thanks! x

    • ANSWER:
      Yes – I felt sick a lot for months, and lost a lot of weight. It was down to anxiety/worry.

      Of course google has to bring up some of the quite serious things too, and look what it’s done, now you’re worrying yourself silly!

      Your medically trained doctor did not believe your symptoms allude to anything serious, otherwise he’d have acted differently. If you’re that worried, book another appointment and tell him/her the anti sickness tablets aren’t working.

    Are there any safe alternatives to high blood pressure medication?
    My husband has ‘white coat’ blood pressure. His levels are usually around 140/90 when he sees a doctor. I have taken his blood pressure at home when he’s resting at it’s 125/80 which is within normal ranges. The doctor who did his last physical basically yelled at him for not losing weight and told him to see a cardiologist for his BP (blood pressure). My husband was losing weight at the time, but slowly. His problem is his metabolism is slow. I know alot of people say that because they’re carrying weight, but his is truly his thyroid. His mother and father both had serious thyroid problems. His father ultimately was diagnosed as a diabetic. My husband only eats 3 meals a day. I cook dinner with lots of vegetables, no beef hardly, and low fat products. However, his physical is due within a month and he’s already becoming nervous. This brings on the “white coat” dilemma again. Why are doctors in the US just prescribing pills? Whatever to diet and exercise regimen? All I ever read anymore is that doctors prescribe this and that pill. I just faced this myself. I’m in the early stages of menopause. My doctor prescribed for me estrogen therapy or HRT. I refuse to take this therapy because of the serious risks to women. HRT is reported to cause strokes, heart disease, cancers, etc. I finally found a local doctor who gave me a regimen of supplements and it’s been working fine. My grandmother was given high blood pressure medication and it actually caused her one kidney to fail. She almost died from the medication. She had to have the bad kidney removed. Is there a safe alternative to help his nerves and helping him his physical fears? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      ” Why are doctors in the US just prescribing pills?” because doctors plan about 7 minutes per patient and they’re totally influenced by the drug companies. If they can write you a prescription and get you out of their office in 5 min they can make their quota. I sure wouldn’t consider 140/90 serious when at home it’s 125/90.

      Excess Salt is one of the biggest problems and most comes from prepared/canned foods (excluding fast food). Lots of fresh spinach is good support for thyroid but thyroid meds aren’t too bad as far as I know.

      I saw a report a while back that the average 70 year old is on 14 prescription meds a day. That’s just crazy!

      Stick with your low fat, low meat cooking and limit canned ingredients and limit/eliminate salt. My last 12oz salt box lasted more than a year. Many say 4 smaller meals are better than 3 normal meals, your choice.

      good luck

    What care options are available for my dad who is terminally ill?
    I’m going through a very distressing time at the moment as within a matter of a week of my dad being admitted to hospital we have been told he has terminal cancer (it has come from the lung area and above the kidney but is now in a few areas of the brain). It all started a few weeks ago when he was confused about things and one day went missing walking to the shops but we put this down to diabetes as he wasn’t following a diet properly. The painful thing is that we haven’t told him yet as he is confused and forgetful and the palliative care team thought it would be best not to say too much because it would be breaking bad news all the time as he forgets whats been said. Its weird because sometimes he acts normally just comes out with strange words when explaining things. I took him home yesterday and my mum who is 74 is very nervous about the future as she is his main carer and I’m worried about the effect on her health too. We have been told he has only months at the most but we have no other family to care for him although I have given up a part time job to help out a few days a week from tomorrow. The trouble is I have 2 young children and my husband works all hours including weekends so I can’t commit too much even though I would if I could. My mum is coping at the moment but its early stages. He’s lost interest in everything, doesn’t want to drink or eat much but despite that is adamant about going on holiday (we were going to america in a few weeks and I don’t know if or how to tell him he can’t go). I know a lot of those signs are because of the disease and I’m worried he will go downhill quickly. He gave the hospital staff grief every day about walking out when he was in there so I don’t know how to go about getting him other care when he thinks he’s okay, just confused. He thinks the doctors are over reacting. I also don’t want to break his heart to tell him he is dying and can’t go on holiday etc. They only told him he has an abnormality on the lung and brain but he’s forgotten that anyway. When it gets to a point when he deteriorates and my mum can’t cope what options are available? It would upset him greatly going back in hospital. Are nurses available to visit most days? Also he wants to pay some bills that have come through the post but is frustrated why he can’t deal with them. We’re stuck as we can’t help him access his money as hes not in a fit state of mind to sign anyone over as power of attorney and we will have to go to the court I think. Its one big mess as he’s not too bad at the moment but bad enough not to be able to make decisions. Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      My heart goes out to you, been there. (This is how it works in the UK) If your fathers consultant/care team have given him a prognosis of 6 months you are entitled to a Special care allowance, which for obvious reasons is fast-tracked. This might help to alleviate some of the financial pressures.
      You will be able to get further help, financial & nursing, through Macmillan’s. They will do their best with the help of district nurses( who in our case were utterly brilliant) to support your caring for him at home. If it becomes too much of a hardship, they will arrange hospice care, as a respite or for terminal care.
      If he just needs sitters rather than nursing care, so that you & your mother get breaks, there are some organisations that will do this, but this may vary from one area to another.
      As you say, power of attorney is another difficult area, & it is one we didn’t have to deal with.Our mother remained of sound mind until the last two weeks.
      This is going to be a difficult time for you & your family. Take up all offers of help & look after yourselves as well as your father.All i can add from my own experience, is that i was glad to be alongside my mother for those last few months, hard as they were, she was worth it.

    What would be a good conclusion for this essay?
    The population of Bahrain suffers from one of the highest prevalence rates of diabetes in the world. Talk to any medical professional in the kingdom and they’ll tell you it is one of the most pressing health issue the country faces. Currently around 15 per cent of the population suffers from diabetes, with the illness causing five percent of deaths in Bahrain. Yet, thanks to the symptoms being so various and relatively difficult to self-diagnose, up to half of those suffering don’t even know they’ve got it.
    Diabetes is a metabolic disease which is caused by abnormal insulin secretion that regulates glucose use by the cell for energy. The result is a high glucose in the blood leading to damage to the blood vessels supplying main organs and tissues like the kidney, eye, nerves and the heart.
    According to the International Diabetes Federation, five countries among the six highest diabetes prevalence rates in the world are Gulf States countries, including Bahrain which is ranked the fifth. The seriousness of the problem is that 50 percent of cases are unaware that they have the disease but even those diagnosed with diabetes are identified after years of the disease with no symptoms. This is a silent disease and most patients have no symptoms and this underscores the need for early screening for those at risk of the disease. It is estimated that diabetes prevalence will increase by more than two fold in Bahrain in the next two decades. Diabetes mellitus has become one of the most common public health problems in the country. In 1988 it was estimated that 3.4% of total deaths in Bahrain were due to diabetes.
    There are many solutions to cure diabetes before it occurs and after it occurs; depending on the stage it is in. each solution depends on the stage and type of diabetes the individual has. The solutions are; Hydrotherapy, Detoxification, Herbal medicines, and Mud Therapy. These solutions should be carried immediately for individuals in order to solve the diabetes problem. The symptoms can be very unnoticeable so check ups are highly recommended if any of the less visible are seen or felt by the individual.

    • ANSWER:
      Summarize the topic and the main points, then think of something memorable, maybe a joke or deep piece of insight to finish it off with.

    What side effects are there when you get a tattoo and have kidney disease?
    So I am wanting to get a tattoo, (I’m in my early 20′s) but I have stage 4 chronic kidney disease. I’m wondering if there is any complications with the ink, or any other things that I should worry about.

    Please Help!!!

    • ANSWER:

    Can I work with animals if I’ve got kidney disease?
    I recently got back some lab work that suggests that my kidneys are not functioning properly. I’m going to the doctor in a few weeks to begin more testing to find out how bad things are. I also work at a pet store and I am responsible for handling various animals. On any given day I may remove a dead fish with my hands (its quicker than using a net) and be bitten by a few hamsters. I also sometimes handle lizards. There are even some days where I have to change the bedding of the small mammals and other days I change the bedding of the birds. The birds also bite at times, although I’ve never been bitten by one.
    I read that the kidney disease can cause my immune system to weaken, but I believe that I’m still in the early stages of every thing. Anyway, is it safe for me to continue my job working with the animals?

    • ANSWER:

    kidney disease diet?
    I have early stages of FSGS and am on medication to treat my nephrotic syndrome (now under control} as well as blood pressure and cholesterol medications. my kidney function is still very good, and i’m not anemic or diabetic, so i don’t need to be on any radical or extremely strict diet, but I would like some guidelines on what particular foods I should be trying to eat more of or trying to avoid. Please don’t recommend any supplements, or just tell me “low protein” since protein really only needs to be controlled in relation to the kidneys’ functioning. What types of protein are best? Is it true that I should cut out dairy? Concentrating on fresh fruits? Vegetables? Which ones? Whole grains? Legumes? How much & what proportions?
    I’m not looking for a weight-loss diet here, I’m looking for the best possible day-to-day eating habits to keep my kidney problems under control and to try and prevent or at least slow the progression of my disease.

    • ANSWER:
      The latest ESPN (European society of parenteral nutrition) guideline is not to reduce protein intake in patients with kidney disease, as protein requirements are higher in illness due the increased turnover. About 1 – 1.5 g protein per kg body weight is the recommendation. As far as I am aware, type of protein does not matter.

      Fluid restriction is recommended though, as you kidneys cannot handle it too well at this stage.

    My husband may be in denial about his cancer?
    My husband is currently suffering from the early stages of liver and kidney disease. While undergoing routine imaging of his liver, the doctor noticed an abnormality on his pancreas as well. It turned out the abnormality was a tumor.

    He handled the news relatively well at first, but now I’m convinced he’s losing his mind. He outright refuses to even consider any treatment options and seems entirely convinced that there is no cancer at all.

    He’s cooked up a crazy conspiracy theory that his cancer diagnosis was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by his ex-wife and her new husband. He’s convinced himself that the doctor who diagnosed him was, in fact, an actor and that the test results were entirely forged. I tried to reason with him, but he’s completely absorbed in his insane fantasy world. I don’t think he’s even slept in four days.

    How can I bring him back to reality?

    Please help. I’m beginning to lose control of the situation.

    • ANSWER:
      maybe he needs a little time to digest this whole shocking news.people react to bad news differently.some cry out loud .some keep quiet and suffer inside..some pretend it never happened.
      you need to talk to a expert on this one,cause this serious …go see a couselor (alone) for advice
      good luck

Dye Tests For Kidneys

Gadolinium contrast agents, used to enhance MRI films, are extremely dangerous for people with kidney problems. Over the past several years, it has become apparent that gadolinium contrast dyes are causing a rare, but serious disease called nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF), which has only been seen in people with pre-existing kidney disease exposed to these products.

NSF leads to excessive formation of connective tissue in the skin and internal organs. NSF can progress to the point of causing severe stiffness in joints, and it can lead to death. There are very few effective treatments for NSF, and there is no cure.

Symptoms of NSF include:

  • Unstable or high blood pressure
  • Tightening and swelling of the skin, typically starting with the legs, moving to the arms, and sometimes the trunk
  • Thickening of the skin around the joints, restricting movement
  • Skin which feels “woody” and has a texture similar to that of an orange peel
  • Red or dark patches of skin
  • Burning, itching, and/or sharp pains in affected areas
  • Symmetrical skin lesions, commonly on the ankles and thighs and between the wrists and upper arms
  • Muscle weakness
  • Deep bone pain in the hips and ribs
  • Calcification of soft tissues

  • Yellow plaques near the eyes

There are currently five gadolinium contrast dyes on the market: Omniscan by GE Healthcare; OptiMARK by Mallinckrodt/Tyco Healthcare; Magnevist by Bayer/Schering AG/Berlex; ProHance by Bracco Diagnostics, and MultiHance by Bracco Diagnostics. Gadolinium contrast dyes were approved for use in MRI scans in 1988, and quickly became the preferred contrast agent for use in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How old an infant should be for Dye test?
    Is 2 months a little too young age for an infant to be undergoing dye test for cheking reflux in kidneys.Usually how old a baby should be for dye test? What side effects could be there?

    • ANSWER:
      My little one had it done around 2 months. There are very few side effects with the dye, if the baby has an allergy they will be able to tell almost immediately. But don’t worry, it is a rather safe procedure.

    hi can anyone tell me if you get a dye scan for kidneys, then blood tests 6 days later for thyroid?
    [under active], could this dye affect the blood test readings . serious answers only please.thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The dye would have no effect on the thyroid function tests.

    I need information on kidney damage caused by medical dye testing.?
    My father had testing using dyes to check his veins. This has caused his kidneys to shut down and we are told that the damage is permanant. I am looking for information concerning this happening to others, and how long it has been happening. Any information is helpful, Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      i guess your dad wasn’t advised by the doctor to have his creatinine checked first before the doctor administered the dye… i was advised to have my creatinine checked first before my doctor admistered dye because a high creatine reading is a no-no if a dye will be administered to a patient… that was what my doctor told me…

    Dye test for baby’s kidney?
    My son had left kidney dilated when he was born.We did an ultrasoundat 8 days.Now again we did an ultrasound at 2 months.Reports r fine and his kidney is also not dilated.But the Doctor wants to do the Dye Test.I m confused and feel it’s not needed.Advice Please:(
    Melissa,hw old was Zack when tht dye test was done?Isn’t my son too young for tht test?

    • ANSWER:

    in kidney transplant or dialysis patients why do they get mucomist for a dye test?
    why in kidney transplant or dialysis patient why do they get mucomist for any dye test such as a angiogram ct scans or mri scans and what is a creatin levels mean too tell me for kidney transplantation how many test dose the surgeon doo before the transplant surgery and how do they treat dialysis patients as well too what dose mucomist do and what is a creatin level mean

    • ANSWER:
      I hate people who cut and paste but I cannot understand it and retell it with understanding so read it for yourself. Or use the web to do your research. This seems to be a deep subject, not easily explained. Ask your doctors.

      How does Mucomist protect the kidneys before a CT with x-ray dye?
      Mucomyst or acetylcysteine is given orally, the usual dose is 600mg twice a day on the day before and the day of a radiocontrast (xray dye) study. Even if you develop renal dysfunction after an xray dye study it is most often transient with complete renal recovery

      An explaination of creatin.

    Is it possible for Kidney to be dilated one time and not the next and then again?
    My son it 2 years of age he had about 3 ultra sounds on his kidney due to the right Kidney being dilated the first on was bad so they did other when he was 1 turn out great but then they did another one Just last month and it was bad but not as bad as the first time he is complaining his back hurt and is always tired he is going for a dye test in couple of weeks but I was just wondering how it could go from Bad to great back to bad

    • ANSWER:
      It is possible that is what happening to your son. I have a nephew who has the same problem. I could be you son has a ureteral scar or narrowing that needs to unblock all the time. It must have been tough for you. Just hang on there and I hope the problem will be sorted soon.

    I had surgery on my l/5 S-1 disk about 4 years ago it was bulging and pressing on a nerve, painful.?
    For about the last year after activities and if I bend a certain way I get a SHARP pain there and if not supported will drop like rock. Tommorrow I am having a MRI, now question, do I have to have the dye injected for contrast or can I get just the MRI , Doc says no dye but the first hospital says yes dye and test for kidney health. I am having it done at another hospital that agrees with the doc. Anyone had this before? Very confusing.
    Thanks, but the tech wants the blood work to make sure the kidney is healthy enough to withstand the introduction of the dye which makes since. What I really want to know is after having surgery will a regular MRI show clearly without the dye for contrast.

    • ANSWER:
      Problem with disc surgery, the pain returns in time. I have the same problem, prolapsed disc that is sitting on the nerve roots to my legs, so they have me on Fentanyl, no surgery unless I loose my bowel and/or bladder function. I did not have the dye, just the WWII torpedo tube MRI and nothing to knock me out either, let alone no intercom system! Do not ask me how I managed 30 minutes but I did, however never again! I do not know why they want a contrast dye? I doubt the problem could be kidney related as it knocks your leg or legs out, so it is a nerve problem. However, one thing I do know, problem with disc surgery, L5/S1is the L5 disc, so now you have placed L4/L5 or the L4 disc under access pressure and this could now be bulging. This would show on a normal MRI. Best of Luck

    only girls should answer, unless you’re a guy doctor..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read & answer if you have any ideas?
    i am 14, soon to be 15. i had a uti in the beginning of january, it went away for about 2 weeks, after taking med. the doctor gave me. then symptoms started coming back. such as, urge to pee although little comes out, and that eventually changed into an urge to pee with pee actually coming out. i’d say i have to pee about every 15 min. but i try holding it, the best i can. i’ve had many cultures done on my urine. most came back normal, no glucose or anything like that, so it can’t be diabetes. the doctor put me on a yeast infection med. (which made my symptoms worse, including burning) for about 2 days, until that test came back negative. he told me to stop taking it, and to continue taking a diff. med. i was on along with it, that is supposed to cure infections. it didn’t seem to be helping. so i had another culture done on my urine, it came back with a sign of more bacteria. i was diagnosed with vaginosis about 3 weeks ago. i then finished my med. to treat infections. symptoms are still present. so my doctor had me go to the hospital for blood work (pregnancy test), negative. + that would be able to tell if i have an std, so i don’t have that. ultrasounds on my bladder and kidneys, came back normal. a dye test on my bladder, with the insertion of a catheter. it was about a half hour procedure. that came back normal. ever since last week, i’ve been getting brown discharge, and i think i spotted some blood in it. also, i’ve lost my appetite. i can eat, but not much. i use to be able to eat a ton, never had problems. but now, i gag everytime i get done eating, even when i haven’t eaten alot. i’ve lost 10 pounds according to the doctor, in the past month. i’m always tired, lazy, don’t feel like getting up, because i’m so uncomfortable. and i get urine leakage sometimes. i get dizzy at times also, and i recently got a headache today, and it has yet to go away. so now, this coming wed. i have an appt. with a gynecologist, hoping to find out what is wrong with me. if anyone has any idea what this could be, please please please, answerrrr! i am so sick of having these problems. its driving me crazy. i don’t even want to see my boyfriend, because i’m so uncomfortable, i would be cranky, and boring. it would be worthless. HELP ME!

    • ANSWER:
      It could be cystitis so I would try medication for that and also a sever case of thrush aswell. Atleast the doctors are testing you, you just have to persist sweety and tell them all the symptoms of you feeling unwell etc ad if you have no luck ask to change doctors for a second oppinion.

    for the past 2 months, i’ve had the frequent urge to pee. i have brown discharge, for about a week now. ideas?
    i am 14, soon to be 15. i had a uti in the beginning of january, it went away for about 2 weeks, after taking med. the doctor gave me. then symptoms started coming back. such as, urge to pee although little comes out, and that eventually changed into an urge to pee with pee actually coming out. i’d say i have to pee about every 15 min. but i try holding it, the best i can. i’ve had many cultures done on my urine. most came back normal, no glucose or anything like that, so it can’t be diabetes. the doctor put me on a yeast infection med. (which made my symptoms worse, including burning) for about 2 days, until that test came back negative. he told me to stop taking it, and to continue taking a diff. med. i was on along with it, that is supposed to cure infections. it didn’t seem to be helping. so i had another culture done on my urine, it came back with a sign of more bacteria. i was diagnosed with vaginosis about 3 weeks ago. i then finished my med. to treat infections. symptoms are still present. so my doctor had me go to the hospital for blood work (pregnancy test), negative. ultrasounds on my bladder and kidneys, came back normal. a dye test on my bladder, with the insertion of a catheter. it was about a half hour procedure. that came back normal. ever since last week, i’ve been getting brown discharge, and i think i spotted some blood in it. also, i’ve lost my appetite. i can eat, but not much. i use to be able to eat a ton, never had problems. but now, i gag everytime i get done eating, even when i haven’t eaten alot. i’ve lost 10 pounds according to the doctor, in the past month. i’m always tired, lazy, don’t feel like getting up, because i’m so uncomfortable. and i get urine leakage sometimes. i get dizzy at times also, and i recently got a headache today, and it has yet to go away. so now, this coming wed. i have an appt. with a gynecologist, hoping to find out what is wrong with me. if anyone has any idea what this could be, please please please, answerrrr! i am so sick of having these problems. its driving me crazy. i don’t even want to see my boyfriend, because i’m so uncomfortable, i would be cranky, and boring. it would be worthless. HELP ME!

    • ANSWER:

    “Ballooning” is causing UTI in my 1 year old boy?
    My 1 year old boy had his first UTI when he was 4 months old. We did all the ultrasound and MCU (using dye) tests to see if he had kidney reflux. the result was negative which was a big relief. He was fine for 6 months. But since mid Jan, he has had recurring UTIs. He’s been on antibiotics since then. Every time we took him off the antibiotics ( or decreased the dose) the UTI cames back straight away. It happened 4 times over the last 8 weeks. It seems the UTI has never gone away. His willy ballons when he wees. The docs suggested that his foreskin is too tight and the urine is not disposing completely. That causes infection around the foreskin area which then shoots back to the bladder. 3 docs suggested he should be circumcised. I am not sure if it really is the answer to his recurring UTI problem. He has been on antibiotics for 8 weeks now. We feel so lost as to what to do. How can we get rid of this recurring UTI? Is “ballooning” uncommon? Does it cause UTI? thx
    He was admitted to Royal North Shore a couple of times and did the cultural tests. But it seems they couldn’t grow any culture. So we are just using some antibiotics and hoping that will help. Thanks for all your feedback. I really appreciate it.
    neb, we thought that may be something else that is not being diagnosed as well. anyway, what we will do is to see another GP and get them to refer us to a “foreskin friendly” specialist and diagonos his situation again. antiseptic cream is a good idea, incision in the foreskin rather than removing it is another good idea. thx

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not an expert on this but I would be very hesitant to recommend circumcision for this. AFAIK ballooning is a normal stage of development and it can’t cause major kidney/bladder problems. I did have a link on that but I lost it I’m sorry. I think it was a “Protect Your Uncircumcised Son” page if you want to google it. I do know though that if it honestly is the fact that the opening isn’t big enough, they can simply surgically enlarge it, instead of removing the whole foreskin. However the foreskin is supposed to be tight and attached on a baby so I find it odd that would be the reason. Could be he is just prone to UTIs and he will need regular antibiotics for it – I’ve known some kids like that, mostly girls. And I agree with Neb if that’s the case they should culture it and make sure they are giving him the right antibiotics and a different/stronger one each time. Although I am against the idea of infant/child circumcision for UTIs, did know somebody where they said the circumcision seemed to improve similar issues. But that might have just been because he was getting older anyway and besides there are lots of side effects from circumcision like loss in sensation not to mention that the pain from the operation, although over in a few weeks, was worse than that from a UTI. My other suggestion is to take him to yet another doctor to see if you can get a different opinion. And if they still think the foreskin is too tight ask them to loosen it not remove it. Good luck.

    kidney stones question 2?
    hi thanks for your answer, i have been to the hospital 10 weeks ago with severe pain in my back around the kidney area!! i had xrays and dye test done and nothing showed up, the doctor said i may have a kidney stone and it would pass in a couple of days, ten weeks later i am still here with the same pain, i was on voltrol and paracetamol which now do not work, also four years ago i had surgery to have a cyst removed from my ovary which was the size of a melon, the pain is in the same place as before, i also had a scan to check this and there was nothing, i have been refered but it will take 8 months, i am in bad pain and sometimes cant stick it, could there be other reasons for the pain other than kidney stones, i have been to the doctors three times since the hospital and they said there is nothing they can do and give me more pain relieve
    the pain feels like a spasm which comes and goes every couple of minutes

    • ANSWER:
      Have you been tested for Medullary Sponge Kidney? It is usually found in MRIs or X-rays. Most doctors don’t know what it is or know very little. I suggest you see a nephrologist or a urologist. I was diagnosed when I was 20 back in 1992. It is a condition that is present during birth but symptoms don’t usually show up until later in life. You can use a search engine to find out more information. You can have pain in the kidney without passing a stone. It’s called renal colic. You may have already passed a stone and are feeling pains associated with renal colic.

    could my pain be something other than a kidney stone?
    for over a year i have had a little pain in my left side of my back between my ribs and hips, the pain always stays in the one place but 8 weeks ago the pain was so severe that i had to go into hospital, at hospital the doctors gave me pain relieve injection which didnt work other than making me sleepy, they then gave me voltrol which help! i got an x-ray which showed nothing, then dye test and another x-ray which showed nothing, the doctor stated that i may have kidney stones and it will pass in two – three days, eight weeks later i am still in bad pain which hasnt eased, the voltrol tablets stopped working!! im frightened i have something more serious and have to wait 8 months on a scan! has anyone suffered like me to be told something else?
    the doctors say that the waiting list for a scan is eight months i have been back to the gp twice and phoned the hospital four times but they keep telling me to drink lots of water, how can they be sure?

    • ANSWER:
      you need to solicit the opinion of a professional who can actually examine you. this will not go away and all the answers you get here will be based soley on pure speculation. it is likely nothing serious, but for your own piece of mind, call your doc.

    My vet can’t determine why my Papillon puppy is so ill. Help?
    My Papillon started becoming lathargic after our trip up north in July. He also began growling at me and the rest of the family, as though he did not know who we were. The growling fits typicallly occur in the evening hours. It has been two months, and he became extremely ill. He went into the hospital because he was vomitting, diahrea, latharic behavior, still growling, clear uring, and would not eat. Blood tests indicated his kidney levels were 6x normal. Intervenous fluids reversed the symptoms and he was sent home. Within 12 hours, he relapsed and became ill again. More x-rays, cbc, blood tests, acid bile test, and a test w/ dye through digestional track was done. OVerall, he seemed to be doing better at the vet and he was sent home. However, this is his first night now, and he is still growling and unaware of who I am for periods of time.
    Please help, my son has been sick and the vets can’t match his symptoms with a diagnosis, and obviously he isn’t getting better. I am worried!

    • ANSWER:
      Has anyone thought to test the little guy for Lyme disease? Sounds like he got infected by a tick during your trip, which can cause all the problems you listed. Surely they tested him for this??? (altho after reading this forum, I’m amazed by what vets miss.)

      This would be my suggestion. A regular tick in a strategic place can make them disoriented and nuts. Lyme disease can do all the above. Good luck to you and the little butterfly dog, and change vets if you need to.

    Dimensional Analysis!!?
    A dye for kidney function tests is to be used at a rate of 0.1 gram per pound of body weight. If a patient weighed 80.0 kilograms, how many grams of dye would be needed?

    I got 17.632…doesn’t sound right to me.

    • ANSWER:
      80 kg = 176 lb

      0.1 g / lb x 176 lb = 17.6 g

      17.632 has too many significant digits.


    Toddler having problems with UTI. Now having test done on kidneys.?
    My 2 1/2 year old daughter is having dye put in her bladder and I asked the children’s hospital to see how much it would cost to have done. They never gave me a straight answer! Does anyone know the cost?! My daughter has a UTI and her doctor is afraid her kidneys may be under developed. She is very small for her age as well, which concerned her doctor. She is having a sonogram done on her kidneys, which the lady told me costs ,021 but she never said how much the test would cost on the whole dye in bladder thing!

    • ANSWER:
      The price will vary from hospital to hospital. They may not have known what the exam was called when you asked about the price. Did you speak to billing? If you did, call back and ask to speak to the manager over the radiology department and ask her how much it would cost for a voiding cystourethrogram, or a VCUG. This exam will not show the kidneys or how they function but what it can show is if the urine is refluxing back into the ureters from the bladder, which can cause UTI’s. Remember, the price that they tell you that the exam costs does NOT inclued the cost of the radiologist reading the exams/films. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you the actual price, but I hope this helps some. Best wishes for you and your daughter! I’m sorry that both of you have to go through all of this.

    Sharp lower back pain?
    I’m 40. A couple of weeks ago I went to my son’s soccer practice and was kicking the ball into the goal as hard as I could and did not warm up and I haven’t done this in years. That morning I woke up with the worst pain in the left side of my lower back that I’ve ever felt in my life. It came with nausea that felt like it would go away by going to the bathroom (#2). The pain lasted about 30 mins. and finally went away as weirdly as it came. It didn’t come back for 2 weeks when I was driving to the office from the plant (2 1/2 hours). That morning I felt as if I had pulled something in my back trying to put on my field suit. That episode lasted about 1 hr. The next day I had a small short episode sitting at my desk. I went to a uroligist the next day and he found nothing. (X-ray, dye test, urine test). I was ok for a few days until last night I woke up with the pain again. That day I had worked all day outside. My symptoms sound like a kidney stone but Dr. said he didn’t see. Help?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey. Im a MA at a pain management clinic and you’re right. All this basically is, is that you pulled something in your lower back. If you have a primary care physician ( PCP ), get a referal to see a pain managment dr.. If this pain does come and go, then you wouldn’t want it to be anything major in the long run by keep putting it off. A pain management doc she be called in for this. We have alot of patients come into the clinic with this type of problem and the dr orders physical therapy to work the kink out. By this being only a problem from exercise and not fibromyalgia, you should be fine with a little light back work-out to work it out. But, still, go see a pain management doc to give you direct orders.

    nitroglycerin patch to people risk with kidneys problem?
    i do have a problem with my kidney and want is the risk for used the nitroglycerin patch are pill would this caused harm and damage the kidneys are if i have a very good health heart and the iv dye used doing the heart test and the mri iv dye caused damage and harm to people have a problem with her kidneys?
    (thank you)

    • ANSWER:

      Data from case series reports, nephrogenic systemic fibrosis patient databases, nephrogenic systemic fibrosis case reporting to the Food and Drug Administration after gadolinium contrast agent exposure and retrospective case control studies suggest a strong association between the use of gadolinium based magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents and the subsequent development of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis in patients with renal disease. These data also suggest that the risk of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis depends on the degree of renal dysfunction, dose of contrast agent, gadolinium contrast agent stability and severity of concomitant illness. Thus, the occurrence of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis after gadolinium contrast agent exposure may vary from negligible up to 2% to 5% in select high risk clinical situations.


      Magnetic resonance imaging using gadolinium based contrast agents must be performed judiciously in patients with renal dysfunction, carefully weighing on a case by case basis the benefits of magnetic resonance imaging and the risk of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis as well as the disadvantages of undergoing alternative or foregoing imaging studies.

    What does a kidney scan involve?
    My 11 month old son needs to have some checks on his kidneys. One test involves inserting a catheter and filling his bladder with dye and scanning him. The other involves dye being injected and an ultrasound.

    Will this cause him great distress? Will they anaesthetise him first? Will it be really painful? Sorry for so many questions but Im really upset and scared for him.

    • ANSWER:
      I used to be a medical rep who sold the dye your son will have, it’s injected into a vein in the arm, it’s quite painless, some do get a warm feeling and very few a little nauseous.

      The dye shows up under x-ray because the body sees it as a waste product which is excreted through the kidneys into the bladder, it will show any abnormalities like blockages etc. if he is having a scan as well that’s similar to when you have a pregnancy scan so there are no needles and completely painless so you have nothing to be concerned about.

    CT Scan for kidneys without contrast…?

    I have been getting pain in my right side and mid back (also on the right side) and because it has been an on and off thing (last week was just really bad, bedridden and couldn’t work). My doctor refered me to get an abdominal ct scan to test functioning of kidney.

    The “specialist”centre stuffed up and asked me to drink the liquid and then decided because I had drank the liquid, I no longer needed the injection :o /Looking at the paper they have provided with the scans, it says without dye contrast and the kidney area is dark, not lit up at all.

    Would this be accurate enough for what I needed tested?

    If anyone knows the answer, it would be greatly appreciated.
    No, it was actually a stuff up. They were meant to give me the injection, they apologised and all because they had made the mistake of giving me the drink and then couldn’t give me the injection (couldn’t or just didn’t I don’t know).

    Got my answer so all good. Went to another doctor, they did stuff up because no way to tell how kidneys filter blood if the dye isn’t filtered. Have to get the scan redone. Great.

    • ANSWER:
      Some CTs are performed without contrast, simply because it is not needed for every CT. The specialists will know whether you need contrast or not, so try not to worry about the test not being performed correctly.

    <<<<<<<>>>>>>> healthy kidneys, blood test?
    If i have healthy liver, and good potassium and sodium levels, would that mean i have healthy kidneys? I had a blood test for a lot of things, but kidneys weren’t included. So do you think my kidneys are healthy? according to my blood test that came back good on potassium, sodium, liver. I also have good blood pressure, thyroid, i don’t have diabetes either

    I had an mri with contrast dye today, and I’m worried about it getting flushed out, i went pee like 5 times already

    My ribs been hurtin, well for a couple years, but its worse now. Its in my back where my kidney would be, it gets worse when i breath in

    • ANSWER:
      Did you get any tests saying S. Urea or S. Creatinine? This is a test for kidney function. IF that is normal you should be alright. There are alot of pieces to this puzzle that are missing. Pain when you breath in sounds more like a lung/ associated region. But the doctor is running test to check your kidneys? Interesting… there must be other complaints or something that the made the doc think something was up in that region… Sorry couldnt help too much but there are a bunch of questions left to ask…if i had some more info i could help u better

    had mri for back & have pain left side, found spots on kidney, blood test for white cells, what could it be?
    brother had MRI for back pain, 2 herniated disks found and spots on one kidney. had blood test today for white cel count tomorrow some test i think with dye. could they be looking for cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      He is likely getting a CT with iv iodinated contrast to further evaluate the lesions. They are trying to rule out cancer but there are more common lesions in the kidneys like simple cysts(fluid collection and not cancer). I’m not sure why a white count but more than likely a blood test(BUN/CR) to make sure his kidneys are working well b/c the contrast can make kidney disease worse.

      Don’t worry too much. Wait for the results.

      Good Luck

    Please help. I’m having two canines taken out tomorrow and I’m terrified. Any advice? ?
    I’m 13 and I’m actually shaking all over just thinking about it. I’ve had a molar taken out when I was under 10, I cried all the way through, the dental nurse was mopping me up with tissues. I had two more molars taken out when I was 13. I was nearly in tears, white and shaking, pinching my hands to distract myself. They injected me in the roof of the mouth, in the cheek, everywhere you can think of in the mouth.

    I’ve got to have two milk canines taken out tomorrow. I’m in tears just thinking about it. The orthodontist told my dentist to do it, because I have the adult canines inside the gum above my incisors. If they don’t move into place after this extraction, they’ll have to operate and remove them from inside the gum. Please help, does having canines out hurt as badly as molars? Am I just being a scaredy cat? I’ve had injections everywhere for drips, blood tests, radioactive dye in my arms and hands for kidney and blood problems. I’ve had MRI scans, brain electric scans. Why is it the mouth that scares me so much?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey, I know these things can seem scary but, really, we imagine things to be much worse than they really are. Your dentist has done this a thousand times and knows exactly what he (or she) is up to. You will have had pain killing injections so you know it won’t hurt. Of course it will be a bit sore afterwards but not for long and think how good it will be when you create the space for your adult teeth.

      We all react to these things differently. We KNOW in our mind we are being a bit of a wimp but we can’t always control our emotions. I just treat getting into the chair like getting onto a bus – I move from here to there and sit down – no big deal. After that, I ignore whatever is going on and escape in my mind to one of my favourite places – a beach in Ibiza. I picture the scene, sense the heat, smell the sea and the sun-tan oil, feel the texture of the sand, imagine the people and what they are doing. Because I am relaxed, the dentist can get on with the work more easily and, before I know it, it’s all over.

      I hope everything goes well for you at the dentist. I am sure it will.

    My dog has been having severe allergic reactions, can anyone help.?
    I have went to 4 different vets in 2 weeks, and so far no one can explain why my dog has almost lost her life to a severe allergic reaction that almost closed her breathing passages. My dog has had blood in her urine, and her tummy is red and hot. I have done everything humanly possible and avoided any trigger for allergies, my floor and anything in her reach is spotless & chemical/dye free. She is on antibiotics but she is still passing blood, her blood test have came up normal . My mom thinks it was the tainted dog food, but is on a mild home-made diet from the vet but only a little better, also her kidneys tested normal. Her hemoglobin (red blood cells) were up. She cleared up with prednisone but they won’t leave her on it, and I’m afriad she’ll go into another attack. Please remember before leaving comments, I have taken her to many vets. Thank you all.

    • ANSWER:
      Try taking her to a holistic vet, if there is one near wear you live. Other things you could try is switching your dog to a raw food diet, either home made or pre-made from a company such as Nature’s Variety. If you do decide to go home made you should do some research first. Another idea is to add either Organic Apple Cider Vinegar or Coconut Oil to her food, read these website to find out more info.

      I hope this helps.

    Should I put my cat to sleep? This is a VERY difficult decision.?
    I am having a difficult time making this decision. My cat is 12 years old and very dear to me. About 7 years ago, he was diagnosed with kidney stones. After SEVERAL thousand $, numerous urinalysis, numerous blood tests, 2 ultrasounds, a dye study (which practically killed him, he couldn’t walk for 3 days), it was ultimately determined that he was not a good candidate for surgery. I even looked into a kidney transplant! Over the years, he has developed a cyst on his bladder, and bladder stones. He is now vomiting several times a week and peeing outside of the cat box consistently. To make matters worse, my husband is takes two asthma medications to live in the house with the cat. My toddler was diagnosed with a cat allergy after 4 days in the hospital with pnemonia. Now he is on medication. No one will take this sick cat. I’ve begged. Not even the no kill shelters. He is such a prince, that isn’t the life for him. He eats, walks, & purrs. I need to decide now as I am pregnant.

    • ANSWER:
      I am soooooo sorry to say this but usually when sanimals start doing things out of there normal especially when they have been sick for a while it usually means that they are going to pass soon. My husbands dog was sooo wonderful but he had gotten sooo sick and we tried everything as you did and one day out of the blue it seemed like he was cured he started playin and nudgin us jus like ur little kitty has started purrin and everything out of no where he is probably going to pass soon anyway. I am sooooo sorry to have a negative out look on this but it would probably be best if u stopped his sufferring.

    I have abdominal pain with side pain at 17 weeks pregnant! Please help!?
    Wednesday, I started having abdominal pain over my left ovary along with side pain. I have lost a little weight, although I eat all the time. I also feel light headed with the pain and a little clammy. The pain is worse when my bladder is full. Once I go to the bathroom to pee, I don’t even want to pee because it hurts so bad. I made an appointment that day with my gynecologist who tested my urine and said that I had a large amount of blood in it. He believed that it was a kidney stone, since I have had 10 in the past five years, and gave me pain medication. He then sent me home to pass the kidney stone.

    Saturday, the pain was so severe that I went to the emergency room. After testing my blood and urine, the admitted me to the hospital. My urine showed a level of 250 and my blood said my white blood cell count was at 14,000. I was given pain medication and kept comfortable. Once my gynecologist seen me, she said that it was ligament pain and sent me home that evening.

    Monday, the pain came back at around 2:30 in the morning. I took a pain pill that did nothing so my husband decided to take me back. They ran a urine and blood test. This time my urine showed a level of blood at 150 and my white blood cell count was 18,000. They admitted me again and started running some tests. Since I am pregnant, there wasn’t much they could do but keep me comfortable. They also thought it was a kidney stone, but the ultrasounds of my kidneys and ovaries came back normal as well as an I.V.P where they put dye into my iv and took a few pictures. They only took 2 since I am pregnant. This showed that the baby was laying on a tube which was causing fluids to be pushed back into my kidney. After testing my blood again this morning, they sent me back home with more pain medication. The only pain relief I had was morphine every three hours at 4mg. The pain would come back.

    I am so confused. I can’t keep going to the hospital because my pills won’t work and I don’t want my baby to be harmed by the amount of pain killers and pain medications I am having. I am trying to figure out what this could be. Doctors think it’s ligament pain alone with other pregnancy complications. I have been pregnant three other times and have never experienced this type of pain and I am worried that it may distress the baby. It’s not a kidney stone and apparently not my appendix. What other options are there? They didn’t look for any inflammation or infections. Could it be a really bad infection? I just don’t feel that it’s ligament pain. I looked up round ligament pain and my symptoms are consist ant with that type of pain, but other than it lasting a few seconds, it lasts for several minutes. What other things could it be? Please help because I am desperate for some type of answer. Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:
      I started having the same thing you are having when I was 15 weeks and I am now 18 weeks. It’s been continuous pain. All I have been told is that it’s cause im pregnant or that your uterus is expanding and that if it’s your first pregnancy, abdominal pain happens cuz your body is not used to being pregnant. Morphine helped me as well when i was in the hospital. It could be an inflammtion of one of your organs.

      Hope I helped :-)
      Hope you feel better soon!!!

    really high high blood pressure ..and only 21?
    ok so im only 21 and have really high blood pressure just started taking meds but sometimes forget ..ive alway had high stress,anxity, and social anxity when i was living in mass a doc was really concernd because my blood pressure was alway like 170/100 and wanted test done on kidneys and heart i went for the test and was allergic to the dye they injected.and never got to see him again because i had no were to live so i came to NC to stay with my mom …coming here sucks ive been more stressed out then ever i was addited to percocet for a year and told doctor down here and they just seem to look at me as a junkie and have to much anxitey (been off them for 11days now ; ).. i got so stressed at one point when i was here i went to the er and my blood pressure was 208/110 i thought i was going to blow up main consure was my father died at the age of 24 from a brain anurizum…i just think the doc here would send me to a cardiologist doctor you think i sould see a cardiologist???

    • ANSWER:
      Well at your age it can be Caorctation of Aorta, but your case is a complicated one. So your cardiologist is the best judge.

    Kidney/Back pain, doctors don’t know what it is?
    In 2005 I got this pain in my right side just under my rib cage, it felt like it was inside rather than a muscular pain. After a few months of pain everyday I went to the doctor who tested my urine and prescribed anti inflammatory meds and pain killers. After taking these for another few months with no improvement (it just made it managable) I went back to the doctor who referred me to a specialist. I had a scan and one of those radioactive tests with the dye. Everything came back clear. Suddenly the pain disappeared like I had never had it, until last month, it’s back with a vengeance and I have no idea what to do about it. The only thing that helps it is heat.

    • ANSWER:
      Right side under the ribs…sounds like gallbladder related or biliary tree related. It is true you should pay attention to what you have eaten and not eat a high fat content as this could trigger it. I would ask for a gallbladder ultrasound!

    I keep getting UTI’s what should I do?
    I’ve been getting urinary track infections for the last 4 years. I get them about 6 times a year. It comes right after my period while I’m on my period or a few days before my period. I got to the doctors to treat it every time. I am very cleanly. I have gone through bladder scopes, cat scans, STD tests, the test that they put a dye to look at your kidneys, and ultrasounds. I go to a gyno, urologist and my primary care. No one can figure out what is wrong. I don’t know what to do to stop it. I take cranberry pills now. It doesn’t seem to help. I don’t drink alcohol or coffee. Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      I would recommend seeing a bladder specialist for further evaluation of the situation since it has probably been a while. They have additional tests that they can run to try and help you figure out what could be going on.

      I am also going to include the link to a site that may help you find more information. The link is at:

    HELP!! -mystery health concern!!?
    I was hit by a car years ago, as a result have had a rci knee reconstruction. as a result of that I had multiple blood clots to the lungs. I also have bone calcification in my ribs sternium colar bone and shoulders. I have lower back upper back and neck problems. I suffer migrains with exercise, and as a side effect of most medication. I suffer from a heart beat that pulses in my ears and head. I have chest pain all the time, but might be the arthritis. I suffer low left hand pain in my belly, plus reflux.I recently went to hospital and had a suspected kidney stone. to which went away. I collasped once at work with pain in my belly, and broke into a massive sweat that drenched my clothes, but the hospital found nothing wrong. I now have a cough that is dry and will not go away, which I have had for months. I have had blood tests heart exercise tests and radioactive dye injected to look at my lungs. it did show a thinning of lung tissue. I feel like Iam dying, but tests show nothing.
    Iam sick of doctors not finding anything. I know something is terribly wrong. the lung problem was treated as asthma, but Iam sure the preventative medication makes me feel worse. I also get strange flushes to the head from time to time.- any help would be much appreciated!!!
    also I forgot I had a swollen salivary gland to which I sqeezed and it oozed liquid into my mouth. after that I got a lump warty type thing at the back of the throat. the throat specialist says its caused by a virus 1 third the population has, not to worry.

    • ANSWER:
      Oh man, I am so sorry to hear about your pain and suffering. I am not a medical doctor, so you can take whatever I tell you with a grain of salt…but it may give you a starting point.

      I did some research on this website about your symptoms and I’ve come up with this, which sounds a lot like the symptoms you’re suffering from.


      Hyperparathyroidism is characterized by overactivity of one or more of the four parathyroid glands, resulting in excessive secretion of parathyroid hormone (PTH). Hypersecretion of PTH promotes bone resorption and leads to hypercalcemia and hypophosphatemia, which in turn results in increased renal and GI absorption of calcium.

      ▲ Top Causes and Incidence:
      Hyperparathyroidism may be primary or secondary. In primary hyperparathyroidism, one or more of the parathyroid glands enlarges, increasing PTH secretion and elevating serum calcium levels. The most common cause is a single adenoma. Other causes include a genetic disorder or multiple endocrine neoplasia. Primary hyperparathyroidism usually occurs between ages 30 and 50 but can also occur in children and the elderly. It affects two to three times more females than males. It’s a common disorder, affecting 1 in 1,000 people.

      In secondary hyperparathyroidism, excessive compensatory production of PTH stems from a hypocalcemia-producing abnormality outside the parathyroid gland, which causes a resistance to the metabolic action of PTH. Some hypocalcemia-producing abnormalities are chronic renal failure, renal absorption disorders, vitamin D deficiency (especially in the housebound elderly), or osteomalacia due to phenytoin or laxative abuse.

      ▲Top Signs and Symptoms:
      Clinical effects of primary hyperparathyroidism result from hypercalcemia and are typically present in several body systems:

      ❑ Renal system: nephrocalcinosis due to elevated levels of calcium and, possibly, recurring nephrolithiasis, which may lead to renal insufficiency. Renal manifestations, including polyuria, are the most common effects of hyperparathyroidism.

      ❑ Skeletal and articular system: chronic low back pain and easy fracturing due to bone degeneration, bone tenderness, chondrocalcinosis, occasional severe osteopenia, especially on the vertebrae, erosions of the juxta-articular surface, subchondral fractures, traumatic synovitis, and pseudogout

      ❑ GI system: pancreatitis, causing constant, severe epigastric pain radiating to the back; peptic ulcers, causing abdominal pain, anorexia, nausea, and vomiting

      ❑ Neuromuscular system: marked muscle weakness and atrophy, particularly in the legs

      ❑ Central nervous system: psychomotor and personality disturbances, depression, overt psychosis, stupor and, possibly, coma

      ❑ Other: skin necrosis, cataracts, calcium microthrombi to lungs and pancreas, polyuria, anemia, and subcutaneous calcification.

      Similarly, in secondary hyperparathyroidism, decreased serum calcium levels may produce the same features of calcium imbalance, with skeletal deformities of the long bones (rickets, for example) as well as symptoms of the underlying disease.

      ▲Top Diagnosis:
      Confirming diagnosis In primary disease, a high concentration of serum PTH on radioimmunoassay with accompanying hypercalcemia confirms the diagnosis.

      In addition, X-rays may show diffuse demineralization of bones, bone cysts, outer cortical bone absorption, and subperiosteal erosion of the phalanges and distal clavicles. (See Bone resorption in primary hyperparathyroidism.) Microscopic examination of the bone with tests such as X-ray spectrophotometry typically demonstrates increased bone turnover.Reduced bone mineral density, particularly of the forearm, is seen on bone densitometry.

      Laboratory tests reveal elevated urine and serum calcium, chloride, and alkaline phosphatase levels and decreased serum phosphorus levels. Hyperparathyroidism may also raise uric acid and creatinine levels and increase basal acid secretion and serum immunoreactive gastrin. Increased serum amylase levels may indicate acute pancreatitis.

      Laboratory findings in secondary hyperparathyroidism show normal or slightly decreased serum calcium levels and variable serum phosphorus levels. Phosphorus can be quite elevated, especially in osteomalacia or renal disease. Patient history may reveal familial renal disease, seizure disorders, or drug ingestion. Other laboratory values and physical examination findings identify the cause of secondary hyperparathyroidism.

      ▲Top Treatment:
      Treatment varies, depending on the cause of the disease. Treatment of primary hyperparathyroidism may include surgery to remove the adenoma or, depending on the extent of hyperplasia, all but half of one gland (the remaining part of the gland is necessary to maintain normal PTH levels). Surgery may relieve bone pain within 3 days. However, renal damage may be irreversible.

      Preoperatively — or if surgery isn’t feasible or necessary — other treatments can decrease calcium levels. These include forcing fluids; limiting dietary intake of calcium; promoting sodium and calcium excretion through forced diuresis using normal saline solution (up to 6 L in life-threatening circumstances), furosemide, or ethacrynic acid; and administering oral sodium or potassium phosphate, subcutaneous calcitonin, I.V. plicamycin, or I.V. biphosphonates.

      Therapy for potential postoperative magnesium and phosphate deficiencies includes I.V. administration of magnesium and phosphate, or sodium phosphate solution given orally or by retention enema. In addition, during the first 4 to 5 days after surgery, when serum calcium falls to low normal levels, supplemental calcium may be necessary; vitamin D or calcitriol may also be used to raise serum calcium levels.

      Treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism must correct the underlying cause of parathyroid hypertrophy. Vitamin D therapy or, in the patient with renal disease, administration of an oral calcium preparation (calcium acetate, if possible) for hyperphosphatemia, are typically used, although surgical excision may be necessary. In the patient with renal failure, dialysis is necessary to lower calcium levels and may have to continue for the remainder of the patient’s life. In the patient with chronic secondary hyperparathyroidism, the enlarged glands may not revert to normal size and function even after calcium levels have been controlled.

      ▲Top Special Considerations:
      Care emphasizes prevention of complications from the underlying disease and its treatment.

      ❑ Obtain pretreatment baseline serum potassium, calcium, phosphate, and magnesium levels because these values may change abruptly during treatment.

      ❑ During hydration to reduce serum calcium level, record intake and output accurately. Strain urine to check for calculi. Provide at least 3 qt (3 L) of fluid a day, including cranberry or prune juice to increase urine acidity and help prevent calculus formation. As ordered, obtain blood and urine samples to measure sodium, potassium, and magnesium levels, especially for the patient taking furosemide.

      ❑ Auscultate for breath sounds often. Listen for signs of pulmonary edema in the patient receiving large amounts of saline solution I.V., especially if he has pulmonary or cardiac disease. Monitor the patient on digitalis glycosides carefully because elevated calcium levels can rapidly produce toxic effects.

      ❑ Because the patient is predisposed to pathologic fractures, take safety precautions to minimize the risk of injury. Assist him with walking, keep the bed at its lowest position, and raise the side rails. Lift the immobilized patient carefully to minimize bone stress. Schedule care to allow the patient with muscle weakness as much rest as possible.

      ❑ Watch for signs of peptic ulcer and administer antacids, as appropriate.

      After parathyroidectomy:

      ❑ Check frequently for respiratory distress, and keep a tracheotomy tray at the bedside. Watch for postoperative complications, such as laryngeal nerve damage or, rarely, hemorrhage. Monitor intake and output carefully.

      ❑ Check for swelling at the operative site. Place the patient in semi-Fowler’s position, and support his head and neck with sandbags to decrease edema, which may cause pressure on the trachea.

      ❑ Watch for signs of mild tetany, such as complaints of tingling in the hands and around the mouth. These symptoms should subside quickly but may be prodromal signs of tetany, so keep calcium gluconate or calcium chloride I.V. available for emergency administration. Watch for increased neuromuscular irritability and other signs of severe tetany, and report them immediately. Ambulate the patient as soon as possible postoperatively, even though he may find this uncomfortable, because pressure on bones speeds up bone recalcification.

      ❑ Check laboratory results for low serum calcium and magnesium levels.

      ❑ Monitor mental status and watch for listlessness. In the patient with persistent hypercalcemia, check for muscle weakness and psychiatric symptoms.

      ❑ Before discharge, advise the patient of the possible adverse effects of drug therapy. Emphasize the need for periodic follow-up through laboratory blood tests. If hyperparathyroidism wasn’t corrected surgically, warn the patient to avoid calcium-containing antacids and thiazide diuretics.


      I think the surgery on your knee may have caused a couple of things: either it signaled your body to produce more hormones to repair the bone fracture; or the myriad of drugs they put you on post-op may have caused some bodily distress; or it could be a post-operative pulmonary embolism (a blood clot that travels to other parts of the body).

      Again, I am so sorry to hear of your pain…but if your doctors cannot find a diagnosis, it may be because it is a number of things.

      You need to INSIST that they help you, or find a new doctor, because there is no need to suffer the way you have been suffering. I truly hope that things work out for you.

    My 18 month old boy is not circumcised AND HAS A UTI I?
    Doctors want to circumcise him and do a VCUG a nasty test where they shoot dye through a cath into his kidneys while hes taped down and x-rayed. I feel that since this is his first UTI and he is 18 months old these procedures are a little drastic. he is also cloth diapered and it was a very humid nasty week when this happened probably a breeding ground for bacteria. My niece who is 14 months old also got a UTI recently during this hot humid week and her kidneys where fine. So should I wait and see if another UTI occurs b4 i do all these procedures??????

    • ANSWER:
      For his first UTI I would say no way this sounds like a doctor trying to force their own personal beliefs about circumcision on you.

    I went to the ER last night with chest pain, EKG came back abnormal?
    I lift and wrestle a lot so I thought maybe I strained my rib and didn’t notice it at the time. I’m 29, never had an EKG done before, but as part of the checklist for people with chest pain an EKG was done, which came back abnormal, which in combination with the chest pain put into motion a whole chain of events. They put nitroglycerine on me, took multiple blood samples testing for enzymes which would indicate a heart attack, urine samples to test for “kidney function” (lol probably drugs of course I’m not a drug user). Doctor told me I could be having a heart attack, and that the abnormal reading could indicate a blockage in the heart which may require surgery. I was almost put into ICU. When the enzymes came back normal, they put dye into my system and ran me under a catscan a few times.

    Turns out my left lung has an infection, and fluid around it. So no heart attack. But because of the abnormal EKG they wanted to keep me and investigate further, conduct a stress test etc. Of course I can barely breath and even talking is extremely painful and I can’t do it for long so a stress test is out of the question for now until the lung infection goes away.

    So I was released with antibiotics and a follow-up appointment with a doctor to do more tests on my heart. What is going on? I don’t know anything about EKGs or the lingo involved, but I did see the graph. There is the huge spike, then the little spike right after it, well my little spike spikes down, not up.

    I don’t know what that means other than that it could indicate a blockage in the heart, or even that it may be something “normal” for me. How could it be something “normal”? Even if I was born with it wouldn’t it eventually need to be fixed?

    I’m not trying to convince myself that I don’t need heart surgery or get an answer that I want to hear, i would just like to have better understanding of the possibilities involved.

    I know it was a long story but I wanted to include all of it in case there may be something significant that correlates.

    Thanks for any info :)
    Ians: Why don’t you go f*** yourself? You are obviously an idiot with nothing useful to say, why are you in the heart diseases section answering of all places? Why don’t you go to religion or something where there are more douchebags like yourself instead of being a d*ck to people looking at heart surgery?

    Of course I have no choice but to trust my doctors, which is why I was there and why I will continue going to see them and possibly even have them go hands-on inside my heart. If that is not trust I don’t know what is.

    Go talk sh*t to someone in person so they can beat your skinny little a** and then come back and tell me about it.
    Maknbgr: Thanks for the input. Yes I really can’t breathe right now let alone continue lifting or wrestling. I haven’t been on the mat or in the gym now for almost a week now which is almost unbearable lol.

    So irregularites in heart beat are pretty normal? I’m pretty young for heart problems so I had no previous EKGs to compare to, that would’ve helped.

    How would an irregularity be “normal”? Meaning it may not need to be fixed? I’m a little heavy, 265 lbs, but I keep my body fat around or under 18% or so. I stay very physically active, lifting wrestling running etc. I just completed 10 yrs serving in the infantry as well and my heart has always kept up no problems. I’ve always had very good cardio and endurance.

    This morning in the ER my blood pressure was 138 over 62.
    Sorry if my language offended anyone, one of the nurses told me I was the youngest person they’d ever seen with nitroglycerine strapped on their chest this morning and I’m looking for serious answers, not smart remarks from idiots.

    • ANSWER:
      First, I hope you’re feeling better today.
      I just thought I’d explain a little of what happens in the ER when someone comes in with chest pain. Like you said, an ECG is done routinely for chest pain. In your case it was “abnormal”. Now the Dr needs to make a decision based on your ECG results and your symptoms before he/she has the results of the blood tests (cardiac enzymes-which did eventually rule out a heart attack).
      There is a saying in regards to heart attacks “Time is Muscle”. When an artery blocks in the heart the region of heart muscle supplied by that artery will first become ischemic (starved of oxygen) and then necrotic (dying from lack of oxygen). The fastest treatment will save heart muscle and improve the patient’s chance of recovery.
      The doctor made the choice to start treating you based on your symptoms of chest pain and shortness of breath and also the ECG because minutes count. In most cases an ECG will show classic signs of an MI (heart attack) but sometimes the signs are less definite which I suspect yours were. However, your doctor acted to prevent more damage to your heart in the event the ECG changes were signs of an MI.
      Without knowing what your ECG showed it’s difficult to make a guess about what they saw. Of the few possibilities some could be considered “normal” for you. I know this sounds confusing but normal ECG’s vary widely. Normal only means the absence of anything abnormal.
      Again, I hope you’re feeling better.

    UTI symptoms, but culture is negative…? Help!?
    I have had chronic UTI’s since the age of 4. I have had plenty of Doctor’s poke around and many tests done.

    One was dye put in my blood and a catheter put in. I had to urinate in the table. They watched the dye to see if it retracted into my kidney’s. That turned up negative.

    When I have the symptoms of a UTI, the test has always come up positive. This one time, it was negative. I had it sent out for a culture and it still came back negative. I am having all the symptoms, plus some new ones.

    My symptoms include the fallowing: Bladder (non-mentral cramps) after I use the potty, trouble voiding, sharp pain when urinating, frequency and urgent feeling but little to nothing comes out. Foul smelling and cloudy urine. Chills, hot flashes and the overall “not feeling well” I get headaches and some nausea.

    I have been tested (by urine and blood) for pregnancy and I am indeed not pregnant. I have been tested about a year ago for cancer in my uterus and that was negative as well. I get tested yearly for STD’s. I have been tested about 5 months ago for one, all negative. I have had no new sexual partners (been with my man for almost a year).

    Please, anyone, help me! I need relief from the symptoms. I tried Cranberry pills (I do not like the taste of juice). I have tried ChickWeed, Uva Ursi, Vit C, Apple Juice, nothing but water, I cut out sugar for a couple days, avoided baths (I do shower lol) and pools, wipe front to back, and I always keep myself clean. I have had no odd discharge, but I notice that I smell down there (which has never happened before). I use feminine wash and powder and that keeps it under control.

    I also have always sweat a lot. Luckily I do not smell, and I do not look gross, but I feel it. Could this be related?
    I have an appointment with a Urologist and OBGYN on friday. Thank you “I’m screaming inside”. I have read a little online about that. Do you know how they test for that?

    • ANSWER:
      I have an extensive history of GU and kidney disease (30+ surgeries, including a kidney transplant), and I also work in that field. What you’re describing seems to be interstitial cystitis. It’s basically chronic inflammation of the tissues of the bladder wall.

      You’ll have all the UTI symptoms without an actual infection. See a urologist to discuss if this may indeed be your problem and what you need to do about it. There’s no cure, but you can relieve symptoms with various procedures and/or meds. Good luck to you!

    Being tested for MSK… nervous and confused?
    The first time I ever heard of MSK was today in my urologist’s office. He actually didn’t tell me the name of MSK but described what he thinks could be wrong with me and after a miserable night of pain I got online to see what I can learn and came across the name. I am confused and scared but mostly so tired of feeling awful.

    I have had a history of kidney stones… at least 60 in the last 6 years without any doctor being able to find a cause for them. I have chronic pain even when the doctors say my kidneys shouldn’t hurt. Many times I’ve gone to the doctor complaining of kidney pain and they do tests that reveal stones in the kidneys but they say I shouldn’t be in pain because the stones are in the kidneys instead of the ureter tubes and send me home. Well regardless of whether its SUPPOSED to hurt or not – it hurts!

    With the pain comes an unbearable exhaustion. I say that I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Sometimes I just cry because its all I can do and I feel so worthless. I own a business and its so hard to run it when I have such a difficult time making plans – I can be fine one minute and in immense pain the next.

    I also have a lot of GI issues that I deal with and I don’t know if the pain and diarrhea is caused by the stones or what is going on. I just know that it is excruciating at times and I feel so hopeless.

    I had an ultrasound in December that showed bilateral ‘cysts’ in my kidneys and stones in both as well. After that they did x-rays and then an IV dye ct scan. Now that the dr. thinks I have MSK he is having me do the IVP. I am nervous about drinking the citrate solution and I’m nervous about the test and the diagnosis. Do my symptoms sound similar at all to yours? Is there anything you can offer me to make me feel a little less apprehensive about the test and disease? Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Medullary Sponge Kidney disease.

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve never heard of MSK, and am guessing others have not either. I assume you are not referring to the Marketing Society of Kenya or the Mad Science Kings, so you will simply have to tell us what the heck “MSK” stands for. Thanks.

    Doctor wants me to have a CT scan tomorrow?
    I hate drinking that barium and will also have constrast dye run in too for kidney, My abdmen has been swelling when I eat I’ve had my gallbadder out 7 years ago, have gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks and don’t eat but once a day. Should I back out of test and just go on diet and see if things get better?

    • ANSWER:
      You should have the test done to rule out any serious conditions. One thing you don’t want to do is play with your body. Have the test! Good Luck

    kidney scan help! looking for information about the scan and the injection.?
    I have got to go and have a nuclear dye injection to see how well my kidneys are working …. has anyone had this done?? and do they use a canular or it just a normal injection needle like a blood test etc!!

    please help!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Nuclear dye injection into the body is the most dangerous substance the medical profession could put into your body it causes cancer. Doctors know this and give it to patients that do not need the test. Due the possibility that there may be nothing wrong with your kidneys, there are other measures that you can take which are natural. Its crazy kidney suffer disease due to toxic overload and this dye in your bloodstream is toxic!
      Not all kidney damage is permanent, short term problems include kidney stones and kidney infections. The kidneys are the body’s primary blood filters. When the kidneys start to overload with toxins they become overwhelmed and break down. Things you should be avoiding for the health of your kidneys, drugs including prescriptions, pesticides (non organic food), herbicides, antibiotics, heavy metals, (chem trails) solvents, chemotherapy agents, sports drinks, soft drinks, sports drinks, Aspartame/splenda/nutrosweet.

      Avoid tobacco, animal products, fish, lard, fried greasy foods, margarine which is naturally black, bleached white and dyed yellow) processed foods (which are extraordinary destructive to the kidneys) white flour, sugars, processed caffeine, because they contain high levels of saturated fats and are typically laced with chemicals, pesticides and toxins that are very damaging to the draining effect of the kidneys.

      Although there are a wide variety of kidney disease, each type stems from this basic toxaemia from the above.

      Your kidneys should be fine if you cut back on the above toxins, drink plenty of water and do not suffer from the following symptoms:
      Chills, fever, urinary, fluid retention, abdominal pain, appetite loss, back pain, nausea and vomiting, urine cloudy or bloody.

      Remove and prevent kidney disease naturally
      Perform a kidney and bladder cleanses which will remove from your kidney and bladder thousands of toxins and poisons. It will also be effective in removing old faecal waste and obstruction from you digestive tract. This can be used to clear urinary tract infections, dissolve kidney stones and renal gravel or even just eliminate thousands of toxins and poisons from the kidneys. In addition the cleanse will clean the bloodstream and colon of toxins, pollutants, heavy metals and other waste which are putting stress on your kidneys and bladder.

      Eat a diet of foods that heal which include raw fruits, nuts, juices and grains. Particularly eat watermelon, garlic, potatoes, asparagus, parsley, watercress, celery, cucumber papaya and bananas.

      Drink an eight to sixteen ounce of water every hour; this is essential unary tract infection. Vitamin E, wheat germ oil lessons damage to the kidneys. Take organic unrefined flaxseed oil every day for the same reason.


    Why is my child getting sick so often?
    Before I go further, just for the record, yes, I have taken her to the doctor and yes, we are scheduled to see an E.N.T. She takes multi vitamins and fish oil gummies on her doctor’s recommendation.

    My daughter is not quite 2 1/2 years old. In June, she started getting sick. She broke out in hives and had a fever and during this illness, had a seizure due to her fever spiking (I know that’s not particularly dangerous. Just trying to describe the symptoms when this all started). The doctors couldn’t figure out what caused it but her tonsils swelled quite a lot. She was tested for strep,and the flu and they did a V.C.U.G. test, (catheter used to fill her bladder with dye solution to be sure her urine wasn’t backing up into her kidneys). CAT scans were done, chest ex-rays, and blood tests. Nothing conclusive was found, but after 2 antibiotics and antihistamine for the hives, it seemed to get better. It wasn’t a week later when she got sick again. Upper respiratory infection. More antibiotics. I’m not so sure that ever really went away before she got another throat infection, high fevers etc… This continued and her tonsils never shrunk but from what I understand, when a child gets ill sometimes the tonsils can remain swollen for years or even for the rest of that person’s life. They’re still big and red but most of the time, it doesn’t seem to bother her, and she’s never had an ear infection in her life. She does however, snore and tends to salivate excessively, like it’s almost too big a bother to swallow. She has no mental impairment and her speech is above average.

    Anyway, she’s been sick since June with only two days that I can remember when she felt really well. She has a perpetually runny nose and a cough that never goes away. A month ago it was really bad again. Her tonsils were so inflamed that they looked like someone poured boiling oil down her throat. They looked like they had blistered and the blisters broke, so there was dead skin hanging from them. She was very lethargic and wouldn’t eat or drink, and her fevers were hitting 104-105. We had her in the E.R. twice and again, they did all of the tests (catheter included but no V.C.U.G.) and found nothing. I took her to her regular doctor and mentioned that if I didn’t know better, I’d think she had Mono. Sure enough, she had an ‘Epstein Barr-type virus’. Three antibiotics later, (for the secondary respiratory infection) she was better (not well, but better than that). Two weeks ago, she had a stomach virus that was going around the day care and was vomiting. That only lasted a day. Last week she caught another stomach virus that was going around her day care (this time it was diarrhea) and most kids were over it in two days. Hers lasted five. She finally went back to the day care today for the first time in a week, and tonight she has a fever of 104. The kid is just never well! I requested that we be referred to an E.N.T. and we’re scheduled for that on the 6th, but if it’s not her tonsils causing this, does anyone have a guess what might be? I am looking for something I may just be missing that I might bring up to the doctor. Yes I know…the doctor is the expert, but sometimes when you don’t get real answers, you really have to look deeper yourself. Doctors are only human and see hundreds of patients a year, so just like with the Mono diagnosis, they can miss things too. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      I could only think of two things, and I might be wrong. Either a low immune system or allergies. Seems so minor that it could be allergies but children that are allergic to everything (like I was) stay sick for most of their childhood. You should go to a specialist and have her checked. If its not allergies then at least you will know what she IS allergic too. The other, her immune system, no real suggestions. I know that my child goes to daycare and every morning before we get out of the car (he is almost three) I have him apply a lipbalm with bees’ wax (always have been a firm believer in bee’s wax) and I apply a very small amount of bactorban on his nostrils. I don’t get inside of the nose, just around the outside of it. He use to get sick everytime he went to daycare. I couldn’t keep him well. And this was during the months that I thought he would be the most well (summer) and he still never was. He got the virous at school but always kept it for a really long time. After applying the bactorban cream it has totally cleared up and he stays well now. Sometimes even the virouses that go around at daycare has no affect on him. Ask your doctor if it would be safe to use that cream on your little one. It may help!

    82 year old father has had heart & kidney problems?
    My father is 82 and has had alot of heart cathedars,open heart surgery with bypass, and stents over the last 15 years. Recently he has had 2 stents and before that, aballon to check where the stents were to be, Had a TIA left side stroke in his arm, and the feeling in his arm came back only after a few days. We recently found he had aterial fibrillation and they ran a stress test and he had no more blockages THANKS GOD. My dad never has chest pain and hasn’t for months. His has had bad levels in his kidneys fromall the past dyes used in his procedures. His ankles stay swollen and it is a concern to us that he may be having something going on we, or the doctors aren’t aware of. They sent himhome this timeon coumidan, 5 mg a day. Can you tellme possible what this sounds like? His heart doctor of 15 years says these is no reason for alarm for his swollen ankles. Please helpme and my family.

    • ANSWER:
      One thing to watch out for is congestive heart failure, which can cause retention of fluids, taxes the kidneys and can cause swelling of the ankles. It can also cause shortness of breath.
      The TIA was MOST LIKELY caused by the atrial fibrillation. With afib, the chambers of the heart contract so quickly that not all the blood is pumped out. So blood can pull in those chambers until such time that a normal heart rhythm is restored (generally by meds or on it’s own, either one) those clots are pumped out into the circulatory system where they can caues TIAs or strokes. That’s why the doc put him on a blood thinner and the blood thinner will keep that from happening again. But you may want him checked for congestive heart failure. I’m not sure exactly what tests are used for that but I’d say it’s a combo of symptoms, Echocardiogram and EKG (two different tests). Blockages and atrial fibrillation are unrelated even though they can occur at the same times. AFib is considered paroxsysmal most of the time meaning there is not real ’cause’ for it other than an abnormal electrical firing of the impulses that control the heart.
      If you don’t trust your doctors, you may want to do an internet search for specialists in your area. There are sites that rate doctors now on performance on down and you may find a more thourogh doc.

    renal ct scan.?
    went to have one done , and because the blood test they took for the kidneys came back with a hifg level of something they could not inject me with the dye if they did i would have died. they are looking to see if my arteries are blocked. but i cant remember what waht in the test they said stopped me from having it. and am scared they are blocked

    • ANSWER:
      You most likely had an elevated Creatinine, or Urea/Nitrogen (BUN) level. Cardiologists I’ve worked with (several), use Mucomyst to get around this. This drug prevents kidney damage from the iodine-based dye that’s used. Good Luck.

    My Rescued White German Shepherd/Golden Ret mix diagnosed with an ectopic Ureter and what to do?
    Please bear with me for this may end up long, for I need help, 2nd opinions and advice. I rescued my beautiful dog, Safari, (white german shepherd and golden retriever mix) in March of 2009 from the White Paws Rescue in Green Bay, WI. When she was only 8 weeks old. When she was about 12 weeks old I noticed everytime she’d get “excited’ she’d piddle all over the floor and white discharge coming from her vagina randomly when I’d take her to urinate. I took her to my vet who ended up telling me that was “normal” for a puppy to pee alittle when excited and not to be alarmed it will go away with time. So for weeks I ignored the problem thinking it was just a normal thing. A month later, i noticed red blister looking scabs on her belly and hinde legs. Took her back into the vet where they diagnosed her with a staph infection and gave me antibiotics to cure. Everything cleared up until about 2 mo. later, I noticed them again…vet gave me differant anitbiotcs and sent me home..this went on for about 6 mo. each time I got alittle more worried but was never alarmed for the vet would reassure me the problem would be fixed! Finally, it happened one last time, I called the vet personally and said they need to do more testing for my dog is almost 2 years old now and still cannot hold her urine, the area around her vagina is always really dark and the white discharge is still coming out. The vet sent me back again (6.00 in anitboiotics and vet visits later) told me she needs to do a urinalaysis. (.00) When the results came back no infection was found but she said she wanted to do some further testing to see if Safari could have a Ectopic Ureter. I went home and researched what it was: the ureter is the tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder, it enters the bladder in a abnormal postition. Normally, the ureter empties into the bladder infront of the bladder sphincter, the muscle that keeps the bladder closed so that the urine does not leak out. When the opening of the ectopic ureter is beyond the bladder sphincter, urine constantly dribbles out as it is formed. I read on to find out it present at birth, and is common in Golden Retrievers. This test, the vet wanted to do would be giving an intravenous injection of a contrast agent (a dye that shows up white on xrays) and then taking a series of x-rays that follow the dye as it goes through the kidneys and ureters to the bladder. Which results to see if surgery will be an option. Iwent ahead with the test (0.00) when the results came back, the vet informed me she “thinks Safari has the ectopic ureter but shes not a expert” and that she was sending the xrays to Madison, WI. for further examination and that she’d call me with the definite answer if Safari would need surgery or not and my days of worrying whats wrong with my best friend was over. A week later she calls me back telling me Madison said those x-rays were not enough to see if she actually had the ectopic ureter and they need to see her and run their own tests before they can perform surgery to correct the problem.(the surgery would be ,000.00) At this point I’m getting upset because my vet told me this test would be well worth it and she had been contacting Madison who said by her x-rays they’d be able to determine if surgery was an option, and if not shed send me to Madison for this test. When I called madison they told me it was 0.00 just to get seen and that whatever else they need to peform. I’m 22 years old, living in Oshkosh, Wi, trying to get through college, just lost my job and have already invested so much money into this already. I feel so thrown for a loop and lost on what I should do! Do i go ahead, commute to Madison and get these tests done? Get a second opinion from another vet in Oshkosh where I live? I just dont have all this money to throw around to be thrown for a loop. How many tests does this need to take? If their is anyone out there, a vet, or anyone that knows what this is or experienced this I’d love your opinion or help. I love my dog, she’s my life and I want whats best for her. Please help me.

    • ANSWER:
      Just for the heck of it, speak to your Vet about the medication called Proin. This is what is used for incontinent b*tch’s that have been spayed, and works very well for this situation. I’m not saying that it will work for YOUR situation, but It is worth a try, at least, IMO. (You can also ask about DES, which is a stronger med than Proin)……just a long shot in the dark.

    Catheter inserted in a 9 yr old girl…painful?
    My 9 yr old daughter is having a test done next week to check to see if she is having a reflux of urine from her bladder to her kidneys. They will insert a catheter, inject dye, and take xrays. My wife has horrible memories of times when she had hers. How pianful of an experience is it for a young girl?

    • ANSWER:

    Parents: What would you do in this situation?
    My 9 month old has a UTI, she has never had one before. Her doctor wants to do an ultrasound on her. It would involve Cathing her, putting dye in her bladder and doing an ultrasound. She was to make sure that her kidneys and bladder don’t have “renal reflux”. That is where her urine doesn’t go all the way down the tubes that connect her kidney to her bladder and some of the urine goes back to her kidneys. All of this is based on one UTI, no family history of kidney problems, etc. I am not one to rush and have invasive tests done for no real reason that I see. My mother is deathly allergic to the dye that they use for this stuff and I have always had a fear that one of my kids may be too. What would you do? Have the test or not?
    ADD: I asked her her reasoning for the test. She said it was strictly because of the UTI. She hasn’t even seen the test results because my daughter had the test at the ER. She was just going on what I told her.

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn’t do it – she would have to have a minimum of 3 UTI’s in a short amount of time. I would also want to be referred to a uriologist and ask his opinion.

      Maybe it was b/c of the amount of bacteria they found? Maybe it was unusually high?

    wnant is the side effects?
    want is the side effects of dye radiopharmaceutical ?
    and dye toxicity injection into the body and want could the damage to be to the kidneys are the body?

    would this caused kidney damges are chronic renal failure?
    Blood test #1 BUN 20 CRE 1.7 GFR 45 (A) date 7/24/ 2008
    Blood rtest #2 Glucose 113 Cratinine 1.79 Alk Phos 150 Fasting BS 113 Bs 2 HR 267 EST GFR 42.4 date 8/27/2008
    Blood test #3 BUN 25 Creatinine 1.56 ALK PHOS 140 EST GFR 49.6 date 1/08/08
    Blood test #4 GLUCOSE 223 BUN 18 EST GFR 41.5 date 8/20/2008
    test #5 URTP 15 24 TP 224.3 CRE / SERUM 1.59 CLEAR 59.0 Total Volume 1495 (A) LABHP REG CLI STATUS: REG CLI.
    DIAGNOSES for test CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE ICD-585.9 date 8/4/2008 CPT-76775 code.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I’m not really sure this is the right forum for the question, but no, I don’t believe the dye could cause renal failure (kidney failure). I have a ten month old daughter who was born with a kidney defect and had to go through a couple of renograms, where dye was used, and she is perfectly fine.

      If the above information is for a baby, I can tell you that the creatinine levels are quite high. Creatinine is a chemical waste molecule that your body produces and your a functioning kidney will remove it from your blood. High creatinine levels are an indicator that the kidneys are not functioning. A normal creatinine level for a baby is about 0.2, however, I believe the numbers above are within an acceptable range for an adult.

      Also, the blood sugar levels (glucose) seem high. A random blood sugar test should be in the low to mid 100′s, anything over 200 is usually diagnosed as diabetes for adults, and as far as I can tell, you have a blood sugar (glucose) of 223. Diabetes can cause kidney failure.

      The rest of the stuff I have no idea about, but I have had some experience with the creatinine and diabetes so I hope this has helped some.

    Blood Test Question?????????
    Thyroid, Blood Sugar, Sodium, Potassium, Liver, White Blood Count Blood test all came back normal. I also have normal blood pressure.

    Do you think that if I had a kidney problem, something would have showed up in one of these things?

    I had a gadolinium contrast dye for head mri yesterday, my legs and feet feel tingly weird and sort of hurt.
    I know that dye doesn’t do well with kidney problems, would something on that blood test show something like in sodium or something?

    • ANSWER:
      Kidney function would show up in tests called BUN and creatinine. They are usually run as pasrt of a metabolic panel which also includes sodium and potassium. Could you possibly have an allergy? Are you allergic to shellfish?

    Scared.. My grandpa had 2 strokes and the doctors now say kidney failure also, How long will he live?
    Im sorry for the long paragraph im just worried please take the time to read it

    He is 77 years old and 2 weeks ago he had 2 small strokes that messed up his mind a little but not bad, his walking and strength seem to be back to normal, while doing tests in the hospital they were going to inject a dye into his bloodstream so they could see his brain in a ct scan and because they said he has kidney failure they could not use that as it would not filter it out, they do not know yet what caused the strokes but think it may happen again, also 1 year ago he had an operation quadrupal bypass on his heart because his arteries were clogged and they found a swolen lymph node on the back of his heart, they removed it and it was “suggested” cancerous, after that we have not heard anything. Anyway with all of these problems what do you think could become worse, and with kidney failure (i dont know how bad or anything about it except those words) do you think he will live?

    • ANSWER:
      There is only One that has the answer of how long your Grandpa will remain on this earth, and that is his Creator – God. It would be a blessing to you, your Grandfather, and any other members in the family that have not asked Jesus Christ to be their Savior to do so…before it is too late. I am sure that you love all of your family and want to see them after they have departed, and the only way to do so is thru Jesus. Please look at the websites listed for more guidance and may God be with all of you :}

    Anyone else have pain during Renal scan with lasix wash?
    At first they inject radioactive stuff into your IV and shortly I got a feeling as though kicked in the back as I do off and on I asked tech if it was normal to feel the dye enter my kidney and she said no I shouldn’t feel it so I thought ok co-incidence well then a little bit later she injected the saline and immediately lasix well then same time frame as the first injection I got this horrible pain again. Just a little background I have history of kidney stones I get em ever 2-3mos for the past year and a half have had lithotripsy just the ESW (electric shock waves) in sept and then in november had to go through it again only this time they went in with a scope and found that my ureter was smaller than normal peoples so he actually had to balloon inflate me I was somewhat constricted and placed stint I got stint out 3 weeks later now here it is January and I have a small movable area around kidney that is VERY painful and can be felt without pushing so the doc ordered this test after the hospital did an IVP and showed normal he wasn’t convinced the radiologist was totally right because he had felt the swelling himself so ordered this test so my question is has anyone else felt pain not to long after each injection??? And if yes what were your findings. Not sure if this matters but im female and know for sure the pain is not related to any female organs as I have had a complete hysterectomy and oopherectomy (both ovaries removed) and cervix as well 2 years ago

    • ANSWER:
      my dad recently was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He was given rx furosemide, which approx 30 minutes after taking, developed severe shortness of breath and nausea. Finally the doctor listened to him and changed his rx to bumex. This is actually working so far and decreasing the edema substantially but he has lost over 20 lbs in the 2 weeks he’s been taking it. Now, I’m wondering if the bumex is causing weight loss or just water loss.

    I had an mri of my head with gadolinium. it’s been 22 hours later and my heels feel numb when I walk and my feet feel tingly and my legs do to and my calves sort of hurt and my feet.
    Would this have something to do with the dye or not, I am freaking out, i was so worried about this dye stuff to begin with. I heard it does things to kidneys
    I’m 20 and had a blood test that came back that i had normal thyroid, blood sugar, sodium, potassium, liver, and white blood count. Would this at all rule out kidney disease even though they didn’t specifically test for it?

    • ANSWER:
      It’s lupus

    HELP with a Mystery Diagnosis – Odd symptoms – Please Help!!!?
    3 weeks into a pregnancy:
    Massive Anasarca
    Fever 104
    Joint Pain so bad could hardly move.
    Fever and Joint Pain lasted 3-4days
    Anasarca continued and worsened until delivery.
    Patients Calf and ankle size doubled.
    Patients swelling severe right up to the abdomen. Fingers swollen like sausages.
    Severe Hypoalbuminemia
    ((Blood Type O+ & Spouse A+ – Baby born healthy with A+))
    (((****Patient felt herself that it was some sort of allergic reaction))
    Fast Forward 2 years:
    Patients Calves and Ankles still severely swollen although the abdomen and thighs seem to have resolved.
    Patients Kidney function – resolved.
    CT Scan w/dye Abd. & Pelvis -unremarkable
    EKG – NSR
    Vascular Doppler – neg.
    Echo- unremarkable
    HSCRP- 22.20
    CORTISOL (8AM)- 2.3
    SED RATE – 47

    The patient is still experiencing all over body swelling. Calves and Ankles =appearance of Lymphedema & patient has trouble walking and feels burning pain & sometimes numbness in back…..however sometimes the entire swelling goes way down considerably all over atypical of lymphedema??? Patient elevates thru the nite and has polyuria thru the nite disrupting sleep. ANY IDEAS?????? We have 7 specialists looking into all of it and they are suggesting an underlying Collagen/Connective Tissue Disorder…….but nothing definitive after batteries of tests,,,,,Please Help with thoughts if you can……THANK YOU!!

    ******Patient admitted to hospital for further testing – on this day some redness was nited in the lower legs & even though cellulitis was ruled out ….”Zosyn” was hung for three days & patients legs came down considerably the following week and have stayed this way for a month.

    • ANSWER:
      Among the 7 specialists, any rheumatologist/immunologist?

      Exclude auto immune problems.

      If i remember correctly, i once read (more than 10yrs ago) parasite may cause anasarca. But can’t recall as it’s rare and in the books only. Maybe you want to suggest to the team, ask a parasitologist?

    Febrile UTI in 3 year old – should I do radiology testing?
    My daughter had/has a febrile UTI and is three years, 5 months old. This is her first and she is otherwise as healthy as a horse. This UTI was undiagnosed for 3-4 days initially because she just told her her “stomach hurt.” She was treated for 10 days with antibiotics, the next test came back negative though she was complaining of symptoms again 2 days before the end of treatment. Within 3 days, she started running a fever again that went to 105! The lab results are NOT back yet but she was put on an oral antibiotic and then injectables for two days which were NOT FUN! The doctor is ordering her to have a sonogram and radiology exam of her kidney/bladder/urethra. I don’t know how to convince a smart three year old to sit still while someone feeds a tube directly into the most sensitive part of her body and shoots her full of radiological dye since the treatment recommendation now, if the test came back positive, is to do nothing but “keep an eye on it.” Why scare the hell out of her?

    • ANSWER:
      They are looking at doing an intravenous pyelogram to make sure her kidneys and ureters are functioning properly if she is going to get a dye. The KUB is just a regular xray but it can detect stones, bowel obstructions, etc. The KUB is like a chest xray but it is of the lower trunk area. They can give your child a mild anxiolytic to help her relax if she is anxious and squirmy.
      The necessity of the test is to make sure she doesn’t have any anomalies…if she has something structurally wrong she will continue to have kidney and/or urinary problems. If she continues to have to take antibiotics she could develop some resistance. Did you have the doctor explain the exam to you?The dye is injected intravenously through an IV. It’s ultimately your choice…if you don’t do it is she going to continue to have high fevers and UTI’s?

    Please help me I am worried about my fiance?
    My fiance is 30 years old and has always been healthy, all of a sudden this year he gets sick and has been sick for 6 months now. We have come to find out that he has blood in his urine, when it was about the first 2-3 months there was no sign of blood but his urine was a different colour then normal we thought maybe it was just dehydration. I told my fiance to go to the doctor but he was to stubborn to go and he let it go until it got worst. Once the problem got worst and he was actually pissing out blood he finally went to the doctor.

    He has seen at least 4 different doctors and has had 2 ultrasounds that had come back normal and showed nothing on them, he has had blood work done several times and all has come back normal, and he has had a CT scan done with the dye and without the dye and it has also come back normal, he has also had a Cystoscopy done and that also came back normal.

    The blood work showed this:

    Hemoglobin – Attention-133 – Reference Range – 135 – 180 – Units – G/L

    Hematocrit – Result – 0.396 – Reference Range – 0.37 – 0.54 – Units – L/L

    WBC Count – Result – 6.2 – Reference Range – 4.0 – 11.0 – Units – X10 9/L

    RBC Count – Attention – 4.26 – Reference Range – 4.50 – 6.50 – Units – X10 12/L

    MCV – Result – 93.0 – Reference Range – 80 – 97 – Units – FL

    MCH – Result – 31.3 – Reference Range – 27.0 – 32.0 – Units – PG

    MCHC – Result – 337 – Reference Range – 320 – 360 – Units – G/L

    RDW – Result – 12.6 – Reference Range – 11.0 – 14.5 – Units – %

    PLATELET COUNT – Result – 212 – Reference Range – 150 – 400 – Units – X10 9/L

    ABSOLUTE: NEUTROS – Result – 2.0 – Reference Range – 2.0 – 7.5 – Units – X10 9/L

    (A) LYMPH – Attention – 3.4 – Reference Range – 1.1 – 3.3 – Units – X10 9/L

    (A) MONO – Result – 0.4 – Reference Range – 0.0 – 0.8 – Units – X10 9/L

    (A) EOS – Result – 0.4 – Reference Range – 0.0 – 0.5 – Units – X10 9/L

    (A) BASO – Result – 0.0 – Reference Range – 0.0 – 0.2 – Units – X10 9/L




    UREA – Results – 4.6 – Reference Range – 3.0 – 8.2 – Units – MMOL/L

    CREATININE – Results – 125 – Reference Range – 60 – 127 – Units – UMOL/L

    eGFR – Attention – 59

    SODIUM – Results – 143 – Reference Range – 135 – 146 – Units – MMOL/L

    POTASSIUM – Results – 3.9 – Reference Range – 3.5 – 5.2 – Units – MMOL/L

    CHLORIDE – Results – 108 – Reference Range – 95 – 108 – Units – MMOL/L

    Anyway there is his blood work results and as you can see there are a couple of things that are a little low and a couple of things that are high. That is because of the problem that he has which we do not know what it is.

    Other then that all of his blood work cam back normal as well as the rest of the test that I have mentioned they have all come back normal, showing nothing wrong.

    He is healthy but what we can’t figure out is where is the blood coming from in his urine if there is nothing wrong with him.

    The one doctor had also said that his kidneys are working but not the way they should be so they are a little on the abnormal side.

    My fiance feels dizzy, can’t think straight, sometimes he looks white as a ghost, and he is also a bit anemic from having this problem, not only that but he is cold a lot.

    So if all of his test are coming back normal then what could this be?

    Could it be a kidney disease of some sort or could it be excessive exercise he use to do befor all of this happened?

    He doesn’t have no kidney stones, no tumors, no cysts and etc, so what could it be?

    It is really freaking me out can someone please help me and tell me what it could possibly be when everything is normal, other then his kidneys being a little abnormal.

    Everytime the doctors take a urine sample blood always shows up in the urine, but when he goes to the bathroom to urinate his pee is all blood.

    I am just praying that it is nothing to serious and not only that but I am afraid of losing him if the doctors don’t find out what it is and catch it before it is to late.

    Can someone please help me?
    To Aidani,

    Hi, It is bad and very stressful, I worry about him all of the time wondering what it could be.

    I just want to say thank-you for your sympathy comment and I am hoping for the best. The guy that made a comment after you did really upset me and got me crying.

    I am even more scared of losing him now hearing that he may have Lupus but I hope he doesn’t have it.

    Anyway thank-you again for your sympathy comment, you are a real sweetie and I really appreciate what you had said.

    Take care, from Debbie!

    • ANSWER:
      Oh my, Thats sounds bad. I feel bad for you hun! He should of gone to the doctor before that =( I hope he’s ok! Just make sure he is eating healthily and drinking plenty of fluids. Make sure that heaven forbid if anything is wrong that he is in the best possible position to fight it.

    What Are My Chances Of Suing My GP for Missing Diagnosis?
    After years of telling my GP about pain in my lower, ride side she never ordered the right tests, never asked for a urine sample (we are talking at least 4 years of this pain) did not try to resolve at all and then sent me recently for an ultrasound of the abdomen area (NOT where the pain is) I got pissy with the tech doing the ultrasound who did not want to “question the doc’s orders) she discovered kidney stones on my right abdomen and said – yeah, I will do this area you pointed out…long story short – huge stone that can only be removed surgically, I currently have a stent in (painful) and will have dye run through tomorrow to see how much function is left before the surgery so if it is less than 20% – I will need kidney removed according to urologist. Aside from the expense of all of my co-pays, lots of pain, downtime and only one kidney left. What do you think??

    • ANSWER:

Does Drinking Water Help Kidneys

Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight

The reason why this is correct goes back to your primitive ancestry. Your body needs to maintain a proper fluid balance to function properly and survive. It is actually possible to survive without eating for a considerable length of time, but without water death can come on much faster. Going back to your 00004000 ancestry your body will recognise if it is not getting enough water and will go into “drought mode”. This means that you will actually store water which in itself weighs quite a bit.

The main body storage system is of course fat. The kidneys are the way that water is removed from the body so they will slow down and the liver will take over some of their role. The liver is the organ responsible for processing and breaking down fat so if it is busy doing something else then the fat burning will slow down and you will put more on.

So does drinking water help you lose weight? If you go back to drinking more water then it certainly will. Once you start to drink more then at first you will excrete more and need to go to the loo more often, but this phase is only temporary. Your body will recognize that it no longer needs to be in drought mode and will start to flush away all the stored water that it realises that it does not need any more. It will actually get rid of more than you are taking in. As long as you keep up the correct regime (which I will come to soon) then you will reach a balance and normal function will resume.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Does drinking extra water help healthy kidneys or hurt them?
    I have heard both. Some sources say that extra fluids keep the kidneys cleansed and healthy and some sources say it prematurely wears them out

    • ANSWER:

    Does drinking water help reduce kidney stones or is that a myth?

    • ANSWER:
      no myth there buddy .. it flushes out your system ..makes you pee..flushes and cleans out your kindneys .. so stones wont develop and turn into big bolders

    How does drinking water help with getting rid of the dark circles under your eyes?
    I see in my answers from my questions that water helps with getting rid of the dark circles under your eyes and helps with the kidneys somehow. my question in how does it help your dark circles and kidneys.

    • ANSWER:
      In the past, people have associated dark circles under the eyes with kidney problems.So staying properly hydrated comes to mind in that reference because it keeps the kidneys flushed out. To get rid of dark circles, try shea butter. Put it under the eyes before you go to bed. If you drink a lot of caffeine, or sugar based drinks cut back.

    Would drinking water with a little lemon juice help clean our kidneys after sleeping?
    Do toxins settle in the kidneys while sleeping and would water with a little lemon juice help with cleansing after sleeping during the nite? I strongly disagree with drinking anything other than water after your organs have worked for the body,, such as drinking coffee or soda without drinking water first when a person awakes.. please give me feedback.. thanx

    • ANSWER:
      no. and , no. you are just a little neurotic. Your kidneys are normally sterile, and it is not toxins, it is used or processed nutrients that the body has already used. The fluids you drink in the morning don’t even get to your kidneys till hours latter. the water soluble salts you injest are processed and kept in balance by capilary action in the kidneys. so it does not matter what you start your day with — or end it with; as long as you are not injesting poison, you will not be generating any..i personally preferre a drink made from many 100% fruit juices with a packett of natural (not decaf) green tea per cup with the tea put in the juice the night before.. it is very good and good for me.

    does drinking large amounts of water actually reduce the kidney’s ability to function as a filter?
    so I read this article from a scientist, That it was just a myth. Also that drinking extra water helps rid the body of toxins was a myth also. So are people just making this crap up, Or is it actually true?
    I’ve been drinking extra water everyday and i feel a lot better than i did before.

    • ANSWER:

    Does drinking 8 glasses of water per day really help the kidneys?

    • ANSWER:

    Does drinking too much water help you lose weight?
    Because i think that water;
    1. Assists in activating the process faster means the process is sleeping and wakes the water begins to work.
    2 .And do not forget that the kidneys filter the body are the first thing affected by any diet Drinking so, water helps to provide the body with fluid and the best of these fluids is water.
    3. It also helps expel grease by urinating a lot.

    So… am i right?
    Please i need answers (:

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah because look down
      Water: How much should you drink every day?
      Water is essential to good health, yet needs vary by individual. These guidelines can help ensure you drink enough fluids.
      By Mayo Clinic staff

      How much water should you drink each day? It’s a simple question with no easy answers. Studies have produced varying recommendations over the years, but in truth, your water needs depend on many factors, including your health, how active you are and where you live.

      Although no single formula fits everyone, knowing more about your body’s need for fluids will help you estimate how much water to drink each day.
      Health benefits of water
      Functions of water in the body Functions of water in the body

      Water is your body’s principal chemical component and makes up about 60 percent of your body weight. Every system in your body depends on water. For example, water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues.

      Lack of water can lead to dehydration, a condition that occurs when you don’t have enough water in your body to carry out normal functions. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired.
      How much water do you need?

      Every day you lose water through your breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements. For your body to function properly, you must replenish its water supply by consuming beverages and foods that contain water.

      So how much water does the average, healthy adult living in a temperate climate need? In general, doctors recommend 8 or 9 cups. Here are the most common ways of calculating that amount:

      Replacement approach. The average urine output for adults is about 1.5 liters (6.3 cups) a day. You lose close to an additional liter (about 4 cups) of water a day through breathing, sweating and bowel movements. Food usually accounts for 20 percent of your total fluid intake, so if you consume 2 liters of water or other beverages a day (a little more than 8 cups) along with your normal diet, you will typically replace your lost fluids.
      Eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Another approach to water intake is the “8 x 8 rule” — drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day (about 1.9 liters). The rule could also be stated, “Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day,” as all fluids count toward the daily total. Although the approach really isn’t supported by scientific evidence, many people use this easy-to-remember rule as a guideline for how much water and other fluids to drink.
      Dietary recommendations. The Institute of Medicine advises that men consume roughly 3 liters (about 13 cups) of total beverages a day and women consume 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total beverages a day.

      Even apart from the above approaches, if you drink enough fluid so that you rarely feel thirsty and produce 1.5 liters (6.3 cups) or more of colorless or slightly yellow urine a day, your fluid intake is probably adequate. If you’re concerned about your fluid intake, check with your doctor or a registered dietitian. He or she can help you determine the amount of water that’s best for you.

    Why does my side hurt after drinking?
    I drank a drink called Joose friday and another one that I can’t remember the name of and every day my side has been hurting in the same area around where my kidneys are (I guess). It gets better when I drink water but then it comes back later on but I havent been able to poop, ive had to take miralax to help me. What can it be? and this all started after friday. And that was my first time ever drinking.

    • ANSWER:

    Does drinking lemon water help clear up acne?
    just wondering, since it supposedly detoxifies your kidneys and such… ?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Einstein

      Here are some real answers on skin conditions. Remedies at the bottom. Cleansing the body of toxins is the key. Especially a colon cleanse! Educate yourself on detoxifying the blood.

      Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman N.D. – “What is your skin trying to tell you? Often the skin is a metaphor for deeper issues and a way for your body to send up a red flag to warn you that all is not well underneath. When our skin is unhealthy it is usually a reflection of the internal state of our bodies, and is often a sign of poor elimination of toxins and waste products. Most of us are embarrassed by skin problems such as rashes, rosacea, boils or acne, especially in places where others can see our imperfections. The skin is the body’s first line of defense against the environment. It has to deal with the effects of weather, sun , cold, heat, dryness, humidity, scrapes, bumps, soaps, detergents, chemicals, perspiration and dirt of all kinds. It is a wonder that our skin stays healthy most of the time! We can help our skin deal with this onslaught by optimizing our general health and by protecting our skin from harsh environmental exposure. Western medicine generally treats skin eruptions with either antibiotics, cortisone, or antifungal preparations. These medicines may alleviate the skin problem temporarily, or occasionally for good, but do not address the source of the problem. Putting a lid on skin symptoms without getting to the root of the imbalance may even result in suppression, that means the imbalance may be driven deeper causing more serious health problems later without ever strengthening the underlying vital force of the person. Fortunately, naturopathic medicine offers a wide vareity of effective treatments for skin problems.”

      Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman N.D. – “Your skin is a reflection of how well your body is eliminating the toxins that build up on a daily basis. Chronic skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis stem from a combination of genetic factors, immune stress, dietary deficiencies or sensitivities, and the accumulation of toxins in the body. For our skin to be radiant and clear, it is very important that the other organs of elimination (kidneys, liver, lungs, and colon) are cleansing the body effectively. If not, the skin will be overtaxed, pores will become clogged, and eruptions of one sort or another will result. Here are a number of steps you can take to improve your body’s overall elimination wtih specific emphasis on your skin.”

      Detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin. Juice Fasting is the world’s most ancient and natural healing mechanism. Fasting triggers a truly wondrous cleansing process that reaches right down to each and every cell and tissue in the body.

      Learn more about Therapeutic Fasting and Detoxification – Colon Cleansing is the main step. Must remove the toxins from the colon, so the toxins dont get in the blood and cause illness and disease.

      Natural Cures

      1. Fruits and Vegetables for Acne: Carrot & spinach, celery & watercress, grapefruit juices are all useful to combat acne.

      2. Unwholesome Foods: Acne, a prevalent problem among teen-aged boys would not be possible in our society if our foods were wholesome. A most sad and disgusting sight is the pus-filled pimples due to inner toxicity — wastes trying desperately to escape through the face. This condition often turns a gentle face in the blossom of youth into a waste dump of pimples, pus and subsequent pock marks which can be prevented. The tons of acne medications and prescriptions sold annually act only on the effect of the harmful food, and not the cause of the disease, malnutrition. The traditional teenage meal, a grease burger, french fries and a milk shake or cola simply does not provide enough nourishment for anyone, let alone a boy going through puberty to adulthood. Our highly processed foods are devoid of hormones found in fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. Must do a colon cleanse to rid of all the toxins in the body, which eventually get into the blood and cause acne and all other diseases.

      3. Cabbage: Apply a lotion of freshly prepared cabbage juice preceded, if desired, by the application of leaves. The eating of cabbage leaves or juice is also helpful.

      4. Lemon Juice: Skin problems such as acne… will often respond to a treatment of lemon juice. For blackheads rub lemon juice over them each night.

      5. Black Walnut: Externally, Black Walnut is nearly a miracle worker in cases of …acne, dandruff, boils, itch, shingles, ringworm–we could go on, but you can see that you can use Black Walnut whenever a skin disorder appears! The tincture is an excellent first-aid remedy for wounds.

      Best of health to you

    how does watching your weight help your kidneys?
    how does watching your weight, your blood pressure, exercising, and drinking lots of water help your kidneys?

    thanks !

    • ANSWER:
      One of the biggest causes of chronic kidney failure, next to diabetes mellitus, is high blood pressure. By having a healthy diet, reducing salt intake, and excercising, the risk of developing chronic kidney failure decreases because all of these help to decrease blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to kidney failure by damaging the blood vessels that supply the kidneys with blood. If these vessels become damaged, the kidneys cannot filter the blood efficiently and wastes accumulate in the blood because they cannot be excreted from the body.

    Does water help Kidneys function?
    I am having pain in my lower abdomen (i think its my kindeys). I get it when i laugh or lean to then right (my right) Should i drink lots of water ? Or see a doctor? im scared.. i think my kidneys may be going out! HELP!! PLEASE!!

    • ANSWER:
      Pain in your kidneys is usually in your back. Kidney infections are less common in boys than in girls. Does your urine look normal?

      Water is of course, essential for your kidneys and for good health.

      Lower abdominal pain is difficult to diagnose from symptoms, but your appendix is on your right side and while people often have pain near their belly button, the pain can be almost anywhere. Your gall bladder is on the right side also, but higher than your appendix. It can cause pain in your side. It tends to act up after you eat fat, but is mostly a disease that older people get.

      Do you have a fever? Are you able to eat? Are you having normal bowel movements? These are things that a doctor would want to ask you.

      If you are having abdominal pain that you are very worried about–don’t forget that today is Friday. Call your doctor or you could end up in the ER this weekend.

    Questions about drinking water?
    Last Monday I started drinking 8+ glasses of water a day and I have some questions.

    1. I heard some of the things it does for you is clears acne, makes your skin ‘glow’, makes you sweat less, hydrates your muscles, and helps you lose weight. Is this true? Does it do anything else?
    2. How long will it take for my acne to clear while drinking water (I also use a daily cleanser)? How long will it take for me to lose weight?
    3. Are there any downsides besides having to go to the bathroom frequently? I heard that drinking too much tap water gives you kidney stones. Is this true? I’ve also heard you van die from drinking too much water. How much is enough?

    • ANSWER:
      1.) Yes it does clear up acne, when you drink water it washes the toxins out of your system, when you don’t drink enough water, the toxins exit out of the pores of your skin and urine, when they exit from the pores of your skin it causes acne.
      2.) It is different for each person, you can’t really say, it took my sister about 3 weeks to a month to see results. While it takes me a couple of weeks we have different skin types, I have oily skin and little acne and she has dry skin and medium acne.
      3.) You are only supposed to drink the amount the human body is supposed to. That woman died in that contest from water poisoning when her internal organs were floating in the water, she was drinking the water constantly and gallons at a time, not just a glass in a couple of hour spans. You will only go to the bathroom frequently for only a week and then it will even out, you are not used to drinking the recommended amount so therefore you will urinate a lot.

      Also know that the 8 to 10 glasses are only a cup each. So that is 8 cups of water daily or 64 ounces daily.

    Is Tea (Caffeine) diuretic in nature. Does it help in reversing water retention.?
    I started drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water about 6 years back. Initially water seemed to be working as diuretic. I lost

    water weight of about 7 to 8 kg from a weight of 75 to 68 kg.

    Then I started gaining weight. My shoes started pinching. But I had lost about 2 inches from my waist. I has corns on

    the right fingers of my feet. I gained the same weight about 7 to 8 kg so I reached about 75 again in about 2 years

    time. But earlier when I had same weight my shoes were not pinching. There were other associated problems as well.

    About 1 year back I cut down on my water intake to about 1 glass a day. No other liquids as well. At times I used to be

    without water upto 72 hours (during this period I was not taking any other liquids as well).

    My shoes stopped pinching. The corns disappeared. All other associated problems were also resolved. During last 3 months

    I stopped taking tea or any other caffeine product completely.

    For last 7 days I back to my water intake of 6 to 8 glasses a day.

    Yesterday I decided to check the effect of drinking excess water before and after playing badminton. There was no

    effect. Every thing was all right. There were no muscle cramps as well.

    Today I decided to check the effect of tea. I took about 250 ml Black tea. Initially there was no effect (shoe

    pinching). However by the time I finished playing (about 2 hours later) my shoes had started pinching.

    It indicates that tea promotes water retention. I have been very careful to eliminate the other reasons of water


    I would like to use a caution here. No one should stop drinking water as mentioned above for a long period. I have not

    been drinking water with or after meals for last 2 years. I drinking water about 1 hour before meals. I have not been

    taking any other liquids for last 2 years. I do not go to bed for at least 2 hours after a meal. I take my meal around 8

    PM. I think these are the things which helped my to stop drinking water (substantially reduce water intake) without

    effecting my kidneys. Though in past I had kidney issues. I had kidney stones for 3 years in running. Every year stones

    used to reappear in summers just after rains. I have been taking tomatoes and all other prohibited things for kidney

    patients for last 3 years.

    • ANSWER:
      That’s very interesting. When people ask me for help with water retention I always ask them to stop tea and coffee (and alcohol). All these drinks are diuretics and force the body to continue excreting water even if it is already dehydrated. Because of this they can aggravate water retention as the body then has to overproduce hormones to help the kidneys hold on to water. (Sorry it’s a bit complicated!)

    Why does it burn to urinate, if I neglect to drink more than 3 glasses of water?
    3 yrs ago, I decided to drink more water after I read it helps to keep the complexion clean and glowing. O.K, it was true, but it seems my system has become accustomed to being flushed with lots of water daily that if I indulge more in other drinks for one day eg; soda, juice -it burns when i urinate. It feels like I have to force out more urine when there isn’t. Sometimes, i feel like sitting in a bath of water and force out in drops and I feel better. Then it helps if I rush and drink a few glasses quickly to flush out the bug?
    I assume my system should be able to take one day with less water since I normaly drink lots of water?
    But my husband, brothers and sisters do not care to drink water daily and have gross urine colour, but they are always fine and do not have the same problem as me. Do I suffer from a bladder or kidney condition-even if I’ve practiced healthy living? My family thinks I use salt too frequently in my diet- eg on my fruits. Is there any possible link?

    • ANSWER:
      it sounds like urinary tract infection… the doctor would advise drinking lots of water to treat the symptoms and medication to treat the infection. if you’ve been drinking alot of water then the symptoms will temporarily subside but the infection still remains and symptoms return when you don’t drink water. Try “Uran” from the chemist (Australia) or you can just ask the phamicist for something that treats urinary tract infections.

    Drinking water with 2 squeezed lemons to loose weight ?
    Hi, I hope there are some clever people who could help me answer this. My friend recently started drinking a 1 litre bottle of water 3 times per day with 2 depipped lemons squeezed out into the water. Apparently there are two versions to this. You could either drink it with warm water or cold tap water. This is supposed to make you loose weight. The acidity in the two lemons, taken together with the water apparently induce a process known as lipolisem where the acid in the lemons litteraly ‘burn’ away the fat as it travels through your stomach ! The luke warm water with the two lemons according to my friend (who has a degee in Human Phisiology) melts away the fat while the acid burns it. My friend has been complaining about a aching and burning senstion in his stomach, so im sceptic ! My questions are:
    1. How does this process actually work ?
    2. Does it actually work and how fast ?
    3. How safe is it to your body and especially your kidneys ?
    4. Is this a myth or a fact ?
    Comeon guys, id really love to get your opinions on this. If your a doctor or a dietician and you know or youve heard of this PLEASE let me know, it could really be interesting !

    • ANSWER:
      Apart from being an amazing body alkalizer/alkaliser, lemon water also gives the following health benefits:

      Lemons are antiseptic
      Lemon water has excellent digestive properties and can ease heartburn, bloating and other digestion problems
      Lemon water cleanses and stimulates the liver and kidneys
      Lemon juice contains calcium, magnesium and potassium
      Lemon juice has been known to relieve asthma
      Lemon water (hot) offers relief from cold and flu symptoms while providing some much needed Vitamin C
      Lemon juice is a great skin cleanser
      ***i don’t think it will make you loose weight, but it will do lots of these other things.

      it is really safe for you kidneys because it actually cleans them out!

    did drinking water help clear my urine infection?
    im 17 weeks pregnant and have been on antibiotics for 2 days.
    i was still feeling pain in my lower left back but after drinking plenty of water its nearly gone away.
    Do you recommend i keep drinking water and is it actually helping?
    alsooo how do i know i dont have a kidney infection which can be bad during pregnancy!
    my symptoms are only pain in the lower left back and frequent urination! no stinging or nausea!

    • ANSWER:

    Why does a cat become diabetic?
    Why and how does a cat become diabetic?
    After giving my cat his annual booster with Feligen RCP booster he became ill. Started vomiting and stopped eating and just drinking water…. I know that is a sign. However, vet says his kidneys are now packing up. He sleeps all day and is very weak. Vet said I should consider putting him to sleep. How do I know if he is suffering? He is my baby and my heart is breaking. He is 13 years old. Vet also said if he was human he would be on a dyalasis machine. Thank you for your help everyone.

    • ANSWER:
      So sorry to hear about your precious cat – I am a cat lover myself and have cats.

      Sounds like your vet is saying that these are signs of kidney failure rather than diabetes. Read this:

      Would you consider seeking a second opinion from another vet. My prayers are with you and your cat.

    Exessive water retention kidney?
    Man boobs, big stomach, puffy face, puffy legs. And I urinate very frequently. Been tested and no UTI, or blood problems. I know there’s something wrong with my kidneys and I’m beginning to go into and depression and self consiousness, and big shyness, because I’m so concerned about my weight gain ona day to day basis. Knowing it’s water and not fat does help me realize it’s not my fault. But what can I do to lower water retention. Will drinking less water causey body to have less to retain. I know drinking more water helps, but I’m gonna retain water no matter what because of my kidneys so should I drink less water.
    Oh and I’m only a 14 year old boy

    • ANSWER:
      I know you’re only a 14 year old boy & I know you keep asking this same question & I know I’ve already answered it before.

    Is Water Really The Cure All For Skin and Body Problems?
    A lot of people swear by water. One of my friends drinks it a lot, and he said drinking water helps him to function better, and he even claims it helps him sleep better. Another friend claimed, when I asked him how his skin stays so clear, that all he does is use water on his skin. No soap, no cleanser, just water. Also, drinking a lot of water is supposed to help with weight loss efforts. And when people have kidney infections, they’re told that drinking a lot of water helps. My question is, what is it about water that makes it a cure all for the body? Does water really have all the abilities people claim it does, or is it something that people have gotten in their head to be true, so therefore they swear by it’s “powers”? What’s with water?

    • ANSWER:
      Water is the basis of life.

      Yes, water is essential for the body to function properly. It flushes poisons out of our systems, helps in weight loss because it helps make us feel full so we don’t eat as much, and with properly flushed systems we sleep better. I have found all of these things to be true.

      But a cure-all? Don’t think so. We need other things besides water to live. And drinking TOO much can be detrimental — it can overwork the kidneys and create problems there. It is possisble to have too much of a good thing.

    Does cold water pass through your kidney & clean out your system?
    I have often heard that when you drink cold water it does not do any thing to your body, I have heard that it is best to drink room temperatur or “”hot “” as people prefer. Help !! thankss

    • ANSWER:
      The temperature of the water has no effect on you other than burning your mouth if it’s too hot, or possibly making you vomit if it’s too cold. The inner temperature of your body is maintained between 99 and 100F, all the time. Water you drink, regardless of the incoming temperature- is adjusted as needed. Cold water would be at body temperature long before it ever arrived at the kidneys. Water itself doesn’t “clean” the system, the kidneys do the filtering. Water is just the carrier for the waste products that get removed, to transport them out of the body. Some water will be retained in the intestines by fiber in the diet, to help move matters along in the colon. The body doesn’t distinguish between water that arrived hot or cold- it’s all the same temperature inside the body. You can drink water at whatever temperature you can comfortably do so, and prefer.

    Drinking water makes me urinate too much. Why?
    Ok, so i get dizzy and realise i haven’t drank any fluids all day, but if my blood is missing fluid and i drink water, why doesn’t it go into the blood? Why do i just pee it all out?
    I studied at university in the medical field, so i should know this but i don’t.
    One 250mL cup of water makes me pee 8 times in a day.
    I try to avoid drinking cos i just pee tooooo much and it is disturbing to my work.
    No i don’t have diabetes or anything else. Doctors told me my kidneys work better than normal. Faster than normal.
    But my head spins if i dont drink water. So what can i do?
    My husband recommends i wear a nappy hahahaha.. he is obviously kidding around.
    I even avoid tea and coffee cos i heard it makes you pee more.

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, it is a time your body needs to adjust to extra fluid intake.

      If you drink 3 glasses of water more per day – the first week you`ll feel like you have a subscription to the toilet.
      But after that time – your body gets used to it – and the urge to go will grow less.
      (been there myself a few times).

      Water is used to clean the system, and therefore not taken into the body as such.
      The headache / dizzyness you describe can be caused by too much waste – and not enough water to take it away.

      And yes, tea, coffee and alcohol do make you go faster – as they are dehydrating you a bit.
      Hence the hangovers people have – lack of water …

    I don’t like Drinking water..and a few questions?
    When I moved to Australia I was 7 and before that I really didn’t like drinking water.
    But at 7 I totally loved water. I drank at least 2 bottles a day.
    Now, I’ve gone off it.
    I’ve heard that dehydration causes blood clots,kidney failure and even death and now I’m really worried. Im not sure if I should even be worried sinceim only 11 but still…
    I barely even drink plain water anymore.
    I drink tea and coke zero and juice…does that count too?
    And when I drink water from a glass it makes me feel a bit sick, I’m pretty sure its just the smell of the glass probably. (they don’t smell bad its just … eh.)
    I also heard that you can get UTI’s from not drinking enough water too.
    I do get chest pains alot- Like: I can’t take in proper deep breaths without it hurting sometimes. and i get headaches quite a bit and i also get lower stomache aches too.

    Is there something I can do? I try forcing myself to drink it . maybe 1-3 cups but not very often.

    I am starting to try flavoured waters aswell.
    Please help. (:

    • ANSWER:
      flavoring water is a good idea, if it helps you drink more water. try to avoid tea and coffees because they will make you pee more causing dehydration (they are natural diuretics). dont forget that your body also gets water from foods that you are eating, especially fruits and veggies. as for blood clots, kidney failure, etc. you’ll have to be severely dehydrated to get those. UTIs are not commonly caused by not drinking enough water. as long as you empty your bladder when you feel the urge, then youre fine. as for the chest pain, headaches and stomachaches, i suggest you see your doc about them just to make sure theyre nothing serious. i hope this helps =)

    days without drinking water?
    Okay, I have a problem. I’m the first to admit it. I do not drink enough water. I actually don’t drink a lot during the day as it is (maybe 2 glasses total) and I know it is not good. I can’t help it though, I don’t feel thirsty. But I know this isn’t good, especially in Texas, so what will happen?

    I don’t know i can pass out or get dehydrated but are there any other effects of not getting enough water? I try drinking those flavored carbonated waters (from HEB, Texas ppl!) but I read that carbonated bevarages are horrible for you and can increase your risk of kidney disease by 30%. Are carbonated waters bad for you too?

    *and I know you can get water from foods and stuff, but I’m talking just plain water.

    • ANSWER:
      It depends what kind of carbonated water… there are some such as the ones in a big bottle like club soda’s (I forgot what there called) those are full of sodium and aren’t natural carbonated. The best carbonated water is called “perrier” water and it’s all natural and pure. It comes from France and it’s very good.. It’s a dollar or two for a bottle. I would suggest that and you can also mix it up with cranberry juice or other juices (just make sure they don’t contain sugar)

      But you should definatly stay away from any corbonated beverages..they are terrible for your health.

      Get active more and work out, you would definatly get thirsty.

    13 year old Toy Poodle drinking tons of water and urinating profusely. Please help.?
    My Toy Poodle, Sammy, has been drinking FAR more water than has ever been normal and has to urinate like a russian race horse about every 1 1/2 hours. He always has water near my office desk and each time he drinks water (which is about ever hour now) he drinks so much it seems he is going to burst. He then has a jet stream when he urinates often. No signs of weight loss or change in mood/personality.
    He has NEVER done this the entire 13 years of his life and I am worried. Could it be something with his kidneys? Is there some form or disease that causes this? Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      It could very well be a UTI or Kidney infection…You need to have him checked by a vet!

    Drinking water makes me go too many times…?
    Pople say drink a lot of water to help you get through the day and to also avoid sicknesses or diseases such as kidney stones etc…

    I had a kidney stone when i was 8 years oldand im 19 years old now.

    I try to drink lots of water, but even the little amount I drink i have to go straight to the washroom. Is this normal or not? I last went to the doctor 2 years ago and they said nothing was wrong. I again went last week because even days i dont drink much water i have to go pee non stop.

    Does anyone know if there is a problem or not? Also found blood in pee when i did a full physical test which i went to have checked out and no news just yet.

    • ANSWER:
      You don’t need to drink more water than you actually need, be guided by your thirst. There is a lot of water in fruit and vegetables.
      Eat a lot of salty things, you get thirsty.
      Eat a lot of fruit, you don’t get nearly so thirsty.
      As for peeing a lot, what goes in must come out one way or another.
      Blood in your pee, I leave that to your doctor.
      It sounds as if he is investigating, if you are not happy when you get the results ask for a second opinion, ot a referral to a urologist.

    Do i need to start drinking more water? 10 points to best answer!?
    Okay so my whole life I have NEVER liked water. I think its abseloutely disgusting. And I know theres no taste to it but I think thats why I dont like it. I really dont know. So like 7th grade I was in athletics, where we would run everyday in the heat and get a really good workout. I would never sweat, and would always get dehyrated and throw up and pass out. The school nurse would always tell me to drink water but I didnt. Its too nasty. Okay that was about 3 years ago. I was like 13 or so. Now im 16 and I havent dranken water since I passed out, LITERALLY. I always get dehyrated really easily outside in the hot, and I get drained really easily. I get bad pains in my lower back where my kidneys are, but lately its been getting worse and it hurts so bad I wanna cry :/ My mom, boyfriend and everyone elese always try forcing me to drink water, I drink one sip, and leave it there, and throw it out later. I just cant do it. It makes me gag. I hate it so bad like if Im allergic to it. Im not, but Im just saying thats how bad it is. Ugh, what do i do?? :( I know drink water ofcourse, but I mean help me out?! Thankk you!

    • ANSWER:
      I used to be in the same boat as you. I hated drinking water because i simply could not taste it!! But after a couple visits to my family doctor, I knew I had to start drinking it. My doctor explained how vital water is to living a healthy life. You can start out drinking flavored water as I did that really helped me out. Eventually I moved on to ice cold water which I could tolerate and now I drink it every day. Also your kidneys aren’t located in your lower back they are up a little further maybe mid back. But I do recommend you start drinking some form of water you will start to see a change in the way you look and feel. Good luck:)

    I have a Alaskan Malamute and he is 7-8 years old. For the past couple of days, he has been drinking water CONSTANTLY and he is peeing constantly, too. In addition to that, he has been vomiting the dry food that he eats. He has been vomiting a lot, also, but in small portions. Does anyone know what this is a sign of, or what’s wrong with him?? Has anyone ever had this problem? Is there something wrong with his kidneys, does he have diabetes, or what? Please help!! Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      This is a sign of many things: classic diabetes symptoms, auto-immune diseases (such as Addisons and SLE), Cushings Disease. or something as simple as a UTI. The excessive thirst is always an indicator that the vet should get a visit. Add the excessive urination to it and that means GO NOW.
      The fact he is vomiting and not just excessively drinking and peeing says it is time for a visit to the vet. A sample of his urine and some blood will quickly rule out many of the things it could be, or… tell you exactly what is wrong.
      I understand the fear and need to know before going to see a vet, but the one thing you should know about many of these diseases is that they can be treated and the quicker you get the diagnosis, the better the outcome.
      The best thing you can do is go ahead and find out what is going on so he can start to feel better.
      Best wishes and prayers.

    How to drink more water?
    This may sound really weird but I always forget to drink my water. I have gone up to two to three days without drinking water.

    If I do drink a bunch of water and wake up the next day it feels like I got punched in the kidneys! Why would I feel like this?

    If I don’t drink my water I feel all dry and I get killer headaches.
    I’m trying to remember to drink my water but I just don’t.

    • ANSWER:
      I have the same problem! I cant seem to remember to drink water on a regular basis and sometimes I try to make up for it by chugging down a big glass of water. Whenever I do that I feel just as you described, like I was about to explode! As for a reason why you and I have this reaction, I have no clue, but I do have a trick for you on drinking more water without feeling that way.

      The key is moderation, you can do as I have done and carried around a water bottle all day as a reminder and drink the set amount gradually over the course of the day…


      Every time you eat a meal have a small glass of water, and gradually as your body gets used to water increase the amount.
      :) hope this works for you!

    My cat is drinking a lot more water than usual. HELP!?
    ok so my cat is 13 years old and he is pretty fat. he has never had any health problems in the past but lately he is drinking water slowly and a lot of it.
    i have heard sometimes when cats do this it is some sort of kidney thing or diabetes.
    i am scared for him and need your advice/input.
    also if i think my cat is having this should i try to get him to exercise more or can i do anything to help him?

    thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t wait, it’s probably been going on longer than you thought. BOTH conditions are treatable, not an issue to euthenize over.

      Take the cat to the vet this week and tell them about the water drinking. If the litter box is being ‘flooded’ tell them that too. They should do a blood test to check for the kidney function and the thyroid function. And a urinalysis for diabetes. If you can get a urine sample from the cat that’s less than 8 hours old, take that in with you. (See if you can get the cat to pee in a cup without him jumping out of the litter box).

      These tests will cover the main issues. Exercise won’t solve anything with the water drinking symptom, but can help the cat in general health. You need to have the vet do the blood tests and urine test though.

    This sites’ myths about drinking water… is it true?

    The five myths of drinking water:
    Myth No. 1: Drink Eight Glasses Each Day
    Myth No. 2: Drinking Lots of Water Helps Clear Out Toxins
    Myth No. 3: Lots of Water Equals Healthier Skin
    Myth No. 4: Drinking Extra Water Leads to Weight Loss
    Myth No. 5: It’s Easy to Get Dehydrated During a Workout
    If these are true then why does everyone tell me to drink more water to get better skin, and it says somewhere on the site that it actually reduces the kidney’s ability to function as a filter…

    • ANSWER:
      every “myth” on that site is BS

    My cat is drinking tons of water and peeing… she has a kidney problem?
    Two years ago we learned my cat has a problem with her kidneys, so we switched her to a special food that is supposed to help with her disease. Recently she has been drinking an large amount of water and peeing a lot… She still acts normally and eats her usual amount of food and seems perfectly fine other than that. We got her from a shelter so we don’t know much about her past. She is 7 years old… is she okay, and do we need to do anything? Is this normal, or should we contact the vet?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to bring her in to a vet and have her looked at. Excessive thirst is a sign of feline diabetes, and given the fact that your kitty already has issues with her kidneys that have necessitated a special diet, it’s a possibility. The vet will most likely do some blood tests and tell you how to proceed from there.

    17yr old cat drinking alot of water?
    I have a cat that weighs 4 and a half pounds she has always been small and people tend to confuse her to be a kitten. She actually is going to be 17yrs old this year. Anyway I plan on taking her to the vet Monday after work but if anyone can give me any ideas as to what this might be I thank you. I just had a 17yr old die last year and I dont want to be losing a cat every year. I have 2 left now. So my little girl Sheba has been drinking ALOT of water and she does use the litter box 95% of the time and yes she does eat good to. The only thing not normal is the constant drinking of water. Not only that but the one day she jumped on my bed meowed and pee’ed right in front of me. Thats when it all started then 3 days later I went to put on my pajama shirt and there was pee on it too. Could it be her kidneys? I just have ALOT of fear for her being so small. I got her that way as a stray so I dont know why she never really grew any bigger then 7 lbs. I plan to take her to the vet after work Monday I just want someone to give me any ideas what she might be going through. Thanks for any help you can give. Also she is very active no change in anything but the water drinking and 2 accidents of peeing out of the box.
    I just hope it isnt diabeties my other cat died last year from that. Her weight and age of also 17yrs is what killed her. thats what the vet said.

    • ANSWER:
      First test to do, and it can be done right there at the clinic as you wait, is to test for diabetes. They draw a urine sample from the cat for this. If you can bring in cat pee that’s not contaminated, that helps too (use a bowl under the cat as she starts to pee).

      Second thing–do the blood panel to see how the organs are functioning. This will give you info on both the thyroid and any developing kidney issues. At her age she would have some loss of kidney function, but that may not be the problem causing this.

      The upside is that they are ALL treatable. We’ve got a hyperthyroid cat who’s been on methamazole for 4 years and is stable (she gets the cream in the ear, not the pills). We have a cat who qualifies as being CRF (chronic renal function) who we keep hydrated and he’s on canned food only now to control it. High protein and extra fluids are what we focus on with him. He’s going on 21 this year. The diabetic cat we had was treated with insulin for over 4 years, we lost him last year to a fast growing tumor, not associated with the diabetes.

      It is not a problem with doing medication on any of the cats–it’s just part of what you do as an owner. Talk to your vet, have the blood panel done, let the vet educate you on what you need to do to help your kitty. But if she’s flooding the litter box, I suspect diabetes is the cause. Get her stabalized and she can have more years ahead of her. There are very good lists on YahooGroups for each one of these problems in cats. Whichever it turns out to be, go over there and do a search for the type of problem and join up. You’ll be able to talk to a lot of owners who are dealing with exactly the same thing in their cats.

      And if you’re worried about costs–I looked at what we spent on supplies for our diabetic guy at the end of the year with his syringes and Lantus insulin. It broke down to a month. The insulin by the cartridge lasted 2 1/2 months each (Lantus is good for far past the 28 days they suggest for humans), and the bottle lasts up to 9 months. A box of 100 syringes from WalMart was , each syringe was used twice.

    What should I do if I think my cat’s kidneys are failing?
    my cat is around eleven years old, and she’s been hiding under my bed for a month now. she drinks water and eats occasionally, but throws up shortly after. she’s lost a lot of weight, and has stopped cleaning herself. she still purrs and loves on me if I attempt to love on her, but I’m still worried that she might be dealing with her kidneys failing. help? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Do you have any medical training? No? I didn’t think so.

      What you describe are symptoms shared by a number of diseases and conditions – not just kidney failure.

      Even if it is kidney failure, do you seriously expect strangers here on Yahoo Answers to tell you how to treat it?

      Come on!

      There is a word that is absent from your question and details. That word is vet (or veterinarian)

      You cat needs to be examined by a vet to determine what is wrong with her. The longer you delay, the more likely it is that she is going to die. You’ve already wasted a month.

      No one here can diagnose your cat remotely. Even a vet reading your question could not determine the cause of the problem without examining your cat and it is highly unlikely that there are any vets here and anyone saying they are a vet is likely lying.

      Any “diagnosis” you get here will be no better than a guess.

      Your cat needs to be examined by a vet.

      A basic vet office visit exam should cost between and dollars. That is not much for the type of exam it will buy you.

      The vet should do a full exam of the cat, nose to tail, and look at any specific problems.

      You can tell the vet not do anything that will add to the bill without your prior approval.

      Do a Google search on :
      “low cost” vet cats city state

      Put the words low cost in double quotes as I show them and replace city and state with your city and state.

      You may find some low cost vets in your area.

      Check with the Humane Society, the ASPCA (RSPCA if you are in the UK), and the APA (Animal Protective Association) and see what they charge for a basic exam.

      There is a charitable vet service in the UK called PDSA, here is their eligibility page

    does the THC from the weed affect at all the kidneys?
    i was born with a kidney tumor, and was removed when i was just a little boy (about 3 months old). ever since then my parents have told me not to drink sodas, and to drink allot of water. besides from all of that. i don not know if the THC crystals from the weed can cause any more damage to my kidneys.
    please some one help! and please give sources…
    thank you all!

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry to hear about the tumor, but you should be fine man. Marijuana directly affects your lungs and (somewhat; not as extensive as the other legal and illegal drugs) your brain. However, it’s going to be the safest and least damaging on your body overall. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

      You probably know this and especially since you stay away from pop, but never touch alcohol man. Affects every single part of your body, legal killer. And with your condition I wouldn’t want to see you even occasionally have a brew. Be safe man.

      Good luck.

    Odd question…Why does sleep deprivation and drinking a lot of water at one time fix my depression?
    Umm…I guess I always thought sleep deprivation = bad. But…I have mild depression and sometimes anxiety. It just acts up occasionally and I just try to distract myself by doing a lot of things until it passes (if my mind is always busy it won’t hurt). Then I feel better because I usually solve the problem by doing all of my “distracting activities”. It works well for me.

    Butt…my body has an insane reaction any time I feel depressed. I can’t sleep – no amount of sleep aids will knock me out, just make me fall down if I try to stand up. So I stopped trying to sleep when this happens even though I wanted to sleep so I didn’t feel like crap the next day. Turns out I was very happy at night, I kept myself busy until the sun came up. This happens every time. I can’t sleep because my brain is racing but I guess the fact that I exhaust myself helps. Not intentional. I always feel much happier the next day.

    Anybody else experience this?? Do you know why this happens? It seems backwards, but whatever works I guess.

    Also…and this is not depression related. I got in the habit of drinking very large amounts of water each morning after getting two kidney stones which are very good incentive to stay hydrated. I rarely feel thirsty so I just decided to drink a lot of water at certain times of the day (sad that I have to do this consciously). I realized it makes me feel high, like just a very mild form of euphoria. Strange?

    Why does this happen? and…Does anyone else experience this?

    It seems crazy that I like sleep deprivation (only when depressed) and water makes me high…hmm…

    • ANSWER:
      Normally when it is time for you to sleep your body releases a chemical called Melatonin, which is the chemical that regulates sleep. I’ve read that an excess of Melatonin can prevent Serotonin levels from rising, and Serotonin is a mood regulator, one of the ones for ” happy” feelings. Sleep deprivation would also result in a Melatonin decrease, and thus, making way for more Serotonin. This is why it’s very important for people with depression to not over sleep, if you over sleep you’ll have too much Melatonin and that will equal one big BLAH of a day. I’ve noticed that when I’m 2-3 hours short of sleep I feel better and I’m pretty sure it’s due to less Melatonin in my system. I’m sure there’s more to it but I’d bet that’s a part of it!

    I been having a foamy pee for a while. I don’t drink alot of water even though I’m a runner. Even after I run I usually don’t drink water. My Kidneys were fine and I am really healthy. I eat nothing but rice from Breakfast to Dinner. So what could be causing it? Also I am one of the fastest in my class and I’m 13 years old. When I do DRINK alot of water I pee white but no foam. HELP

    • ANSWER:


    Ok, so lately I’ve been dealing with some health issues. They’ve been there almost my whole life but they started getting really bad about a year or two ago. My main symptom is frequent urination. When I was younger, it started out as feeling like a UTI, but it always came back negative. This always happened every so often in a month. Then, it started happening every few weeks, then every other week, then every week. I could almost always get rid of it by drinking a lot of water. Then, I started getting it constantly, but it didn’t burn or anything. It was just frequent urination. I try to drink water, but it makes it much much worse. I am going to the bathroom at least 30+ times a day, sometimes even 60+ times a day. I get up at least once every night to go to the bathroom. I drink a sip of water, about 1/2 a cup every 3-5 days, usually around 5 days. I’m not very thirsty. Even though blood tests show that I’m dehydrated, my urine is usually clear or pale yellow. Sometimes its dark yellow, but not as often.

    When I was younger, I had severe constipation. We did a biopsy to make sure everything was okay down there, and results came back normal. We treated it with Milk of Magnesia, Myralax, and other things. It worked. Then recently, within the last few years, it’s been coming back. My doctor thought the cause of the frequent urination could be the constipation and we just got me mostly cleared out but it made no difference. I’m still going to the bathroom 30+ times a day.

    I also have very pale skin. I’ve always been very pale. I also get frequent nosebleeds, but those also run in the family. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Migraine Headaches. Sometimes with my headaches, I get lightheaded. I also have Scoliosis. I bruise very easily. I have a very short stature. I am 4’9 and I am 99% full size. I am 14 years old and a girl. Both sides of the family are short, but I’m shorter than doctors or family expected. I also have some hair loss. This is on the top of my head and on the back. I’ve also noticed excessive hair growth on my upper lip, between my eyebrows, arms, breast, and stomach. My hair is thinning on the front of my head near where I part my hair.

    An ultrasound showed that my kidneys were slightly smaller than they should be. I am smaller than I should be so it is being expected that they are fine for me.

    In December 2009, I fell down the stairs. I now have a bulging disc in my lower back. I’ve had the frequent urination much longer than I’ve had the injury so I don’t think it’s even possible for this to the cause of the problem.

    I’ve tried multiple medicines, all of which have failed to work. I’ve had an ultrasound from every organ from the heart down to the bladder. I’ve had an MRI on my brain (for headaches) and an MRI of my back (for disc problem). I’ve had blood tests. I’ve been tested for Celiac Disease, which I just found out today, the tests came back normal. I also have a Vitamin D deficiency, but I eat very little, and mostly yogurt. I don’t drink any caffeine, but I do eat chocolate which has caffeine. I’ve never noticed a difference in the caffeine in chocolate. I’ve gone about 2 weeks without chocolate, so no caffeine at all, and my symptoms did not improve at all.

    I’m just wondering if there are any other tests that can be done. Is there a disease that you think I could have, even if I don’t have all the symptoms? I’ll look into anything, just as long as frequent urination is a symptom. Do you know of any natural remedies or medications I could use? I’m allergic to penicillin. I’m currently seeing my pediatrician, a 2nd urologist, and I just saw an endocrinologist, but she doesn’t feel the need so see me again. I’ve seen a neurologist before but for my headaches. Does anyone know of a really good specialist I could see, preferably in the NC area? Do you think there is a different specialist that I need to see, such as a gastroenterologist? Should I see another neurologist? Is there a drink I can take that won’t make me have to go to the bathroom?

    Someone please help. I can’t do this much longer. It’s ruining my life; I can’t live like this forever. I’m only 14, I should be out hanging with friends and going to see movies and concerts and stuff, not trying to figure out what’s medically wrong with me. I just want my life back. :(

    PS: Please don’t tell me to go to the doctor. I’m already going to the doctor. I’m going to multiple doctors.

    • ANSWER:

      * Abdominal pain
      * Diarrhea
      * Dizziness
      * Excessive urination
      * Headache
      * Sweatiness
      * Swelling
      * Teary eyes
      * Thirst
      * Vertigo
      * Vomiting.


      Young girls can suffer from an inflammation of the skin and tissues around the urethra and vagina.


      Pollakiuria, also known as Extraordinary Daytime Urinary Frequency Syndrome, is not a disorder or illness that requires treatment. It can be caused by stress or other unknown factors.

      Diabetes is an disease that causes the body to not produce appropriate amounts of insulin. In children, one of the most significant symptoms is excessive thirst and frequently passing of large amounts of urine.

      The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation points to the following warning signs for diabulimia:

      * Changes in eating habits, such as eating more while losing weight
      * Unexplained weight loss
      * Unexplained high blood glucose
      * Low energy levels
      * Frequent urination

      Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is an infection of the fallopian tubes, uterus, or ovaries. Most girls develop PID as a result of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as chlamydia or gonorrhea.

      Did you visit an endocrinologist specialized in children?
      * nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
      * loss of appetite
      * backache and perhaps even difficulty walking
      * painful or more frequent urination
      * pain in the upper abdomen on the right

    what happens to your body if you dont drink enough water?
    im doing this for a biolody project where we are learning about the human body function. i wanna what are the things that happens to your body if you dont drink enough water. for example, how does it affect your other body function, like the kidneys, or your circulatory system. thanks for the help.
    i would also need the sources where you found these information.

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on when you say do i get enough water. If you absolutely no water you will die in around 72 hours. If you get little water you will probably die in a longer amount of time. Sadly I don’t know what happens inside your body when you don’t get enough water ( Well your body will be short on important nutrients needed to survive) but I do know that some side affects of not getting lots of water are headaches, constipation and perhaps drowsiness.

    Why does my urine have an extremely strong oder? Whats Wrong?
    My urine smells very strong every time I pee. It almost smells as bad as a portal let that has been used! I don’t understand. Even if I drink water all day it doesn’t help any? Can this be a sign of kidney failure?

    • ANSWER:
      You might have been exposed to radiation and are pissing uranium as a consequence.

    If I drink a gallon of water a day for 7 days, is there a chance it can be fatal?
    I have a drug test exactly a week from today and am going to try my luck by drinking lots of water so that my kidneys temporarily stop expelling toxins in my urine and only expel water. This is the only thing I have heard of that works and PLEASE, the drug test has nothing to do my question, so I don’t need advice on that. I don’t want your opinions about my drug use either, only any answers you might be able to provide pertaining to my question.

    Now, I took a nutrition class and learned all about electrolytes and what not. I know that over-hydration can flush them out or something like that. What constitutes as over hydration? I know that it’s not a good idea to drink the gallon in an hour’s time, so if I space it out over the course of 11 or twelve hours, should I be okay? Does my size factor into it at all? I am very small. 111 lbs to be exact. Should I drink less water because of my size?
    Thank you for any help you can give :)

    • ANSWER:
      It shouldn’t be dangerous to drink a gallon a day, as long as you are continuing to eat healthily. You won’t over-hydrate at a gallon a day. You can also drink cranberry juice (not cocktail!) or take cranberry pills to help. Hope everything goes well!

    I’m the girl who asks all the water wieght loosing questions. I need help.?
    I’m kinda hooked. Ever since I’ve started this I can’t stop drinking water, it’s all I do. In fact I”m drinking a gallon right now, it’s in my lap as I type this. Well my throat feels kinda sore and that’s why I keep drinking all this water to make this better and yesterday I got a really bad pain like where my kidney’s are or like under my waist line, right there and I cried. What does this mean. I like water ALOT now or I don’t really like it I just can’t stop.Help!

    • ANSWER:
      Kourtney, accept yourself as you are and don’t try to lose weight this way. Nip it in the bud and just say NO more excess water, period. Once you really tried to stop and can’t see a Doctor. Do it as soon as you can, its important, your lively hood depends on this. Lean on your friends for moral support they will understand. I know Michaela does and cares.

    Why does my cat drink TONS of water but eat less than a pint? Help!?
    He drinks all day long but eats less than a pint of food. We think it might be diabetes or kidney failure. Help?!?
    We did take him to the vet already, but the vet is not completely sure.
    He is very skinny and frail.

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately it sounds like he might have kidney failure. I recommend you take him to a vet as soon as you can.

      Good luck to you and your cat.

    strained kidneys what does it mean?
    hey ive just added a question in diet about my obesional eating disorder how im undergoing help and hoping to get back on the reoad to recovery by eating more calories . My doctor did a routine blood test on me last week and she told me that my kidneys are showing strain so ive got to be kept an eye on, what does this mean exactly she did say it may be the weight loss but can losing so much weight have damaged my kidneys. i am urinating alot aswell the last month has been terrible i have been up in the night and if i dont go i feel like i will wee my self, im passing alot of water too. Is this a sign of a kidney problem ?, i drink alot of water and diet squashes so i cant understand why my kidneys would be dehydrated?. im a bit scared as im only 19 so im just wondering what does strain on the kidneys mean and what are the symptons?, i was also found to have a very low immune system anyways in which i can higher this
    thanks for your advice it really helps
    thanks i am just wondering so upping my calorie intake gradually is going to help them? and hopefully recover yes? what about my need to urinate is this a sign? im just so worried and mad with my self for causing the damage i just have this phobia of gaining weight x

    • ANSWER:
      Your kidneys have to remain In balance to work properly. They are not a muscle, minerals, water, and other factors have to remain In balance. Your eating disorder has taken away that balance and caused the kidneys to become stressed and hence damaged to some degree. The good news Is that If yu take care of yourself some of the dame can be ameliorated over time. Good luck and I’m glad that you are receiving help.

    My friend gave me Adderal..does interest in sex ever come back??? plz help! ?

    ok well my friend gave me a 20mg adderal. i have taken 2 of them. not at the same time.. i took 1, one day to stay awake and do homework. i took another 1 to stay awake in class the next day. but on the 2nd one i downed, i started to have problems. my kidneys really started to hurt. i drank water and just sat still for awhile. that problem passed. but i also was about to make love with my girlfriend… i was curious because i have heard in the past that you lose interest in sex i also looked it up.. and i did loose interest..
    And my question is—does the interest in sex come back? am going to be able to get really turned on like i did before?

    please help!

    • ANSWER:
      yes the sex drive will return in a few days. don’t mess with stuff that your doctor doesen’t give you. it will screw you up. if you have lack of lust problems see me later.tmm

    my friend gave me Adderal..does interest in sex ever come back??? plz help! ?
    ok well my friend gave me a 20mg adderal. i have taken 2 of them. not at the same time.. i took 1, one day to stay awake and do homework. i took another 1 to stay awake in class the next day. but on the 2nd one i downed, i started to have problems. my kidneys really started to hurt. i drank water and just sat still for awhile. that problem passed. but i also was about to make love with my girlfriend… i was curious because i have heard in the past that you lose interest in sex. and i did.
    And my question is—does the interest in sex come back? am going to be able to get really turned on like i did before?

    please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t take other people’s prescriptions! Seriously! You should definitely see a doctor. Don’t worry about getting in trouble- you won’t. So many factors go into prescribing medication that are specific to the individual (i.e. weight, condition, interaction w/other meds, etc.). You don’t want to find out you’ve OD’d when your symptoms start getting worse. Don’t take any more Adderall and see a doc now!

    urinary tract infection, help!?
    I’m 17 and I’m pretty sure I have a UTI. I’ve gotten them at least twice before. I have a little blood when I pee and it’s quite painful. I can’t go to a doctor because I can’t afford a visit unless it’s an emergency. I’m going to by the AZO pills and take them, I’ve done that once before last summer. I get these about once or twice a year but only last time did I ever pee a little blood.
    Anyway, I’m a little worried because I can’t be getting antibiotics AGAIN or my mom’s gyno is going to want to see me. He gave them to me last time and all I did was call, but I’m sure he’ll want to see me this time and I’m waiting until my 18th birthday for a gyno visit because I want the option of not having my mom sit with me while he’s telling me what’s going on down there.
    Is there anything I can do besides drink water and take the AZO? I don’t want this to go into my kidneys, will drinking water stop it if I drink a lot? I haven’t been drinking much of anything lately so that’s probably one of the reasons I have this problem.
    A little advice? Reassurance?
    Would the doctor even want to speak with my mom during a gyno visit with an exam/pap smear? When testing for a UTI, if they do, will the urine test act as a drug test as well?
    Fast responses would be lovely! Thanks!
    Thank you very much for your responses, I did find them helpful. It’s not embarrassment keeping me from making an appointment, it’s that I don’t care to have my mom so involved in that part of my body. It came on all of a sudden, not like usual when it slowly gets worse. I think I will give it a day and if it doesn’t clear up I will call the doctor.

    • ANSWER:
      Blood in the urine is serious unless it’s coming from your vagina and not your bladder or kidneys. Did you have sex before coming down with this infection? Don’t take the Azo pills if you’re going to the doctor for a urine test. To get a little relief from the urge and burn, use a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel between your legs, so you can get some sleep. Tell your Mom everything you have told us–that you think you have a UTI and if you need a gyno exam you’d rather not have her in the room. She’ll understand that you are becoming an adult and want to start handling some things yourself.

    What kind of drinks make your kidneys work harder?
    I am doing a science fair project and I need help to understand your kidneys. What I am trying to figure out is which type of drink will make your kidneys work the hardest. The selected drinks are energy drinks, coffee, pop, juice, water, salt water, and milk. So our hypothesis is that coffee will definately affect the kidneys the most but what I do not understand is how we prove that. Does a more frequent urination mean your kidneys are working harder or does urine colour determine that?

    • ANSWER:
      Do some preliminary research. Caffeine is definitely a diuretic. Decide what you mean by ‘work the hardest’.

    I don’t drink water at all. I hate the taste of it! Is this bad?
    I don’t like the taste of water. It’s so horrible! It tastes like money, it’s metallic and bland and almost bitter. It makes me gag- seriously. I drink diluting juice, but I know that it’s not the same.

    Someone told me that if I didn’t drink 8-12 glasses of water everyday then I would get infections and failure in my kidneys and stuff, now I’m so scared that something bad will happen.

    What can I do? I don’t even drink 8-12 glasses of anything a day! I never need it, I’m never dehydrated or anything, but I want to start drinking the right amount. Can someone help me start, or motivate me to get up off of my ass and do it or something?


    • ANSWER:
      You will live a shorter life adding things to it.

    How are you supposed to know when to drink water if you dont wait untill your thirsty?
    So I read somewhere that it is unsafe to drink alot of water because you hear its good for you because of making your kidneys work more and adding pressure to like your heart with something to do with your blood?? Sorry I dont remember all the details but anyways I also read somewhere you shouldnt wait untill your thirsty to drink water because that means your already hydrated? If I wait untill I’m thirsty to drink water I barely drink any at all. I doubt thats healthy for me. But how am I supposed to know when its ok to drink it and when its not?? Is it not healthy to get at least 8 glasses of water a day if I’m not thirsty? thanks for your answers!! Oh and also I want to know because I try drinking a lot of water because I want it to help keep my skin clear and so far its working but I dont want to over do it.

    • ANSWER:
      While eating you know to eat three square meals. You don’t wait til yuo’re starving.

      You know how much water you should drink a day, 8 glasses. Drink them at regular intervals; don’t wait til you’re dying of thirst.

    I know my kidneys are scarred and damaged. Do I have chronic kindey disease?
    Hi I am 29 and I have had kidney damage for over 4 years. My left kidney is the one that’s scarred and damaged. I have kidney infection every 2-3 months if I take care of myself by drinking lots of water. My kidney function test showed that they are still functioning normally at this point. I also have liver disease and hypothyroid.. although my thyroid probably has nothing to do with it. I am getting tested to see if I have bladder reflux. I think thats what it’s called. I always have protein in my urine also.

    What I am wondering is: Is kidney damage the same thing as kidney disease?
    Because I need to know if I need to follow the kidney diease diet or not. My doctor says I don’t but I fell much worse if I eat processed foods or drink pop. I drink about 64oz of water each day and some cranberry juice every week. Any help would be appreciated!!
    Okay thanks for the response. I have permanent kidney dmage due to too many kidney infections. I’ve had this for 4 years. It’s irreversible as I said the left one is damaged I have had blood tests as well as been to radiology for some tests.
    As far as the liver goes I had lost 30% of the finction of my liver when it was diagnossed. I have permanent liver damage also. It’s from an overdose of tylenol (about 300) and about 200 other pills. Yes I was ill but because I was in a coma 4 days before being taken to the hospital my liver couldn’t be saved.

    So both are permanently damaged I know for a fact. What I want to know is: “Is kidney damage the same as kidney disease?”

    • ANSWER:
      There are two blood tests that check for kidney
      damage: creatinine and Bun (blood urea nitrogen)…If these are in normal range…then
      there is a could chance that the kidneys will
      heal. Protein in the urine is not good however.
      Protein checked by a urine test, doesn’t show up
      much unless the kidney has been damaged.

      You said you have liver disease but do not
      mention what caused it. The kidneys are
      second in line to fail after the liver fails. The
      reason for this is because the toxins that
      the liver no longer handles, the kidneys try
      to dispose of and it taxes the kidneys sometimes
      beyond what they are able to handle. This only
      occurs when the liver is damaged to the point
      that the cells have started to die and form
      scar tissue inside the liver…also known as
      cirrhosis. Hypothyroid trouble can also be
      connected to the liver problem.

      There is acute kidney disease and chronic
      kidney disease. Acute means that it may
      comes and then leave, chronic means that
      it is ongoing. Damage to the kidneys, to
      me, means that it is a disease. But, the
      problem with the kidneys may be only a
      result of another problem you already have
      had and that is the liver problem. Once the
      liver problem clears up…the kidneys may
      return to normal also. Infections can occur
      in many people with no damage to the kidneys
      because of using antibiotics to fight it off.

      Most people who are having problems with
      their kidneys are told to limit the amount of
      sodium, potassium, phosphorus in their diets.
      Sodas have alot of phosphorus and
      processed food contain alot of sodium.
      However, a certain amount must be maintained
      in the body since sodium and potassium are
      needed for the heart to beat in rhythm and
      for water retention. It is best to get the
      advice from your doctor about what you stated
      here. He has your blood work and can tell
      you what you should or should not do.
      He can tell you if there are any limits to the
      amount of Sodium, potassium, phosphorus or
      proteins you should be taken in or refer
      you to a nutritionist. He can also inform you
      how much fluid you should drink a day.
      Most people who have had kidney stones are
      told to drink alot…but too much fluid can also
      overwhelm the kidneys if they have liver problems also. In cirrhosis of the liver,
      sodium is retained in the body by this disease
      and fluids have to be adjusted accordingly, to
      keep things in balance.

      Sorry that I cannot be of more help…just
      giving you some things to think about and
      maybe discuss with your doctor.

Does Beer Help Kidneys

Many men and woman have had the misfortune of dealing with the agonizing pain of passing a kidney stone. If you have not had to deal with the excruciating pain, you are one of the lucky ones!

To make matters much worse for those that have had kidney stones, there is an 80% chance that they will have another issue with kidney stones in their lifetime. Unless, beer and kidney stones are in the same individual.

I know, this must sound very odd, considering we have been told for a number of years that alcohol can have a negative affect on our body’s. However, research has begun to show that it is possible for a person that consumes beer to have a decreased risk of kidney stone formation. Beer and kidney stones, the connection is a simple one.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Will drinking beer once a day damage my liver/kidneys? Does it even help you to gain weight?
    Will drinking beer damage my liver/kidneys? I’m currently trying to gain weight, and someone advised me to drink beer once before going to bed. But will how about its alcohol content? Will it harm the liver/kidneys?


    • ANSWER:
      Have some ice cream instead. Take it from me, one beer could lead to many more if your mind likes how you feel after having a drink. One beer a day won’t damage anything–there’s about 150 calories in a beer, which isn’t going to have much affect on your weight–I think it takes about 3000 calories a day to gain a pound.

    Is drinking beer good for kidney stones ?
    I’ve got kidney stones and mah friends suggest that I should drink lots off beer to get them dissolved, is that true does it really help ?

    • ANSWER:
      beer consumption may reduce the risk of developing kidney stones.Finnish researchers found that there was 40% lower risk of kidney stones in beer drinkers.

    My MIL just told me to drink a beer to flush my kidneys out…?
    I’m starting to get a kidney infection.
    Will this do more harm than good?
    Or will it really flush them out?
    I’m trying to drink tons of water and cranberry juice, but she suggested that, and I was like Okay!
    So, will it help?

    • ANSWER:
      It is a diaretic, so yes, it should help. A couple should help more in that respect. Save the kidneys! Kill the Liver!!!

    does drinking beer help get rid of kidney stones?
    What is the best way to cure kidney stones

    • ANSWER:
      Drinking beer is not a treatment for any state of ill-health.

    Does drinking beer help reduce the occurence of kidney stones?

    • ANSWER:
      No. There is no such medical evidence to prove this

    Is beer good for urinary tract health?
    I have heard that beer is good for helping kidney stones to pass. What about for other urinary tract conditions? Does beer clear out bacteria? Is beer good for the male prostate gland?

    • ANSWER:
      Beer is just good……

      Check this out:

      You may need to web search deeper to find more “official” versions of what is in the article.

      ALL THINGS in moderation are good for you.

    Does drinking of beers help prevent building-up kidney stones?
    because drinking of beers cause me to urinate more frequently.

    • ANSWER:
      I have been told by several Internists that drinking a beer a day JUST ONE BEER… will keep you from having kidney stones

    What are some things to do that can help or harm your kidneys?
    Like, bike riding or swimming.Activities like that. Or whats bad food to eat besides coffee and beer.

    • ANSWER:
      energy drinks are very harmful especially sparks. sparks gave my husband kindney stones. painkillers are very hard on your kidneys as well. the best thing you could ever do for your kidneys is drink alot of sugar free cranberry juice, it cleans your system and makes you feel fantastic. its better for your kidneys then water. nothing will make a difference more than what you eat and drink.

    i dont kow to right now help!!!!!! what is going with my kidney stones?
    is it true that if you drink a beer it will help you pass a kidney stone? i drank a beer and two big bottles of green tea then one hour latter i pass a kidney stone i don’t know if it was the beer or the green tea! i have dr apt tomorrow at ten should i tell the dr i drank the beer? i have had kidney stone 4 two years! and can flomax help me pass it ? i am 30 year female ! i am try to lose weight but i cant and now i have borderline diabetes! and can having kidney stones make your kidneys fail! iam swleeing in my feet face i am craving ice my left kidney hurts alot sine i pass my first stone i could not go pee for ten hours! then after i drank that beer a two bottles of green tea then i had the sudden pressure to go pee the i passed it ! the other part of the stone was in the tiolet it broke off when i forgot to use the funnel that time it hurt bad the 2nd time i did not hurt at all! whats going on with me?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not sure about the beer, it may be just because you’re drinking extra fluid that the stone passed. If you can get a piece of the stone, they can analyze it for the composition so they can figure out why you have stones, and then either put you on medicine or change your diet. If you have had tests to determine the size of the stones: generally, 0-5mm you’ll probably pass w/o even being aware, 5-10mm you’ll know when you pass it, 10+mm, you won’t be able to pass the stone.

      In general, drink more water, preferably until your urine tuns pale yellow to clear. If your doctor ok’s it, there is a supplement called TheraLith XR from Theralogix to decrease/eliminate stone formation. Flomax can help to pass the kidney stones by dilating the pathways before and after the bladder.
      BTW, rapid weight loss can lead to stone formation.

      Sometimes changing position helps w/ passing a stone (i.e. on your side or elevate lower back), depending on where the stone is. Walking may also help. Your doctor can also prescribe pain medication to make you more comfortable. Lithotripsy (using soundwaves to break up the stones into smaller pieces) is also a possibility.

      Good Luck!!!

    What kind of answers will I get from these questions?
    Why do we pay taxes to keep the things we already own? Why is marjuana called the “gateway” drug if people only try other drugs when they’re drunk & they don’t when they’re high? Why is alcohol legal if it’s the only drug that completely takes away all of our inhibitions? Why do nonviolent drug offenders spend more time in prison than rapists, child molesters, & murderers? Why can you show someone’s brains getting kicked in, but not a boob? If people who smoke can sue the cigarette companies for lung cancer, can we sue the beer companies for liver/kidney failure? Should anti-abortionists take care of all the world’s orphans with no help from the government? Why don’t people use free birth control? Why can people have as many kids as they want & everybody else’s taxes help pay for them? Why do we spend so much money on the war on drugs? Why do we refuse to keep violent sex offenders off the street, knowing they will always repeat thier crimes? Would there be a drug trade if people didn’t want drugs? Why do already obscenely rich corporations refuse to pay livable wages, move overseas to make a little bit more, or hire illegal immigrants for 1/2 of minimum wage? Other than the fact that they’re aren’t obscene amounts of money to be made, why are some people against green energy? Are anti-abortionists at all concerned with imminent overpopulation & dwindilling reasorces? Why does no one seem to care about loosing any/all of our human rights & civil liberties? Why should some one go to jail for defending themselves, but we can kill some one overseas who has never done anything to us? Since we have defeated natural selection, shouldn’t we police our own species more thoroughly? What ever happened to “We the People”? Why is our government trying to stop public aid, but gives billions to already rich corporations? Why do illegal immigrants get free health care, but people born in this country don’t? Why do immigrants get free college/medical school, but we don’t? Is asking questions that make people think a good way to rally for change & bring this country back from the brink?

    • ANSWER:
      I know, I know. It’s long people, but these are very good questions. Definitely thought provoking & worthy of putting on a poster. Maybe others will think harder….it’s called ‘common sense,’ but is no longer common at all. To answer some of your questions, people have become complacent. They walk around with a sense of hopelessness & feel they have no control over the world……or their money. They’ve become somewhat detached, as complaining doesn’t seem to do any good. Don’t lose your spirit!
      You see the world with open eyes, so hope for change. It’s a good thing.

    Does a pain in the kidneys feel like back pain?
    I suffer from lower back pain quite a bit. There’s no doubt that it’s back pain, sometimes excercise helps. However, sometimes it coincides with a headache, and often, on the rare occasions I have more than about two beers, I have back pain the next day. I get drunk quite easily and suffer very bad hangovers. To me this puts a question mark against my liver and/or kidney function. My question is this: could back pain be masking a kidney problem? How can I tell if it’s a pain in my kidneys or just my usual back pain.
    My back had been fine for a number of weeks, but after drinking seven pints of guinness three nights ago, I’ve had severe pain, and can barely walk.

    • ANSWER:
      Renal pain would tend to be over the kidneys at the sides of your back, whereas spinal pain would start centrally, though it might radiate laterally.

    I’ve had 4 Kidney stones sine 1993, I was wondering, does it help or is it badddd if yu drink a couples Beers?
    I’ve had 4 Kidney Stones since 1993, People tell me to drink a couple beers a day!!!!
    In some one’s Openion, does it help or Hinder if i drank say 2 Beers a day!!!!
    I’m the Male of the Marriage!

    • ANSWER:

    Is there such thing as too much iron?
    I have a family member that was very ill but likes to drink, alot. He went to the hospital, and when he left the hospital that day, he said he had to go for a simple blood test. No problem, I can handle that. He went for the test today and I believe he lied to me. He apparently got the results back in less than 1.5 hours. He also said that his iron content was so high that he would have died in 2 days. He said the doctors said it was the content of iron in the beer cans? This does not seem right at all. Does anyone know of any sites that discuss HIGH iron contents in people? I know he is just an alcoholic and his kidneys are failing. Kidney problems are my bane, I know the symptoms. Website suggestions, please, so I can get physical proof that he needs help?! Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Beer cans are made of aluminum. Take your friend to an AA meeting.

    why does having a drink before bed everyday make you an alcoholic?
    i see a lot of questions on here about people asking when or how much is socially acceptable to drink. every answer i see which aren’t from medical or substance abuse professionals reads “omg! you drink a beer all alone before bed every day!!! you are destroying your liver and kidneys and need help!!!! please go to AA before its too late!!!” or “you like having a drink alone to relax!!! you are destroying your liver and have a problem!!!”. why do you people answer like this? i am a drunk with years of recovery under his belt (currently three years without a drink) and can say without a doubt that people who like to have a beer/glass of wine/mixed drink before bed every night aren’t alcoholics unless they find the urge to drink increasing or start making excuses to drink or lying about or hiding their drinking. most doctors say having a drink a day is good for your health and i wish i was somebody who could stick to just one. if you feel bad or like you have a problem because you buy a new six pack every six days you dont have a problem except maybe you ask non qualified idiots online for medical advice instead of doctors. if you are really worried that you may have a problem sit in on an AA meeting. if you relate to the people sharing then by all means share yourself and join.

    • ANSWER:
      In order for Alcoholics Anonymous to keep up its membership, the “bottoms” have gotten higher and higher.

      AA was designed for the skid row alcoholic; now a teenager that experiments NORMALLY is told they have a life-long disease that cannot be cured and requires a lifetime of 12step meetings to keep under control.

      Anti-Alcohol Industry 101: Overview of the Anti-Alcohol Industry in the U.S.:

    What’s Wrong With My Kidneys?
    I have noticed that when I have some beer, and then go pee, I feel a throbbing pain in my kidneys. I don’t feel pain before I pee or after I’m done, Only when I’m going! I’ve also noticed recently that I will wake up with what feels like back pain and I realized that it’s my kidneys only this time they’re not throbbing, they’re achy. I was thinking….. Maybe I was sleeping too long? I’ve stopped drinking for about four days now and really been taking in alot of water. It seemed to help for the first couple of days, and now the pain is back. Its not a constant pain. After I get out of bed, it goes away. I’m pretty sure when I had my physical (i.e. blood tests, etc.) about 1 and a half 2 years ago they checked everything including my kidneys, everything came back normal. I’m going to see my doctor, but I was hoping someone could help in the meantime while I wait for an appointment. Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Could be kidney stones. An old remedy would be to drink pure cranberry juice.

    What harms your liver and/or kidneys more?
    Hard liquor or beer? I’ve been drinking pretty steadily for most of ’08 and am just wondering if I’ve done any permanent damage yet? I’ll probably drink 3 beers in a day or 4 at most. And for liquor about 2 shots of pure grain alcohol. Its usually an either or thing never together… more so the liquor because its not full of empty calories and hits you faster without filling you up.
    I know I won’t be doing it forever because its mainly stemmed from boredom and once I find another pass time I’ll cut back but I still see myself enjoying a few nights a week drinking or getting buzzed. I’ve been given answers that just once a week can’t be detrimental and I believe this to be utterly stupid but to me that would be the classic definition of moderation.
    I asked this in a health community and mostly got the get help stop drinking answers… yeah I know I need to slow down as drinking everyday can’t be healthy but I am curious as to older people 50′s,60′s,70′s who have been drinking regularly if it has effected there life any or given them health problems. I know some people can smoke all there life and although it effects them a bit inside and outside i.e. there skin… they still outlive all of there friends and relatives. I’m wondering how much genetics plays a part in it… I can’t look to any of my older relatives because none of them died from drinking/smoking all the time and my mom is adopted so no real help there. I’m more just curious as to the answers I’ll get. I bet I don’t keep on drinking everyday past the end of ’08 it’ll get boring eventually and I don’t have an addictive personality.
    that would be CAN be detrimental not can’t

    • ANSWER:
      Health wise I’m good, but it is like those TV commercials you see; results are not typical.
      I have been a professional musician, and have had more woman and drugs than any man has a right to have had.
      My Lungs are clear, my heart is strong, I don’t have AIDS/HIV. But I am lonely. All of my friends have passed on. My children have friends that are gone too.
      All this has taught me one thing; every man must walk his own way.
      Life is a lottery, some people hit the jackpot, and some crap out at the beginning, without winning a damn thing.
      If you feel it is time to slow down, then slow down! If it isn’t fun any more then knock it off! Thats all. there is no magic formulae that’s all there is.
      I am 50 years old. I look like I’m in my 30′s. I have very little grey hair. I can lift my own weight over my head.
      I am six feet even, and weigh 190 lbs.
      I don’t have 2 shillings to rub against eachother, but I’ve got my health.

    kidneys shut down, pnemonia, liver shut down, etc?
    My uncle who has been in the hospital now since thursday for double pnemonia. First his liver shut down, and now apparently his kidneys are going as well. His bp has gone up though. Yesterday he was taken off his sedation medication but he still hasn’t woken up. They are saying it’s going to take a miracle but I refuse to believe this. Is there no chance at all for him? They are checking for brain I feel so guilty right now because I conributed to his alcohol use (he would ask me for money all the time). I cut him off though a week before he ended up in the hospital and I’m starting to think he did something to himself to end up here. We just now found out that he was suppose to go to court a few days ago for stealing beer but he never told us about this. We think he was too afraid too. He helped me out with so many things in life…he wasn’t just some bum alcoholic. How can I feel better about this? I’ve never lost anyone before and we were so close..he was like the father I never had
    They are checking for brain activity now.

    • ANSWER:
      well theres a good chance that he won’t pull out of this. and they are right he would need a miracle…once those major organs shut down it’s not a good sign. Don’t feel guilty about contributing to his alcoholism, you loved him and you were trying to help him out, out of love…I understand don’t take it upon yourself to suffer due to his addicitions he made this choice for himself….if he does pass he isn’t suffering anymore and now his soul can rest at peace!

    Does this PROVE I am the last decendant of Nostradamus?
    I KNEW you were going to say that – so dont even start typing that answer or so help me- some terrible, horrible, awful things may come to pass – and probably sometime soon too. Someone you personally know may or may not die right at the end of their life – right when they needed to live the most. And YOU could have prevented it – if only you had heeded my words. When it happens – you will come back and re-read this and it will all make sense then – not now , not NOW- oh it doesnt HAVE to make sense NOW. Soon, my friend. Very soon as the sun is above the two bright cousin milk sacks and black as sackloth will be your dead eyes, plucked out like eagles with their twisted, writhing, skeletons arguing over the remote and over the torch of the hippo. Glassy rotten twinkie meat will begin coating the loved-ones boat as I shave bacon slices off your sister and harpoon your eldest son in the right kidney and twist, twist, twist until his soul is collected in the tub where Hister bathes his monkey treats and quails do sing a tune for the ages.
    Seriously, I am good at prophecy okay – and to answer your question- yes you left the iron on this morning go home at lunch and make sure it cut off.
    These are the words I have written. Within this quatrain lies the key to your survival. I dont always drink beer. But when i do, I make it a Dos Equis…..stay thirsty, my friends.

    • ANSWER:
      Oh, I’d say you’re on something stronger than beer.

      Funny though. Who said mental illness was all bad :)

    I have an overactive bladder, medication does not help. What foods should i avoid?
    For several years I’ve had an overactive bladder. Medications dont really help. The biggest difference is cutting out alot of caffeine later in the day. This way I might only get up 2 or 3 times a night. On a bad night it’s like 4-6 times. Sometimes I wake up with back pains and stomach pains and after I use the bathroom it goes away (even though my bladder was no where near full). I’ve tried 4 different med’s, and wonder if i cut our certain foods if that’d help. I never had this problem as a child or teenager (i’m 25) and blood tests show that my kidney is fine (was only born with one of em)
    How can I manage this problem to make it more livable. I’d love to have one night where I don’t have to get up at all. Not very fair that my husband can drink a 12pack of beer and not get up once, and I drink nothing and get up 4 times.

    • ANSWER:
      Try not to eat fruits or anything that holds water right before bedtime. Salad, fruit, veggies, etc. Chips and dried foods are ok to eat because they will not stimulate your bladder as much.

    Does selenium helps with erectile dysfunction? I have this patient thats diabetic and kidney…?
    …failure swear by them.
    Me and one of my regular patients are talking ,then a extenze commercial comes on. And he says “none of that s@!t don’t work”. He tried viagra and other male enhancement drugs, but he said it made his penis swell ,and he had to come to the hospital. To have it drain it with a big syringe .And he yells and scream and he can hear the staff laughing.And actually we laughed about it cause you know we’ve known each other for years from me working at the hospital. We see each other street from time to time. And man he swears by selinium he says he got results in about a month. I didn’t tell him iam suffering from erectile dysfunction for the last 5yrs. I was told because of my testosterone levels are really low but its been awhile since i had them checked maybe a year. I’ve tried viagra and my bp dropped.I’ve tried a combination or vitamins and herbs .But iam really afraid to try male enhancement drugs because of my lifestyle i like to eat fast food and drink beer.

    • ANSWER:
      These uses have been tested in humans or animals. Safety and effectiveness have not always been proven. Some of these conditions are potentially serious, and should be evaluated by a qualified healthcare provider.
      Uses based on scientific evidence Grade*

      Selenium is a component of glutathione peroxidase, which possesses antioxidantactivity and demonstrates antioxidant properties in humans. Long-term clinical benefits remain controversial. B
      Keshan disease

      Keshan disease is a cardiomyopathy (heart disease) restricted to areas of China in people having an extremely low selenium status. Prophylactic administration of sodium selenite has been shown to significantly decrease the incidence of this disorder. Organic forms of selenium (such as selenized yeast or Se-yeast) may have better bioavailability than selenite and thus may be better preventative treatments for Keshan disease.Selenium is used to treat and prevent selenium deficiency (for example in those with HIV or receiving enteral feedings). B
      Prostate cancer prevention

      Initial evidence has suggested that selenium supplementation reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer in men with normal baseline PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels and low selenium blood levels. This is the subject of large well-designed studies, including the Nutritional Prevention of Cancer Trial (NPC) and the ongoing Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT), as well as prior population and case-control studies.

      Preliminary research reports that selenium supplementation may help improve asthma symptoms. Further research is needed to confirm these results. C
      Blood disorders

      Selenium supplementation may offer benefits in patients with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PD) deficiency and chronic hemolysis. Selenium supplementation may also affect platelet function and coagulation. C

      Because selenium is proposed to have a role in immune function, selenium supplementation has been studied in patients with various infections. Some evidence suggests that selenium may promote recovery from bronchitis and pneumonia caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Though selenium may correct selenium deficiency in patients with bronchitis, more studies are needed to show its effectiveness in treating respiratory infections. C
      Cancer prevention

      Several studies suggest that low levels of selenium may be a risk factor for developing cancer, particularly gastrointestinal, gynecological, lung, colorectal, and esophageal cancer. Studies have shown significantly reduced risk of some (but not all) cancers in subjects taking selenium supplements. Selenium supplementation may reduce cancer incidence in men more than women. Ongoing trials are examining the precise role of selenium in reducing cancer risk. C
      Cancer treatment

      Several studies suggest that low levels of selenium (measured in the blood or in tissues such as toenail clippings) may be a risk factor for developing cancer, particularly prostate, gastrointestinal, gynecological, and colorectal cancer. Population studies suggest that people with cancer are more likely to have low selenium levels than healthy matched individuals, but in most cases it is not clear if the low selenium levels are a cause or merely a consequence of disease. It remains unclear if selenium is beneficial in the treatment of any type of cancer. C

      read more….

    Please help me is this kidney pain or diabetes…..
    Ok so I m real thirsty and I drink like ten bottles of water per day and my eyes have no tears they feel so dry so dry that I had to go but something to help keep my eyes moist I m going to the doctor today to get check but I wanted to know what was some the opinions to add some detail

    All this started when I went to go see the doctor for some upper right side pain that I had plus I had dark urine (the color of a water down beer with a metical smell to it) and my bowel movements had change at time I couldn’t go and its was hard when I did they ran blood tests and urine tests plus a sonogram when they called me back they told that everything came back fine their exact word where: your kidneys are fine your gladder is fine your liver show to have fat” which is fatty liver” and that I had a U.T.I so I got checked for hep A.B.C and all came back negative.. the following week I went to the E.R. for the same pain they ran blood work and urine test and some x-rays when the doc walk back in he said “I don’t know” your blood came back fine the x-rays where ok your kidneys and liver look ok we did see so blood in your urine which at the time he reacted as if it was connect to the U.T.I

    Ok so let’s skip to this week I have been having real bad thirst that I can’t control even dough I m drinking a lot and going to the restroom a lot also the my eyes feel so dry like they have to tears when I yawn I have no tears my gas is horrible and it does not feel normal I still have bowel trouble and two days ago I stared to feel a tingling feeling in my right foot and last night I felt pain in the same foot so my question is if I have a kidney problem would have caught it the first to times they check my blood and urine or the x-ray? Could there something wrong we my intestines that would be making so dam thirsty and give me all this problems or could it diabetes? I have a sugar test done at my moms house (she a diabetic) I check it at 3pm and I had ate two hours before that and it was at 101 what does that mean? Any good suggestions on what to ask the doc?

    The big question here is could I be able to feel my kidney hurting in the front of my stomach three inches right of my belly button and one inch up and flank pain in my back like where my lungs are at ? I have been getting blur vision I believe due to deheryration and some heart pain and sometimes when I take in big breathes I pain at the bottom of my lungs Please help I just had a baby girl and I feel like m going to find out something horrible at the doc office and that I going to die and leave her and her mom by then selfs…..

    • ANSWER:
      This does not sound like diabetes. Sounds more like a possible kidney infection. Kidney pain is in the lower back on one side or the other. However, kidney stones can cause pain in the lower abdomen and pelvic regions, and lower as they move. You need to get a complete workup done at your doctors. It could be anything. Make sure you tell your doctor everything, and tell him all of your symptoms.

    Can you separate the Hydrocodone from the apap(tylenol)?
    I have a prescription for Hydrocodone 7.5/750 apap. I don’t like taking pain killers at all, but the severity of the injury to my neck leaves me with little options. I only take them before bed to help with relaxation while I’m sleeping. I’m most concerned with the continued use of the Tylenol because I’m already on a prescribed regiment of Ibuprofen. Prolonged use of both can and will likely cause damage to my liver, heart, and kidneys. Also, I like to enjoy a beer here and there, and am terribly afraid of having a beer while on a regiment of either Tylenol or Ibuprofen. So I haven’t had a good ole beer in a long time.

    It’s extremely difficult to get a schedule 2 narcotic over my schedule 3, and I’m not sure I even want it because I’m unaware of the dosages. The 7.5mg of Hydrocodone once a night seems to do me well enough to sleep more comfortably than without it, so staying at that level is fine just don’t want the Tylenol.

    Is there any way I can remove the Tylenol from the Hydrocodone? I read a post where someone noted Hydrocodone is more soluble in water than Tylenol and to crush the pills, put them in 3x the pill power of warm water, refrigerate, and strain through a filter. The contents left in the filter would be mostly Tylenol while the fluid strained would be most water and Hydrocodone.

    Seeing as how I would never experiment with this procedure with anything more than one pill, I assume I can’t hurt myself because at the very least it won’t strain anything and I’ll be taking one pill as usual.

    Anyone know if this is accurate? Or another safe, simple way to extract the Tylenol.

    Please don’t assume I’m a dope head looking for a safe high, because I very much hate pain medication. I have two 3mm herniated discs in my low back that I’ve had since I was 17 (4 years now) that I never take pain meds for, I fight the pain because it’s safer and keeps me feeling healthy not being medicated. I just recently came down with 3 1mm bulged discs in my neck which were a direct result of poor posture brought on by Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. This pain is ridiculous in comparison to my low back, and greatly affects my left hand. I’m afraid of needles because my mother died of AIDS, so don’t accuse me of wanting to shoot it up (this was an accusation on the other post).

    I’m just a 21 yr old father who can’t enjoy time with his child because of the pain and injuries he’s suffered. I don’t want to add liver failure to my list of problems while trying to seek comfort from the pain.

    Any help is appreciated, even if the help is from a chemist who says “don’t do this, it’s not safe”. If you aren’t a chemist, or in the medical field with knowledge that extracting the two aren’t safe don’t state what you don’t know.
    I’m extracting a comment in my information that is pertinent to those telling me to ask my doctor for stronger meds.

    It’s extremely difficult to get a schedule 2 narcotic over my schedule 3

    • ANSWER:
      It’s not unsafe, it just won’t work. It would be like trying to get the caffeine out of coffee grounds. It just doesn’t work like that.

      Yes, prolonged use of ibuprofen or acetaminophen can cause damage to the liver and kidneys, but not at reasonable doses. Unless you already have problems with those organs, it’s unlikely to cause damage to your heart and liver. With your medication you can safely take five hydrocodone/apap a day. And you can take 2400mg of ibuprofen a day.

      As for the alcohol, the general thought is that an otherwise healthy man can have 1-2 drinks (that’s one can of beer, one glass of wine, or one shot) and 2800mg of acetaminophen daily. That’s three of your painkillers.

      If you are still really concerned, you can ask you doctor to try Darvon or Ultram, they are both schedule 4 so they have the same regulations as a 3. They just don’t work very well.

      But medically, there’s no reason to stop doing what you are doing and start having a beer every once in a while.

      Did you know that APAP stands for N-Acetyl-Para-Amino-Phenol, and name acetaminophen is the combination of the first few letters of each chemical compound?

    help me???? is this kidney pain or diabetes
    Please help me is this kidney pain or diabetes…..
    Ok so I m real thirsty and I drink like ten bottles of water per day and my eyes have no tears they feel so dry so dry that I had to go but something to help keep my eyes moist I m going to the doctor today to get check but I wanted to know what was some the opinions to add some detail

    All this started when I went to go see the doctor for some upper right side pain that I had plus I had dark urine (the color of a water down beer with a metical smell to it) and my bowel movements had change at time I couldn’t go and its was hard when I did they ran blood tests and urine tests plus a sonogram when they called me back they told that everything came back fine their exact word where: your kidneys are fine your gladder is fine your liver show to have fat” which is fatty liver” and that I had a U.T.I so I got checked for hep A.B.C and all came back negative.. the following week I went to the E.R. for the same pain they ran blood work and urine test and some x-rays when the doc walk back in he said “I don’t know” your blood came back fine the x-rays where ok your kidneys and liver look ok we did see so blood in your urine which at the time he reacted as if it was connect to the U.T.I

    Ok so let’s skip to this week I have been having real bad thirst that I can’t control even dough I m drinking a lot and going to the restroom a lot also the my eyes feel so dry like they have to tears when I yawn I have no tears my gas is horrible and it does not feel normal I still have bowel trouble and two days ago I stared to feel a tingling feeling in my right foot and last night I felt pain in the same foot so my question is if I have a kidney problem would have caught it the first to times they check my blood and urine or the x-ray? Could there something wrong we my intestines that would be making so dam thirsty and give me all this problems or could it diabetes? I have a sugar test done at my moms house (she a diabetic) I check it at 3pm and I had ate two hours before that and it was at 101 what does that mean? Any good suggestions on what to ask the doc?

    The big question here is could I be able to feel my kidney hurting in the front of my stomach three inches right of my belly button and one inch up and flank pain in my back like where my lungs are at ? I have been getting blur vision I believe due to deheryration and some heart pain and sometimes when I take in big breathes I pain at the bottom of my lungs Please help I just had a baby girl and I feel like m going to find out something horrible at the doc office and that I going to die and leave her and her mom by then selfs…..

    • ANSWER:
      First you have a second opinion. There is test for diabetes called ALC, ask your doctor, this tell you how much sugar is in your blood going back prior three months. The normal average should be 5 or 6. The blood sugar goes up and down. I have diabetes type 2 and sometimes when I checked I have 95, and sometimes it goes to over 200. The fact that your thirsty could sign of diabetes, I hope not. But you take 8 glasses of water no more than that. I think you are drinking too much water. The kidney’s pain is not in the front, it’s usually in the upper back. Did you tell your doctor when you take a big breath you got pain in the bottom of your lungs. You should see another doctor, but don’t be to worry, maybe the worry is causing all those problems plus taking so much water. Nobody die the day before you are supposed to. I fee like that sometimes and most of the time is stress.

    i m going to die due to tthis?
    Ok so I m real thirsty and I drink like ten bottles of water per day and my eyes have no tears they feel so dry so dry that I had to go but something to help keep my eyes moist I m going to the doctor today to get check but I wanted to know what was some the opinions to add some detail

    All this started when I went to go see the doctor for some upper right side pain that I had plus I had dark urine (the color of a water down beer with a metical smell to it) and my bowel movements had change at time I couldn’t go and its was hard when I did they ran blood tests and urine tests plus a sonogram when they called me back they told that everything came back fine their exact word where: your kidneys are fine your gladder is fine your liver show to have fat” which is fatty liver” and that I had a U.T.I so I got checked for hep A.B.C and all came back negative.. the following week I went to the E.R. for the same pain they ran blood work and urine test and some x-rays when the doc walk back in he said “I don’t know” your blood came back fine the x-rays where ok your kidneys and liver look ok we did see so blood in your urine which at the time he reacted as if it was connect to the U.T.I

    Ok so let’s skip to this week I have been having real bad thirst that I can’t control even dough I m drinking a lot and going to the restroom a lot also the my eyes feel so dry like they have to tears when I yawn I have no tears my gas is horrible and it does not feel normal I still have bowel trouble and two days ago I stared to feel a tingling feeling in my right foot and last night I felt pain in the same foot so my question is if I have a kidney problem would have caught it the first to times they check my blood and urine or the x-ray? Could there something wrong we my intestines that would be making so dam thirsty and give me all this problems or could it diabetes? I have a sugar test done at my moms house (she a diabetic) I check it at 3pm and I had ate two hours before that and it was at 101 what does that mean? Any good suggestions on what to ask the doc?

    The big question here is could I be able to feel my kidney hurting in the front of my stomach three inches right of my belly button and one inch up and flank pain in my back like where my lungs are at ? I have been getting blur vision I believe due to deheryration and some heart pain and sometimes when I take in big breathes I pain at the bottom of my lungs Please help I just had a baby girl and I feel like m going to find out something horrible at the doc office and that I going to die and leave her and her mom by then selfs…..

    • ANSWER:
      oh, girlfriend!!! take a quick chill pill and quit with the worrying!! Three deep breaths and let them out slowly.

      Yes, we get some problems after having a baby and they can seem like mountains rather than the tiny ant hills they really are.

      No!! 101 is not diabetes or anywhere close to it. That is fine, and besides no one dies of “diabetes”. If uncontrolled it can lead to side issues that do kill, but you are not an uncontrolled diabetic of long years standing. So Chill!

      go see your Ob/Gyn for a check up. They are the ones to be seeing after having the baby. They have your records right there in front of them. They are also the specialists for all these sorts of problems.

    I really need to pass my Drug and Alcohol test PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
    I really need to pass please help !!!!!

    Hallucinogens are extremely dangerous because of their unpredictable results.
    a) true
    b) false
    About 10% of all alcohol eliminated by the body comes from_____
    a) perspiration
    b) lungs
    c) kidneys
    d) all of the above.
    Substances become a form of “self-soothing” when one feels stressed, down or anxious or feels the need for a reward
    a) true
    b) false
    In business and residential districts the speed limit is 30 mph unless otherwise posted.
    a) true
    b) false
    Characteristics of Inhalant use are ______.
    a) euphoria
    b) slurred speech
    c) impaired perception
    d) all of the above
    _______is a type of drug that induces a soothing, lulling or dulling affect.
    a) stimulant
    b) depressant
    c) narcotic
    d) hallucinogen.
    It takes about one hour per beer consumed to completely burn up the alcohol ingested.
    a) true
    b) false
    The law gives the right of way to no one.
    a) true
    b) false
    About 10% of all alcohol eliminated by the body comes from the lungs, kidneys and perspiration.
    a) true
    b) false
    Driving after drinking_______the risk of bodily harm in the result of a collision.
    a) decrese
    b) has no effect on
    c) increse
    d) has the same risk on
    A driver should not strive to develop a positive attitude when driving.
    a) true
    b) false
    Many people with addictions feel that the use of alcohol or other substances give them a sense of control when their lives feel most out of control.
    a) true
    b) false
    For a ______ conviction of a DUI you could have your licensed revoked at least 5 years.
    a) third
    b) second
    c) first
    When the driver is disturbed by emotions, this manifests itself by_______ risk taking behavior.
    a) decreased
    b) increased
    c) no
    You cannot safely operate a motor vehicle without the abilities you lose after using alcohol and other drugs.
    a) true
    b) false
    As the amount of alcohol and other drugs you consume increases your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle decreases.
    a) true
    b) false
    Prescription medicines can______ a driver’s judgement and slow reaction times.
    a) improves
    b) impair
    c) does not effect.
    At most crossings in Florida, the location of the crossing is listed on a plate under the crossbuck.
    a) true
    b) false
    The depressant effect of alcohol interferes with the conduction of the electrical impulse of the heartbeat.
    a) true
    b) false
    In Florida, in 2000, approximately 3 people died and 54 were injured every day due to alcohol related collisions in Florida.
    a) true
    b) false
    Prescription medicines can impair a driver’s judgement and slow reaction times.
    a) true
    b) false
    You can overdose on alcohol or alcohol in combination with other substances.
    a) true
    b) false
    General effects of crack use include burning of the ________.
    a) lips
    b) toung
    c) throat
    d) all of the above.
    Depressants may reduce the effectiveness of your immune system making it easier for you to catch a cold and you may be at greater risk for developing cancer.
    a) true
    b) false
    Higher doses of barbiturates result in ______.
    a) aggressive behavior
    b) erratic driving
    c) both
    d) neither
    Drugs do not effect all users the same way.
    a) true
    b) false
    The frontal lobe of the brain is essential for driving a motor vehicle as the frontal lobe controls judgment, emotions, decision making and awareness.
    a) true
    b) false
    As you use alcohol, you vision center of the brain becomes impaired.
    a) true
    b) false
    Driving requires a high degree of_______in the driving environment.
    a) distraction
    b) carelessness
    c) awareness
    In school zones you do not need to be alert for children.
    a) true
    b) false
    Do we need stress in our life?
    a) no
    b) yes
    Reaction time is _____ with each drink.
    a) decreased
    b) stays the same
    c) increased
    d) none of the above
    Impaired driver’s reaction times often double in response to situations on the road
    a) true
    b) false
    Substance abuse is an _____ coping mechanism.
    a) effective
    b) ineffective
    c) both
    d) neither
    Alcohol is an ineffective way to deal with the stress of everyday life
    a) true
    b) false
    Cocaine affects the driver by______.
    a) heighten aggression
    b) creating hostile behavior
    c) distorting the drivers decision making process
    d) all of the above
    Narcotics cause both mental and physical dependence.
    a) true
    b) false
    With the intake of alcoholic beverages, damage to your pancreas can include_______.
    a) inflammation
    b) atrophy
    c) fibrosis
    d) all of the above.
    Including the direct and indirect costs, alcohol related collisions cost society_______billion dollars annually.
    a) 86
    b) 96
    c) 106
    d) 116
    Graduated licensing is designed to introduce driving privileges to beginning drivers in a gradual process.
    a) true
    b) false

    • ANSWER:
      1 a
      2 d
      3 b (if you pick a, they will think you have an addiction.)
      4 a
      5 c
      6 b
      7 b (i think it is 2 hours)
      8 b
      9 a
      10 c
      11 a
      12 a
      13 a
      14 b
      15 a
      16 a
      17 b
      18 ??
      19 a
      20 a
      21 a
      22 a
      23 d
      24 a
      25 d?
      26 a
      27 a
      28 a
      29 c
      30 b
      31 b
      32 a
      33 a
      34 b
      35 a
      36 d
      37 a
      38 d
      39 ?
      40 a

      You really have to double check it all. I just wanted to see how much I could remember. I only had to look up a few things and the one’s that I don’t know, I wouldn’t know where to look.
      Good luck and drive safely

    What could this dull ache be in one of my testicles?
    I’m posting this for a friend by the way.

    So a while ago, after a very heavy session of drinking one morning, I awoke as normal with a strange kind of hangover, my left testicle was very sensitive to the touch and I noticed a aching pain in that area that came and went through the entire day, and next day. It then stopped for a few weeks, and then later came back, but not nearly as severe and painful. ( I am pretty certain nobody kicked me in the balls that night)

    When it came back the 2nd time it was more a dull, pulsating aching pain, which was noticeable but not causing any discomfort, and I could still masturbate and have sex with no problems.

    Since then it’s seems to be getting progressively better, however something is still not completely right because some mornings I wake up and, it’s not the pain that is there, but my left testicle has retracted and gone up into my groin area, whereas my left one has remained where it usually is.

    I checked myself for any visual enlargement, swelling, lumps, discoloring and found nothing, I had my girlfriend check too and she found nothing.

    I had a really weird dream last night that I had this pain again, and I took some aspirin to in effect “thin the blood” which could help, as I read somewhere on the internet about a condition called Varicose Veins. But i’m not sure.

    Another odd thing is, it seems to always happen the day after i’ve been drinking, even if it’s just one beer that i’ve had after i’ve come home from University, or been out and got really drunk… Could it be connected to my kidneys in any way?

    Right now it feels fine, but once in a while i’ll have a little “pulsating” for a few seconds, which is noticeable but barely uncomfortable. I get the feeling now that because i’m thinking about it so much, i’m actually possibly just hallucinating that i’m still getting this dull ache. But it does seem to be getting much less noticeable.

    Can anyone suggest anything? I have been contemplating going to see a Dr. but because it seems like the problem is improving rather than getting worse, I thought I would search the internet first to find any possibly solution or answer.
    this has all happened since December 1st 2009, today is 25th January 2010, so just over a month and a half.

    • ANSWER:
      Your problem can be as simple as the pants you wear, to the way you sit when your drinking.
      The fact that it goes away means that your body does heal itself! The fact that it returns after drinking could mean that your kidneys could be involved. Or you may have a slow healing injury.
      Drink alot of water just before and right after you drink alcohol again.
      If hydrating yourself fully does not make a difference then your kidneys are not to blame!
      If you wear tight jeans and sit with your legs open, then you are crushing your balls.
      But one thing is certain, if you find blood in your cum then you need to go see a doctor!
      God’s Speed to you!

    Who wants to help me with these questions?
    How does metabolism affect your risk level for alcohol problems?

    a) There are no additional risk factors. Everyone metabolizes alcohol at the same rate of one drink per hour.b) A slower metabolism rate can result in impaired judgment, altered mood, and reduced motor coordination.c) An individual who metabolizes alcohol quickly does not become intoxicated.
    Question 2

    What are the primary factors that affect BAC? (Select all that apply)

    a) Type of alcoholic beverage; beer, wine, or liquorb) Body weightc) Amount of alcohol consumedd) How fast the alcohol is consumed

    Question 3

    What BAC is fatal in about 50% of the population?

    a) .20 BACb) .30 BACc) .45 BAC

    Question 4

    Which of the following statements are true about the way that alcohol moves through the body? Select all that apply.

    a) Alcohol is a sedative that moves very rapidly through your body via the bloodstream and affects the brain.b) Everywhere alcohol goes it produces a slowing down effect on the human body.c) Every time your heart beats, it transports clean blood through your arteries to all the living tissue in your body.d) The kidneys are the primary organ that detoxify the poison in alcohol.

    Question 5

    What occurs in the brain when a person passes out from drinking too much alcohol?

    a) The brain stem which controls consciousness and breathing is sedatedb) The cortex which controls consciousness and breathing is sedatedc) The cerebellum which controls consciousness and breathing is sedated

    • ANSWER:
      Oh i had this during 9th grade health class. Umm i’m not quite sure on some of them but i’ll try. ok….

      1) B

      2) ABC

      3) A ?

      4) AD?

      5) C

    My mother has been experiencing chronic pelvic pain for over two years….?
    She’s been to numerous doctors, checked for numerous medical conditions (kidneys, gall bladder, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Gynecological exams, etc.) and has tested negative in all cases. She has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and has two crushed discs in her spine. It has been the consensus of her doctors that the spinal problems are not causing the pelvic pain. She also has been diagnosed with a fibroid on her uterus that causing her to menstruate every two weeks. However, she has been told by two separate doctors that the fibroid is too small to be causing the level of pain she is experiencing. One doctor suggested surgery to repair the discs in her spine might relieve the pelvic pain as well as the pain she has in her arms and legs but he could not say for certain. The cortisone injections she received in spine at the base of the neck did help to relieve to arm/leg pain (for three weeks) but the injection to the spine in the lower back provided no relief for the pelvic pain. This gives her little hope that surgery to the lower spine would help.
    I did a little research of my own online out of curiosity. I discovered that chronic pelvic pain without an apparent medical cause can be the result of past sexual abuse. Sometimes chronic pelvic pain is psychosomatic. In 50% of women with chronic pelvic pain a history of childhood sexual abuse can be identified. These women are often referred to many different specialists and, in the process, they may be subjected to expensive tests and exploratory surgery only to be told that ‘nothing is wrong’ because no underlying pathology (medical cause) was discovered or identified.
    I strongly believe my mother may be one of these women. When my mother was younger she was sexually abused by her father. I’m not certain exactly how old she was or how long the abuse lasted but I know that it did. My father told me about it immediately after they separated and after about a case of beer. Later my aunt accidentally confirmed it.
    The problem is my mom doesn’t know I know. But I think she should seek psychological counseling as the abuse it likely related to the chronic pelvic pain. Perhaps if she came to terms with her psychological and emotional pain she would experience relief from the physical pain. I don’t know how to approach with the information. I don’t want to upset her further but I hate see her suffer with no answers. Does anyone have any advice on how to approach her? I don’t want to push her away. She is a very private person. Very emotionally distant.

    • ANSWER:
      She can get a free test for fibromyalgia at:

    Enlarged Kidney after Alcohol Only Eighteen?
    I am Eighteen and am not addicted to alcohol. Over the Christmas period I really drank a lot I mean continuous for over three weeks.This ranged from beer, whisky, rum and wine. I felt the left side of my body and my kindey was enlarged. I thought I had drank too much and stopped. I was ashamed that I had overdone it so much that my lower back ) i found out it is my left kidney) is enlarged. After stop drinking the pain went but I have been stressed latley and it is painful. I am taking antibiotics. Fine I have not drank for three weeks and do not wan a drink. However I am getting this uncomfortable sometimes burning pain in my left kidney. Occasionally it is very uncomfortable and as I am eighteen am very scared as to what I have done to it. Please help…

    PS It may be that I have a water infection or cold but nothing burns when I go to the toilet or drink liquids.

    • ANSWER:
      How do you know that you are not addicted to alcohol? If you drank for three weeks straight, you got something going on! You don’t have to drink every day to have a problem. Alcoholics go years, decades without drinking but they are still alcoholics! Consider why you did that before you decide you don’t have a problem. Second, be honest with your doctor. With HIPPA, they can’t tell anyone! It is not their job to be judgemental, just to help you. Call the doc back and tell him/her what is going on. Heck – you could have something unrelated to the binging all together.

    can severe stomach and kidney pain be connected to alcohol?
    I’ve been drinking pretty heavily almost everyday for about 2 weeks. I don’t usually do that and have never been one to drink on the weekdays but, since it’s summer I guess I’ve just gotten wrapped up in all the partying. Anyway, day before yesterday I decided I needed to slow it down and give myself a long break. I could feel my body just becoming utterly exhausted from all the drinking.

    Well, I ended up going to a concert and though I didn’t get drunk this time, had a sip of beer. Also about 2 hours later I had a mixed drink. Needless to say that was a terrible idea. As soon as I got to the 3rd or 4th sip my stomach began hurting pretty bad. I finished the drink but just barely. The next day I woke up and just didn’t feel good at all really. As the day progressed I was overcome by severe stomach and kidney pains. I couldn’t even move! I laid down for the remainder of the day and when I would so much as try to turn over I got these shooting pains in my kidney and all over my stomach. This throbbing pain, just everywhere. I managed to take a shower and almost passed out. I got these really sharp pains in my kidneys and my stomach just felt terrible. It also felt like I had menstrual cramps too, but basically it was all in my stomach. I couldn’t eat and didn’t have much of an appetite so I just took some pepto and and an aleve and went to bed. I’ve also been under some stress these past weeks so I thought maybe that would have kind of made it worse than it was, plus I have bad anxiety so my brain was jumping to all kinds of illness’s. It was just a bad day.

    Today was better, I wasn’t in so much pain. My stomach from time to time would hurt a bit but nothing compared to yesterday. My kidney’s kind of hurt a bit but it was more of a dull ache or throb, not the sharpness I was feeling. It was extremely scary and was one of the worst pains I’ve had. I know that usually this type of pain only happens when you drink for years or something like that but I’m just thinking I drank way to damn much and now I’m paying for it. I read somewhere that this can occur and can last up to a certain amount of day’s depending on your size and everything. Well I’m 5’1 and weigh 110 and a female. Don’t really know if it matters but I don’t really understand what the hell happened. If anyone can help me out here I’d really appreciate it!

    • ANSWER:

    Is there a name for a person with a long-term death wish?
    If you’re depressed, and you snap and make up your mind to commit suicide, you pick a method and do it. Either jump in front of a car, off a building, shot/stab/hang yourself, etc.

    What I’m talking about, is the people who decide to kill themselves long-term because they’re still depressed. So they smoke excessively, and drink heavily, and do a lot of “bad 4 your heath” kinda things. Especially take huge risks, like walking through a known crime-invested neighborhood.

    I ask, because I had a huge depression that lasted 5 years, and I stopped the suicidal thoughts 2 years ago (with help from a psychotherapist) [btw, meds only complicate things, i hated them].

    But nowadays, I often find myself with a “i don’t give a f**” attitude about smoking and drinking. Yes, I know it’s bad, but it keeps me sane. And a few people tell me “join the club”. I think about cancer every time I light a cigarette, and I think about kidney failure every time I drink my 10 beer, and it doesn’t slow me down one bit.

    Is there a term for people like me? Why am I okay with a possible terminal-illness? Or is it depression still talking?

    thanks for reading.

    • ANSWER:
      i think i’m a happy pessimist after living most of my life in depression and despair.
      i have no desire to live a long life. i wouldn’t commit suicide but i don’t worry about things that are detrimental to my long term health. i’ll quit doing something that makes me feel bad in the present but the people who exercise daily and eat super healthy and all that other garbage so that they can live to a ripe old age. i don’t get it.
      i think life on this planet is not all that good for most of us. so i don’t know what the term for people who don’t care is. it’s at least despair. and there’s lots of us.

    What is Good for Kidney problems?
    I need some advice. I have just found out that my father may need a Kidney transplant because his kidneys are damaged. For the moment the are OK but if they get any worse then he may need a transplant. My Father has high blood pressure which i think was the cause of the Kidney problem.
    Anyway …if anyone can give me any advice that would help i would be very thankful… What kind of foods are good for him? He drinks about 2-3 beers in the evening is this having an added effect?
    Is there anyway to repair the damage???or prevent further damage??
    Any useful websites would be great too.

    Thanks to everyone who does reply.

    • ANSWER:
      he should STOP the beers and try drinking water it will help clean the kidneys.

    How concerned should I be for my father? recovering alcoholic?
    My father was an alcoholic when my parents met, and quit along with my mom when I was born. When I was three they got married and he started drinking again. He ALWAYS had his silver cup of Jaeger, EVERYWHERE. He suddenly quit cold turkey, with the help of anti-DT meds in February after he developed acute pancreatitis and said he never even craved it again. I go hang out with him every Sunday and today he took me and his wife to see speedboat races, and while there just went and bought a cold beer, and than another. That was all he had today, and he didn’t get anything to drink at home or anything, but what the hell? I even asked him once if he was going to start drinking again after his pancreatitis cleared up and he said that would be the stupidest thing he could ever do. I hadn’t seen him drink since he quit, and it was a shock. He never drank beer even when he DID drink. I don’t know how to approach him on this… I’m only 19 and he might not take my interference so well, but I HAVE to know what the hell’s going on. He’s been trying so hard to build himself back up (he also had a hip replacement and some kidney issues that were due to the painkillers he took for his hip and went away after he quit taking them.) Which brings me to my next point-he was supposed to restrict his protein intake, and today for lunch he had a friggin cheeseburger! And a huge one. I asked his wife about it and she said he tries to restrict his protein until he can’t stand it anymore and he’s been having cheeseburgers EVERY DAY but that his kidneys are doing fine with it. He’s always been healthy aside from the alcohol-he’s a fifty-four year old taekwondo master/school owner. We ARE getting along really well now, so I am going to somehow bring it up when I talk to him tonight (we call each other every night) but I’m not sure how…
    I meant they both quit when she found out she was pregnant

    • ANSWER:
      “What the hell?” is right! If your dad is a real alcoholic and he is drinking – then he is not recovering. It doesn’t matter whether he calls himself ‘recovering’ or not. Alcoholics who still drink as if they can do so safely aren’t going to recover from anything except the occasional cold, flu or the like. Certainly not alcoholism.

      Alcoholics who still drink are just that– they are still alcoholics who still drink. It is possible that he is NOT a real alcoholic and CAN now drink. It could be that he is merely someone who has abused alcohol in the past and who has learned how to moderate his intake like anyone else who is also non-alcoholic.

      The world is full of people who – although are not truly alcoholic – used to have a problem with EtOH but have realized drinking too much/too often is harmful an detrimental to happy living and so they moderate – maybe with a little counseling or some other such secular/non-spiritual human aid. But ‘you’ would have no what of knowing for sure.

      If you really want to know if he’s all right don’t look to his alcohol intake — look to him as a person. Alkies aren’t just booze damaged bodies – they are afflicted, sick individuals with ailing souls and distorted personalities. According to “Alcoholics Anonymous” alcohol is only a symptom of the real problem. “Our liquor was but a symptom. So we had to get down to causes and conditions.” (64:0)

      Instead it would be more revealing to observe; How is his patience? Is he kind and loving and helpful to others or is he restless irritable and discontent? Is he wrought with emotional entanglements, fear, anxiety and depression? Is he plagued by physical ailments and does he struggle with negativity? All of the later indicates untreated spiritual sickness which leads to abuses of all kind including chronic alcoholism. (and drugs use as well,) Good luck. I truly hope that helps.

      Peace and Love,
      Danny S – RLRA
      Real Live Recovered Alcoholic

    Help!! Heavy drinking lifestyle!?
    I am a 24 yr old male. I’ve been out of school for 2 yrs & work a normal 40-50 hr/wk job, But i still really enjoy the college partying lifestyle. I drink anywhere from 1-5 times a week. When I drink it starts out a few beers with friends then next thing you know it is 5 hrs later and 15 beers/shots. I absolutely love partying with my friends and don’t want to give it up or the activities that I enjoy drinking with (poker, darts, pool, fishing. drinking games, backyard games, BBQs, ect). I can deal with the hangovers, i’m not missing work and I don’t drive drunk. The only thing I’m worried about is how to continue this lifestyle w/o destroying my body/health, mainly high blood pressure, my kidneys, liver, stuff like that. I am in avg shape, really active, and I eat decently heathly (cut out alot of sweets, caffiene, salt). My dads side of the family does have a history of kidney disease and I was told that I have a 50/50 shot of developing it.

    • ANSWER:
      you can still drink but do it in moderation, maybe twice a week only like fri and sat.. its good that u can maintain drinking as much as u do, but just the fact that u have a history of family illness should make u cut it down at least… good luck

    Kidney pain due to drinking?
    I often times have kidney pain the day after drinking. I guess I could be considered quite the light weight ( 132 lbs. / 5′ 10″) , in that if I consume 6-7 beers within a two hours or less, I get pretty drunk. Is kidney pain common for someone of my stature and exactly why does this pain occur? How can it be avoided?

    To my knowledge I am a healthy individual if that helps any.

    • ANSWER:

    How to help a family member. Her 21 year old son Committed suicide and buried him on his 22 B-day?
    My husband sisters 21 year old son committed suicide. And I know it has to be so rough on her but Not real sure how to help. We have never been close. And I refuse to be like so many to tell her I know what she is going through. It feels so cruel. When I have my son he just turned 28 and is a wild man. Always has been. He son was one of the good guys. He was a high school graduate and not into drinking, drugs or any of that kind of stuff my son has done it all. The alcoholic, his 1st son when he was only 16. And has done the street drugs. But I hear so many people telling her they know what she is going through When they don’t because I feel until you have had to bury a child for any reason or lost a child to death you Can’t possialby know what they are going through. He son watched his father at 8 years old die at his feet.His father was a diabetic and had a kidney transplant. And only lived 2 years then died from a blood clot. This youg boy was standing beside of his daddy in the kitchen when he fell to his death. Our nephew was a brillte diabetic, At 16 he had open heart surgery. His heart had NO back in it they repaired it and done a bunch of other stuff to it. He found out 3 months ago his pancreas had quit, his kidneys were failing and they wanted to put him on a heart transplant list. He told his mother he was just tired of all his health problems and he gave up. He committed suicide and they buried him on his 22 B day.Here I am with a 28 year old son. Who know more cares about his family or his health. He goes through 2 cases of beer a week. Neglects his children. And only comes to see my husband and I when he wants a free babysitter, or money. But yet her son was acomputer wizard, had made it through high school, had tried college before his health got worse. And was a great kid. But I don’t know how to be there for her. When We have our son and our 3 grandchildren. And she lost hers.We have never been close in about 10 years anyway. She lives 90 mile away.

    • ANSWER:
      I feel really sorry for this lady, and I’m sorry for saying this but you definitely need to stop comparing your son to hers and putting him down like that.

    This is bizarre…need your help!!?
    Ok, so yesterday was just a fantastic day! Right? I hung out with some friends and we decided to knock out 64 ounce Big Gulps of Powerade which we did in under probably an hour and a half. Later on (about 2 hours later) I went to a party and played two games of beer pong, which equates to me drinking about a beer and a half total. I was feeling fine leaving the party and went to sleep around 4:00 AM! I wake up today and I am aching in the area where I feel my kidneys would be! It’s in line with my belly button on the back-right side of my back. It feels strained or just sore. I am an occasional smoker and I drink ever so often. Could this be serious or perhaps a Powerade overdose??

    • ANSWER:
      I drink a lot of water. Actually, I drink ONLY water. So, if I don’t drink enough water one day, or if I’m drinking alcohol or soda, I will get that same pain. The next day, I go back to drinking water, and it goes away.

      So, I would say you had too many sugary drinks, and if you drink some water, the pain should go away. I wouldn’t give it but a couple days, though. Go to the doctor if the pain persists.

    husband is having pain when he has to pee?
    he would kill me if he knew i was asking this on here, but i’m worried,and he won’t go to see a doctor.. he says that when he has to pee it feels like he has something stuck/caught about half way down inside of his shaft and it hurts like hell.. i told him it sounded to me like he either has a bladder infection and the swelling is causing the pain, or he could even have a kidney stone that is lodged that is causing the pain. only thing is i have had kidney stones myself, and before it would make it’s way into my urinary tract i had pain in other areas of my abdomin and he hasn’t had any pain before today,and only in this area..i also told him that if it were me i would lay off of the coffee,soda, and dark beer for several days, and drink as much water as i could force myself to drink, because this will help to flush whatever it is out. but he won’t listen to he says that it might help to push it out if he gets off.which again i think is a very bad idea… what does this sound like to you guys?

    • ANSWER:
      You’ve hit the nail on the head. It is probably a bladder infection or a kidney stone. He needs to go see the Dr. if it is a bladder infection. A kidney stone usually passes on its own, but occasionally they are large enough that they get stuck in the tube.

    Suddenly, I’m unable to have a drink without vomitting, why?
    I’m a bartender, so I’m used to drinking a fair amount regularly. Not excessive or binge drinking at all. But recently (about 3 weeks) I can’t have more than a few drinks (2-3 in 4-5 hours time) without being sick to my stomach. At first it wasn’t until the next day, so I cut down and spread the drinks farther apart. I don’t feel as terrible, but the end result (me over the toilet) is the same. I’ve tried to eat before I drink, after, tried drinking loads of water during and after drinking. Tried different types of alcohol, but nothing seems to work. In fact, now I get sick before I can even fall asleep! I’ve done some checking on the Internet, but none of the answers seem to fit. If it’s allergies, could they suddenly develop? I’m 28 an have been a regular drinker for years (again, not excessive, or binge. I don’t drink til I blackout or act like an idiot, so I don’t believe this is due to kidney or liver problems, at least the traditional alcohol related problems). I don’t believe this is genetic, there is no family history and this has come on suddely for me. Does this sound like an ulcer to anyone? I used to have horrible acid reflux when I was about 23 and has begun to bother me a bit again. Also, in February I had mononucleosis. I know this can affect your liver. I’ve also suffered from a kidney infection or 3 within the last year. The last being 2 months ago. Could this have anything to do with it? Please help! Any input would be greatly appreciated!! I miss enjoying a glass of good wine with dinner, and a cold beer watching the game!

    • ANSWER:
      Well maybe your PREGNANT go pee on a sick and see!! or maybe you have some type of stomach virus. Go to the doctor again and see what they say. (sorry if this comment wasn’t helpful)

    This is bizzare…need your help!!!?
    Ok, so yesterday was just a fantastic day! Right? I hung out with some friends and we decided to knock out 64 ounce Big Gulps of Powerade which we did in under probably an hour and a half. Later on (about 2 hours later) I went to a party and played two games of beer pong, which equates to me drinking about a beer and a half total. I was feeling fine leaving the party and went to sleep around 4:00 AM! I wake up today and I am aching in the area where I feel my kidneys would be! It’s in line with my belly button on the back-right side of my back. It feels strained or just sore. I am an occasional smoker and I drink ever so often. Could this be serious or perhaps a Powerade overdose??

    • ANSWER:
      People have died recently from drinking too much WATER. One case recently in America when a woman drank for a radio contest.

      It doesn’t have to be alcohol.

    15 year old girl in horrible need to get out of her house help?
    im fifteen years old when i was little like around the age or four to ten my mom use to hit me well when we moved up to Oklahoma she stopped and went to mentally abusing me and my sister. My dad says he will talk to her about everything she has said about threaten to choke me with soap that ive screwed up her life that she regrets adopting me ive screwed up everything that i cant ever do anything right stuff like that. They have put so much stress on me including my grades i haven’t been able to be at school because ive had a heart problem from stress when i get to stressed out i cant breath my chest tightens up i get sharp pain that spreads and jumps places every time i get in a fight with them or to stressed out. I wasn’t able to go school for the first semester for maybe a total of two months because ive been in and out of st francis from cysts stress and rare enlarged appendix they hold my grades over me like i could have gone every day when i was in screaming and crying pain no pain killer would help maybe for three to twenty mins at most. then back with the pain. the days i missed or went to school and had to be picked up after being pretty much carried into the nursed office i would get yelled at the whole time home saying i was faking the whole thing that high school is hard but i have to quit this bullshit and go to school suck up the pain. after about two months they finally took me to see a doctor. yet they kept yelling after having to pick me up or call the school saying i was going to be gone again and needed my work. They stress me out and wont let me leave the house unless its with family or to school. then they say im able to go places i can only have two people out of my friends come over thats my boyfriend and a girl im not friends with because she got into hard core drugs. The stress has gotten so bad that when my heart acts up im in bed asleep the rest of the bed someone has to help me sit up n help me walk in to weak my side were my kidneys are hurt along with my stomach from stress. Ive gotten so stressed from then i cant eat alot without throwing up anymore so im losing wieght from it. Is there any way possible that i can get emancipated and move in with my sixteen year old boyfriend n his mom?
    she also wants me out of this houseand is fine with me living with them the stress effects my health n heart so bad im on the ground gasping for air screaming and crying then when i end up falling asleep from being light headed im to weak to get up and do anything at all on my own i have to have people help me even sit up or hold a glass of water im out for at least 24 hours if im lucky not longer, my mom goes to work around 1 in the afternoon n gets off at eleven at night she stays out with friends until four am normally sometimes later or they come over to the house when i wake up there is the smell of smoke everywhere downstairs along with over twenty empty beer bottles thrown everywhere downstairs. she acts more of a teenager then most of the poeple i know. My dad seems to flirt with me. he says perveted things to me plays with my feet when no ones around to see n a few years ago he pinned me down put his knees on my tighs so i couldnt move my legs n held my wrists down so i couldnt move my arms my sister walked in n he quickly got off but im scared to be alone with him i make someone either stay on the phone with me or text someone n give them my adress if i stop texting or randomly hang up. please is there anyway at all to get me out of this house at the rate of stress im in im going to have a heart attack before im 18.

    • ANSWER:

    Little hole in a kidney, help………………………………….?
    Okay, my mom went to doctors like i think 2 months ago..and they found out she had a hole (little) in the kidney and she has to get it removed (the one kidney), she still waits for the reply tho to get this operation. Okay but she can’t pee or anything, and she works in cold all the time so when she comes bk home in hot place her kidney hurts a lot, any advice how to stop it hurting ? kk next
    As i said she can’t pee, she tried to drink beer which makes u pee faster..not for her tho she like pees once a day or nothing.. what she needs to do to make her pee faster if u know what i mean.

    btw If u dont know the answer then just dont write anything >.>
    shes drinking alot of stuff …and vitamins etc..
    plus she has a lil hole she had all the scans, they told her to wait couple of months, till she has some surgery and stay in hospital…;/

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know what they mean by “a little hole”. I doubt doctors would say such a thing. Maybe a cyst? You cannot remove a hole. You could only sew up a hole. Sounds like she is maybe having kidney failure or a kidney stone or kidney cancer or ?? if she is not urinating. Not urinating is a very bad thing. Poisons stay in the body.

    Persistant Kidney Infection?
    I’ve been having a Kidney infection for about 4 1/2 months. I’ve taken two rounds of antibiotics. I’ve also had a culture done, and no bateria grew in it. My doctor now wants me to do a CT scan to try and find the cause. The only problem is my insurance deductable it ,000 and it just renewed for the year. I don’t know what I should do. I’ve been drinking beer and cranberry juice because I heard that helps with this type of infection. Other than that, I am a very healthy eater, I never drink cokes or coffee or tea (other than herbal). Anyone have experience or advice? I don’t want to spend the money. My husband and I just bought our first house, and moved in together and we are going to have a lot of expense with that. Plus, I am saving up for braces, because I have terrible TMJD and that is suppose to help my condition. I am only 23 and I don’t make tons of money. Any comments are greatly appreciated.
    I am taking vitamin C with rose hips for the acidity.
    I only ever drink one soda a week. I could only handle drinking one beer, yuck. I have been drinking cranberry juice. I have been seeing my GP, but I think I am going to see a Urologist, even though it may not actually be my kidney’s, I want to make sure before I go have a CT Scan.
    I forgot, I am taking 100% juice, not cocktail. It is a mixture of grape and cranberry because I can not find it straight up anywhere. I always drink lots of water everyday.

    • ANSWER:
      First of all, I’m sure you’ve been told this but kidney infections can be very dangerous- the infection usually begins lower in your urinary tract and moves up to your kidneys, but if left untreated it can damage your kidneys. additionally, occasionally it will cause sepsis (infection of the blood) which is extremly dangerous.
      the best thing you can do for the average kidney infection is to drink water. I mean drink water like your life depends on it- like a liter an hour. This may help flush the bacteria. As for cranberry juice, make sure it’s 100% pure cranberry juice, most of the time bottles labeled “cranberry juice” are actually cranberry juice cocktail which has a TON of sugar in it and will actually make your infection worse. I have never heard of drinking beer and can’t suggest that.


      If you haven’t responded to antibiotics there are 2 possible explanations that I can think of;

      1. the bacteria causing the infection is resistant to the antibiotics you have been prescribed
      2. it’s not actually a kidney infection.

      There are many types of antibiotics that all kill different types of bacteria- and doctors are faced with the problem of antibiotic resistance. This is when bacteria evolve ways to survive drugs that should normally kill them, making those medicines useless- obviously this really bad. The cause of this is that too many doctors prescribe antibiotics that people don’t really need, and so in the past few years doctors have begun to be much more conservative with antibiotic prescriptions. This mean that the FIRST time you went to the doctor and took antibiotics, you were probably prescribed a less “powerful” antibiotic, and it may not have been strong enough, may not have been taken correctly, may not have been the correct antibiotic for the bacteria you have etc.
      either way, the second time you had to be prescribed antibiotics for the SAME infection, any good doctor would give you a “stronger” broad spectrum antibiotic, possibly a higher dose and would have discussed with you the importance of taking them properly. So that makes me think that none of the possible problems that can occur with antibiotics are the explanation for what is going on with you.

      explanation 2: it’s not actually a kidney infection
      the fact that your urine culture was negative is a huge indication that you probably do NOT actually have a kidney infection. at least, not any more.
      do you still have pain in your flank? do you run a fever? is there any blood in your urine? look up the symptoms of a kidney infection and see if they describe you.
      If you really still think it’s an infection, you could ask them to re-culture your urine, It’s always possible (although unlikely) that a mistake was made.
      If not, generalized pain in this area could be any number of things and a CT will be REALLY helpful to identify- it basicly just lets your doctor take a look at the soft tissue in that area, if something is damaged or inflamed or whatever this will alllow them to see it. It’s possible that if you had a reeeeally bad infection, your kidneys are damaged. it’s also possible that something else is going on.
      My best advice, is there a medical school in your area? All doctors need to be taught how to give a CT and read the results, occasionally you can be a learning tool and get a free CT or ultrasound etc. in the process.
      If you talk to your doctor and tell him that you just don’t have the money, it’s possible that he may be able to suggest somthing else that is less expensive.
      If it were me, I’d have the CT becasue it really doesn’t sound like a kidney infection.
      best of luck

    How can I pass a 6mm unobstructing kidney stone naturally?
    I am 31 y/o female and I have a 6 mm kidney stone sitting in the middle of my right kidney that is causing me pain. The doctor says that it is not obstructing any thing and I should not be in pain but I am. I have passed kidney stones before on my own but I am having a hard time passing this one. I have been drinking TONS of water, lemonade, and cokes. I even heard beer was good to drink. PLEASE HELP! I do not want to have surgery, I just want to pass this thing. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      IV fluids would also help. Might make it go faster. But there’s no way to know when this will happen. I’ve never thought ambulation was any help, but then who knows, can’t hurt.

    Help with bladder/kidney problem..?
    I went to my doctor for a routine checkup and he noticed an enlarged bladder. I was sent for a lab and ultrasound and upon completion of the ultrasound I was immediately admitted to the hospital. I had a catheter inserted and 2000ml of liquid was drained from my bladder. I was given a blood test and was told my creatinine levels were at 2.8. I had no symptoms what-so-ever and still have no problems urinating, no discomfort, strong stream, ect. I was given a VCUG, which eliminated the idea of reflux from my bladder to the kidneys, and also was given a cystoscopy, which eliminated the possibility of a stricture or blockage. I was told I have the bladder of a 60 yr old.
    That is where I stand at this point today. I have the doctors baffled as to what is causing these problems.
    By the way…I am a 32 y.o. male, 5’10″ 170, in good shape, do not drink except for maybe 3-4 beers per month. This has been extremely humbling and I was curious if anyone had, or knows someone who went through a similar situation and what the final outcome/prognosis was?

    • ANSWER:
      drink oxy water 3 times /day 1 hour before eat
      NUTRISI THIANSI may help you
      5. CORDISEP Rp 390.000
      more information inI FACE BOOK SUTIKNO MULYO DIHARJO
      TLP 03192170203/08993454598

    I need some kidney failure help.?
    I need some information on kidney failure. Anything would help really.
    So I have some symptoms i believe, but i wanna make sure that it’s a good possibility before telling anyone and freaking them out, lol. First off I have extreme shortness of breath, which i’ve thought was asthma, also I’ve had really sharp pains a little above my left hip bone. I also think I’m having lost of appitite, like I get hungry, but once I start eating i don’t usually finish it and eat just a few bites. These are just like the big things, or signs that are super apperant.
    Secondly, I was wondering if anyone knows like exactly what could cause this. I have drank before a few times, but I mean i’m not a huge drinker and it’s not near an everyday thing at all, also I don’t like beer so I usually just stick to wine coolers and such. I also have had hit a “rough” patch and have taken more than prescribed amounts of medicine, mostly Ibuprofen, or over the counter things, nothing I would call serious. These are just things I can think of that would play a role on this off of the top of my head. Which I wanted to know if these things could have this affect.
    Like i said before anything would help and I’d appreicate any information. I just want to hear out some thoughts before I go and see everything and do things i don’t need to do, if that makes sense. And lastly I don’t want people to tell me to just go and get checked out now just in case, i’m not a huge hospital person and I’m just asking for what I’ve mentioned above. Thanks for your input:)

    • ANSWER:
      Acute Kidney Failure Symptoms
      The following symptoms may occur with acute kidney failure. Some people have no symptoms, at least in the early stages. The symptoms may be very subtle.

      Decreased urine production
      Body swelling
      Problems concentrating
      Nausea, vomiting
      Abdominal pain
      Metallic taste in the mouth
      Seizures and coma may occur in very severe acute kidney failure

      Take care


    could I possibly have kidney stones? Lower back pain?
    Well im 26 and almost never drink beer. However I did on saturday and now I have awfull lower back pain=( It hurts so stand or sit. Im in alot of pain=(
    I have had back problems before but I always thought it was just normal. Even though I couldnt sit or stand and was crawling around my house instead of walking!
    I dont take pain meds for it because it doesnt help the only thing that ever did was (SOMA) a muscle relaxer!
    Well heres what I need to know,

    Could KIDNEY STONES pain come and go every fiew months?
    Could my drinking trigger the stones to give me pain again?

    • ANSWER:
      probably not. I have had kidney stones, and it was pretty intense pain. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and not taking pain meds wasn’t an option. And the pain was pretty constant until I passed the stone. However I do have back problems as well, and the muscle relaxer may actuallyl be making it worse. The muscles surounding your spinal column may be loose which can cause pretty significant pain. You may need physical therapy if that is the case.
      Good luck

    I can’t drink caffine or alcohol, what can I do?!?
    4 years ago I was diagnosed with a birth defect that causes frequent kidney infections. I can no longer drink caffine or alcohol, smoke, or eat spicy foods. I quit everything but eating spicy foods, love that too much. My favorite thing was Green Tea and beer, both of which I can’t have anymore. Is there any alt. drink I drink that doesn’t contain caffine but tastes like Green Tea? Or some kind of fruit drink? I love apple juice but get tired of drinking it all the time…HELP ME PLEASE!!

    • ANSWER:
      When I was on Weight Watchers I decided to stop drinking soda altogether so that I would drink more water. I had a tough time with it, but I got through it by drinking different flavors of Crystal Light and some of the flavored seltzer waters.

      I love the Crystal Light Green Tea with Raspberry, but I don’t know if it has caffeine (it probably does). Here is the website that lists its ingredients:

      You might also want to browse the Weight Watchers website (you don’t have to be a member to use a lot of the site) for recipes. They’re good at coming up with creative, healthy alternatives that don’t make you feel like you are losing any taste. I did a site search for “drinks” and came up with a couple interesting pages:
      -Very Cool Drinks (although one has caffeine):

      -Frozen Pitcher Drinks (although one has tea in it):

      Happy drinking! :)

    Organ liver kidney donor,, why not pay for organs rich people do and live?
    What’s the big deal in paying in exchange to help donor, donor goes through a lot of hassle and lost wages pain and psychological changes so why not compensate someone that is willing to help. A lot of people die because of government regulations that most of it apply to not rich people do you believe Steve Jobs waited like everyone else? I’m B+ 5’10″. About 170 lbs. None smoker good health drink ocasionaly, just a beer or two no more,, every oher week, got a couple tattoos I see it like art, professionally done, I’m an organ donor on my license already but I can be living donor too,, and please if you feel offended by this don’t be please I am not trying to be rude I’m just human,

    • ANSWER:

    dealing with sick family member?
    My uncle who has been in the hospital now since thursday for double pnemonia. First his liver shut down, and now apparently his kidneys are going as well. His bp has gone up though. Yesterday he was taken off his sedation medication but he still hasn’t woken up. They are saying it’s going to take a miracle but I refuse to believe this. Is there no chance at all for him? They are checking for brain I feel so guilty right now because I conributed to his alcohol use (he would ask me for money all the time). I cut him off though a week before he ended up in the hospital and I’m starting to think he did something to himself to end up here. We just now found out that he was suppose to go to court a few days ago for stealing beer but he never told us about this. We think he was too afraid too. He helped me out with so many things in life…he wasn’t just some bum alcoholic. How can I feel better about this? I’ve never lost anyone before and we were so close..he was like the father I never had

    • ANSWER:
      I am not sure if he is going to make it.
      It doesn’t sound good.
      Go visit him at the hospital while you still can.
      Sit with him and hold his hand.
      Talk to him about how important he is to you and how much you love him.
      Mention some pleasant memories you shared with him.
      Maybe on some level he can hear what you are saying. This is why it is good to talk to him. It can also help you say good-by to him if you must. Best Wishes

Does Cranberry Juice Help Kidneys

We often read that cranberry juice can cure kidney stones. Cranberry juice and kidney stones have been associated with each other for generations.

A study made by the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center in Dallas revealed that levels of calcium and oxalate increased when cranberry juice was taken by the subjects. The results gave rise to the discovery of a rare kidney stone disease called brushite stones.

However, it disclosed that it can reduce uric acid levels and prevent urinary tract infection (UTI). but did not elaborate any course of action for people with tendencies to have kidney stones.

Kidney stones form when calcium and oxalate crystallize as they are supposed to be dissolved in the urine. Hence, cranberry juice may not be the right cure for kidney stones but can be used as a prevention to lower the uric acid level, based on the study.

In a similar study at the University of Cape Town made by Prof. Allan Rodgers provided scientific evidence that cranberry juice is effective in the cure of kidney stones.

The study claimed that calcium oxalate, citrate concentration and oxalate and phosphate were altered by the cranberry juice. Thereby concluding the effectiveness since they are part of the components that causes kidney stones.
The observations made by Prof. Rogers is contrary to the findings of the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center in Dallas.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Cranberry Juice help malfunctioning kidneys caused by adult onset Diabetes?
    I have received conflicting advice from the Medical Profession.
    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:

      Once your kidneys have begun to malfunction, there is usually very little that can be done. Damage from Diabetes is almost always permanent. Damage is caused from scar tissue left over from the damaging effects of sugar molecule attached to red blood cells (this is called GLYCATING, and is what the A1C test measures).

      the only thing that can be done is to take proper care of yourself, and do everything medically possible to prevent the disease from getting worse.

      ASK the doctor that is treating your diabetes to refer you to a Nephrologist (kidney specialist). The nephrologist should take a Creatinine and BUN reading, and from that should be able to get you a Glomular Filtration Rate reading, which is based on your age, sex, ethnicity, and Creatinine reading. Keep that GFR as high as possible, and definitely above 50% !!

      Cranberry juice probably won’t hurt anything, but if you expect it to improve the situation, or repair the damage, you are wasting money.

    How does cranberry juice help kidney infections?
    Everytime I hear about a kidney infection, they are told to drink cranberry juice… how does it help?

    • ANSWER:
      It doesn’t help kidney infections, an infected kidney is very serious. It can help prevent bladder infections because a component of cranberry juice makes it more difficult for bacteria to stick to the bladder.

      Cranberry juice will only help to prevent a bladder infection, if you have an infection it doesn’t help at all — you need an antibiotic from your doctor to treat a bladder infection.

    Does cranberry juice help to keep the kidneys healthy?
    I had a friend tell me that her urologist told her cranberry juice does not help the kidneys at all.

    • ANSWER:
      I think it is the antioxidants that help I drink it when ever I get a bladder infection! :)

    Cranberry Juice – how does it help the kidneys?
    What does cranberry juice do t othe kidneys? how does it help the kidneys?

    • ANSWER:
      The kidneys (one on each side of the spine just above the waist) make urine, which consists of about 95 percent water and 5 percent urea and various salts. This urine exits the kidney via long, thin tubes called ureters. The ureters (one from each kidney) drain into the bladder, a small round organ that acts as a holding tank. When the bladder fills, you get a signal that it is time to urinate. The urine passes out of your body through a canal called the urethra.

      Anything that interferes with this flow may cause the urine to back up and stagnate in the bladder. The urinary tract then becomes a sitting duck for disease. Women often experience urinary tract infections. More than 60 percent of women experience a urinary tract infection sometime during their lives. For many women, infection is a chronic problem.
      These infections are caused by the introduction of bacteria into the urinary tract. Once inside, they thrive in the warm, moist environment. Ultimately, they begin to affect urine production and the function of the bladder, resulting in significant pain.

      Any reduction in kidney efficiency can have a drastic and immediate impact on our health. Even a partial reduction in the kidney’s ability to filter the blood will lead to the rapid buildup of deadly toxins in the bloodstream. In severe cases, patients may require a kidney dialysis machine to artificially filter blood. Although this equipment does prevent the deadly buildup of urea and ammonia in the bloodstream, it is not as effective as the kidneys.

      How do cranberries help? When a cranberry is in its juvenile state, it is green and bitter, making it unpalatable to most animals. At this early stage, the cranberry produces a certain class of molecules known as flavonoids, substances that have been investigated for their nutritional benefits and antibacterial activity. Studies have shown that the particular flavonoids produced by the cranberry have a strong antibacterial effect.

      But this is only part of the story. As the berry matures, it benefits the plant if a bird or other animal eats the cranberry so that its seeds will be spread to new areas where it will propagate and grow. To ensure that this happens, the plant transforms the flavonoids that contribute to the fruit’s bitter taste.

      The plant removes part of the flavonoid molecule and replaces it with a sugar molecule. This has the effect of sweetening the fruit, making it more palatable as a food-and helping to ensure that the plant continues to produce offspring.

      This sugar molecule makes cranberry effective as a nutrient within the urinary tract. In the human body, different cells have unique receptor sites. These sites can be thought of as a lock in a door requiring a unique key to open it. The sugar attached to the cranberry flavonoid seeks out an acceptable receptor site to attach itself. In cranberries, the sugar unlocks a receptor site on the walls of the urinary tract.

      This explains cranberries’ unique benefits. Cranberries contain a type of flavonoid that is capable of defeating the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, and this flavonoid is attached to a sugar that seeks out the cells that line the urinary tract.

      Research recommends making cranberries part of your diet if you are prone to recurrent urinary infections. A 1994 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicates that cranberry might reduce the levels of bacteria in urine. A report in the Journal of Psychiatric Nursing suggests that anyone troubled by urinary incontinence incorporate cranberries into their diet to reduce the embarrassing odor of this problem.

    why is cranberry juice good for kidneys stones and how does it work?
    hi i think i got kidney stones because my back hurts just above my hips it can be very painful at times im been told to drink cranberry juice so i am its helped with the pain loads,

    but why does it work please tell me what cranberry juice does????

    there must be a scientific biological explanation as its apparently a well known treatment for it
    but its actually stopped the pain i havent took nothing else im going to the doctors today abot it i hope the pain dont come back its really painful some days i just wanna cry

    • ANSWER:
      It’s not.

      It doesn’t.

    does cranberry juice help dog kidneys?

    • ANSWER:

    does cranberry juice help flush out the kidneys if you have a urinary tract infection?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think so, but drink cranberry juice anyways cuz its soooo good!

    does cranberry juice help with kidney stones or help with infections in the kidney?
    or does it help with both?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi A.P

      Here are some ideas to heal the issue.

      Kidney stones are more common during the summer, possibly due to concentrated urine caused by increased sweating and insufficient fluid intake. In general, mild chronic dehydration can play a role in the development of kidney stones. Chronic stress can also play a role.

      Kidney stones that are high in calcium may be a signal of hyperparathyroidism (excessive secretion of parathyroid hormone). In serious cases of kidney stones an ultrasound that fractionalizes and breaks down the stones may be advised. See your medical doctor for more information about this.

      Natural Cures

      Aromatherapy: Hyssop and juniper essential oils can be helpful.

      Ayurveda: Cumin, coriander, and fennel tea. Drink one cup three times a day.

      Diet: Diet alone cannot get rid of the stones. Higher-than-normal levels of oxalate related to a diet high in oxalic containing foods, such as rhubarb, spinach, leafy vegetables, and coffee, can promote kidney stone formation. High levels of dietary refined carbohydrates can also cause kidney stones. Sugar stimulates the pancreas to release insulin, causing increased calcium excretion through the urine. Other dietary factors that cause increased calcium excretion in the urine and promote stone formation are increased intakes of coffee, colas, acid-forming diets (such as high protein and grains), insufficient water intake, and excessive salt consumption. Soft drinks containing phosphoric acid can also encourage the formation of kidney stones and should be completely eliminated.

      The most important dietary actions are to increase your intake of pure filtered water, fiber, and green vegetables, and reduce refined sugar consumption. Foods that are helpful in decreasing kidney stone formation include cranberries, black cherries, rice bran, kombucha tea. In addition to avoiding sugar, also avoid or reduce your intake of salt, dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, nuts, chocolate, pepper, and animal proteins.

      Herbs: Combine the tinctures of gravel root, cornsilk, wild yam, and blackhaw in equal parts and take one teaspoon of this mixture three times a day. Or drink one cup of an infusion of nettle three times a day. Other useful herbs include uva ursi, horsetail, and dandelion root.

      Homeopathy: Berberis, and Sarsaparilla are both useful homeopathic remedies.

      Juice Therapy: The following juices can help stimulate the overall health of the urinary tract and potentially flush out the stones: Organic lemon juice; carrot, beet, and cucumber juice with a dash of garlic and/or horseradish; and/or Organic cranberry and watermelon juice.

      Nutritional Supplementation: Helpful nutrients include: magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin C (keep your total daily intake below 6 grams to avoid increasing oxalate formation), vitamin A, proteolytic enzymes (away from meals), raw kidney glandulars, fat-soluble chlorophyll, lipoic acid, and the amino acids glutamic acid, lysine, and methionine.

      Alternative Professional Care
      If your symptoms persist despite the above measures, seek the help of a qualified health professional. The following professional care therapies have all been shown to be useful for treating kidney stones: Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Detoxification Therapy, Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ultrasound.

      Best of health to you

    Why does cranberry juice help with kidney infections?
    My doctor told me on top of taking my antibiotics that I should drink plenty of clear liquids, but that cranberry juice would be best, and everyone who knows I am sick has said “Drink lots of cranberry juice.” What makes cranberry better than other juices or water?
    Actually, Answerer # 1…its not “simple”, or I wouldnt have asked the question. Thanks for that though…

    • ANSWER:
      It kills the bacteria and cleans your bladder.You can also take cranberry pills.I used to get tons of infections,Since I started taking cranberry pills daily i havent had one in the past year.I suffered for 20 years.Its not hype. it really works.

    Does drinking cranberry juice help kidney…………?
    i heard drinking cranberry juice help kidney stones go away or at least have less of them is it true?

    I really need help my grandmother has em

    thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      yes it does help but it CAN NOT be juice or from juice concentrate, it contains too much sugar and can make it worse. Most of the time you can find it in the organic section from the store. It helps my dad when he had his kidney stones.

    how does cranberry juice help kidney stones?

    • ANSWER:
      It doesn’t. Cranberry juice creates acidic urine which can help prevent urinary tract infections, but it also contains oxalates, which are associated with a higher risk for calcium oxalate stones. The best preventative measure is drinking 8-10 glasses of fluids a day, preferably mostly water. Studies have found that moderate alcohol intake, coffee and tea can lower the risk of kidney stones.

    does cranberry juice help pass kidney stones?

    • ANSWER:
      it might …once you have the stone they recommend drinking a lot of water…2-3 quarts a day…you can add cranberry juice to the water or trade off but in order to pass it you have to flush it out…

      good luck….

    Does drinking cranberry juice really help prevent getting kidney stones?

    • ANSWER:

    Is Garpe Juice good for the kidneys?
    I know cranberry juice is, but my god its awfull, does grape juice have any kidney cleaning effects? (Not for a drug test, I wanna know if it can help lower levels of protein in the urine)

    • ANSWER:
      Make sure you’re drinking straight grape or cranberry juice and not something with sugar added. Only “real” juices are good for the kidneys. Straight cranberry juice has been proven to help with urinary tract infections.

    Does Cranberry Juice good for diabetic person?
    My mom have type 2 diabetes and she also have a swollen kidney right now due to kidney stones… she is now confine in hospital, So I want to help her to drink some nutritious food or drinks…

    Does cranberry juice can help?

    • ANSWER:
      Normal cranberry juice is very high in carbs (sugars). But if you can find diet cranberry juice that is low in carbs, that would be OK.

    my kidneys hurt and I have no health insurance. Any Home cures other than cranberry juice and burnt toast?
    does anyone know of anything else that I can do to help myself at home with out the aide of a doctor, I can not afford one period.

    • ANSWER:
      Go see a doctor, if it’s an infection then delay in treating it is VERY serious.

    does anyone know of any remedies,old or new to help with kidney pain?i know of cranberry juice.any more?
    besides the doctor,i cant stand doctors. all they want is $$$$$$$and more of it. any help would be appriciated. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Lemonade, not the powdered stuff, but either fresh squeezed or from concentrate.

      If you have an infection, then you need antibiotics. The infection will not go away on it’s own.

      If you are having spasms or pain when you urinate, there are over the counter meds to help that. Uristat is a good one. There are also cranberry pills. Don’t know how effective those are though.

    When are you supposed to eat with all that you have to drink?
    If you are supposed to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water and then have a glass of orange juice for vitamin c, a glass of milk for calcium, a glass of cranberry juice for your kidneys, prune juice to keep you regular, V8 for nutrients, grapefuit to help you burn calories,and apple juice for whatever the reason may be, …when do you actually get to eat? and how many glasses a day would you need to drink of all that just to get your daily requirements?

    • ANSWER:
      Eat only when hungry and not more than thrice a day. Nothing other than water in between. Include plenty of uncooked vegetables and fruits in each meal, preferably 50%. Chew each morsel at least 32 times to activate ur body to generate signals of hunger/fullness. Obey these signals.

      Take light exercises and brisk walks regularly preferably twice a day.

      U will achieve what u have not even dreamt and that too in a reasonable time. Do not be in a hurry.

      The total liquid intake shud be 8-10 glasses including milk and juice etc.

    does anyone know what prevents kidney stones?
    does anyone know how to prevent kidney stones. I thought cranberry juice did but was told that that had not been proven. It might help but has not been proven. what has been proven to prevent kidney stones. All natural.
    I work for a doctor and just found out today. the first two were the wrong answer those have not been proven by science. I am just looking to see if someone does have the right answer.

    • ANSWER:
      Kidney stones are the result of calcific deposits clustering int he kidneys. Best thing to do is maintain a constant flow of water (8-12 glasses per day), and decrease your mineral intake slightly. Cut down on salt, potassium, and slightly on calcium.

    Cranberry Juice?
    What does cranberry juice do that makes people say that it can help in dissolving kidney stones?

    • ANSWER:
      Kidney stone brings discomfort and excruciating pain due to the formation of calcium oxalate crystals in the urine and then progress through the urinary tract. Studies have found Cranberry to be an effective remedy because the juice alters three key urinary risk factors: it lowers the concentration of oxalate and phosphate, it increases the citrate concentration and it dilutes the concentration of calcium oxalate in the urine. The same studies also concluded that cranberry juice had some anti- bacterial properties which can treat the infections resulting or attached to calcium oxalate crystals and stone-promoting bacteria to the epithelial cells in the renal tubes.

    Kidney problems, i drank alot of cranberry juice but?
    Nothing came out, ive had over 6-7 glass’s of it, regular sized ones, and i havent had the urge to pee, is it maybe cause my body needs it? I dont eat very healthy food this is my first in awhile so did my body just up and keep it? im worried help, is something wrong with me? ive had to use the bathroom to poop but not alot came out… idk whats going on or what to do… dont suggest doctor… im poor

    • ANSWER:
      If you feel a knife-like pain near your kidney, jump around and shake (it’ll hurt. You might vomit from pain.). If you don’t get that pain, then you should be fine as long as it doesn’t go longer than a couple days.

    Does anyone know of any new FDA-approved treatments or things that help deal with kidney stones?
    My dad has been fighting kidney stones for over thirty years. He has one now that is really bothering him. He has been to numerous doctors throughout the years, adapted his diet,and other things, but they stones keep coming back. Cranberry juice and/or pills don’t seem to help. He watches his calcium intake, and has even had the stones sonically blasted apart. He didn’t care for braking up the stones however. He said he’d rather just pass a couple of stones than a bunch of pieces of them. I just would like to help him I live in Dallas if anyone knows of a specialist. Any suggestion is a great suggestion, please tell me what you know about kidney stones and helping with the discomfort from them. I appreciate your time.

    • ANSWER:
      Uriflow – Advanced Kidney Stone Supplement For Dissolve & Flush Action

      Prevent harm to your kidneys and ease the passage of the stone with safe & natural therapy.

      Uriflow is the first clinically proven product that eliminates stones by disintegrating them into gravel and cleansing out all urinary tracts painlessly. Once your kidneys resume normal function you will find permanent relief from pain and prevent stones from forming again.

      Scientists have now shown that the best way to eliminate and prevent kidney stones is by introducing natural substances in your urine that help breakdown the stone’s chemical composition. These substances are called lithontriptic agents and have remarkable scientific evidence proving they work

      Based on this research scientists have developed the first natural kidney stone supplement that works immediately to dissolve and flush stones.

      Uriflow – Advanced Kidney Stone Supplement For Dissolve & Flush Action
      Uriflow is the only product that has over 20 independent clinical studies supporting its effectiveness. Unlike aggressive kidney stone procedures it protects your kidney tissue from damage by naturally reversing the stone formation process. Once the stone begins to disintegrate it quickly moves out the urinary tracts without causing pain or tissue damage.

      To effectively treat kidney stones
      you need to target 4 important issues:

      Disintegrate the stone at a microscopic level -so that stone material completely breaks down and is able to move out easily.

      Completely flush out all dissolved particles painlessly -to make sure all urinary tracts are thoroughly cleansed and free from blockages.

      Prevent bacteria from collecting in the urinary tracts -to prevent urinary infections that are common during and after kidney stones pass.

      Keep kidneys from forming stones again -by resuming kidney function and allowing them to naturally keep minerals dissolved in urine.

      Uriflow is the only scientifically supported product that accomplishes all 4 important aspects of kidney stone treatment. After being featured in several news articles and medical conventions Uriflow has been recognized as the most complete kidney stone therapy available.

    When I take Amoxicillan I feel like i get a Urinary tract infection?
    I took one single dose of amoxicillan and i got the horrible pressure, burning feeling like i gotta go right in my bladder. Its awful what causes this? Cranberry juice does nothing AZO makes my kidneys hurt when i got to the doctor they say no infection? Please help?
    I had an ultrasound Tuesday and I got no results (from the doctor) back yet. The technician doing the ultrasound says that she didnt see kidney stones.

    • ANSWER:
      Are you a guy or a girl, b/c i’m a girl and every time i take amoxocillin i get a horrible yeast infection that only goes away after i take diflucan that’s why i hate taking antibiotics in general, b/c it always happens, especially high dosages of them, but i have never had a urinary tract b/c of it.

    My dad has type II diabetes and is getting tested soon..?
    How can he reduce the level of sugar in his URINE, not blood/kidneys? Will cranberry juice flush it out? And does anyone know of anything else that will help him before he gets the test done? Please help!!!! =]

    • ANSWER:
      First of all, the sugar level in your urine is not separate from the sugar level in your blood. If one is high, the other will be high as well. It’s not something that can be flushed out of the system like alcohol or drugs; the only thing that can lower his blood sugar is insulin.

      What is he being tested for? Since you say he already has a diagnosis of Type II diabetes, I assume you mean he’s going in for his A1C test. That test measures average blood sugar over the last three months, so his blood sugar on the day of the test is not going to make any difference. He should be taking his medication or his insulin as prescribed by his doctor, or following a strict diet and exercise plan, or both. That is the only way to lower his blood sugar.

      Finally, cranberry juice is FULL OF SUGAR and will RAISE his blood sugar if he drinks it. I actually use it for hypoglycemia because it is so sugary.

    back pain for over a week. Pregnancy? Gallbladder? Kidneys? Please help.?
    Hubby and I have been ttc. I’m due for my next period this coming Friday (it’s Tuesday night here right now). For the past 8 or so days, I’ve been having very bad lower back pain all across my lower back. I was thinking kidneys so I drank cranberry juice all week which didn’t help anything. I’m afraid that it is my gallbladder, but I really hope it’s a pregnancy that is causing this pain. The pain is almost constant which makes me think it’s not my gallbladder because everything I’ve read says that it comes in spells lasting about 30 mins to an hour. My back pain is almost always there. I’ve got a 6 month old son, and I had back pain very early in pregnancy with him. Do you think this could be another pregnancy or is it too early to be getting back pain for pregnancy. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:

    Why do I keep getting kidney infections?
    This is my third kidney infection in two months. I am in so much pain. I am wondering why this keeps happening. I am drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice. Everytime this happens I have to get iv meds . Can anyone help me . Does this mean my kidneys are messed up?

    • ANSWER:

      sorry to hear this. I had a similar experience.
      Firstly – i recommend going to see a urinologist . They will be able to run certain tests.
      Its possible than when you took the antibiotics there were a few cells with the infection left which were not killed off. Also, bear in mind that you need to treat the kidneys with a lot of care because once they’ve been treated with an infection.. they are still very sensitive (even if you are no longer in pain) and very prone to infection so you would need to continue drinking plenty of water for over a month.

      The urinologist might be able to prescribe you a disinfectant antibiotic for the kidney. Which may help to kill off any reminents of the infection (as it usually a longer term course of drugs) . Also get the std tests done. It could be something that is causing this, like a certain bacteria which needs treating.

      wish you luck , and hope you feel better soon
      take care

    please help me I am to young to be going through all of this bladder and kidney problem?
    okay i am 19 years old female and over the summer one night i starting having serious lower left abdominal pain so i ended up going to ER that night then the doctor told me I had UTI which was my 3rd time getting that he also said i had an bladder infection and kidney stones, he gave my antibiotics and told me to drink a whole lot of water and cranberry juice and the kidney stones would work its way out, its been almost 2 months and the stones are still not out and im starting to feel the same abdominal pain? some people said maybe the stone dissolved or its just getting bigger? and i been urinating a lot. what should i do?

    • ANSWER:
      Most of the stones are passed out by using these methods, but sometimes they don’t pass through the urethra. You can consult your doctor and use calcium channel blockers (like nifedipine) and alpha blockers (like tamsulosin), which hasten the process of voiding the renal stones. You can take painkillers/ antispasmodics for pain relief. In some cases lithotripsy may be required where shock waves are used to break up the larger stones to smaller ones. It is advised to consult a urologist for the same. Hope the information is useful. Good luck. For details visit-

    Does dandelion dissolve kidney stones?
    I know cranberry juice is good for the bladder, but some people say it actually can make kidney stones worse. What about dandelion? There are specific claims that it can dissolve kidney stones. Has anyone had any experience with this, or passing kidney stones? Please help, I’m in a lot of pain.

    • ANSWER:
      see the link below. it is very detailed, but right to the point. Re: your question, the paragraph may be found under the title, “oxylate”.

    My MIL just told me to drink a beer to flush my kidneys out…?
    I’m starting to get a kidney infection.
    Will this do more harm than good?
    Or will it really flush them out?
    I’m trying to drink tons of water and cranberry juice, but she suggested that, and I was like Okay!
    So, will it help?

    • ANSWER:
      It is a diaretic, so yes, it should help. A couple should help more in that respect. Save the kidneys! Kill the Liver!!!

    what does it mean f my lower right side of my back hurts(I think my kidney)and the same side on my stomach?
    what seems to be my kidney hurting, it burns and sometimes sharp pains. On my stomach, it’s a sharp pain. Both seem to hurt more if I eat sugar and/or spicy food. Cranberry juice helps. Help!!

    • ANSWER:

    My guinea pig won’t eat!!! Help!?
    She won’t eat, and it’s going to only be a matter of time till she dies. All she does is sit in her igloo all day.

    She’s really sweet. All my friends love her to bits. I think she has something wrong with her kidneys- my brother suggested cranberry juice.

    Any other suggestions—like home remedies? (my dad won’t tke her 2 the vet just so they’ll say that her kidneys r bad, he’s a doctor)

    • ANSWER:
      I am sorry for you and your piggy.

      Are there any other symptoms besides the not eating and lethargy? Like blood in the urine, excessive drinking, diahrrea?
      Why do you think it is a kidney problem?

      Have you tried to syringe feed her to give her strength?
      If you can get some Russel rabbit science recovery or use her pellets, crush and soak them in water. Get a syringe or eye dropper and fill it with the paste solution. Wrap your pig up in a towel and hold her face so you can put some of the paste in her mouth. After about 2 mouth fulls, give her some water and help her eat. go slow so you don’t suffocate her. Will this help her or will it cause her too much pain?

      Cranberry juice, not cranberry cocktail, with a 50 split with water will help if it is a urinary tract infection, but it it is a cyst or a GI problem, I am not sure.

      It won’t hurt to put the diluted juice in a bowl in the cage next to the water source so it has a choice. I wish there were more I could suggest.

    Why does my kidney hurt?
    i went vegetarian about 4 months, and once a week or so, my kidneys hurt, i get pains and my lower back hurts, I drink plenty of cranberry juice and water, i pee fine, but i have no idea whats wrong with me!It always happens at 4 or 5 in the morning at night, and once i wake up, i can’t go back to sleep!!!I have to stay up beacause the pain hurts soo bad!!!I eat seafood though and soymilk !Could that be why i have these problems!??help me!~

    • ANSWER:
      you could have an internal kidney infection. It’s like an internal urinary tract infection except it doesn’t burn when you pee. Same thing happened to me. Go to the doc and get anibiotics and it will go away in a few days. You need to make sure you keep butt germs away from where yu pee. Sorry it’s gross but that’s what causes most infections.

    Doctors? Husband’s urine is cranberry colored and has kidney problems…?
    I had to take my husband to the ER yesterday. He had been dignosed previously with polycystic kidney disease. He woke up yesterday morning and his urine was the color of cranberry juice! The doctors did a CT scan and found a large mass in his left kidney which explains the pain in his side. We are waiting for an appointment with the urologist and a biopsy of the mass. We are scared, has anyone else gone through this? He was prescribed Ciprol antibiotic. Will they take his kidney? What if it’s cancer! And the bloody urine had not subsided. Any info would be of great help. Thank You. He is 31 and otherwise healthy.

    • ANSWER:
      i by no mean know whats wrong with your husband, as i am not a doctor..but i do have(pkd) polycystic kidney disease and i do know that blood in urine is a common thing and cysts will burst, he needs to have a nephrologist if he doesnt already have one this is important.there is alot to this disease alone..if you dont know much about it i would suggest reading it online..goin to the support groups and reading all you can…this is one of those things you have to manage , when the doctors dont. good luck

    My kidneys really hurt help?
    It’s both of them, and they have been hurting about a week so far. My mom bought me some more cranberry juice today and i’ve been drinking that and water. Also, when I use the bathroom my urine is so yellow. What should I do? What could be wrong? UTI? Stones? Infection? help :) thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Go to your doctor Kidneys are not something you should ignor!

    Why does it hurt when i pee?
    Well first i had kidney pain, but with some medication the pain was gone, then i started using a medication called UROMICINA and after that the pain started, i had drinked white cranberry juice, but no changed, but i was told to drink coconut water, and i was wondering, would that help me???

    • ANSWER:
      you could have urinary tract symptoms because you said you have pain when you pee, you should go to the doctors to get an examination because it can get worse if left untreated, try antibiotics if you have some at home it reduces the infection if you have urinary tract infection

    how do i clean out my blood system of marijuana?
    ok i have a blood test at the end of the month ..
    i know it takes 6 months for it to get out of ur blood system (i dont have a month)
    and i know it gets stored in fat cells in the body and organs of certain tissues.. dont worry i did my research
    ok so ive heard.. garlic cleans out ur blood system and cranberries clean out your urinary system ..
    ok so what if i take

     ex: oxy elite pro, d4 themal shock
    they increase ur temperature so u sweat more and burn fat,
    so what if i take these suppliments and i work out i work out and run alot so it could burn these fat cells more easily ?
    and i drink alot of water and cranberry juice
    theory behind water and cranberry juice:: water is in ur blood system im not in anatomy but isnt water the base for ur blood? and cranberry juice to clean out my kidneys so theres none left for my body to rely on. and i know oxygen can help clean out toxins so what if i buy protein with createin to dialate my blood vessels for oxygen and blood do flow more easily .. does it sound like a good plan idk i need advice and a miracle

    • ANSWER:
      If its going to take you 6 months to get clean, you must be one very heavy smoker. Even most daily users wont be able to detect traces after 4-6 weeks of abstaining.

      Burning fat will actually cause you to release the thc metabolites stored in your fat. If you are burning fat, you need to pack fat back on the few days before the test.

      Detoxes are only giving you a flush allowing you to dilute the urine sample. They dont actually detox all the thc metabolites out of your fat. And it wont do anything for a blood test.

      All the drinking isnt really going to make a difference. Thc metabolites arent stored in the blood or food or kidneys, its stored in the fat.

      If this test is for your personal doctors, then you should skip the detox charade and just be honest with them.

      Most employers are not going to tell you exactly when they are going to give the only test that truly measures actual blood content.

      Whats this test for?

    How do i clean out my blood system of marijuana?
    How do i clean out my blood system of marijuana?
    ok i have a blood test at the end of the month ..
    i know it takes 6 months for it to get out of ur blood system (i dont have a month)
    and i know it gets stored in fat cells in the body and organs of certain tissues.. dont worry i did my research
    ok so ive heard.. garlic cleans out ur blood system and cranberries clean out your urinary system ..
    ok so what if i take

     ex: oxy elite pro, d4 themal shock
    they increase ur temperature so u sweat more and burn fat,
    so what if i take these suppliments and i work out i work out and run alot so it could burn these fat cells more easily ?
    and i drink alot of water and cranberry juice
    theory behind water and cranberry juice:: water is in ur blood system im not in anatomy but isnt water the base for ur blood? and cranberry juice to clean out my kidneys so theres none left for my body to rely on. and i know oxygen can help clean out toxins so what if i buy protein with createin to dialate my blood vessels for oxygen and blood do flow more easily .. does it sound like a good plan idk i need advice and a miracle
    ive already quit smoking for the last month and a half after i broke up with my gf.. i did it because she did it .. i know im stupid but plz help

    • ANSWER:
      There is no way to clear out your blood system of marijuana. The only possible way known to man is just waiting and letting the human body take care of the job for you. It'll work. I'm 100% sure. All you have to do is wait and let your body take care of the job. The time that will take varies because every human body is different. Glad I could help.

    Why does it burn?
    I am a 19 year old female. Today, I noticed that I always feel like I have to pee, even after I just went. I go to the bathroom, but nothing comes out. Then, I went to the bathroom and it began to burn. Also, there is a little blood in my urine. It is not from my period because I already had it at the beginning of the month. I am sexually active with my boyfriend of thirteen months and he always uses condoms. We are very careful. I am sure neither of us have any sexually transmitted diseases because we were each other's first people we slept with. Could this be a bladder, kidney or urinary tract infection? I heard that drinking cranberry juice sometimes helps this. If you think it is an infection, are they serious? Please tell me what you think so I know if I should go the doctor or not. Thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      You need to be seen by your family doctor, or a urologist. You definitely have some type of infection with your urinary system. If left untreated these type of infections can do serious damage to your kidneys. You may even have kidney stones. But you won't know unless you go to the doctor. Hopefully your ailment can be cured with an antibiotic.

    When you have kidney stones and/or kidney infection, does it exhaust you?
    made an app. w/the doctor, and it feels like I have a combo of 'something' going on w/my left kidney and possibly even an infection [or it could be a bladder infection]
    MADE AN APP> w/my doctor however.
    anyway does this type of stuff REALLY EXHAUST one when going thru it??
    I am SO tired!!! just really beat.
    Plus I have this huge black rotten tooth that I'm getting extracted this friday. It doesn't hurt, but then again, I don't really get a lot of tooth pain [for some reason]. Not sure if all this is connecting now I'm worried, will I survive all this crap?
    Well am taking a lot of different vitamins, drinking tons of spring water, cranberry juice, cranberry capsules, + olive leaf supplements. Trying to "remedy" all this UNTIL all my doctors app. later this week.
    Of course I am going to the doctor
    but back to original ques. lol
    going back to bed now.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it does. At least it did for me. I just went through kidney infection, kidney stones and hydronephrosis (spelling may be wrong) a couple of weeks ago. I was exhausted but I was also in a lot of pain and just absolutely felt like I had no energy what so ever to do anything. Hope that helps.

    Kidney Infection or just UTI?
    Well Ive gotten about 2 UTI's so far in the last 5 months of me being sexually active and well as symptoms of UTIs I have (burning sensation when I pass urine, little bits of pinkish blood afterwards) and now Im having lower back pains and aches which I read can be kidney infection. Does drinking lots of water and cranberry juice ALSO get rid of kidney infection or obly UTIs? Please help. Thanks (:

    • ANSWER:
      Because of the back pain, a kidney infection is a possibility. The infection may have originally been just UTI that spread to the kidney(s).

      Once you have a UTI or a kidney infection, water and cranberry juice won't really have an effect. Cranberries make the environment in your bladder acidic so that bacteria can't survive, but you're past that stage. Right now you need a urinalysis and antibiotics.

      If you want to prevent UTIs, urinate after having sex. You can also take a cranberry supplement every day.

    What can I do about a bladder or kidney infection?
    Besides going to the Dr, what can I do? They say to eat yogart and drink cranberry juice and water will help. What did you women do about a bladder or kidney infection?

    • ANSWER:
      You have to go to the docs. I had a kidney infection and didn't know it. It caused me to go into early labor...thankfully I got to the hospital in time for them to stop it from happening. The dr. told me that an infection can make you have real contractions...go to the docs!

    Is my back pain from my kidneys? or somewhere!?
    Well I hust recently had a 'uti'...not even, didnt have the burning pee...but anyway that has subsided with the help of tons of cranberry juice/supplements and so on. Well I just go back pain today, I am thinking it is from where I work, I am a housekeeper and I do about 13 rooms a day with mopping, laundry, sweeping, garbage..and I am a Personal Care Assistant every weekday..... last friday to sunday I worked 25 hrs with no more than 11 hrs of sleep... Anyway, do you think this is from my kidneys? or from all the bending over and labor work...this is a diagram of where if hurts exactly...I just want your opinion the red dot

    • ANSWER:
      Do you have any burning, frequency of urination? Blood in the urine?
      Nausea, fever? Does it hurt when you hit your middle back with your fist(not hard) You say you were on supplements and cranberry juice. They will not cure a uti. You need antibiotics. I would see a doctor and have your urine checked, you don't want a kidney infection.

    Im 33 weeks pregnant, and have 4 kidney stones, any remedies that might help me get them out?
    i have 1 on my right and 3 on my left, i've drank cranberry juice but i can barely keep it down, it makes me feel sick. Does drinking lots and lots of water help?

    • ANSWER:
      In Herbs of the Earth by Mary Carse, she lists under stones and gravel in the urinary system pertaining to kidneys and the bladder, that these are rare where apple cider or vinegar are a staple of the diet. (I note that this reference does not state whether the vinegar needs to be apple cider vinegar, but the brands in the health food aisle are less processed.

      The woman I work for now, says her daughter passed a kidney stone (identified by a doctor) after taking apple cider vinegar. The Braggs brand found in the health food aisle suggests to take 2 teaspoons in water with honey 3 times daily and there is another organic brand called Spectrum.


      In In Apple Cider Vinegar Health System by the Braggs 1985 or 34th printing, it states on p 21:

      A large number of kidney stones are of the type that can be dissolved with cider vinegar.

      Use cider vinegar freely on salads consisting of cabbage, carrots, celery, beet root, tomatoes, green onions, parsley, cucumbers. Eat prunes, raisins, apples, at the same meal with the cider vinegar on the salad.


      Note that neither citation above guarantees that this will work for you, but it may.


    Is there anything you can do to help with kidney stones?
    I am wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent/help with my kidney stones. I have one that the Dr. said won't pass and I'm trying to avoid it coming to that point as he said he has no idea when this one will pass. Is there anything I can do to prevent it passing? I really want to avoid the laser surgery, it seems like it would be painful lol :/ Also does cranberry juice really help? Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Watermelons! Watermelons help dissolve kidney stones and if you consume them regularly you will never have the stones return. An occasional one day fast of consuming nothing but watermelons and/or watermelon juice will help cleanse your kidneys and the rest of your system as well.

      "Chicken Bone Grass" herb, dried red dates and water. This is an ancient remedy from China that works very well on kidney stones. Simmer all ingredients in three cups of water until reduced to only one cup of water. Drink it twice a day and repeat for 10 days. The kidney stone should be dissolved and reportedly should never grow back. "Chicken Bone Grass" is a common herb which can be found in Chinese herb shops. This remedy also works on gallstones. A variation of this remedy is to make a tea out of HB Abrus frutus losus, dried red dates and water and drink twice a day for three weeks. Also listed as a remedy for gallstones.

      Another good item for dissolving kidney stones is the product called Stone Breaker formulated by noted alternative health figure Jon Barron.

      Cranberry juice (pure and unsweetened) is good for the kidneys but does little to dissolve kidney stones.

    I know my kidneys are scarred and damaged. Do I have chronic kindey disease?
    Hi I am 29 and I have had kidney damage for over 4 years. My left kidney is the one that's scarred and damaged. I have kidney infection every 2-3 months if I take care of myself by drinking lots of water. My kidney function test showed that they are still functioning normally at this point. I also have liver disease and hypothyroid.. although my thyroid probably has nothing to do with it. I am getting tested to see if I have bladder reflux. I think thats what it's called. I always have protein in my urine also.

    What I am wondering is: Is kidney damage the same thing as kidney disease?
    Because I need to know if I need to follow the kidney diease diet or not. My doctor says I don't but I fell much worse if I eat processed foods or drink pop. I drink about 64oz of water each day and some cranberry juice every week. Any help would be appreciated!!
    Okay thanks for the response. I have permanent kidney dmage due to too many kidney infections. I've had this for 4 years. It's irreversible as I said the left one is damaged I have had blood tests as well as been to radiology for some tests.
    As far as the liver goes I had lost 30% of the finction of my liver when it was diagnossed. I have permanent liver damage also. It's from an overdose of tylenol (about 300) and about 200 other pills. Yes I was ill but because I was in a coma 4 days before being taken to the hospital my liver couldn't be saved.

    So both are permanently damaged I know for a fact. What I want to know is: "Is kidney damage the same as kidney disease?"

    • ANSWER:
      There are two blood tests that check for kidney
      damage: creatinine and Bun (blood urea nitrogen)...If these are in normal range...then
      there is a could chance that the kidneys will
      heal. Protein in the urine is not good however.
      Protein checked by a urine test, doesn't show up
      much unless the kidney has been damaged.

      You said you have liver disease but do not
      mention what caused it. The kidneys are
      second in line to fail after the liver fails. The
      reason for this is because the toxins that
      the liver no longer handles, the kidneys try
      to dispose of and it taxes the kidneys sometimes
      beyond what they are able to handle. This only
      occurs when the liver is damaged to the point
      that the cells have started to die and form
      scar tissue inside the liver...also known as
      cirrhosis. Hypothyroid trouble can also be
      connected to the liver problem.

      There is acute kidney disease and chronic
      kidney disease. Acute means that it may
      comes and then leave, chronic means that
      it is ongoing. Damage to the kidneys, to
      me, means that it is a disease. But, the
      problem with the kidneys may be only a
      result of another problem you already have
      had and that is the liver problem. Once the
      liver problem clears up...the kidneys may
      return to normal also. Infections can occur
      in many people with no damage to the kidneys
      because of using antibiotics to fight it off.

      Most people who are having problems with
      their kidneys are told to limit the amount of
      sodium, potassium, phosphorus in their diets.
      Sodas have alot of phosphorus and
      processed food contain alot of sodium.
      However, a certain amount must be maintained
      in the body since sodium and potassium are
      needed for the heart to beat in rhythm and
      for water retention. It is best to get the
      advice from your doctor about what you stated
      here. He has your blood work and can tell
      you what you should or should not do.
      He can tell you if there are any limits to the
      amount of Sodium, potassium, phosphorus or
      proteins you should be taken in or refer
      you to a nutritionist. He can also inform you
      how much fluid you should drink a day.
      Most people who have had kidney stones are
      told to drink alot...but too much fluid can also
      overwhelm the kidneys if they have liver problems also. In cirrhosis of the liver,
      sodium is retained in the body by this disease
      and fluids have to be adjusted accordingly, to
      keep things in balance.

      Sorry that I cannot be of more help...just
      giving you some things to think about and
      maybe discuss with your doctor.

    Anyone have some medical expertise with regards to Kidneys in women?
    So, she has had kidney problems before as well as cysts in the cervical area (pardon my uneducated medical Eubonics) that have had to be removed. Also she has had (minor - in and out of hospital same day) cervical cancer relating to those cysts. One time she went into septic shock and had to be rushed to the hospital. Keep in mind this is over a period of years. Obviously I'm concerned.

    Also, she has moved from out of state to be with me and reported no problems before she arrived. Going back to where she was is not really an option. The day she arrived they began to hurt and it's been 8 days now. She reports back pain (lower if my memory serves), ocasional headaches, and has a small bump or cyst in her armpit area. She's drinking water and cranberry juice and that hasn't helped much. She is very active and works out every day doing tons of cardio. It's important to note she has drank alcohol over that span to a moderate degree (i.e. daily), and smokes about a half a pack a day of marlboro medium 100's. So, we think it's a Kidney Infection but she is very resistant to getting medical care. She doesn't have health insurance. I have Kaiser but she is not on my plan and we are not married.

    She has said she wants to wait until Tuesday and if it is bad we will go to the hospital then and pay what we have to. Is it safe to wait? Based on the limited info I have given what is her status, what actions should I take here? Is she in mortal danger and what options are there for people who have no medical insurance? We are in the Bay Area, California near Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek/ Concord/Martinez area. Also are there any in home remedies that I should consider, and what steps can she take to reduce her pain? Will not smoking or drinking help? She is getting lots of rest as well. She tells me not to worry, but alas....I am concerned and have decided to take this situation in hand. Help.

    This is the first time I have encountered a situation where me or my loved one is unable to go to the hospital to seek care because of financial concerns. Is it possible that this will just go away? We have been sexually active, although we are abstaining due to her issues. I have been tested for std's and am clean and so is she.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like she has a kidney infection. No, it will not go away on its own, it will only get worse and then be more expensive to treat. That's why you should go TODAY or TOMORROW to a clinic. It's a pretty easy thing to treat, there's no reason for her to suffer. The costs will be Dr. visit (maybe -), lab test (?) to see what kind of bacteria it is, and then a charge for the drugs (). But don't go to a hospital, they'll charge you a whole lot more--there are cheaper options out there. There are cheap clinics. I went to one in Berkeley. Here are a few in the bay area:

    Does this have anything to do with my kidney???
    About a week ago I started having a really sharp pain in my left, lower back. After a few days it kept getting worse, to the point where it hurt to move, cough or even touch that area. I've had this same problem before and the ER told me it was a dermoid cyst on my ovary (right side though). Turns out it was a severe kidney infection PLUS e-coli. I got some heavy duty meds and it went away. I'm not sure if this is the same thing, but it sure feels like it. I've been drinking lots of cranberry juice but it doesn't seem to be helping. And then the other day I started to feel like I had a really bad case of the flu too. I took some extra strength flu medicine and miraculously all the pain and ickyness went away. But the pain has unfortunately come back. It doesn't hurt when I go to the bathroom, which a lot of people are asking. And I have absolutely no appetite. Any help???

    • ANSWER:
      If you are diagnosed with kidney problems (or any for that matter), seek out a good naturopath (one who uses natural healing). You've GOT to take care of your kidneys, and the natural approach will give you better results. Don't dismiss natural remedies until you've worked with a dependable person. This is not the same as going to a chain store and buying an herb. Help is out there- but you have to find someone who knows what they are doing. good luck!

    Does my mom have a urinary tract infection?
    I overheard my mom saying that when she pees it hurts REALLY REALLY bad, and I also heard her say her pee is a little pinkish. She looked it up online and said she has almost every one of the symptoms. I looked up kidney infection and it does state peeing blood, but she isn't peeing pure blood. Is she supposed to drink a lot of cranberry juice, and does it help? Thanks!
    Can't be bladder because she checked the symptoms and no match.
    I over-exhadurated on the "REALLY REALLY BAD" part, she says it hurts really bad.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like a UTI to me. At this point cranberry juice will not help. She needs to go see a Dr. and get on some medication to get rid of it.

    What is wrong with my kidneys?
    I wake up in the night with dull throbbing pains, which occur throughout the day also. I always drink a lot of water, but in the morning my abdomen feels like it is bloated there is so much fluid to eliminate. I have had some swelling in my feet from time to time. My doctor just tells me there is nothing wrong with me and doesn't order any tests. Says I am fine. He also said that cranberry juice won't help either. What should I do? I know a lot about the medical field and that I have had UTI's in the past, but there is nothing that can describe how I feel now. My vision has been fuzzy also.
    My thyroid meds were also first not enough meds, then too much, and I am on a new dose currently. I am so frustrated!
    My thyroid meds were also first not enough meds, then too much, and I am on a new dose currently. I am so frustrated!

    • ANSWER:
      If your doctor said there's nothing wrong with your kidneys, then your symptoms could be due to side effects from the medicines you're taking. I would speak to the doctor again, and telling him how you're feeling. Sometimes meds have to be changed a number of times until the right dosage is found.

    I am allergic to penacillin but have an urinary problem?
    i have a urinary infection and now my kidney is in pain. i have been given several medications but have reacted to all i am now allergic to penacilin and to several other medications given. cranberry juice has helped with the burning but the cramps are unbarebul the doc says he does not know what to give me, they think the best wayis to give me surgery. the problem is that im a belly dancer and i dont want any scares. please help me!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      There are other antibotics they can put you on since ur allergic to pcn. I am also allergic so I have had many other meds.