Disease Of Kidney Stage 3

Why is it so important to detect kidney disease in its early stages, even if it’s rather hard to diagnose? Because when you reach Stage 4, you are likely past the point of living without serious medical intervention or even a transplant. And by the time you arrive at Stage 5, you have virtually no other option. There is nothing else to do but plan for a transplant.

In Stage 5, the kidneys have only about 15% of function left – or less. At this point, if left on their own, they would be completely unable to keep the patient alive. Dialysis now becomes very important to filter the blood of impurities the kidneys can’t remove.

Most symptoms are the same as for Stage 4 or earlier, but multiplied considerably. The person experiences the same tendency to hypertension (high blood pressure) because of the inability to expel fluids. And because the heart is working that much harder as a result, the person may suffer pericarditis, which is an inflammation of the lining around that organ. There would now be very high levels of creatinine and urea, which the kidneys can’t filter out. And susceptibility to infections would also increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to fall from stage 3 kidney disease to dialysis?
    I am in the boarder line of stage 3 of kidneys disease. I would like to know an approximate of how long it takes for a person to fall into dialysis. It is only an estimate what I want. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      What percent function do you have? Most people are put on dialysis when it gets to around 12%. My FIL teetered at 15% for several years before finally dropping to below 12.

    Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3?
    My mother, who is 72, saw this on her notes (on the computer screen) at the GPs last week. When she asked about it, the doctor just said it was to do with her age, just ageing of the kidneys. But my mother is worrying now, because, as the same as me, you think chronic is something bad and stage 3 sounds as if it is advanced. Is there anyone medical out there who can shed any light on this?

    • ANSWER:
      CKD 3 is nothing to worry about. Renal function naturally deteriorates with age, it will be monitored regularly and is only a worry if it rapidly deteriorates from present levels, because your GP is monitoring it any problems are picked up quickly and acted upon. Chronic describes duration in time not severity so tell your Mum not to worry


    27 weeks pregnant with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3?
    I have been living with Kidney Disease since the age of 5. I currently have one functioning Kidney and my GFR has been .5 (stage 1/2) for the last year. I am in my 6th month of pregnancy and was told that my 24hr Urine collection and my blood work has put my Ceratine level at 1.9 (stage3) and the increase happened in one month. I am worried about the sudden increase and have not been told by my specialist what complications I am looking at throughtout the rest of my pregnancy. My questions are……. WhaIs it normal for Kidney disease to progress so suddenly? What effects will it have on my pregnancy? I am almost at stage 4 how quickly can it progress? What are treatment options?

    • ANSWER:

    A friend of mine has stage 3 kidney disease?
    This past summer she had a heart attack. She just had a seizure this past weekend that put her in the hospital. She had a MRI which came up negative, and is about to go in for a EKG. We don’t know what has caused the seizure, but I believe it was probably from her kidney disease. I believe she said she was diagnosed with stage 3. Is she dying? Should I be concerned because of the heart attack a few months ago, followed by this seizure? I don’t want to ask her straight out if I should prepare myself because I know it will probably upset her. What do you think?

    • ANSWER:

    What is the life expendancy of a 64 year old man with stage 3, GFR of 35, kidney disease?
    My husband is also in remission from stage 2b pancreatic cancer & is being treated for high blood pressure. He is feeling so good it seems impossible he has kidney disease. I feel like I need to prepare myself for this but I don’t know what to prepare for.

    • ANSWER:
      Talk to his Endocrinologist. He/she should be able to give you a direct and honest answer. GFR is not the problem because all of us can live quiet, healthy lives on only 25% of one kidney available for use. My concern: what is his creatinine level. That is the surest way to tell the viability and function of the kidneys. Hypertension is so hard on the kidneys because of the capillary structure of the kidneys. Any change in blood pressure, for even short periods of time, can damage the GFR of the kidneys. People can stay alive and live productive lives without any kidney function but they are also tied to dialysis 3x week. It is not fun for the patient or the family but it is better than the alternative, at least at the beginning of the process.

      Be encouraged though, the kidneys are very capable of regaining lost GFR. But, your MD is your best source for the prognosis and he/she should be honest with you about it. Some docs are not good at telling the truth about end-of-life conditions and prognoses. So, do your best to make them feel that you are in control and can handle what you are about to hear and they will be more likely to give you the news you may not want to hear, but are still needing to know.

    I have stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD). What should my diet consist of?
    My doctor hasn’t helped. I am trying to find another doctor. I want to know what I should and shouldn’t be eating.

    • ANSWER:
      Generally, a low sodium, low protein diet—

      Here is a link with food choices for CKD patients.

      Good Luck!


    The effects of chronic kidney disease on your skin?
    I have stage 3 chronic kidney disease and wondered if the build up from my kidney not functioning correctly has anything to do with the condition of my skin? I only have the one kidney too.

    • ANSWER:
      You never said what skin condition you have and there a number of skin conditions associated with chronic kidney disease. You can go to the link below and read about some of them yourself. Your nephrologist should have warned you.


    I have protein in my urine, so what stage of diabetic kidney disease am i at?
    facts: type IDD 35 years, now aged 46. 1st 20 yrs my blood sugar control was highly variable. My diabetic specialist put me on medication over 10 years ago, an ACE inhibitor 40mg daily, Cardura XL 4mg daily,low dose aspirin 76mg daily and a diuretic 2.5 mg daily

    Internet articles say, after such a long time my kidneys should be spilling between 2-4 grams of albumin daily and my GFR should be < 60. i.e stage 3 diabetic kindey disease????

    2 years ago my Albumin spill was measured at only 57 micro gms /24 hours and a few months ago it was 314 micro grams (albeit my blood sugar at this time and day was over 20, very unusuall for me in recent years and i since found out my diuretic tablet was 10 times the correct level 25 mg instead of 2.5 mg both of which can spike your albumin level,or so i am advised) my GFR was calculated at 91

    So what stage of Diabetic Kidney Disease am I at 1, 2 or 3? 57mg and 314mg respectively and what does the future hold ? i am confussed and concerned

    • ANSWER:
      I’m a physician & to answer ur Q U R NOW AT STAGE 1 CKD ,this can progress to ESRD end stage renal disease,in order to stop that progression u should control ur blood sugar level very strictly , regular follow up to check ur ptn in urine , avoid smoking,exercise regularly,continue on ACE I u r currently on & check with ur doctor as he may increase the dose or switch to ARB

    Diabetic with Kidney disease still drinks ALOT!?
    My husband was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 kidney disease in the last 2 months. He has high blood pressure and high potassium levels too. He is taking Lantus at night and Humulog on a 1:10 ratio but, he doesn’t take his Lantus every night. In addition, he has also had surgery on both his eyes due to Macular Edema. I am wondering if there are any spouses that are out there that have the same issue as I do. I know that if he doesn’t take care of himself he will go downhill.I know that death is in his near future. He has been to AA and rehab and it hasn’t worked. I am just wondering how long he will survive living like he is.

    • ANSWER:
      I had heart surgery in 2001 and now have congestive hear failure and type two diabetes, take insulin, and pills gave up smoking and drinking after surgery and I do everything right and struggling to breath and keep diabetes in check. It’s tough If he’s drinking and diabetes out of control It’s hard to believe he’s going to live all that long but you never know. It’s hard enough keeping mine level because I don’t always eat right. I know one thing that happens to me if my sugar gets to low I start showing signs of being drunk. and if I don’t get the sugar level up I’m history, with him drinking and if that happens somewhere he just might get picked up for being drunk instead of low sugar he’s going to die in that jail cell. He’s dying a slow death you better hope you can at least have him wear a diabetes bracelet But I would say he throw in the towel and is slowly killing himself. If that is the case there isn’t much you can do. He could die tomorrow or ? no telling maybe the doctor can. I’m going on 8 years and I’m at least trying to do everything
      right You want a guess with stage 3 kidney disease bet he don’t make five years could be a lot shorter.

    Can you (or the experience of a loved one) tell me what to expect when I hit stage 5 kidney disease. Honestly.
    I’m at stage 3 now, believe the quality of life with dialysis equals zero, and do not believe in transplants (of any kind). So I need to know realistically what to expect. Thanks for your honesty.

    • ANSWER:
      At stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) you will most likely notice the following three things. 1st you will become uremic (urine in the blood) from a buildup of urea (a nitrogen waste product) in your blood. This can cause lethargy, difficulty sleeping, trouble concentrating, and nausea/vomiting. 2nd you may start to develope edema (swelling caused by fluid) in your ankles, on your abdomen, in your face or eyes, and in your lungs. This is due to the inabilty of your kidneys to remove excess water from your blood. This can cause difficuly breathing. 3rd you could have an increased potassium level from your kidneys inability to eliminate the extra potassium your body doesn’t need that is in the food you eat. An increased potassium level can cause your heart to beat irregularly and you could have a heart attack.
      Continue to treat your cause of kidney disease, it might not progress to CKD 5, at the least you can have more time before you need dialysis.
      There are two main choices you have for dialysis (this is assuming that you don’t change your mind about a transplant). You can have hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis takes between 3 to 5 hours 3 times per week. There are several people who still even continue to work while they use this option. Others do nocturnal dialysis where they dialyze 8 hours at night 3 times per week. Even more of those people work. Peritoneal dialysis is where you dialyze at home by using special bags of fluid that are prescribed by a doctor. Many people that choose this option have a high quality of life.
      CKD is not the end of all quality life. Many people live for many quality years now thanks to new advacements in CKD treatment options.
      Good luck, I wish you the best. Check the website below for more information.

    medical question what is the 3rd stage of kidney disease?

    • ANSWER:
      Increased proteinuria, increased microalbuminuria and decreasing GFR.

      As these things get worse, one will enter overt kidney failure (stage 4). Before this, would have been the clinically silent stage (stage 2). Originally the patient should have had increased GFR (Stage 1), and hypertrophied kidneys and I think *basement membrane thickening* will be apparent in Stage 3 too.

      Hope this helps

    Renal Disease Stage III – what vegetables and fruits to avoid?
    My Dad has multiple health problems including diabetes, but was recently diagnosed with Renal Disease Stage III. He’s already been doing much of what they list at the site below (lost more than 50 pounds) and is trying to increase his exercise. I make a lot of his food, especially premade meals for him to pop out of the freezer into the microwave such as homemade burritos. The link indicates that he may have to avoid fruits and vegetables high in phosphorus or potassium. Which ones are these besides bananas (which he rarely eats anyway)?


    • ANSWER:
      The same web site also lists the high potassium and high phosphorus foods. Go to:


      Back when I was on dialysis, I remember that I was supposed to limit potatos, tomatos,and oranges, but I can’t remember the rest, so they should be on the website.

    kidney disease problem?
    my fiance went to the doctor and found out that something is wrong with his kidneys.well the kidney doctor is on vacation till next week, so we can not get any answers till he comes back. the doctor he is seeing now did about 5 urine tests on him and said that something is wrong with his kidneys and said something about they are only working at 41%. so what does this mean. i looked it up and i found that this 41% could mean 3rd stage kidney disease.well if any one has any kind of information please let me know, i am scared that something is going to happen because he has been really sick these past few days and light headed.he also leaves august 29th to go to police academy, should i till him to wait a little while before going, because he will be gone for 16 weeks. he is already a deputy sheriff, but he has to go to his training.oh and he is 24 and has no history of kidney disease or anything.sorry i am rambeling but i am ascared and worried about him and i just wont as much information as possable, untill we see the doctor.thank you all.

    • ANSWER:
      well..the kidney function is half of what it should be…trick is WHY……….there are many causes for this to happen…diabetes,renal cysts,glomerular disease,lupus.hepatitis,etc…..there are many blood and urine tests needed to pinpoint the cause,then a treatment can be pursued…….if this progresses the function will go down and dialysis will be needed later……then transplant……….good luck….function means the ability to remove waste from the blood…otherwise this builds up in body ,which is toxic……

    How fast does CKD usually progress? (Kidney Disease)?
    My wife is 23 and just told she has stage 3 CKD (chronic kidney disease). How fast does this stuff progress? Are we looking at dialasis next year? Two years from now? Do we need to get a second and third opinion from different doctors or do the BUN, creatinin, and a GFR in the 30′s pretty much sum it up? I know some doc’s are just out to get money and our doctor fits that bill in my opinion, but from the research I’ve been doing this diagnosis seems pretty cut and dry. Anyone had any experience with this young of a person and CKD? I’m gussing pregnancy is pretty difficult/impossible?

    By the way, the doc who gave us this diagnosis gave us a packet on CKD, a packet on what to eat, and told her to “excercise and eat this diet” and kicked her out the door in 30 minutes. We had 3 previous visits with this guy and he was always very brief and cold. Should we see someone else and is there any chance that his diagnosis is wrong?

    Also she had a sonogram and MRI… both were clear.

    • ANSWER:
      My daughter is 21 and her kidneys failed 3 years ago, so she began dialysis, and has now had a transplant. It varies in the length of time for the kidneys to completely give out. The 24 hour urine cleance test is the best measure of kidney function, has she had that test? Many women go on to have healthy pregnancies, but she needs to stay as healthy as possible. There are lots of kidney and dialysis patients that can help answer this question at http://www.ihatedialysis.com – go to the forum and post a question – it’s a really great group of people with experience and knowledge to share! You can also read our story at http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-kidney30dec30,0,3538873.story?coll=la-headlines-california – good luck!

    Can Diarrhoea cause Kidney failure?
    My sister has had diarrhoea for 4 weeks now caused by food poisoning. She will be seeing a Specialist next week. She has had extensive blood tests, all normal except for her kidneys. She has been told she has stage 3 chronic kidney disease. She has been eating very little and obviously loosing a lot of fluids. Does anyone know when the diarrhoea gets under control will her kidneys return to normal. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I am afraid it can the most common causative organism is E.Coli 157.

      From the information you have given I am afraid it is not possible to give a prognosis.

    Does your GFR level also mean your percentage of kidney function?
    I’ve been diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney disease. My GFR is 60, which looks like it’s at the very end of the stage since stage 3 starts at 59. Anyways, how do I know what percentage my kidneys are functioning? (Besides asking my nephrologist of course.)

    I always see that dialysis is needed at stage 5 which is 15% or lower, and the GFR is also 15. Is that how they calculate it?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Yvonne, yes GFR is the % that your kidneys work.

      The only way to calculate GFR is by blood tests. Other blood indicators for kidney failure are creatinine, urea and potassium.

      Email me if you have any more questions please.. good luck.

    Would you have another child after being diagnosed with kidney disease?
    I am only 22 and was just diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney disease. I am very close to being stage 3. Anyways, my husband would like to have one more child in a few years, hoping it’s a boy but we would be blessed with either. We discussed and agreed on this before my diagnoses. Now, after researching online and whatnot it seems as if pregnancy isn’t per se “discouraged” but it’s very high risk, can make the disease progress quicker and the baby can possibly develop problems as well.

    I am perfectly fine with my two children (one is his biological and the other is his stepson) and can accept not having another but I know he really would like a son of his own some day. He of course wants me to be healthy and wouldn’t be upset if I chose not to get pregnant again but I just don’t know.

    What would you do? Would it be selfish to have another child? Or would you rather be happy with the healthy children you have now and forget the dreams of having another?

    • ANSWER:
      My best friend has kidney disease as well. I forget what hers is called but she will need a double kidney transplant in the next few years. She has had this disease for 7 years. She has had two healthy babies since finding out. Her pregnancies were both high risk, and she was hospitalized a lot. They really want another baby, but are holding off because of all the medication she has to take. While pregnant, she cant take them and it makes her worse off. If you want another baby and can handle the stress and sickness then that is your choice. You have to do what you and your husband think is right and what you can handle.

    Kidney Disease?
    My dad is in Stage 3 CKD : moderately reduced kidney function. He needs food with less protein and he has dibetes and high blood pressure so there are certain food he shouldn’t eat, I want to cook him his meals but I have no Idea if he can have more than 1000 mg of calicium per day, cause of his kidneys, and I tried looking for food that he needs to eat now that he has kidney disease but I couldnt cook them cause they dont work for him because he also has diebets so am really confused

    can you please help me out here! I really wanna help my dad!

    • ANSWER:
      hey i think im in the early stages of diabetes, it runs in my family and im only 18, i aint never had the problem so i dont know much about it. but check out this site.
      make sure to read.
      hope to help you

    Is CKD a genetic disease that could be passed to offspring?
    My future husband has Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) , his uncle is now dying from renal failure due to CKD and his uncle’s daughter had CKD as well. As far as we know, no one else in his family have CKD. So I was wondering what the probability of passing CKD onto our future children would be? I have done my research so I am familiar with the disease, but I have not been able to find any statistics or evidence one way or the other. All I have found so far has just been opinions of those who suffer from CKD about trying to have children when one partner (or both) have this disease. I would greatly appreciate any and all answers. Just for background info, he was diagnose at 17, is 24 now, and I am 22 with no serious health conditions other than Osteomyelitis (a bone disease). Thank you guys!

    • ANSWER:
      There are many causes for chronic renal disease and I don’t know which applies here, but it certainly does seem to be genetic and in that case, there is the possibility of offspring having it. You can have genetic testing done prior to conceiving or when you’re early in your pregnancy.

    I need help ASAP Kidney disease?
    My dad is in stage Stage 3 CKD : moderately reduced kidney function
    I dunno much about it but the doctor told him he needs to go on a diet and he shouldnt have more than 30 grams of protein per day so what shall I do to help him, i need reciepes so I can cook him lunch and dinner, but what kind of food would be good to him with less protien!

    P.S: any website that has reciepes with the percent of fat protein and all so I can tell how much protein does the meal contents.


    • ANSWER:
      A fresh fruit and vegetable diet contain low amounts of protein and are healthy for any kidney condition. Just don’t have too many fruits high in sugar. I drink rice milk and eat rice instead of pasta because it has less protein and dairy isn’t too good for people with kidney problems. You can get rice milk with fortified vitamins A and D and Calcium. Oats are good too. They have low amounts of protein. He shopuld drink one glass of water every hour to keep cleaning the kidneys. He might want to try a cleanse. Preferably the Arise & Shine cleanse. No meat, beans, peas, pasta, dairy and nuts because they all are high in protein. Oh! And if he is having trouble urinating then buy Corn Silk tea at any health food store. Hope that helps.

    I’m only 22 and was just diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney disease…help?
    I’ve just got home from the doctors and was diagnosed with this and I’m not sure what to expect. I am only 22 years old, have two wonderful kids and just got married. The doctor pretty much said to eat as much as possible, since my muscle mass is low and I am very petite (5′ and 92 lbs right now). I’ve been losing weight steadily even though I eat all the time. She was going to put me on meds to help keep the protein from spilling into my urine but it can lower blood pressure and mine is already low…92/64 today…so that’s out of the question. I go back in 6 months for a check up and blood work, and she said to come in at any time if I feel I am getting worse. What should I be looking out for? I’m already tired ALL the time, urinate 2-3 times/hour and even more at night, etc.

    Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    I have literally looked at every website related to this disease and asked my nephrologist many questions. I am looking for more personal experience.

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think you need to be getting advice here for such a serious problem. Google or do searches from WebMD or Mayo clinic or somewhere reputable – also American Kidney Foundation or other group – Best of luck to you -

    recently my protein measured 4.2 what is the highest it can go?
    my creatine goes up and down recently it was 121. my protein was 4.2 after a 24 urine. i think i’m at stage 3 of kidney disease. what is the highest amount of protein that has been measured in urine?

    • ANSWER:
      You don’t want to know what the highest protein is that has ever been measured! Yikes! Sorry you are having this health problem, though.

    Are you a nutritionist that has experience with Kidney Disease and Congestive Heart Failure?
    Hi, I’m looking for a nutritionist that might be able to speak with me about a diet for my dog. He has stage three chronic kidney disease and congestive heart failure, and his last visit to the vet shows his kidneys getting worse despite our efforts to reduce salt and protein from his diet. We did get in contact with a nutritionist but she wanted 0 just to consult with us. We’re hesitant to do this because we fear she’ll just tell us to reduce salt and protein and stop giving him dog food which he hasn’t eaten in over two years anyone. It’s frustrating to have to hand over this amount of money when we’re not given any information on what the consultation will entail. If you’re a nutritionist, especially is you have any experience with these health problems and dogs any advice would be helpful. Our dog is a peek-a-poo, 15.5 years old, and his kidney numbers were 83 and 3.3 at his last visit. Again, any advice is appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      I am not an animal specialist neither a medical doctor. But I’ve had a heart failure myself 4 years ago. To improve function of my heart I am taking 200 mg. of CQ 10 daily. I’ve heard something that initially it came from trails in veterinarian clinics. Just my two cents. Make some research. It might help.

    Should I accept this bribe or offer an alternative?
    I have a boyfriend who I have a long distant relationship with. I live in England and my boyfriend lives in South Africa. We are quiet close and recently he has been diagnosed with end stage kidney disease at stage 3.

    His life became terminal and upon this I kept in contact with his uncle. His uncle informed me of his death and my boyfriend left me a poem with his uncle to which it appeared to be controversial suggesting he was alive. His father is not too keen on our relationship and has hated me since we met.

    2 years from then, a close work colleague of my boyfriends recently sent me an email claiming my boyfriend is alive and well but is still recovering in hospital, however he is bribing me to send him 10 nude images for myself in exchange for information and direct contact with my boyfriend. I have refused to do this.

    Most of the information that man gave to me has been verified and it was obvious that my boyfriend has consulted that man to make contacts with me so that I know he is alive.

    I have requested an alternative to those images but he has refused it. I am not sure what to do or what other alternatives I can offer to him other than a finance which I make will only be small.

    There is no other way I can make contacts with my boyfriend, I have tried searching for hospitals and dialysis units endlessly but failed.

    I would have tried to fly out but I can not afford to do so and I wouldn’t know where to start.

    Can anyone advise me on what to do as I am near the brink of breaking down and losing myself to complete darkness?

    Your help and advice is much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.


    • ANSWER:
      I found your question and story interesting. Call the cops because it’s illegal (I think) to send pictures of yourself or anyone nude. And you’re being blackmailed. That colleague is disgusting. I mean seriously. If you call the cops, they’ll take him into questioning, and you’ll know for sure about your boyfriend.
      Best Wishes.

    HAVE I A CASE dad died in hospital?
    hello, my dad died of a mi in hospital april 2009. he had stage 3 kidney disease. he was type two diabetic, and had heart faliure. on his last visit he was given a drug spirtonlactone and he had ace liprisol. after this his protien level went high and he died, i have papers which could indicate this is the case. i need to know do i go ahead, to sue the hospital, for their neglect, ive reserached the internet, and it says theses drugs should not be used, i belive he died of a high protien and he could have had a few years more. the papers i have got show the decline after he took the drug, i know people are in grief, looking for someone to blame. but the hospital said he had a massive heart attack but had no pain they were bewildered please say if i should go ahead i miss him so much, and i want to be sure thank you sorry for my mispellings. im to upset, thanks again andrea x ps would like a student laywers advice or just general opionion.

    • ANSWER:
      Without knowing his full medical history and treatment it’s hard to comment. It’s natural to be angry when someone you love is taken from you and its also natural to want to look for someone to blame, but this isn’t going to bring your father back and you need to accept this.Your fathers health was very poor indeed. Why not have a chat with the Doctors whom your father was under at the time? Explain your concerns.

      Neither of those drugs seem abnormal in his situation based on what you have said. I am sorry for your loss. You can always ask your GP for bereavement counselling if you are struggling.

    Fluctuation in creatinine level? Can a chronic kidney disease patient’s creatinine decreased by medicine?
    My mum suffers from CKD, her health used to be well. But, this year, her creatinine level keeps fluctuating. Initially, at 2.3 to 2.8, then to 2.4, then to 2.7 and now 3.0! Her urea at 85, WBC at 6.4 and haemoglobin level at 13.1 are all constant. The doctor doesnt really bother about the fluctuations in creatinine level. He said dialysis is only needed when creatinine reaches 4.0. But, I am really scared. Is my mum OK? Is she nearing the stage of renal failure? Since its just creatinine causing the problem, can creatinine be controlled with just medicine?

    • ANSWER:
      Creatinine is a difficult thing to control. A small fraction of it is contributed by your physical activity, but the vast majority is determined by your body size and remaining kidney function. As each of these things fluctuates, so does your creatinine level. Listen to the doctor. He knows what he’s talking about. Just make sure your mom is taking her meds and watching her diet like her doctor has prescribed.

    Just received a diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis what does this mean for me?
    I have chronic kidney disease and I am in stage 3, I also have hypothyroidism, and adrenal hyperplaisia . I’m not sure how to find answers that will factor all of this in….anyone have any ideas or any useful info?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a yahoo group that can help answer a ton of your questions about chronic pancreatitis.

      The basics that I’ve found with my pancreatitis. I’m not a doctor, always talk with your doctor about your health questions.

      Watch your diet, no alcohol, no fatty foods. You might find that digestive enzymes help with the pain when you eat.

      Manage your pain, and be firm with your doctors about your true pain levels. Bring in someone that sees you everyday to your doctor’s appointments to validate your pain levels.

      Make sure your specialists all work together. Your Endocrinologist will address your hypothyroidism, and adrenal hyperplaisia, but will still need to work with your Gastroenterologist about the pancreatitis, etc.

      Good luck

    Anyone out there familiar with Polycystic Kidney Disease?
    If so….. if someone has this, what would cause constant kidney pain?
    My mother-in-law had a transplant (b/c of this disease) but she never once had kidney pain, neither has my sister-in-law who has it. My husband has it also (it’s the genetic type) and has had horrible kidney pain for 3 weeks now. He is seeing the doctor today, I’m just nervous.

    Doesn’t the pain normally occur only in the late stages of the disease or could it simply be a large cyst?
    Autosomal “dominant” PKD
    He’s only 27, BTW.
    We are aware of the risks. He was recently diagnosed and this is the #1 reason we don’t plan on having any more children. Thank you for the info!

    • ANSWER:
      I have polycystic kidneys and I get a lot of pain, especially in my left side because I have a very big cyst on that side. Sometime the cysts get infected or cause bleeding and that is painful as well. I am in stage 4 of kidney failure and when I eat too much protein I sometimes get pain, all though it isn’t has bad. As for children, there is a 50% chance that they will have the pkd. I have two children and only one of them have it. I also know someone with nine kids and the father had pkd and four of the nine children have the disease. I think you really need to weigh your options with having children. My neph told me they are close to finding the gene of this disease and when my son is older they most likely will have a cure. I hope this helps.

    My GFR is 61 and my creatinine keeps being above 1.0, is this normal?
    My physician’s assistant says this can fluctuate and actually my GFR is 51, not 61. My wellness study said this is stage 3 of chronic kidney disease and I do have a lot of the symptoms. Any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      A nephrologist could better answer this question based on your history and presentation of symptoms or lack thereof.

      The creatinine is still in proper range above 1.0 — Anything under about 1.6 is still ‘ok’.. some ranges push it down to 1.2 as the upper limit, but 1.4, 1.6 or so is still in normal operating parameters.. it gets exponentially worse beyond about 1.8-2.0.

      Your filtration result is of some worry. It is indicative of improper kidney function,.. There isn’t much advice we can give you here other than to make sure you are under the guidance of a nephrologist (kidney specialist) and follow his or her orders.

      Vitamin D is very good for the kidneys, as well.

      You may need to start dialysis in the future. I would concentrate on modifying my diet, along with vitamin D supplementation to try and ‘aid’ the kidney function you do have.

      Best of luck,

    Please help me find out what’s wrong with me!?
    I am 37 years old. I was diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease. Lately, I’ve been feeling very fatigued and trouble urinating, which I can attribute to my kidney disease, but I’ve been having other problems too and I just wanted to know if what’s been happening to me lately is related to my kidneys. I’ve been getting very bad headaches, my feet are swelling up to almost 2x the normal size. I’ve been having abdominal pain on both my right and left sides about 5 inches to the left and right of my belly button. I have extremely high blood pressure, and for the past 3 weeks or so, I’ve been vomiting and very nauseous, and occasionally vision problems. I don’t have the money to go to my doctor and I can’t afford insurance. I don’t know but I guess I’m hoping that some doctors like Yahoo Answers ;)

    • ANSWER:
      I am sorry but it is very likely that all of this is connected to the kidney problem. You need to get medical help before the condition worsens.

      The kidneys help get rid of fluids and toxins from the body. If this isn’t happening, you get fluid retention which can cause feet swelling and possible increased blood pressure. The toxins will create nausea, vomiting and other problems.

      Is there any way you could get free health care from an emergency medical facility? I am in the UK where we are spoilt with the NHS. You really need medical help and treatment. I truly hope you can get it somehow.

    Is marriage possible after kidney transplant? ?

    I am Vineet, 30 Years Old, Male. I live in Mumbai, India. I used to work for a data conversion (Publishing BPO) as a Sr. Manager in the Production Department. A year back I was diagnosed with End Stage Kidney Disease (Failure), I was on Dialysis for 10 Months before I got a Kidney Transplant done on 01st Dec 2008.The Donor was not related to me.

    The reports till date are very encouraging, the best part is I have started feeling good and doing my normal activities apart from moving out in public, which I guess will be end of Feb or mid of March.

    Last Year February I got engaged and was to be married in July, In March 2008 I was detected with End Stage Kidney Disease, naturally the whole focus changed and the marriage plan was put on hold. My fiancée and would be in-laws have been with me all throughout and still are a strong support for me.

    I have some questions relating to post transplant life, which I will want to ask, I would like your views and experiences:-

    1)Is marriage possible after transplant, if yes can a transplanted person lead a normal life.

    2)What is safe time gap after the transplant operation before a transplant person indulge in sex

    3)Is there a certain safe period after which a transplanted kidney can be assumed that it may never fail and will be there working all life of the transplanted person.

    4)Are there any counseling or assistance available for Transplant Patients and there relatives where in we can go and consult them about issues mentioned below.

    I would like your valuable comments, Right now I am very confused about life ahead, at least my personal life, and professionall life does not seem to bother me much.



    • ANSWER:
      1) Yes, of course. I actually have a friend who had a transplant 11 years ago in highschool, but got married 3 years ago. He is doing well. You will be on chronic medications but it should not impede anything

      2) Youe doctor should inform you and it depends on your kidneys response. I would think a few months should be okay if you are doing well…lets say 2-3 months. One thing you should note that blood flow to the penis could be affected and may be difficult to get an erection. Medications are a quick fix and work very well.

      3) Over 90% of transplant patients survive up to 5 years after transplant, About 75% will live up to 10 years. This has a very good prognosis.

      4) Go to www.kidney.org (national kidney foundation). They can direct you to local support or have online support.


    Kidney disease and Diabetes questions..plez help!?
    I was told a month or so that I have Kidney disease and I just saw a specialist for that about 3 weeks ago and she told me that it was not as bad as we all though and that I was stage 1 well the first time I had a 24 hour urine done it was at 1300 and about 4 weeks ago it was at 1500. I did another 24 hour a few days ago and my doc called me to tell me that it got A Lot higher. They were shocked. I am on bp meds and I take 150 units of 70/30 at meals and 160 units at bedtime. I am so.. upset and shocked. I don not understand why the protein is so bad and what I have done to make it worse. Any advice please! My husband and I went in for fertility treatments cause of pcos and that how all of this all got started. I was told that it could take up to another years to get everything under control. I a crushed.

    • ANSWER:
      If you’re obese, and always hungry, your diabetes may just be due to severe insulin resistance, and exogenous insulin supplementaion may not only be unnecessary, but causing you to over eat. Have a GOOD diabetic doctor check your ‘serum carboxy- peptide level. If present, you probably have plenty of your own insulin, are just severly resistant to it, and require daily oral medication like the biguanides and TZD’s.

    Could you answer this multiple-choice question about Medicare?
    Which of the following persons is/are eligible for Medicare?
    1. Uninsured elderly living in a nursing home
    2. Disabled who are younger than 65
    3. Persons diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease
    4. Retired persons who contributed to Social Security while employed
    5. Mother and infants with incomes below the poverty level

    A. 1, 5
    B. 2, 3, and 4
    C. 1, 4
    D. 2, 3

    • ANSWER:
      B is the closest fit

    how do i go about suing my ex-employee ??
    i went out on disability ( i have end stage kidney disease(failure). I’m on dialysis 3 times a week,4 hours a day. my supervisor and HM asked me to resign, i stated my doctors told me not to( i wouldn’t get my disability then) they fired me 3 days later. how do i go after them!! I’m considered disabled. all info would be great!! i worked for animal care and control of NYC

    • ANSWER:
      Contact the ACLU they take up alot of these types of cases

    Why is my cat up meowing at night after going to the vet for treatment?
    She was treated for a urinary tract infection yesterday. I know she was lethargic and drinking a lot of water, so we’ll have to wait and see if she has beginning stages of kidney disease. She’ll be fine, but I won’t. I am pooped. She was up 3 separate times meowing last night. I think she’s happy. Maybe she was in pain for a while and is now relieved the pain went away. Have you folks ever dealt with something like this? Normally she goes to sleep with me. It was weird.
    She was at home and didn’t stay overnight at the vet. I was trying to sleep. The twit kept waking me up. When I tried to get her to stop, she seemed like she just wanted to play.
    Yes, they did a ton of blood work. Three hundred bucks worth and now I have to put her on pricier food from them for cats with kidney issues. My other cat’s a mut and dang—she NEVER has any problems.

    • ANSWER:
      just probably happy she isnt in pain

    My dog has been diagnosed with kidney disease.?
    She won’t eat her prescribed diet of purina NF. anyone know what I can add to her diet that will entice her to eat her food? she’s been very worn down it seems from this. Her BUN level is 86 and her creatinine is 3.5 She is a 12 yr old Schipperke. Does anyone know the stage she would be in and can I bring her back to health? Please I’m desperate..my vet never told me what stage she’s in and i’ll be damned if he/she will return my calls.

    • ANSWER:
      Try feeding it a holistic or natural dog food. Good diet helps pull things back into alignment. Goto your vet and camp out till you get answers to your questions or get another vet.

    Chronic Kidney Disease and Do not Resuscitate?
    My father is the victim in this situation.

    He is 46 years old and is now in a nursing home. he has had a problem with high blood pressure and a history of 3 strokes (1 major and 2 minor). about 3 weeks ago he was diagnosed with CKD and now i must make a decision on a D & R document. I know that i have to look at all different sides of this situation but i could really use someone elses advice or a site that may answer questions. i am 17 years old and now i have to chose what should happen and im also very curious on what dialysis, stages and causes and effects of this disease is.

    thank you very much.

    • ANSWER:
      First of all, I’m so sorry that you are so young and are in this situation… Before you feel like you have the decide all by yourself, do you have any family at all (aunts, uncles, cousins) that you can ask? What about his doctor?

      How much brain function does your father have? I’m guessing he’s lost most of it since you are the one having to make the decision…

      Dialysis is not very fun, but it does make people feel better after they have it. People usually have it done 3 times a week. A machine is hooked up to a tube placed in the arm, and the patient’s blood is filtered through the dialysis machine. It takes out all the extra water and waste that the kidneys have failed to remove. Once dialysis is started in patients with CKD, it will remain a part of their therapy for life, unless the patient is transplanted. However, due to his previous strokes, he is probably not a candidate for transplant. If it were my father, I would seriously consider the do not resuscitate option…

      Think about your dad when he was at his best. Do you think he would want to be resuscitated after a bad car wreck? Is he the type that would want nature to run its course? Or was he the type that didn’t trust what the doctors thought and wanted to have every chance to see if his body could make it through?

      good luck, I hope this helped a little

    Should I really start dialysis with all the other problems I have?
    I have been a diabetic for years, in past 10 years the doctors did not put me on anything for the diabetis.
    When my h a1c went up over 8.5-9.3 they tried metformin on me, shot my creatin up. In 2002 I was in
    almost complete orgin failure after taking lipitor and ending up on the floor for many days. I was hallucinating,
    and what is strange is that I can still remember the hallucinations as if they were yesterday. Last year I started
    becoming nauseated and vomiting > 3 liters at a time of undigested food. The doctors never thought about me
    having chronic kidney disease stage 4. Now they want me to limit salt of course, fluids < 2 liters a day, I have
    had chf, arthritis, emphysemia or copd, stomach ulcers, and I think that that is all. My sugars are now average
    145 a day, I guess the damage has been done to my kidneys and the doctors are talking about dialysis.
    I am tired all the time, little appetite and can fall asleep just sitting down in a chair for a few minutes. Can't
    sleep at night though. With everything that is wrong with me, I am thinking about not having the dialysis, I do
    not want to feel more tired, nauseated and just feeling worse. I am 59 yr old. A lot of my friends can not
    understand why I do not want to go on dialysis. I am an RN who worked a long time with diabetics, crd,
    having to continually have new shunts put in, which I know are very painful. I still do urinate, but it looks
    like someone poured a beer into the toilet which I have learned is protein. I know that you can not give
    me an actual answer, no one has a tag around toe that has your date on it, but am wondering if I am
    making the right decision.
    Thank you very much.

    • ANSWER:
      well as a rn you know the consequences of no dialysis are you ready to face this? yes you may be urinating now but eventually this will stop all together – are you ready for this ? do you not have family kids grandkids ? spouse? significant other? if so are they ready to be without you in this world ?

    When should I tell my family?
    I am 8 weeks 2 days pregnant and haven’t told any family but my husband and my MIL, not even my mother knows yet. The reason for this is I had a very scary threatened miscarriage at 4 weeks 3 days. I bleed until 6 weeks. I am a full-time student and missed the first week of school and am a little stressed about that though trying not to be. I had no morning sickness or any symptoms but sore boobs until 6 weeks when I stopped bleeding. Since then I have been throwing up, peeing a lot, and very moody. I have to sit right next to the door in class since I run to the bathroom at least once every class.

    I am still very nervous and not sure when to spill the beans. My mom is an OB/GYN and I’m scared she would baby me and not let me go to school if she knew whats been going on. She was also recently diagnosed with Grave’s disease and Chronic Kidney disease stage III and has had 8-9 kidney infections in the last year. I know around 12 weeks is when miscarriage risks go way down, but I wonder if I should wait a bit longer to tell just in case?

    I want opinions on when I should tell. I’m 22 and married by the way, my mom will be thrilled as this will be her first grand-child, but I am worried for her health should something go wrong.

    • ANSWER:
      Because of the risk of a miscariage Ive always told my self that I wanted to wait the first 3 months or 12 weeks to tell anyone. That and I have always wanted to just enjoy the thrill of being pregnant to my self before anyone knows. Its really a mater of opinnion. If i was in your situation and worried about my moms health I would wait tell I knew everything was okay with the pregnancy. Just take it easy. You only have a few weeks left. Just take it day by day and tell your mom when you feel the time is right!!! I wish you the best of luck!!

    Can I sue a doctor for neglect/medical malpractice if he didn’t properly follow my disease?
    I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis in Sept 07 when I just turned 19. I was told to follow up with the rheumatologist that saw me in the hospital. I did a biopsy and i was found to have stage 3 lupus nephritis so i started seeing a nephrologist. long story short, the rheumatologist didn’t get along with the nephrologist so he told me to stop seeing him and convinced me that he could control my lupus and told me he had many patients with lupus. he slowly started tapering my prednisone and told me i was going into remission. then one month later he lost my blood tests and did not request em back from Labcorp and did not tell me till the next month. within that month i was not on my cellcept and i was on a very low dose of prednisone (10mg) at that point my disease was eating away at my kidneys. that month i went from stage 3 to 4. the next time i saw him he told me that i would have to do chemo. i went to get a second opinion from my nephrologist.

    the nephorlogist requested my records from the rheumatologist and when my records were recieved the rheumatologist sent only a small part and only the last 6 months of blood tests. my nephrologist then brought to my attention that the rheumatologist the whole time was doing the wrong blood tests and not watching my disease as closely as he should have been.

    so my question is.. can i sue the rheumatologist for not monitoring my disease and falsely assuring me that he had alot of experience with lupus, when in actuality he did not?

    i have suffered so much because he slipped up. i had to do 6 months of chemo which caused me to withdraw from school and get in debt with student loans.. i cant work.. my disease got worse..and the high dose of prednisone caused me to gain over 70 lbs.

    • ANSWER:
      This sounds like a terrible last few years. I had a malpractice case that I sued for last year and was compensated for my injuries. I used http://www.badproducts.com/ because they offered a free consultation online. They set me up with some lawyers in my area who did a great job. I don’t know if they can help you, but that’s been my experience. Hope everything turns out for you!

    How long do people live with Stage 2 Kidneys failure?
    I am 36 years old. I had a physical done this past week and received the results today. My Creatinine Levels are 1.3. And my Uric Acid levels are at 21. I recently had a gout attack. The rest of my levels are normal. Thank God for that. I feel I am too young for this happening to me. According to the Internet, Kidney Disease doesn’t take place till the age of 50 plus. I am worried that I won’t see my son gradute from high school. He is only five. I know I have to really watch what I eat and I know I have to stop smoking soon. Real Soon. So how long does someone my age go through life with this disease?

    • ANSWER:
      I am an attorney and have represented many people who apply for social security disability with end-stage renal failure. With proper treatment, including dialysis, many of them live long and fulfilling lives. Find yourself a great doctor and follow the treatment plan to get as much out of life as you can.

      Quitting smoking is a great idea in my opinion

    Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer: Anyone who has dealt with this disease offer suggestions that are not chemo?
    We have tried chemo, but the liver and kidneys shut down, so we were forced to stop. We are now at a hospital in Mexico that encourages a strict alkalaine diet to help combat the growth of cancer. We are set to return home in 3 weeks.

    • ANSWER:
      You have a good start with the diet, ozone therapy is also very effective to people that chemo has hurt. It can cure cancer by itself even if the immune system is shot. For more information on that and other treatment check out the site below. My wife has stage 4 lymphoma and is making a miraculous recovery.

    Have Obama’s “death boards” of people getting to decide who lives already been created?
    Big Island resident Kimberly Reyes, who was diagnosed with Hepatitis in March 2008, had been told in July that she had less than 30 days to live. Her family claimed the Waimea resident had followed doctor’s orders, but her insurance carrier, Hawaii Medical Service Association, denied her coverage for a liver transplant she needed to survive because three toxicology tests showed trace amounts of cannabis in her system.

    According to Reyes’ attorney, Ted Herhold, with San Francisco-based Townsend and Townsend, toxicology tests from June 14, July 3 and July 14 were the sole final basis for HMSA’s final denial of coverage for the 51-year-old mother of five.

    Reyes’ mother, Noni Kuhns, and Kimberly’s husband, Robin, acknowledged HMSA’s decision was based upon a failure to comply with the insurer’s policy forbidding drug use. However, both claimed after the claim denial that neither HMSA nor her doctors notified Kimberly or the family of HMSA’s apparent policy on drug use.

    Following at least five separate telephone inquiries from West Hawaii Today made over a one-week period, HMSA public information officer Chuck Marshall replied through an e-mail that HMSA declined to comment. HMSA also declined to provide the insurance carrier’s standard policies in regard to drug use or drug use and transplant approval.

    Kimberly Reyes died July 27 at Hilo Hospital, 16 months after being diagnosed. In the months after her diagnosis, she suffered cirrhosis of the liver, chronic Hepatitis infection, end-stage kidney disease and hepatorenal syndrome, which is caused by low blood flow to the kidneys due to liver deterioration.

    “Just because someone takes a hit off of a joint doesn’t mean that it should be the end of their life — this is not a reason to deny life,” said Kuhns.


    Something doesn’t add up here… Oh wait, it’s a NON-government board of people getting to decide gets to live and who gets to die.

    That makes it OK, right?

    • ANSWER:
      This shows a need for tort reform, not a trillion dollar a year “health care reform”. I would be all for taking the insurance companies to task for this.

    What can I do to stop my 9 year old tabby from urinating and defecating on the floor?
    Here are the details:

    1. I adopted from my ex, a tabby. He never spent time with her and wanted to get rid of her because she kept urinating in his condo on the floor. I took her, and she never urinated in my home once she was away from him. The first night she was nervous, and defecated in the tub, but it never happened again. She had never been to the vet before according to him, so I immediately took her to the Vet for a check up and it was discovered that she has early stage kidney disease. She is on medicated food now.
    2. She has had behavioral issues, off and on that have resorted in her urinating, defecating as well as vomiting on the floors. Medical issues were ruled out- no uti, etc.
    3. I have another cat, a 2.5 year old male who is neutered. He does not exhibit these behaviors. For the most part, they get along however he is more active and playful than she, and sometimes he stalks her and interrupts her while she is trying to use the bathroom. (I busted him and discovered this and realized this may have exasperated the situation)
    4. We have 3 large liter boxes, all of which are in a very big, spacious basement and spread apart in different locations. She is defecating right next to the box and now urinating on the basement floor.
    5. She was urinating on our living room floor and couch, but has stopped and ‘graduated’ to at least where the boxes are located.
    6. I have done numerous things: thoroughly cleaned the areas with expensive and home remedy cat sprays, purchased cat attract, changed the box locations and liter type. I am at my wits end. I am married and expecting a baby. I want to keep her but if I do not find a solution, it will be hard to do that. When she was younger, she was left alone a lot and neglected. She endured trauma from that. I work from home now, and I give her plenty of attention. I love her very much and do not want to give her to a shelter. She has already been through so much but this behavior can not continue.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I spoke to several Vets about this and none of their suggestions have worked. One even basically told me when a cat is doing both (urinating and defecating) there is not a lot that can be done to stop them but I am going to keep trying.
    troubles, thank you so much for your thoughtful and helpful response. I have been crying all morning because I don’t want to give my furbaby up and I know she just doesn’t understand. I am going to check out that book as well as ask my Vet about those medications!
    Robin b, I have had covered, uncovered, shallow, tall etc. you name it! I am not doing the liter cleaning right now- my husband is. Typically though, it was me. I even had one of those terrible electric ones!
    Justkristi – We do want her to use the bathroom where she is. Just INSIDE of the box so I am afraid that the use of mothballs probably would not help in this case. She uses the bathroom close or near the boxes, just not inside consistently and all medical reasons have been ruled out and we have changed to several types of cat liter which she will use months on end with no problem and we also keep the boxes clean.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there,

      What a difficult situation and I am very upset that your vets have basically given up. That is just not right.

      From what you describe, and being given a basic clean bill of health as far as infections are concerned, it sounds like she has an anxiety disorder. Cats are very sensitive and can actually have a PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder) from earlier life experiences. She also may be tuned into your pregnancy and changes going on in your home that also are upsetting to her.

      I have two suggestions for you, and I am so glad you are not ready to give up on her. Cats are generally fastidious about their litter boxes and elimination processes, unless something is physically or psychologically amiss.

      Pam Johnson Bennett, an expert feline behaviorist has written some excellent books on cats. Amazon.com sells her work. There may be something in her books that may help you with this issue. It may also be useful to contact her and arrange an appointment to talk with her about this behavior.


      There are medications that are really excellent in dealing with anxiety issues. We have a cat that was peeing around the house due to anxiety and he is also OCD. Our vet prescribed Amytriptaline ( generic for Elavil) and he has been doing great. He has stopped peeing outside the box, and is far more relaxed.


      We tried Buspar but that did not work with our cat. Neither did prozac. Both made him worse, but we kept trying and the Elavil was just perfect for him.

      Hope this helps and good luck with your cat. Thanks for hanging in with her. She surely deserves it.

      Owned by cats for over 40 years
      Member: Cat Writer’s Association

    Does ING “Critical Illness Coverage” (see details) include heart disease OTHER THAN heart attacks?
    At work, we have the option to get “Premier Critical Illness Insurance” from ING. The brochure says “Heart disease and stroke are the No. 1 and 3 causes of death in the U.S. If survived, they are a leading cause of serious disability.” and that the policy covers “stroke”, “heart attack”, “coma”, end-stage kidney failure, “major organ failure”, and “permanent paralysis”.

    Does this cover all heart disease? What if it is neither a heart attack nor a major organ failure?

    Are heart attacks and major organ failure alone responsible for heart disease being ranked where it is as a leading cause of death, or is that ranking due to other types of heart disease that are not covered?

    If the policy does not cover all heart disease, and the heart disease that is covered (heart attacks and major organ failure) is not the #1 or #3 cause of death, how is it relevant that “Heart disease and stroke are the No. 1 and 3 causes of death in the U.S.”?

    The brochure makes it sound like the insurance covers the leading cause of death and that the insurance covers two of the three leading causes of death. Does it really cover only the third leading cause and a small subset of the first leading cause?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know about ING’s coverage, but typically all of the conditions you’ve mentioned are amongst the standard conditions covered.

      Most good policies will cover ALL of the following:

      Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke, Coma, blindness, alzheimers, Coronary artery Bypass Surgery, deafness, kidney failure, loss of limbs, loss of speach, major organ transplant, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s deisease), Multiple Sclorosis, paralisys, parkinsons, severe burns, occupational HIV.

      Some will cover even more than that. For example Empire Life’s policy also covers Aorta Surgery, and heart valve replacement surgery

      As for what types are covered that depends on how the US does things. In Canada, we have standard definitions for all companies throughout Canada. If a company covers heart attacks, that coverage will be the exact same as the next company. Same case goes for Cancer, there are so many forms of cancer that some of the non-life threatening cancers (like early stages prostate cancer), will only result in a partial payout. These definitions are the same from company to company. Other examples of a partial payout would be Coronary angioplasty, HIV related to cancer, or Ductal Carinoma in Situ of the breast.

      All compnaies must have a definition guide as to what is covered and what exactly that entails.

      My suggestion would be to contact a lisensed insurance broker though. They will have access to multiple companies so they can get you the best coverage on the market.

      Finally, I am always leary of banks offering insurance. If this was something offered to you as a mortgage insurance or something to specifically cover your debts (also known as creditor insurance), please do not get it. Go with a stand alone policy from an insurance company. There are several differences, the main one being they don’t actually underwrite until the time of claim, which means you could pay into this thing for ever under the assumption that you are covered and still get denied the claim. Here are some links explaining the differences between what the banks offer and what an insurance company offers (these are specific to life insurance, but all forms of insurance in this manor go by the same guidelines whether in Canada, or the US as well)




    I am DEPRESSED about my weight, but if I don’t like to exercise how can I lose weight?
    Here is a picture of me 17 years ago:


    & here is what I look like now(my daughter-”me”-my sister):


    I am 5’3 & I weigh 155 lbs & I have congestive heart failure, end stage liver disease & kidney failure due to alcoholism(and NO I was not drinking in that picture, I was there to watch my daughter in a karaoke competition, I haven’t drank in over a year) A little over a year ago I was rushed to the emergency room for heart, liver & kidney failure, I was told I had six months to live, I was put on dialysis & was in a wheelchair & was put in a nursing home, so I was confined to a bed for 3 months. Now that I am on my own again I feel huge & I want to lose 30 lbs, but I don’t like to exercise. So what are my options?

    Thanks to everyone for all the advice:) I always worry about being criticized or judged because of how my life has turned out. I received so much information, it is going to take some time for me to read all the information for all the links provided. I do have some limitations on what I can & can’t do because of my medical conditions. I would like to pick more than one “Best Answer” because I believe some of you took the time to honestly evaluate my situation..
    I just noticed it’s kinda hard to see the difference in my weight with me sitting down, so here is one of my sister & me standing:


    • ANSWER:
      It is such a misconception that you “must” exercise to lose weight. Now, I am not saying that exercise is bad, in fact there are SO many benefits to exercising, one of which is that you are able to eat more calories. Having said that, weight lose is about one fundamental principle–calories in and calories out. In order to lose weight you have to burn significantly more than you take in. A good place to start is your BMR or basal metabolic rate. Go to google and type in BMR calculator and you can figure out how many calories you will burn if you just laid in bed all day and didn’t get up. Then you need to figure out your exercise level, and factor it together to come up with the daily amount of calories you need to maintain your weight. If you want to lose 1-2 pounds a week, you need to have a calorie deficit of 3500-7000 calories per week. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? It IS a lot, but it’s not impossible. You have to have a deficit over a very long period of time to see results. You have to stick with it, and watch everything you eat, lick, and touch. It takes dedication, but if you really WANT to lose weight, you can do it, all without stepping foot on a treadmill. I hope this helps you. Good luck!

    My mom is disabled she has (END STAGE RENAL DISEASE, kidney failure), she has not worked since 2007. My dad made ends meets… few months ago my grandma died so my dad went back to his country for her funeral… while over there he had a heart attack, he has been very ill since then and is trying to come back as soon as he is well enough to. It has been about 4 months… I am 29 years old and I dropped out of college. I work alot to try and support my mom and 3 younger siblings… it has been hard. I needed extra help so i went down to the department of family services and applied for Food stamps and Temporary assistance for needy families. We have been receiving help from them since April. Today I open the mail and I see 2 letters from the child support division summoning both of my parents to court on on June 23. I thought child support was if theres a divorce or if the parents are separated. I don’t really know what to do, im trying to get an appointment with my caseworker but she is so hard to get a hold of. I even went down to see her today and she said she was busy and to leave her my phone number she would call back. Both of my parents have worked over 10 years have paid their taxes on time… and never have asked for any type of help, they did with what they had. However, it was very difficult and we needed this help temporarily, no matter how much i worked it wasn’t enough. Did i get my parents in a bigger mess? Or is this whats suppose to happen in this situation? Is this even a child support case? If you have any advice or have had a similar experience please help, I would appreciate it.
    Thank you for all the help… let me clarify a little bit, I DID NOT APPLY FOR MY SIBLINGS… I went with my mom to help fill out the forms. Both my parents are married and are the guardians of my siblings.

    • ANSWER:
      This is a child support case if you claimed to be supporting their minor children. Child support is not just for divorced couples, whoever has custody of those kids is entitled to support.

      At this point your parents need to repay the state for the support given to you, this is also how single mothers receiving support works, the state goes after dad.

      If you do not have custody, but your mother does YOU are in trouble for welfare fraud.

      Your parents need to show up at the court and prove they are unable to repay the state for the welfare payments you received for their children.

    My mom is disabled she has (END STAGE RENAL DISEASE, kidney failure), she has not worked since 2007. My dad made ends meets… few months ago my grandma died so my dad went back to his country for her funeral… while over there he had a heart attack, he has been very ill since then and is trying to come back as soon as he is well enough to. It has been about 4 months… I am 29 years old and I dropped out of college. I work alot to try and support my mom and 3 younger siblings… it has been hard. I needed extra help so i went down to the department of family services and applied for Food stamps and Temporary assistance for needy families. We have been receiving help from them since April. Today I open the mail and I see 2 letters from the child support division summoning both of my parents to court on on June 23. I thought child support was if theres a divorce or if the parents are separated. I don’t really know what to do, im trying to get an appointment with my caseworker but she is so hard to get a hold of. I even went down to see her today and she said she was busy and to leave her my phone number she would call back. Both of my parents have worked over 10 years have paid their taxes on time… and never have asked for any type of help, they did with what they had. However, it was very difficult and we needed this help temporarily, no matter how much i worked it wasn’t enough. Did i get my parents in a bigger mess? Or is this whats suppose to happen in this situation? Is this even a child support case? If you have any advice or have had a similar experience please help, I would appreciate it.

    • ANSWER:
      If you applied for assistance on behalf of your younger siblings and they are still minors, the state may consider your parents to be obligated to them for child support. What should have happened is that your father should have applied for disability or for assistance based on his inability to work. What you have done (apparently) if you applied for the assistance in your own name and listed them all as your dependants is to say to the state that you are providing all support to the minors in your household, and they are trying to get your parents to reimburse them for the support they’re providing. Consult a lawyer and see what you can do to get it all straightened out.

    Medical question – Kidneys?
    I recently found out that my mom’s side of the family has kidney disease and diabetes, and it tends to show up in almost everyone related to my mom’s mom/my grandmother (she has stage 4 kidney disease). I am 28, I have gout – severe at times -, and have recently started to do smoothies in the morning with a multitude of berries, apples, strawberries, and only 1 banana between 3 people. I never was much in to potassium, however, I read that potassium is in many foods, so making a low potassium diet is quite difficult. About the 3rd or 4th day of smoothies I began to urinate quite frequently and am having kidney pains. Also, in the last few months, I have had muscle cramps, knee pain that lasted 3 weeks, and heart beat issues. I was worked up exactly a year ago and everything came back normal except the uric acid. Gout is an indicator of kidney functionality, my family has a history, and potassium increase began urination and pain. Am I being a hypochondriac or is it worth the Emergency room visit to get my potassium levels checked out while I am having the issue?
    My grandmother can have no potassium.
    I drink a lot of water, almost no coke/pepsi/corn syrup (use maple syrup), only chicken, ground turkey, soy products and some pork, veggies, etc… over all healthy diet.

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t go to the A&E. Go to your GP.

      It sounds like you have your diet well controlled and I think that that’s the key to kidney disease. So I think that although you probably will develop kidney disease in the end, you shouldn’t be too worried at the minute.

      Good luck.

    Who has IGA Nephropathy?
    I had a biopsy 5 yrs ago and was diagnosed as hvg IGA nephropathy with 13 glomeruli damaged. My mother has kidney disease with end stage renal failure for 10 years now. My brother went through a steriod treatment a couple of years ago.

    I have been taking Omega 3 (fish oil) since and have not gone for any check ups. Currently, i experience alot of backache and loss of appetite. My blood pressure is always normal.

    Anyone or your family member who has this kidney disorder, can you share with me your story and how do you deal with it? Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      IgA nephropathy is deposition of IgA immune complexes in glomeruli, manifesting as slowly progressive hematuria, proteinuria, and, often, renal insufficiency. Diagnosis is based on urinalysis and renal biopsy. Prognosis is generally good. Treatment options include ACE inhibitors, corticosteroids, and ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.
      Familial clustering has also been observed, suggesting genetic factors at least in some cases.
      Controlling your blood pressure is one of the most important ways you can help slow kidney damage from IgA nephropathy. You doctor may recommend changes in your diet — such as limiting your salt intake — to help manage your blood pressure. A low-salt diet can also help minimize fluid retention and swelling. Other dietary changes, such as reducing the amount of protein you eat and taking steps to decrease your cholesterol levels, also may help slow the progression of IgA nephropathy. Talk with your doctor about what’s right for you.